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    (Note: this is my own story of how the new Throwbots came to arrive on the Slizer planet. Yes, it contradicts the official story. I don't care for the official story.)

    For a thousand years, the Throwbot magistrate Jet kept the seven sectors of his world at peace. Throwbot would battle Throwbot on occasion, but Jet ensured that these squabbles never got too serious. Then, on the eve of the second millennium of relative peace, the world was shaken by a terrific impact! A bombardment from space utterly destroyed the sectors guarded by Granit, Electro and Amazon, presumably killing them. Jet was forced to go into hiding, and is also rumored dead. Out of the debris of this cataclysm rose a new cadre of alien Throwbots:

    For now, Blaster sits on Jet's throne at the top of the world and broods, plotting while his minions seek the destruction of the planet's remaining defenders. Flare and Spark have concentrated on eliminating Torch, who proudly refuses to abandon his territory, despite the fact that its nature makes it almost impossible for his three comrades to reinforce him. Turbo's too busy fending off Millennia anyway. The sectors of Ski and Scuba are relatively safe for the moment, but should Torch or Turbo fall, the mighty Super Throwbot would be no more, and the rest of the world would be quickly conquered. If this invasion has done one positive thing, it has truly united the once-warring Throwbots against a common (and overwhelming?) foe. But could that howl of engines in the distance be the sound of salvation...or certain doom? Well, we won't know until the Robo Riders arrive...

The Coming Of The RoboRiders

    (Note: this is purely my own story. The official story is something about virus-hunting web-denizens or something, blah.)

    For over a thousand years, the Planet Slizer knew relative peace, but that was shattered by the INVASION of Lord Blaster and his minions! Now half the planet lies in ruin and the remaining four Throwbots fight a desperate battle for survival. But all hope is not lost....
    Slizer is not the first world to suffer ravages at the hands of Lord Blaster and his Throwbots. Once, planet Wheel was a thriving artificial world in the shape of a torus, a hub of commerce and learning for half the galactic arm. It took only five days for Blaster, Millennia, Spark and Flare to reduce it to ruin. They took what they wanted and moved on, heedless of the destroyed lives left in their path.
    Only a handful survived the destruction of Wheel, the hardy defenders of the world who had been trapped by rubble or otherwise unable to fight Blaster's forces in the brief battle. These Wheel Warriors, out of feelings or revenge or guilt or a drive for justice, swore to not rest until they had found a way to destroy the evil Throwbots. These diminuative warriors, each able to transform into the shape of the wheel-world they had lost, cobbled together a ship out of the remains of their world and set out in pursuit of Blaster.
    Led by the wise Lookout and the impetuous Firebug, the Wheel Warriors spent years combing the galaxy in search of the evil Throwbots. Finally this small band reached the ruined planet Slizer. Against Lookout's advice, they attacked Blaster in his throneroom...and were brutally repulsed. Half of their number were destroyed that day, and only the intervention of a mysterious figure saved the remainder.
    Their savior turned out to be the former magistrate Jet, who lurked in catacombs under his former domain and tried to frustrate Blaster's plans whenever possible. He was too badly hurt to fight directly, however, and had no way to repair the inevitably-fatal wounds he had suffered in the initial attack on his world. He could show the Wheel Warriors how to build powerful bodies, but his own injury was to his core, something he could not repair or duplicate.
    With the help of Jet, the Wheel Warriors constructed six machines which could help them face Blaster on even terms. These machines lacked the spark of life, but could be operated by the Wheel Warriors themselves, acting as the wheels of these new "RoboRiders." By making sure that different Wheel Warriors piloted each RoboRider in every battle, they could render it impossible for enemies to deduce their tactics...the deceit was to present the RoboRiders themselves as entities. With Blaster thinking Onyx was a person and not a vehicle, he would wrack his brain for months trying to determine the pattern to "Onyx's" actions...when it was really the actions of whichever Wheel Warrior was in charge at the time.
    Sensing his life running out, Jet gave the Wheel Warriors one last secret: the Super Throwbot combination technology! Most of the Wheel Warriors mastered the art of combining the RoboRiders into larger and more powerful vehicles, but only a handful learned to combine Onyx and Power to form a warrior that could combat Throwbots in hand to hand...the powerful Blacklight!
    With the RoboRiders Swamp, Lava, Frost, Onyx, Dust and Power under their command, the Wheel Warriors have started to tip the scales against Lord Blaster, giving the native Throwbots much-needed respite. But already the Throwbot Torch and the Wheel Warrior co-leader Firebug have come to blows, warning that this could soon be a three-way war!

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