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    Okay, a decade or so after Generations became a thing, it's gotten too big to keep in one directory. So I'm spinning the 2022-24(?) line into its own directory. The G1 homages continue, but are joined by more homages from the 90s and 00s because the Unicron Trilogy was twenty years ago.

    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.


    The third and possibly final year of Legacy is called United, which will cause some confusion given that a previous Japanese line used that subtitle. This is the special 40th Anniversary year, but they seem to have dropped most of the line-wide gimmicks and are mining a lot of more recent material. The new "type" this year, replacing the Junkions, is basically Rock Lords mixed with a bunch of other influences as the Infernac World, rock-bodied Transformers who become weapons and armor.


  • Wave 8 (United 1): Infernac Universe Bouldercrash (rocky trike motorcycle), Energon Universe Megatron (jet), and Beast Wars II Universe Tasmania Kid (tasmanian devil). It's worth noting that Tasmania Kid is specifically based on the BWII animated robot mode, rather than being an update of the Beast Wars Snarl figure per se.
  • Wave 9 (United 2): Beast Machines Cheetor and reships/repacks.

  • Wave 8 (United 1): Animated Universe Bumblebee (car), Rescue Bots Universe Chase (Police Car), Infernac Universe Magneous (rocky SUV with a bit of a Junkion vibe), Cyberverse Universe Windblade (VTOL jet).
  • Wave 9 (United 2): G1 Universe Gears (small truck), Infernac Universe Shard (crystal helicopter), Cyberverse Universe Chromia (TFA Prowl retool). Status: Own, in the queue.

  • Wave 8 (United 1): Animated Universe Optimus Prime (semitractor), Prime Universe Thundertron (mecha-lion).
  • Origin Wheeljack: A Deluxe sized robot with a Voyager's worth of kibble, and which can sort of store Origin Bumblebee inside in vehicle mode. Surprisingly good considering the sheer weight of kibble.
  • Wave 9 (United 2): Beast Wars Silverbolt (hawk-wolf), Cybertron Universe Starscream (Cybertronian jet). Status: Got 'em, in queue.

  • Wave 7 (United 1): Beast Universe Tigerhawk (tiger/hawk fusion), repackaged G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime. Status: Own Tigerhawk, not getting Prime again.
  • Wave 8 (United 2): G1 Triple Changer Sandstorm. Status: Own, in the increasingly long queue.
  • Probably Wave 9: Armada Universe Galvatron (redeco), probably not getting.

  • Beast Wars Universe Magmatron (beast combiner, really BW Neo). Status: Pre-ordered.

  • Armada Universe Tidal Wave (vehicle combiner, comes with smaller vehicle bits as accessories for Armada Universe Megatron and Galvatron). Status: Pre-ordered.


    The general "story? what story?" theme of everyone kind of getting together from different universes to fight (much like the original Universe line) continues, but the Energon weapon gimmick is dropped in favor of "Evo-Fusion" which sometimes means SIEGE-like combining weapons and sometimes just means whatever weapon gimmick the toy happens to have (Leo Prime's fold-out claws in robot mode are Evo-Fusion, for instance, despite not fusing with anything). The QR codes move from the back to the top of the box. I'm continuing the wave numbers from the 2022 line, so don't worry about the lack of a Wave 1 for any of the classes.

    These are in the new no-plastic-blister style of packaging that debuted with the Studio Series Core Class. They have the QR code on the instructions rather than on the box.

  • Wave 4: Dinobots Slug and Sludge, who will be part of a combiner, and Soundblaster (redeco of Kingdom Soundwave).
  • Wave 5: Grimlock (part of the combiner), Nemesis Prime (black redeco of Kingdom Core Optimus Prime with an Energon Axe instead of a rifle), and Thundercracker (blue redeco of Kingdom Core Starscream).
  • Wave 6: Scarr (Volcanicus, Ankylosaur), Swoop (Volcanicus, Pterodactyl), repackage of Kingdom Starscream (not reviewed).
  • Wave 7: Dinobot Snarl (Volcanicus, Stegosaur), repackage of Optimus Prime again. Review includes overview of the completed Volcanicus.

  • Wave 4 (Evolution 1): Armada Universe Hot Shot (sports car), Breakdown (sports car, Menasor component), Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zigzag (jet with Targetmasters), Scraphook (Junkion truck).
  • Wave 5 (Evolution 2): Shrapnel (Stag Beetle), Animated Universe Prowl (police motorcycle), Crosscut (Skids retool), Crashbar (Junkion motorcycle).
  • Origin Jazz: Sometimes called "Jazzworthy Jazz," this is the Cybertronian altmode Jazz to go along with the Buzzworthy line's Origin Bumblebee from during Kingdom.
  • RiD2000 Tow-Line: Another Buzzworthy exclusive, this is a head-swap retool of Scraphook as a post-apoc version of RiD01's psycho parking enforcer. Yes, they call it Robots in Disguise 2000 universe, for reasons I speculate about in the review.
  • Toxitron Capsule: A bunch of Deluxes and one Leader (Toxitron himself) from Walmart's 2023 "capsule" assortment, featuring mostly abandoned G2 designs. Deluxes are orange Jazz, G2 Laser Cycle (scrapped Jazz deco of Road Rocket), pink and green Mirage, G2 Dead End, and yellow and Miami Vice sort of motif Sideswipe. (I passed on Cloudcover the blue Ramjet, and I left yellow Grimlock on the shelf too.)
  • Medix: The 2023 Walgreens exclusive, a bit of a frankenretool of Crankcase with Crosscut's head and both of Minerva's guns. Don't worry too much if you fail to find one, it's not a great combination of bits.
  • Wave 6: Axlegrease (Scraphook retool), Beachcomber (dune buggy), Autobot Devcon (major retool of Studio Series Blurr), repackage of Kingdom Tarantulas. This entire wave seems to have been skipped by stores, and I missed the window for getting any of them on Pulse, now they're all at 100% or more markup on the places that still have 'em in stock.
  • Wave 7: Insecticon Bombshell (beetle), Detritus (tan retool of Siege Hound), Cyberverse Universe Shadow Striker (frankencar), RiD15 Strongarm (heavy retool of Minerva/Elita-1 mold).


  • Wave 4: Prime Universe Skyquake (with some G1 Skyquake elements in both modes), plus repackages of TM2 Megatron.
  • Wave 5: Armada Universe Megatron (H-tank), plus a repackage of Legacy Blitzwing in Evolution packaging.
  • Wave 6: Prime Universe Dreadwing (Skyquake redeco). Probably skipping this. If I'm gonna get a second copy of this mold, it needs to be G2 Skyquake.

  • Armada Optimus Prime: specifically, the version with the trailer that combines with the cab for Super Optimus Prime. No Mini-Con ports or battery-powered auto-transformation, just a solid toy whose main sin is being based on a pretty ugly Optimus Prime (IMO).
  • Nemesis: The Ark gets an opposite number as the Decepticon G1 starship gets her own robot mode. Kinda disappointing in terms of production quality, especially for $200.
  • Generations Selects Guardian Robot with Lunar-Tread: Redeco of Titan Omega Supreme in blue and white. $200. Passing on this one.
  • Menasor Multipack: A gift set of Menasor (2022's Commander) with all four Stunticon limbs, at Titan price point (well, $190, so a little less). No changes, purely a second chance for people who missed some or all of the set last year.


    The high concept is a sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths or Into the Spider-Verse or...well, the original Universe line back in the day. Explicitly inter-world interactions as universes collide, excusing just about any character while making it fit into something story-like. While the toys will retain compatibility with War for Cybertron gear, the new line-wide gimmick is Energon weaponry (similar to 2003's Energon, including the ability to combine weapons and gear). Additionally, they put QR codes on the boxes that link to extended bios and techspecs.

    These are in the new no-plastic-blister style of packaging that debuted with the Studio Series Core Class. They have the QR code on the instructions rather than on the box.

  • Wave 1: Skywarp (redeco of Kingdom Starscream with new weapon), Hot Rod (Kingdom tail-end reship), Iguanus (motorcycle with robot mode based on the G1 Pretender shell). The three weapons combine into a bigger sword.
  • Wave 2: Shockwave (tiny version of Siege Shockwave), G2 Megatron (Kingdom redeco), repackage of Kingdom Optimus Prime (no changes at all).
  • Wave 3: Bomb-Burst (Pretender shell robot, inner figure's vehicle mode, done fairly well), and repackaged Kingdom Soundwave (unlikely to review unless I find it cheap).
  • Wave 4: Dinobot Sludge, Soundblaster, Dinobot Slug.
  • Wave 5: Nemesis Prime (redeco of Kingdom Core Optimus, not reviewed), Thundercracker (redeco of Kingdom Core Starscream), Grimlock (T.rex and combiner), and reportedly reships of Bomb-Burst.

  • Wave 1: Autobot Skids (G1, car), Decepticon Dragstrip (G1, racecar), Prime Universe Arcee (motorcycle), Kickback (G1, grasshopper).
  • Wave 2: Decepticon Wild Rider, Prime Universe Knock Out, Predacon Tarantulas, Elita-1 (Cybertronian car). All recommended.
    • Minerva: A head-swap redeco of Elita-1, her first appearance as a transforming toy in the U.S.
  • Wave 3: Skullgrin (Cybertronian Tank), Autobot Pointblank with Autobot Peacemaker (Cybertronian Car and Targetmaster), Crankcase (significant Skids retool), Dead End (Sports Car, Menasor left arm decoration). Crankcase is recommended, the rest suffer from designs that needed more real-life testing and don't quite work when made by Hasbro factories.
Deluxe Retools And Exclusives not directly tied to the waves above:

  • Selects Lift-Ticket: A redeco of Earthrise Hoist inspired by the red Diaclone version of the toy that became Hoist. No Energon gear.
  • Buzzworthy Bumblebee Autobot Silverstreak: Target exclusive redeco (with the fixed knees) of Bluestreak, but in Diaclone blue colors, but no Energon gear.
  • Selects DK-2 Guard: A black Diaclone-inspired redeco of Earthrise Ironhide. Also no Energon gear.
  • Selects DK-3 Breaker: A blue Trailbreaker. Found it at Ross for $8, may or may not review it.
  • Walmart Exclusives: Predacon Sandstorm (A new-head retool of Kingdom Scorponok in the colors of the old Botcon exclusive), Autobot Nightprowler (light gray snow leopard deco of Kingdom Cheetor, based on an unreleased Universe toy), Buzzsaw (Kingdom Waspinator head-swap based on BW Buzz Saw).
  • Target Exclusive Red Cog: Yeah, they didn't bother coming up with a real name. It's just Red Cog. Pretty good deco, though, and it comes with a bunch of new weapons and an adapter that lets the Earthrise Arcee mold mount Weaponizers on her back.
  • Walmart Exclusive Speedia 500 Collection: Well, most of it. Override (new mold, Cybertron series) is good, Blurr (IDW-style retool of Studio Blurr) is so-so, Burn Out (black Skids with Crosscut head) is decent, Cosmos is good but not worth scalper prices, and Road Rocket (Legacy Arcee with a new head) is still bad but not AS bad. I passed on Clampdown, Hauler, and Scourge. Later added Road Hauler, who I decided was worth the clearance price. Much later found Clampdown for $8 and Scourge for $17 at Ross, might add them to the review if I get my to be reviewed pile whittled down enough.
  • Speedia 500 Wave 2: Shadow Strip (G2 colored Drag Strip) and Crasher (another Mirage redeco/retool). Status: Found both at Ross for $8. May just add them to the review above eventually. Even got a second Crasher to try a head resculpt.
  • Amazon Wreck 'N Rule Collection: Twin Twist (Diaclone colors), Autobot Springer (original toy colors), Prime Universe Bulkhead (random camo colors), Impactor (comic colors and tooling) with Spindle (Spinosaur retool of Paleotrex), G2 Leadfoot (Battle Across Time Mirage retool) with Masterdominus (Tricranius retool as a mammoth). The packaging fronts mostly combine to make a combined group picture.


  • Wave 1: Galvatron (repackage of Kingdom version, but without the battle damage paint), G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime (G2, reuses some of Earthrise Optimus Prime's parts)
  • Wave 2: Blitzwing (triple-changer), and one presumes more of Laser Optimus Prime.
  • Wave 3: Transmetal 2 Megatron, the dragon version. Some stability problems in robot mode, otherwise decent.

  • Motormaster: The cab turns into the robot, the trailer turns into either a battle station or skeletal limbs. So, you can have a sort of Menasor without any other Stunticons, they just sort of plug into spots on the limbs in bent or chopped up vehicle modes. As of 11/26/22 I have all but Breakdown, I'll update the review once I have the complete Menasor. Note, Breakdown ended up pushed back to 2023, but reportedly will be in 2022 Legacy packaging rather than Legacy Evolution.
  • Cybertron Metroplex: Bigger than the original from 20 years ago and with a few design tweaks, but still turns into a weaksauce chunk. I did break down and get this because I had a bunch of Target discounts about to expire, so I only paid about $150 for it. That's about what it's worth.
  • Generations Selects: Black Zarak (retool of Earthrise Scorponok). Completely new head in addition to the new colors, but I decided to pass on this one.
  • HasLab: Victory Saber (crowdfunded, I ordered one). Mine has arrived, it's in the To Be Reviewed stack.
  • HasLab: Deathsaurus (crowdfunded, I ordered one). Maybe I'll even get Victory Saber reviewed before this arrives.