Thanks to Drew Dederer for translating the tiny type of the Japanese box for me. The following is the translated tech spec card for Sixtrain.

Function: Sixform Union Railroad Soldier (gestalt)
Form: Six part Transformer, all six form trains.

     As a railroad, he improves the lives of many and he's a member of the 
Earth Defense Force.  Sixtrain is Sixliner's big brother...unfortunately, to 
say they have their differences would be a vast understatement.  In Railroad 
Soldier mode, Sixtrain humiliates his enemies with his photonic whip.

STR 10  INT 10  SPD 10  END 10  TEAM 8  COUR 10  FRP 10  SKL 10  Avg 9.75

    Note that he has a Teamwork score instead of Rank like a Micromaster Patrol, but still has Firepower like an individual.

    Also note that the Sixers seem to be splitters instead of combiners. Sixtrain and Sixliner are "brothers," implying that the merged forms are the true ones, with the individual components acting as remote units or hive minds in a fashion similar to Optimus Prime and his link to Roller.

    This new class of reverse gestalt opens up a whole new area to explore in fanfic, to be sure. Rather than engineering a large robot down to a small robot, they split the large robot up into several small robots. Neat!

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