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Last Updated 12/10/07
Knockoff Nike Free toys added to Megashoe review.



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    This page contains reviews of all the Japanese Transformers I've managed to get my hands on. Some lines I was more successful with than others.

2007 Movie

    Stuff sold as tie-ins to the movie, either directly (like recolored movie toys) or in the slipstream (like Micron Boosters).

Transformers Label

    Sports Label, Music Label...various TakaraTomy cross-promotional projects.

Galaxy Force

    Released as Transformers: Cybertron in the US, I picked up a couple figures on clearance before the domestic release, and may later pick up some Japan-only stuff.

RobotMasters and Revoltech

    This is what Japan is getting instead of Universe, essentially. A mix of recolored older toys (mostly Basics, but also the G2 Dreadwing mold) and shrunk down versions of bigger toys. Revoltech toys are highly poseable but non-transforming figures, using joints that later showed up in the U.S. "Robot Replicas" line.

K-T Collection

    A series of detailed small statues manufactured by Kaiyodo for Takara.


    Superlink is the Japanese name for Transformers: Energon (just as they called Transformers: Armada "Micron Legend"). They've got a few toys here and there that we either won't get, or might not get for a while after Japanese release.

MyClone Transformers

    Blind purchase figures, little superdeformed Transformers based on the Kubrick style of figure, but not as well held-together.

World's Smallest TFs

    More "blind purchase" toys, these are tiny (2 inch or so) versions of classic G1 toys.


    Takara started getting back into the "grocery counter toys" thing for Transformers with the PVC sets, but in 2002 expanded by putting out the SixTeam combiner Micromasters in collectible form. SixLiner was first, but I didn't get it because I already own the slight remold SixTrain (I never fully reviewed it, but click here for translated techspecs and some comments).


    Takara took a brief break from the Transformers brand again around 2000, coming out with the video game based Webdiver series. This was followed by another game-related line that did pretty poorly, so they went back to Transforemrs. At this point, it can be kinda hard to find any of these for sale, and every so often someone emails me asking if I'm selling mine. The short answer is, no, I'm not selling or trading mine, sorry.

Transformers: Car Robots

    To follow Metals will be another line like BWII, with some new molds and some recolors. For various reasons, the Beast Wars name is being dropped in Japan, although the line will continue to use recolored Beast Wars toys. The Cybertrons will have the most new molds, with Fire Convoy, three Deluxe cars and an upcoming three-train combiner. The Destrongers will be led by Gigatron and contain mostly TMII recolors. Click HERE for Doug Dlin's translation of info put up on a site in Japan shortly after the unveiling of the line at the big Toy Fair.

Beast Wars Metals

    Metals is almost entirely recolors or straight reissues with only the names changed (the names printed on the TM toys were changed to just Cybertron or Destron). However, Takara did take the TM Cheetor mold and change it to make a Jaguar (Ravage) toy from the Agenda three-parter. Click HERE for a review. Pics can be found in the TV Magazine and Comics Bon-Bon sections.


    No, this isn't a new Beast Wars variant you haven't heard about. GaoGaiGar was the last show/toy line Takara put out in Japan before bringing in Beast Wars, back in 1997-8. But I recently got some nifty toys from his line (I've also had a cruddy knockoff I didn't bother reviewing) from, so I figured I'd put them up here.

    Review of the two side-by-sides. UPDATE 1/1/00: Someone who watched the show sent me a bit of info I added at the end of this review. Also, it looks like has already sold out of these two toys. Good thing I pounced when I did. UPDATE 1/21: Michael Robinson tells me that the green/red combo is named Goryujin (Strong Dragon God) and the blue/yellow combo is named Genryujin (Phantom Dragon God). UPDATE 5/14/01: Fire Dragon is Enryu, Ice Dragon is Horyu, Wind Dragon is Furyu and Storm Dragon is Rairyu. I've got the series on DVD and may be reviewing it soon. Also got more of the toys over the past few months (Big Volfogg, King J-Der) but haven't felt like reviewing 'em.

Beast Wars Neo

    Thanks to some large trades with Makiya Torigoe, I have a lot of BW Neo toys.

Beast Wars, Beast Wars II

    Reviews of the Japanese toys I got prior to Beast Wars Neo.