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Added Titans Return Six Shot.

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    Generations was the new-for-2010 umbrella line for things that might once have been called Classics or Universe. It includes a number of sub-lines, such as the War for Cybertron game tie-in toys, plus homages to previous lines (including, potentially, Animated characters...some of the abandoned late designs for Animated might even get released under Generations). The first "season" of Generations ran through late 2011, with a several month break followed by another iteration, and another, and so forth.

   Just going to toss in some pinned links now, because they've settled in to bringing in new Generations "seasons" each year now.

  • Season 1: All Deluxes, started out with War for Cybertron (WfC) but rapidly drifted into "eh, whatever."
  • Season 2: Deluxes, Voyagers and even combiners, dominated by Fall of Cybertron tie-ins and retools of same.
  • Thrilling Thirty: Commander Class, Deluxes, Voyagers and Titan Class. While there's some Fall of Cybertron in the mix (especially retools), there's a shift back to Neo-G1. Ran in the background for 2014.
  • Combiner Wars: With a tighter connection to the IDW comics, this brings back combiners in a big way, full on Scramble City intercompatibility rather than the limited combining of Season 2.
  • Titans Return: Need to go bigger than combiners? Try Titans! Well, in this case, it's a line-wide revival of Headmasters, with many of the Titan Masters head figures representing full-sized Transformers who then treat the really big ones as bases.
    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.


    What's bigger than a Combiner? A TITAN. Except for the Legends class, every toy has a Headmaster-inspired "Titan Master" partner. Galvatron was the first review I did for the line, so check it for some of the general line-wide stuff.


    Titan Master (head) figures that come with a small vehicle that can transform into a different vehicle, with the Titan Master riding in one version and integrating with the other. A cheap way to get lots of extra heads out there for head-swapping play pattern.

  • Wave 1: Crashbash with dino/wyvern, Loudmouth with hovercar/APC, Nightbeat with jet/drill tank, Terri-Bull with tank/dropship.
  • Wave 2: Brawn with offroad vehicle/sand rail, Apeface with jet/ape, Skytread with redeco of Terri-Bull's vehicle, Clobber with redeco of Crashbash's dino/wyvern.
  • Wave 3: Overboard (Overkill, yet another Crashbash redeco), Ptero (Swoop) with pteradon/jet, Sawback (Lione/Steeljaw) with lion/flying chair, Fangry with wolfbat/dragon.

    A mix of "regular" Legends figures made with cockpits for Titan Masters, and data pads like Buzzsaw from Combiner Wars (triple-changing from pad to main robot or beast mode, to vehicle). $10 price point as before.

  • Wave 1: Autobot Rewind (tablet/robot/tank), Autobot Stripes (tablet/tiger/jet, a Ravage predeco), Autobot Wheelie (driveable futuristic car).
  • Wave 2: Ravage, Rumble, Laserbeak. All are redecos or retools.
  • Wave 3: Gnaw (Sharkticon), Kickback (grasshopper), Bumblebee (compact car).

    More like traditional Headmasters, each comes with a Titan Master partner and is an update of a G1 character (initially, at least, some with trademark-issue name tweaks). $15-18 price point.

  • Wave 1: Blurr with Hyperfire (Haywire, sort of), Skullsmasher (Skullcruncher) with Grax, Hardhead with Furos (Duros), Scourge with Fracas.
  • Wave 2: Highbrow with Xort (Gort), Chromedome with Autobot Stylor, Mindwipe with Vorath, Wolfwire (Weirdwolf) with Monxo (Monzo).
  • Walgreens Exclusive Brainstorm with Autobot Teslor: Significant retool of Blurr, very good.
  • Wave 3: Autobot Hot Rod with Firedrive (Firebolt), Autobot Twinferno (Doublecross) with Daburu (White Lion), Triggerhappy with Blowpipe, Autobot Breakaway (Getaway) with Autobot Throttle (Rev).

    They seem to have decided these will all be triple-changers, which works better in some cases than others. $25-30 price point.


    Triple changers as well, but with their third mode being a base of some sort for the Titan Masters. $45-50 price point.


    What would Titans Return be without Titans? $150-170 price point.

  • Wave 1: Fortress Maximus: heavy retool of Metroplex with removable Cerebros that has its own regular Titan Master.
  • Wave 2: Trypticon, a new mold.


    Anniversary over, time to brain back combiners! Voyager cores, Deluxe limbs, Legends accessories, weapons, or armor.


    A mix of Thrilling 30 retools or even just redecos, and new molds dedicated to working with the new combiners.

  • Wave 1: Bombshell (insect, weapon), Thundercracker (Starscream redeco), Windcharger (Tailgate retool), Powerglide (A-10-ish jet, Superion weapon).
  • Wave 2: Blackjack (car, Menasor chestplate), Huffer (Optimus Prime retool).
  • Wave 3: Viper (Cobra-themed redeco of Powerglide), Groove (motorcycle), Warpath (tank, retool of Megatron).
  • Wave 4: Rodimus (Blackjack retool), Skywarp (Starscream redeco).
  • Wave 5: Buzzsaw (Condor/Tablet), Shockwave (cannon), Chop Shop (Skrapnel retool), Pipes (Huffer redeco, not reviewed).
  • Wave 5a: Wreck-Gar (Groove retool), various reships (likely Shockwave, Bombshell, Warpath).

    Limbs, they come with combiner kibble and can become arms or legs. Waves are mixed, so you can't make a "pure" combiner right away. According to an interview at, the mixed waves were because of a production problem that delayed Air Raid, and Dragstrip was ready to go, so got slotted in.

  • Wave 1: Dragstrip (Menasor 1), Skydive (Superion 2), Alpha Bravo (helicopter, Superion 4), Firefly (Fireflight, Superion 5).
  • Wave 2: Air Raid (Superion 1), Dead End (Menasor 2), Breakdown (Menasor 4), Offroad (truck, Menasor 5).
  • Wave "2a": Brake-Neck (Dead End retool as Wildrider homage), Quickslinger (Firefly retool as Slingshot homage). Online exclusives.
  • Wave 3: Protectobots: Streetwise (Dead End major retool), First Aid (Offroad retool), Blades (Alpha Bravo retool), Rook (new SWAT vehicle). And yes, TakaraTomy has already shown off prototypes of a Deluxe Groove to replace Rook.
  • Wave 4: Sunstreaker (Breakdown retool), Mirage (Dragstrip retool), Ironhide (retool of Offroad), Prowl (retool of Streetwise). Canonical limbs for Optimus Maximus, not Ultra Prime...a new white deco Optimus figure that I will not be getting is the official core.
  • Wave 5: Combaticons - Vortex (Alpha Bravo redeco), Blast Off (Quickslinger redeco, sigh), Swindle (MASSIVE Rook retool), Brawl (new mold, tank). One might consider Vortex to be the true version of the mold, and Alpha Bravo a predeco. :)
  • Wave 6: Sky Reign limbs, more G1 Autobots made into combiners. Wheeljack (heavy retool of Breakdown), Hound (head swap of Swindle), Smokescreen (redeco of Prowl), Trailbreaker (retool of Offroad). Largely skippable unless you have nostalgia for one or more of the characters and really want them as a combiner limb...better standalone interpretations of the characters exist from the last decade and are still fairly easy to find.
  • Deluxe Groove: Made for the Takara Defensor giftset, eventually made available (in limited quantities) online where it became scalperbait. It's...okay. Motorcycle altmode reallllly doesn't work in this aesthetic. But it makes a good limb.

    The cores of the combiners, natch.

  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime (Ultra Prime 3), Silverbolt (Superion 3). Silverbolt is definitely the better of the two.
  • Wave 2: Motormaster (Optimus Prime retool, Menasor 3). Updated with some Menasor notes.
  • Wave 3: Hot Spot (fire truck, Defensor 3), Cyclonus (Silverbolt reshelling, Galvatronus core).
  • Wave 4: Battle Core Optimus Prime is a white deco of Optimus Prime, intended to sell with the Wave 4 limbs. I won't be getting it. Almost picked it up when I had a coupon, but it had sold out by that point.
  • Wave 5: Onslaught (heavy Hot Spot retool), Scattershot (heavy Silverbolt retool). I did buy Scattershot, but took it back when I found the limbs would only be available in a gift set.
  • Wave 6: Sky Lynx (shuttle to beast). While it doesn't separate into shuttle and lynx, it's a decent update of the idea, and possibly the last entirely new mold of Combiner Wars. Sadly, it's also serious scalper bait, and might not be worth the cost and effort.

    These don't combine, but are meant to be imposing enough to be a match for a combiner. And I suppose they can use some of the Legends figures as weapons.

  • Wave 1: Megatron (big tank with working treads), Armada Megatron ( Megatron).
  • Wave 2: Hard to say what constitutes this wave. Thundercracker (extensive Leader Jetfire retool) and Ultra Magnus (car carrier truck) started showing up around the same time, but not in the same places at the same time, suggesting each is its own case lot in some shipments. I was going to pass on Thundercracker, but I was told of a brief sale on Amazon where it dropped to $25. Still haven't (as of November 13, 2015) seen either of these on the shelves anywhere, but I have gotten a handful of sightings.

   Metroplex need not be alone any longer....

  • Devastator: Not as tall as Metroplex, but composed of six individual toys with robot and vehicle mode, each averaging Voyager size. Suffers from some of the usual quality control issues, and from corner-cutting. Worth getting at a discount, iffy at full price. Especially since "full price" went up from $150 to $170 a few months after release.
    • DK-01 Devastator Add-On Kit: I got it as a birthday present. It helps with some issues in the original toy, not all of which were issues I personally had. Well-made, though.
  • Victorion: A $100 gift set of (mostly) retooled figures based on various fan votes. She's the first female combiner. Too bad so many of her base molds left me unthrilled.
  • Computron: Another $100 gift set. Scattershot was available separately as a Voyager, but the limbs are only available in a gift set. This is more of an extended capsule than a full review.


    Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the toy line, much as an earlier Generations/Universe series did the 25th.


    The Legends class is revived here to sell at the same price point as the data discs (and in fact are series 02 to the discs' series 01). They are somewhat smaller than similarly-priced Commanders, but compensate for that by including Targetmaster-style partners.


    At least the first wave comes packaged with special new-cover (and sometimes tweaked content) copies of IDW spotlight issues for the characters. Or, where there wasn't a Spotlight, some significant issue featuring the character. A few, like Orion Pax, have new comics commissioned for the toy. The price point hasn't changed, but the comics will probably let stores justify keeping them at the initial $15-16 price longer before dropping them to $12-13 like the last several runs of Deluxes across the lines.

  • Wave 1: Megatron (stealth bomber from the comics), Orion Pax (Cybertronian truck), Bumblebee (current comics, leader of the Earthbound Autobots) and Trailcutter (with the comic altered so he's always Trailcutter rather than changing his name during the comic).
  • Wave 2: Reships of wave 1, plus Hoist (Trailcutter retool) and Thundercracker (redeco of Fall of Cybertron Starscream).
  • Wave 3: Goldfire (Goldbug retool of Bumblebee, not reviewed), Waspinator (wasp), Dreadwing (retool of Megatron with G2 Dreadwing head), Skids (hatchback).
  • Wave 4: Armada Starscream, Skywarp (FoC Starscream redeco), Mini-Con Assault Team (combiner), Scoop (double targetmaster).
  • Wave 5: Tankor (Beast Machines), Rattrap (Beast Wars). Warning: Rattrap has a breakage issue with the shins.
  • Wave 6: Crosscut (Skids head swap), Jhiaxus (major retool of Armada Starscream), Windblade (VTOL jet), Nightbeat (Bumblebee head swap). All pretty good.
  • Wave 7: Chromia (extensive retool of TF:P arcee), Arcee (sports car).
  • Blitzwing - Tank and jet, suffers from a significant (but fixable) design flaw in the shoulders.
  • Autobot Springer - Armored car and helicopter. It has a lot of little flaws, but no big one, so it's better than Blitzwing.
  • Sandstorm - An extensive retool of Springer, and generally an improvement.
  • Doubledealer - A head-swap redeco of Blitzwing. Sadly, didn't fix the shoulder flaw.
  • Rhinox - Hey, Beast Wars gets some love!
  • Whirl - G1 Whirl update, as opposed to the Wreckers combiner or an adaptation of the current comics version. Notorious for fragile knee joints.
  • Roadbuster - The other Dorvack-import character updated, another Wrecker to add to the crew. Sadly, while it comes with stickers like Whirl did, it comes with very badly cut and designed stickers that seem intended for an early prototype.
  • Sky-Byte - Robots in Disguise's poetic shark, given his own brand-new mold! It's better than the original Cybershark II redeco, but that's not the highest bar in the world to get over.
  • Brainstorm - Final non-combiner Voyager, an update of the G1 design. Beware of neck breaking. And briefcases.

    Might as well fill in some of the gap between Voyager and Titan, yes? $45 price class.

  • Jetfire: #21 of 30 of the Thrilling Thirty, a bit marred by the inclusion of random chrome on the weapons. Would be a great $30 toy, but is a so-so $45 toy.
  • Thundercracker: A "pretool" of Jetfire, fairly extensively redone to look more like an IDW-style seeker.

    The biggest, most expensive Transformer in years...decades if you don't include limited editions and Japanese stuff. For the foreseeable future there is only one figure in this class ("Titan Heroes" et al are a different sort of thing, and much cheaper):


    The Fall of Cybertron theme was more strongly kept to this time, although the season was fairly short, wedged between other lines.


  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime (battle truck), Autobot Jazz (Cybertronian racer), Shockwave (Cybertronian mobile artillery).
  • G2 Bruticus Gift Set: Wave 2 has these sold separately in different (but not game-accurate) colors, which I comment about as well. The bear rides the unicycle, but not all that well.
  • Wave 3: Ultra Magnus (Optimus Prime headswap with new weapon), Sideswipe (MASSIVE remold of Jazz), Air Raid (significant Shockwave retool), Kickback (mecha-locust, new mold) and Starscream (jet, new mold). Kickback aside, a very good wave.
  • Wave 4: Wreckers retooled from Combaticons. Roadbuster, Impactor, Whirl, Twintwist and Topspin combine to form Ruination. The new weapons are nice, but have some missed opportunities.

  • Soundblaster and Autobot Blaster: The first wave of Voyagers was Soundwave and redeco Soundblaster, the second wave was retool Autobot Blaster and new mold Grimlock.
    • Minion Packs: Sold as the new $10 price point between Commander and Deluxe, two-packs of data disks that can go in the chests of any of the three versions of the Soundwave mold.
      • Rumble & Ravage
      • Frenzy & Ratbat
      • Eject & Ramhorn
      • Rewind & Sunder (orange Laserbeak)
  • Grimlock: Robot T.rex, as usual. Good robot mode, kinda bricky dino. The other half of wave 2.


    All Deluxes. Started out with something of a theme, but drifted badly, to the point where it was unclear why some toys ended up here rather than in the tail-end movie stuff that year.

  • Wave 1: WfC Bumblebee (Tron-bike-ish car), WfC Optimus Prime (armored truck), Drift (sports car), Thrust (Classics Starscream remold).
  • Wave 2: WfC Optimus Prime, WfC Bumblebee, Darkmount (halftrack, this is essentially Straxus from the Marvel comics), WfC Megatron (hovertank).
  • Wave 3: Reships of WfC Bumblebee, WfC Megatron, Drift and Darkmount, plus WfC Soundwave (combat car) and Red Alert (Classics Sideswipe redeco with lightbar, not quite the same mold details as the Henkei version). Red Alert not reviewed at this time.
  • Wave 4: Dirge (Ramjet mold with new wings) and Blurr (Drift remold with sniper rifle), plus reships.
  • Wave 5: Thunderwing (space jet), Skullgrin (re-head of Darkmount), and Cliffjumper (re-head of WfC Bumblebee, which looks pretty but doesn't fix any mold problems).
  • Wave 6: Sergeant Kup (pickup truck) and Scourge (flying wing), plus reships. Yes, Scourge is Generations while movie-colors Cyclonus is Reveal the Shield, do not look too deeply into Hasbro's branding logic.
  • Wave 7: Thundercracker (Classics Skywarp redeco) and Wheeljack (extensive remold of Reveal the Shield Tracks).
  • Warpath: Wave 8 is all reships plus this one new mold. Very hard to find in first run, but reshipped along with wave 9.
  • Wave 9: Sky Shadow (Thunderwing retool as Black Shadow from Victory) and Junkheap (retool of Wreck-Gar as a generic Junkion). (Note, both are Strongly Recommended if you don't already have the mold, otherwise recommended.) Final batch of the "first season".