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Voyager Starscream added.

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    While "recycling G1" remained the theme of Generations, the end of the Prime Wars Trilogy saw a shift to a different storyline (to the extent there's much story with any of the Generations toys), the War for Cybertron. No, not the same as the War For Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron story from early in Generations, this time around most of the altmodes look like Earth vehicles with some extra greebles. Announced as a three year cycle, Siege is the first part. Siege brings back Targetmasters more explicitly (the Decoy Armors were sort of Targetmasters) in the Battle Masters class, as well as Micromasters in, MicroMasters class. I suppose the next year will bring Actionmasters in larger numbers...I wonder if the third year will see Yuusha characters? I'd joke about Big Powered, but we've already (in late 2018) seen grays of a retool set built around Overlord that will be Big Powered, so they're already blowing through the last of the G1 stuff in Siege (or Legends, the line is still called that in Japan).

  • Siege: Targetmasters and Micromaster patrols come back, along with pseudo-Cybertronian modes.
  • Others to come later.
    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.


    Battle Masters (aka Targetmasters) and Micro Masters (Micromasters) join the fun, as the story apparently disconnects entirely from the Prime Wars. The line-wide gimmick is the use of clear plastic energy effect "Fire Blast" pieces that can be connected to 3mm pegs on the figures.

    Note, due to a poor choice of fonts in early promotional materials, the early Siege logo looked like it said STEGE, and you're going to see that as a nickname for the line even though the final release went out of its way to avoid that error.

    In addition to Autobot and Decepticon symbols, the packaging (but not the toys) for Siege toys get additional sigils that tell you something about the character beyond their faction. Some of the earlier reviews have me musing upon their meaning, but I finally got enough examples to figure out the patterns reasonably well. This file has my deciphering of the sigils, and I will further update it as necessary as I get more information. Last updated: 1/15/19.


    Filling the cheap end at $5-6, these are single-packed Targetmaster updates. Some turn into melee weapons rather than ranged, so Battle Masters does work better to cover the full range.

  • Wave 1: Firedrive (rifle), Lionizer (sword), Blowpipe (rifle). Note that Lionizer was a rifle in G1, and also was an Actionmaster partner, so they're mixing up some of the properties.
  • Wave 2: Aimless (rifle), Pteraxadon (axe, new character).

    At the Legends price point, we get two-packs of MicroMasters. Each pack represents half of one of the G1 Micromaster Patrol sets, but the figures have much better articulation and combiner into a weapon.

  • Wave 1: Race Car Patrol (Roadhandler and Swindler), Air Strike Patrol (Storm Cloud and Visper...yeah, couldn't trademark even Decepticon Whisper, I guess, but Visper was used for the character in Japan in G1), Battle Patrol (Flak and Topshot...lost Bigshot too).
  • Wave 2: Rescue Patrol (Stakeout and Red Heat...not Red Hot), Spy Patrol (Ravage and Laserbeak, not based on a Micromaster patrol).

    In addition to regular Transformers, each wave mixes in some "Weaponizers" that are based on various partners for the, while this may be a distinct storyline, there's still accessories for older toys included. In addition, they all have weapons meant to be reconfigurable, called the COMBAT (Cybertronian Omnifunctional Modular Battlefield Assault Tech) System, with the weapons able to combine with each other.

  • Wave 1: Sideswipe, Hound, Skytread (Duocon, but without individual robot modes), Cog (Weaponizer).
  • Wave 2: Chromia (based on Moonracer/Novastar but with major retooling), Ironhide, Prowl, Six-Gun (Weaponizer).
  • Wave 3: Impactor, Mirage, Red Alert, Brunt (Weaponizer), Refraktor (alone turns into a sort of cannon thing, but get three and you can combine them into a camera).

    These double (or triple) down on the COMBAT System, each having at least two weapons that are meant to combine with each other.

  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime (truck), Megatron (tank).
  • Wave 2: Starscream (sort of a cross between a classic "tetrajet" and a Colonial Viper), Soundwave ("patrol hovercraft" crappy mode, but at least his chest opens up to hold his Spy Patrol minions sold separately).

    In addition to the COMBAT System, the Leader toys seem to be going with the Heavy Lifter thing, with extra vehicle parts that turn into super armor on the main robot.

  • Wave 1: Ultra Magnus (truck), Shockwave (brute armor stuff that can turn into a goblin glider, not-a-gun space cruiser altmode). Hey, I have just enough room left on my Ultra Magnus shelf for one more big one, if I juggle them around a bit.

    Yeah, don't expect to see this on any shelves, pick your preferred online retailer and reserve well in advance.

  • Wave 1: Omega Supreme with Countdown: Dig up one of the older G1 big guys, and pack with the biggest Micromaster set's Micromaster. Sure, I'll accept that, makes sense.