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   Welcome to my reconstituted Generation 2 reviews page! Well, actually, this is the first time I've put my G2 reviews together on a page. Between what few I saved from the Magnus account removal and some use of the Internet Wayback Machine on Iggy Drogue's page, I've managed to cobble together most of them, I think. These are early reviews, very terse by comparison to my modern ones. I also dug some out from Google Groups, but most of 1995 is just plain missing for a.t.t, so things like the Heroes are lost to me. I'm pretty sure I reviewed every new-to-the-U.S. mold eventually, but none of the early-G2 remolds/recolors. Any missing from here were probably lost by DejaNews or Google. If you have any, let me know!
  • GoBot SuperSpeedBots:
    • Original six: High Beam, Blowout, Gearhead, Firecracker, Double Clutch, Motormouth.
    • Prime and Megatron recolors
    • Frenzy: And comments about Bumblebee, Mirage, Ironhide, Soundwave and Sideswipe.
  • G2 Small Cars: AKA the Axellerators in Europe. Windbreaker, Rapido, Turbofire, Skram.
  • G2 Small Jets: AKA Skyscorchers. Can't find the Windrazor post, and I was rather terse on Eagle Eye, Terradive and Afterburner.
  • Cyberjets:
    • Decepticons: Hooligan, Space Case, Skyjack. Review also has Dairy Queen Prime and a knockoff of a remold of Deathsaurus.
    • Autobot Recolors: Jetfire, Air Raid, Strafe
  • Laser Cycles: Road Rocket and Road Pig, both of which have been recolored several times.
  • Laser Rods: Jolt, Volt, Sizzle and Electro. The post got erased somehow, shortly after I made it. This post also had my Rotor Force review. However, I got Electro later, and that review was still there.
  • Color Changers: Drench, Gobots, Jetstorm, Deluge. Not sure I even posted a review of these.
  • Autorollers: Dirtbag and Roadblock. An early attempt at auto-transforming.
  • Heroes: Initially called Combat Heroes in ads, but released as just Hero Optimus Prime and Hero Megatron. I suspect this review was posted during the huge 1995 gap in Google Groups.
  • Dreadwing and Smokescreen: Another review lost to the Google Gap.
  • Megatron tank: The big tank with sound features and stuff.
  • Laser Optimus Prime: This is one of those cases where my enthusiasm grew over time. It only got a "recommended" at the time, but I now consider it one of the best TFs ever.
  • European G2: Generation 2 hit Europe too, and they got some toys not available in the U.S.
    • Bulletbike and Ironhide: "Powermasters" that were shown off at BotCon 94, but never released in the U.S. Frankly, we didn't miss much.
    • Obliterators: Spark and Colossus are recolors of Pyro and Clench, figures that came out between G1 and G2.
    • Fleetway G2 comics: Five issues, mostly reprints with some bonus material.