Going Ever Green Last Updated: 3/24/19
with One-Step Wheeljack, Ultra Slipstream capsules.

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    With the second Robots in Disguise cartoon and line winding down in 2018, Hasbro turned to an entirely new continuity (albeit with a lot of the usual characters), focusing on an attempt at "evergreen" character designs that could be used on merch and small chain toys for years to come. Like Robots in Disguise 2.0, the emphasis is on toys more appropriate to the actual "kids" target market (as opposed to the more adult-focused Generations toys). As usual, boldfaced names got Strongly Recommended ratings, those in italics got worse than Neutral. A lot of italics in this line....


    The first of the size class labels being revived for Cyberverse, these are about the size of the old Scout Class, but they don't fully transform. They go between robot mode and a transitional form, reminiscent of the kinda-transforming Actionmaster Elites from the early 90s in Europe. (Ironically, there's no Legion class in Cyberverse, given that Cyberverse was first used as a line name for Legion and Commander class toys.) $8 price point, give or take.

  • Wave 1: Bumblebee (legs turn into part of a car), Grimlock (dino head covers up robot head...a trick Warrior class RiD15 Grimlock could do too), Megatron (legs turn into tank treads), and Starscream (makes a sort of gerwalk mode). Really, if you must try out the concept, Grimlock is so-so (and might be mildly recommended if it were $5 instead of $8), but avoid Bumblebee like the plague.
  • Wave 2: Windblade (another gerwalk, with pop-out wing blades), Optimus Prime (truck with head and arms sticking out), Slipstream (Starscream redeco, not reviewed, presumably not better than Starscream though).


    Same basic idea as in RiD2015...and in fact the entire first wave is just redecos of RiD toys. Still at the $10 price point and sold in vehicle mode.

  • Wave 1: Bumblebee (redeco of RiD's Patrol Bumblebee), Soundwave (redeco of RiD), Blurr (redeco of RiD). The deco changes are fairly slight, I won't be picking up any of these. Status: Seen 'em, didn't buy (I have two of the molds already and don't want another BB). And while Blurr did show up in the cartoon, I kinda doubt he'll be getting more toys....
  • Wave 2: Megatron (tank), Optimus Prime (truck), Starscream (jet), reship of Bumblebee. I only got Starscream, which was decent, especially compared to Scout, but that's faint praise. No review.
  • Wave 2.5: Running change brought in Prowl. Didn't get it.
  • Wave 3: Reships of Optimus Prime and Megatron, with Hot Rod (sports car with spinning blade weapon) and Wheeljack (race car).
    • Wheeljack is actually more of a two or three step transformation, and the vehicle mode is decent, the robot mode as brickish as most. The weapon almost launches a missile, its "Gravity Cannon" uses the "marble shooter" style of trigger to push a missile to pop out several centimeters, but it can't actually leave the launcher. To fit inside the vehicle mode, the head is rather squished and warped, plus the paint job utterly obscures the whole "Lemmy" facial hair that the package art shows. (Well, more of a full beard with a white chin bit, but I like the idea of him having Lemmy's beard.) Part of the mustache is painted silver like his face, and the chin is black, the result looks like a regular helmet...kinda disappointing, but user-fixable. The ears are really small, suffering the most from the squeezing.


    Roughly equivalent to the RiD Warriors, but with more resources devoted to various action gimmicks. $15 price point.

  • Wave 1: Bumblebee (sportscar), Optimus Prime (semitractor), Starscream (jet), Shockwave (crab-walker bot altmode).
  • Wave 2: Megatron (tank), Acid Storm (Starscream redeco, not reviewed), Windblade (VTOL-fan jet), reship of Optimus Prime.
  • Battle Base Optimus Prime: Sold as Warrior Class, even though it's $30 and in an Ultimate size box. This is a repeat of the wave 1 Optimus, with a trailer that turns into a good base...for other toy lines. It's pretty useless for Cyberverse toys. Nice for Siege, though.
  • Wave 3: Prowl (police cruiser), Soundwave (armored truck), Hot Rod (Cybertronian sports car). Soundwave is the best of the wave.


    Another revived class name, these are about Voyager sized, with some sort of action gimmick. $20 price point, in the sort of open-faced packaging the Hyperchangers had.

  • Wave 1: Starscream (jet with non-launching missile pods that just sort of blossom), Bumblebee (sportscar with non-launching missiles on launchers that fold out), and Grimlock (mecha T.rex with fire blast that emerges from the mouth while flames shoot out of the spine). All gimmicks are non-firing. While the transformations are more complex, the articulation is at Hyperchanger level for Starscream and Bumblebee, but at Cyber Battalion level for Grimlock.
  • Wave 2: Shockwave (still a crab walker), Shadow Striker (car, new female character, not reviewed). Shadow Striker isn't just a Bumblebee reshell, but seems to share a lot of engineering with him.
  • Wave 3: Optimus Prime and Slipstream (new mold).
    • Slipstream uses no parts from Starscream, and has a much more show-accurate vehicle mode with only minor gearing between the tail fins for the gimmick. The robot mode is, unfortunately, the usual brick with shoulders and elbows, but it looks okay. The jet mode's nose end doesn't stay in place very well, but it's otherwise solid. The gimmick makes a sort of propellor thing spring out from the wings and spin a little...not even remotely as impressive in action as they probably hoped, but at least it stows fairly well and doesn't actually HURT anything, unlike a lot of Cyberverse gimmicks. If you fold down the nose of the jet in robot mode, you can get the gimmick to pop out and it looks like Slipstream is wearing a helicopter backpack.


    Leader-sized, but with simpler transformations and a lower $30 price point.

  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime (semitractor), Megatron (tank).


    Not sure if there'll be more than one of these, but there will be at least one. They feature elements that are scaled to work with Scout and One-Step toys.

  • Optimus Prime Playset: The Warrior Optimus Prime (maybe with minor redeco) with a trailer that opens up as a playset. Not actually part of the release wave. Given how unimpressive Optimus was, I'll almost definitely give this a pass unless I see it at 50% off or less.