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Last Updated 11/22/23
with page spun off, Volvo VNR Optimus Prime and Frankentron added.

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    These are things that mostly aren't precisely Transformers, but they're Transformers-related.

  • Ectotron: A heavy retool of the Combiner Wars Hot Shot mold that turns into the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. Not really an exclusive, but hard to find in any physical stores (GameStop reportedly got some). Packaged in G1-style, but not technically a "Commemorative Series" sort of thing, since it's a new toy. He also got to star in a 5-issue "Transformers/Ghostbusters" miniseries from IDW, more or less set in a version of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon continuity. (Note: a redeco of this based on the revival movie was sold with an extra ghost and #1 of the comic for $60 at Target in early 2021, hard pass.)
  • MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition: A repaint MP-10 with Slimer. I passed on this, but am including it for completeness.
  • Gigawatt: A heavy retool of Siege Sideswipe that turns into the DeLorean (well, unlicensed, so some changes) time machine from Back to the Future. Another G1-style box, and accompanied by a five issue comic series that I didn't buy.
  • Maverick: The first entirely new mold for Collaborative, a $50 Voyager with a heavy licensing tax for the Top Gun crossover. I passed on this and on the reissue.
  • Ultimate X-Spanse: The name is horrible, but it suits the toy. From floppy 90s X-Men Blackbird jet to conceptual mess of a robot, it includes some sub-Dollar-Tree-level Wolverine and Sabertooth figures that can barely stand up. I got it at half off, and still think I was ripped off.
  • J. Balvitron: A G1 Soundwave reissue in mostly smiley face yellow with new guns done as a thing with musician J. Balvin. Even if I were interested in another G1 Soundwave, this was exclusive to an app I had no interest in getting.
  • Universal Monsters Crossovers:
    • Draculus: Dracula's 90th anniversary was celebrated in 2021 with a Collaborative toy that significantly retools Titans Return Mindwipe (no longer a Titan Master, but has a nifty cloak).
    • Frankentron: Impactor mold heavily retooled into a Frankestein's Monster design.
  • Jurassic Park Crossovers:
  • GI Joe Crossovers:
    • Megatron/HISS Tank with the Baroness. Status: Own, but not sure I want to review. Reportedly very frustrating to transform, in the "falls apart" sense.
    • Bumblebee/AWE Striker with Sgt. Stalker. Status: Own, also not sure I'm going to review it.
    • Soundwave Dreadnok Thunder Machine with Zartan and Zarana. Passing on this one.
  • Tonka Devastator: A G1 Constructicon set in Tonka colors (so, black instead of purple) and new character names. Hard pass from me.
  • Street Fighter II Crossovers: Technically pre-Collaborative sets, but reissued with Collaborative branding at Target.
  • Volvo VNR Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime turns into a licensed Volvo truck, which oddly was initially released as a gaudy Christmas-themed Optimus Prime, but later came out in normal colors. (Trailer is a redeco of the Earthrise Optimus Prime trailer.) Regular-for-2023 Leader price point of $55, so no onerous licensing tax, although it does say in the instructions that it's part of the Collaborative line, so I put the review here.
  • Stranger Things Code Red: It looks like a modification of the Siege Ironhide mold, but is Voyager-sized and apparently a new mold even if it shares some engineering. Turns into a pizza delivery van from Stranger Things, a property I don't follow, and there's a hefty licensing tax on this one, so I was originally going to pass, then I found it on sale for $35 online, so it's in the queue.
  • JAXA Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime turns into a Japanese space agency moon rover, scheduled to ship in mid-2024. This is an irregular size class, closest to Commander, may or may not be Collaborative. I pre-ordered it.