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Gotta Catch 'Em Mall! Last Updated: 12/24/22
Series 6 added.

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    Transformers meets Shopkins/Grossery Gang meets Terrigen Mist! A strange plot device energon cloud descended over a mall, bringing to life all sorts of things, including stuff you'd never expect Cybertronian energy to affect, like food items. So be careful and check before you lick that popsicle, it might object!

    There's MSipher's spreadsheet listing what's known about who's in what pack. Here's an alternate spreadsheet set up more to be used as a checklist. The Official Site has bios for (almost) everyone. These sites tend to go away after a while, but all the info is likely to be on TFWiki soon enough.

Until they release official display cases, I've made my own.

    My original design worked okay for eight tribes, but couldn't be expanded to cover the extra two of Series 1.5, or accomodate the larger numbers seen in later series. So, keeping with the same Jot desk organizers, I got a larger base board and created a style that can handle a full series of 60+ figures.

    Because I'm not as clueless as some of the previous owners of my house, I used drywall anchors to sink screws into the wall so I could hang these.

  • Series 1 and 1.5 - Series 1.5 along the bottom row, with a couple of repaints of Series 1 figures I did stuck in the lower right. (Updated 2/16/21)
  • Series 2 - Since this had a total of eleven tribes, I put the Lost Bots down the center column, next to the tribes they were lost from. Includes Con Crew. (Updated 2/16/21)
  • Series 3 - This one got weird thanks to the Arcade Renegades, who I placed on the outer columns. The gaps are because as of March 2020 I'm still missing a few figures (not counting the four Arcade Renegades I'm missing and don't plan to ever get). (Updated 2/16/21)
  • Series 4 - Still missing ten figures, but unlikely to fill those gaps unless singles and capsule sets show up locally on shelves. (Updated 2/16/21)
  • Series 5 - Never did get a lot of these, the line kinda fizzled out. So there's a bunch of gaps here. A chunk of the series was slated to be part of toilet troop themed sets that never did come out (as of 2/16/21, anyway).
  • Series 1-5 all together - I originally had 1, 4 and 5 on the wall behind the closed door, but I discovered that they blocked the door from closing, oops. (I put them up after COVID started, so I wasn't going to have any guests staying in the guest bedroom behind the door, noticed during the cold spell of February 2021 when I thought to close the door.) I do have to be careful to not slam the bathroom door, though, or BotBots will fall.
  • Series 1-6 with railings - I used 28 gauge wire to create railings on all of the shelf sets to decrease the chances of BotBots taking a nosedive when I closed a door. I also made a shelf for Series 6 (upper left), but annoyingly Walmart changed (shrank) the pallet piece I'd been using as a base, so the new one is a lot less stable due to the narrower pallet. Added 12/24/22.


    Each of the tribes has its own faction symbol, and while some BotBots may have Autobot or Decepticon symbols on them, they seem to give their loyalty more to their tribe...perhaps branded Transformers merchandise was being sold at the mall? All the tribal symbols look vaguely like faces in the same way most Autobot/Decepticon/etc. faction symbols do.

  • Sugar Shocks - Sweet Treats. Symbol looks like softserve ice cream in a bowl.
  • Techie Team - Consumer Electronics. Symbol looks like a game controller.
  • Toilet Troop - Things found in a restroom. Yes, the symbol looks like a toilet with the seat lid up.
  • Greaser Gang - Junk Food. Symbol looks like a pizza slice.
  • Jock Squad - Sports Equipment. Symbol is a bit of an outlier, rather than looking like a single thing, it looks like a modified Autobot symbol with a football for a forehead and a baseball bat down the center.
  • Backpack Bunch - School Supplies. Symbol looks like a short pencil with glasses and a tie.
  • Shed Heads - Hardware. Symbol looks like a circular saw.
  • Lost Bots - Lost and Found inhabitants, these are all "blind" figures in the multipacks. Symbol is built around a question mark.
  • Spoiled Rottens - Well, not every food-based BotBot is going to stay fresh forever. Symbol is based on an apple core.
  • Bakery Bytes - Cooking-related, only available as part of "Series 1.5" mostly outside of America. Symbol is a simplified Autobot symbol with a chef's hat. Not present on the official webpage.
  • Lawn League - Yard maintenance-related, only available as part of the "Series 1.5" limited release. Symbol is a shovel with elements of an Autobot symbol. Not present on the official webpage.
  • Music Mob - Some overlap with Techie Team, but these are more music than electronics, including some acoustic stuff. Added in Series 2. Symbol is nonetheless based on an electric guitar.
  • Swag Stylers - Makeup, jewelry, perfume, and other fancy stuff. Added in Series 2. Symbol is based on a watch face.
  • Line League - One of three mini-tribes found in the convention exclusive Con Crew set. Symbol is a portable gaming rig with a face.
  • Fantastic Fuelers - Another Con Crew tribe, symbol is like a tall energy drink can crossed with a Decepticon symbol.
  • Meet N' Greets - The last of the Con Crew tribes, symbol is a camera with a sort of cyclops-face look.
  • Seasons Greeters - Holiday-themed, part of Series 3. Symbol is based on a Christmas tree...Tannenbomb?
  • Arcade Renegades - Special gimmick-packaged group technically starting in Series 3. Symbol is an arcade video game with a face.
  • Fresh Squeezies - A juice bar tribe added in Series 3. Symbol is a pineapple with a face, clearly an evil tribe.
  • Goo Goo Grooupies - Baby gear tribe added in Series 3. Symbol is a sippy cup with a face.
  • Playroom Posse - This one is more for toddlers and little kids, they turn into toys. Added in Series 3. Symbol is a cross between a teddy bear head and the Autobot symbol.
  • Home Rangers - Cooking and cleaning, plus a little interior decor. Added in Series 4. Their symbol is a comfy chair with eyes.
  • Los Deliciosos - Mexican food items, added in Series 4. Their symbol is based on a chili pepper.
  • Magic Tricksters - A magic/joke shop tribe, added in Series 4. Their symbol is based on a top hat with rabbit ears poking out.
  • Movie Moguls - A tribe from the in-mall movie theater, added in Series 4. Their symbol is based on an old-style movie ticket.
  • Retro Replays - Starting to stretch things a little, a tribe based on 70s and 80s tech. Added in Series 4. Their symbol is based on a boom box.
  • Science Alliance - SCIENCE! Added in Series 4. Their symbol is based on an Erlenmeyer Flask.
  • Wilderness Troop - A tribe that will see to all your camping needs, added in Series 4. Symbol is based on a camping lamp.
  • Winner's Circle - Replacing Lost Bots in Series 4, these are almost all gold-painted versions of existing characters (like Goldie Rock from Slobber Rock, or Goldenberry D'uhnut from Sprinkleberry D'uhnut). Symbol is based on a medal.
  • Party Favors - Kinda overlapping with Sugar Shocks and Seasons Greeters, their theme is general party stuff, and their symbol is a party hat with a little robot face.
  • Cardio Clique - A health club rather than a sporting goods store, so I guess they have enough of a niche (although some Jock Squad bots might want to switch their allegiance to them). Their symbol is a kettle bell (iron sphere with a handle) with a face that ends up looking vaguely like a Cyberman.
  • Hibotchi Heats - More ethnic-restaurant diversification, this time the mall concept of "Asian" cuisine. Symbol is a noodle bowl with a face and with chopsticks forming antennae.
  • Frequent Flyers - Travel goods shop, the sort you're more likely to find in an airport than a regular mall these days. Symbol is a roller suitcase with a face.
  • Hunger Hubs - Omnibus food faction added for Series 6.
  • Gamer Geeks - Another merged sort of faction for Series 6.
  • Custodial Crew - Nearly identical to the Toilet Troop, but with a different symbol. Added in Series 6.
  • Pet Mob - An actual new tribe, the previous series didn't really have a dedicated pet store tribe. Added in Series 6.


   Rather than hide comments on the packaging in whatever set happens to show up first, I'll consolidate them here, updated as I get different sizes of set.

  • "Normal" Packaging - The singles, five-packs, and eight-packs. Only through Series 5, Series 6 changed things. Last updated: 2/21/20 with Series 4 notes, such as they are.
  • Arcade Renegades packaging does get reviewed in their overall review below.
  • Capsule Machines Series 4 - 2020 saw the addition of more gimmick packaging, but without the tribe theme of the Arcade Renegades, so here's just a review of the packaging on its own. The actual BotBots will be covered with the rest of Series 4.
  • More gimmicks on the way, including a toilet that you fish around in for brown capsules. Or, you know, not. The toilet may or may not still be coming, since Series 6 claims 75+ characters and the sets available by the end of 2022 only have 60, though.


    I went into overkill levels of detail in this set, and pasted in reviews of every figure in a package, even if it appeared in three other places. Obnoxiously comprehensive, and I barely made it to the end without burning out entirely.


  • Series 1 Singles: All of the ones that aren't in multipacks, and a few that are. I did buy a lot of unneeded ones, but I did save a few bucks in the end by not buying ALL the singles. S.A. Cheez is my fave of the wave.

    Non-blind assortments. Technically themed for one of the "tribes" of BotBots, but each only contains two members of that tribe, two from other tribes, and one "fake blind" (covered, but always the same one in each pack) Lost Tribe from the Lost and Found. Note, all of the team sets have the same assortment, for instance all the Toilet Troop sets are E4137. This is probably part of why ordering them on Amazon got you a random one, since there wasn't a different assortment code for each of the three Toilet Troop sets. $10 price point. Chronological order note on the reviews, since it can affect how some of them come across (especially pasted in copies of reviews, to which I might add comments): Toilet Troop 2, Techie Team 1, singles wave 1 above, Toilet Troop 1 and 3, Techie Team 2, then Sugar Shocks in order.

  • Sugar Shocks 1: Lolly Licks (Sugar Shocks), Sippy Slurps (Sugar Shocks), Shredder Jack (Greaser Gang), Ms. Take (Backpack Bunch), Clogstopper (Lost Bots). Note: this one can be skipped if you're going for "minimum purchase for a complete set with no trading."
  • Sugar Shocks 2: The Plop Father (Sugar Shocks), Waddlepop (Sugar Shocks), Slappyhappy (Backpack Bunch), Nail Byter (Shed Heads), Burgertron (Lost Bots).
  • Sugar Shocks 3: Sprinklebery D'uhnut (Sugar Shocks), Unilla Icequeencone (Sugar Shocks), Laceface (Jock Squad), Point Dexter (Backpack Bunch), Game Over (Lost Bots).
  • Techie Team 1: Dr. Moggly (Techie Team), Skillz Punk (Techie Team), Burgertron (Lost Bots), Ms. Take (Backpack Bunch), Nrjeez (Sugar Shocks).
  • Techie Team 2: Pucksie (Jock Squad), Chilla Gorilla (Techie Team), Raddhaxx (Techie Team), Slappyhappy (Backpack Bunch), Bonz-Eye (Lost Bots).
  • Toilet Troop 1: Unilla Icequeencone (Sugar Shocks), Frohawk (Toilet Troop), King Toots (Toilet Troop), Sticky McGee (thankfully Backpack Bunch and not Toilet Troop, with a name like that), Dimlit (Lost Bots). Note: another skippable one for completism.
  • Toilet Troop 2: Waddlepop (Sugar Shock), Shredder Jack (Greaser Gang), King Toots (Toilet Troop), Sudsbeard (Toilet Troop), Stinkeye Stapleton (Lost Bots).
  • Toilet Troop 3: Sprinkleberry D'uhnut (Sugar Shocks), Fit Ness Monster (Jock Squad), Frohawk (Toilet Troop), Poo Sham (Toiler Troop), Bonz-Eye (Lost Bots). Note: Another skippable one for completism.
  • Series 1.5: Originally just a review of one Bakery Bytes set, but now has all of the figures from the hard to get annex to Series 1.

   Bigger, but still only two from the team named on the package. Review chronology note: I reviewed all the five-packs and singles before any of these packs, which I covered in the order shown. As a result a lot of the repeats are just pasted in from earlier reviews, albeit sometimes with comments if the new copy is different in some way (assortment stamp, more or less difficult to transform, etc).

  • Greaser Gang 1: Sippy Slurps (Sugar Shocks), Angry Cheese (Greaser Gang), Fottle Barts (Greaser Gang), Batsby (Jock Squad), Goob Toob (Techie Team), Sticky McGee (Backpack Bunch), Venus Frogtrap (Shed Heads), Clogstopper (Lost Bots).
  • Greaser Gang 2: Point Dexter (Backpack Bunch), Poo Sham (Toilet Troop), Fit Ness Monster (Jock Squad), Shredder Jack (Greaser Gang), S'up Dawg (Greaser Gang), Waddlepop (Sugar Shocks), Major Lee Screwge (Shed Heads), Game Over (Lost Bot).
  • Greaser Gang 3: NRJeez (Sugar Shocks), Fottle Barts (Greaser Gang), Spud Muffin (Greaser Gang), Pucksie (Jock Squad), Raddhaxx (Techie Team), Poo Sham (Toilet Troop), Ms. Take (Backpack Bunch), Bonz-Eye (Lost Bots). Note: another skippable one.
  • Greaser Gang 4: Cuddle Tooth (Shed Heads), Frohawk (Toilet Troop), Screen Fiend (Techie Team), Arctic Guzzlerush (Jock Squad), Hawt Diggity (Greaser Gang), Duderoni (Greaser Gang), Lolly Licks (Sugar Shocks), Stinkeye Stapleton (Lost Bots).
  • Jock Squad 1: Lolly Licks (Sugar Shocks), Angry Cheese (Greaser Gang), Arctic Guzzlerush (Jock Squad), Pucksie (Jock Squad), Screen Fiend (Techie Team), King Toots (Toilet Troop), Grit Sandwood (Shed Heads), Stinkeye Stapleton (Lost Bots). Note: Grit Sandwood is the only new (to me) figure in this set, going in the order of reviewing.
  • Jock Squad 2: Nail Byter (Shed Heads), Sticky McGee (Backpack Bunch), Poo Sham (Toilet Troop), Skillz Punk (Techie Team), Laceface (Jock Squad), Kid Klobber (Jock Squad), Unilla Icequeencone (Sugar Shocks), Burgertron (Lost Bots). Note: Another skippable one. By the time I get to this one in reviewing, it's going to be 100% cut and paste from previous reviews.
  • Jock Squad 3: Sprinkleberry D'uhnut (Sugar Shocks), Hawt Diggity (Greaser Gang), Arctic Guzzlerush (Jock Squad), Batsby (Jock Squad), King Toots (Toilet Troop), Slappyhappy (Backpack Bunch), Major Lee Screwge (Shed Heads), Game Over (Lost Bots). Note: Another skippable one, and another review I'll have already written by this point.
  • Jock Squad 4: Grit Sandwood (Shed Heads), Point Dexter (Backpack Bunch), Goob Toob (Techie Team), Laceface (Jock Squad), Fit Ness Monster (Jock Squad), Fottle Barts (Greaser Gang), NRJeez (Sugar Shocks), Clogstopper (Lost Bots). While this isn't listed as a skippable one in the spreadsheet, that's only because it makes some other set more redundant. This review is also 100% cut and paste, maybe with some comments if my new copy of a mold is different.
  • Lawn League: The 8-packs of Series 1.5 are reviewed up with Bakery Bytes above.


    All that detail above? Yeah, not going to do that again.

   "Regular" Series 2: The stuff that came in singles, 5-packs, and 8-packs. Complete set.

    Con Crew: Non-blind packed, only a single assortment, thankfully. Exclusive to San Diego Comicon, but plenty left for sale on HasbroPulse. Decent, if suffering badly from the Exclusive Tax. Not mentioned at all on the official site, and there's no blind blisters to match color, but given the number of figures otherwise available in Series 2 and the fact that every other series has a side set, these are probably a Series 2.5 despite releasing later than the Arcade Renegades, so I'm including them here. Complete set, no random blind assortment shenanigans with these.


    "Regular" Series 3: Missing one 8-pack, but I decided I had enough to go ahead with another short-comments review. A bit more detail on the new molds. Updated 2/21/20 with Rink Stink.

   Arcade Renegades: The first of the gimmick packages, six blind sets that all have the new molds plus either four or eight redecos (one of the six is all new characters, the other five reuse leftover Series 1 figures). In the U.S. this was only available online, meaning you were rolling the dice hoping to get a 6. Orange blisters mark it as part of Series 3, so I'm putting it here. Incomplete set and likely to stay that way.


    Series 4: Including the gimmick packaging figures in this one rather than separating them out. I expect this will have more gaps than Series 3 unless my local Target gets the singles and capsule sets, but I went ahead and ordered cases of 5-packs and 8-packs, plus got one each of the gimmick package sets. Not worthwhile to spend $75 on a case of singles for the six I need, though. But I typed in all the bio notes and stuff, so that's there. In fact, the 5-packs only got me EIGHT that I still needed, so hardly a better deal there, even counting that I wanted doubles of some of the ones that showed up in the 5-packs. TL;DR: if you can't get specific packs to try to complete a set, a case of 8-packs and one each of the two capsule sets will get you the most bang for your online buck. Updated 7/18/20 with Face Ace, Burrito Favorito, and Liquid Gold.


    Series 5: Given that everything on the checklist seems to be available without getting the gimmick packages (toilet and pirate ship), there might be new figures not shown on the main checklist. With just the 8-packs, I got all but six regular figures and all but ten of the gold figures. A few closeout store packs and Dollar Tree getting the singles helped me with most of the missing ones. Last updated 8/4/21 with Lumbering Jack.


    Series 6 - The original Series 6 got scrapped, so apparently we won't be getting novelty packaging in the shapes of a toilet and a pirate ship. The new theme for this series is Ruckus Rally, a racing theme centered on two retro-80s style transforming object vehicles. While it says there's 75+ in the series, the sets released online (and only online as far as I can tell) total up to 60 characters, 62 if you count the vehicles. This series suffers even more from "no normal child can transform these" design problems than previous series, which is saying something. I suspect they were meant to be left in the packages by collectors. The packaging touts the Netflix cartoon, but none of the characters from the cartoon are in here. Last updated 12/24/22 with the first sixty added. If the other 15+ ever show up, I might buy them, might not.


    I moved the exclusives and gimmick packaging sets into their relevant series sections, but there's still some things to go here.

  • Transformers BotBots Official Sticker Book: This is a guidebook for Series 1 and 2, plus a whole bunch of stickers. It groups everything by tribe, rather than by series, and doesn't mention anything about what sets any figure may be in. The Rank is renamed "Discoverability," which doesn't seem to be correlated to how hard it actually is to get them any more than Rank was. If there's a logic behind the order or tribes, I can't find it, but it's still a reasonable "quick flip through" reference book. It also has a map of the mall, which is shaped like an Autobot symbol, and still has most of the stores undefined (room for all the later tribes). Recommended, $10 price point, may have to order online. (I couldn't find it in any stores locally, but sticker books tend to be horribly organized and then randomized by kids going through them.)