Bot Shots
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    I suppose it was only a matter of time before Hasbro tried to leverage its existing properties into the market created by Bakugan, especially since Monsuno's also trying to get into the game. Bot Shots are a "things pop open, you compare them to see who won" sort of game, but since the toys actually transform (unlike Attacktix) I'm not sticking them on the Artifacts page.

    The aesthetic seems to be a blend of G1, movie and Prime, probably more concerned with trademark preservation than having a coherent storyline (although there is a "storyline" game at

The Game Mechanics

    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.

   Waves of five figures each, not blind-packed but with each wave containing a shortpacked "chase" figure made of clear plastic. $4 price point.
  • Wave 1: Bumblebee (Classics-ish), Starscream (G1-ish), Optimus Prime (Laser Prime-ish), Barricade (G1-ified movie character), Sentinel Prime (clear red chase variant, movie vehicle mode but a more friendly young Sentinel face). Unless you're a rabid completist, get the redecos in multipacks, and definitely pass on Sentinel Prime, as the clear treatment does it no justice.
  • Wave 2: Mirage (G1 face), Autobot Ratchet (G1 face, movie body, Prime vehicle), Brawl (movie) and Super Bot Bumblebee (third use of mold), plus reships. Lack of paint is a problem on all of them, and avoid the Super Bot.
  • Wave 3: Lockdown, Thundercracker (Starscream redeco), Jetfire (Skyfire face, Classics body), Autobot Topspin (G1-ish face, movie body), Super Bot Megatron (DotM version, not quite as bad as other Super Bots).
  • Wave 4: Ironhide (movie colors, G1 face), Powerglide (G1-ish), Autobot Jazz (G1), Leadfoot (movie, Track Mode), Super Bot Optimus Prime (light blue).
  • Wave 5: Skywarp (face-and-chest-modded version of the Starscream mold), Roadbuster (movie, Track Mode), Megatron (movie), Bumblebee (new mold with G1-toy-ish mask), Super Bot Shockwave (purple). Note that this is probably the last set of new molds before the year 2 Bot Shots, which use a different style.
  • Series 2 Wave 1: New molds brought in, with different action gimmicks. Ironhide (Spin-shot), Bumblebee (Flip-shot), Shockwave (Jump-shot), Sunstorm (series 1 Starscream redeco, Super Bot).
  • Series 2 Wave 2: Optimus Prime (Jump Shot, Cybertron version), Scourge (Spin Shot, Cybertron version), Brawl (Flip Shot), Super Bot Cliffjumper (retool of launcher Bumblebee).

   $8 price point, a single Bot Shot with a trailer that launches them.

  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime and Megatron (truck) trailers, with tweaked decos of the Shots included. Both are good, but if you only want to get one, get Optimus.
  • Wave 2: Ironhide with insane RV trailer, Starscream with booster unit. Starscream's slightly better, mainly hurt by color mismatch between figure and booster.
  • Series 2 Wave 1: Series 2 drops the idea of transforming launchers, and just has no-frills launchers in colors to match the launch-ee. Optimus Prime Spin-Shot, Bumblebee Jump-Shot. They come with targets to aim at. The actual Bot Shots are pretty good, but the sets as a whole are overpriced for what you get and the launchers are disappointing, hence the italicized warnings.

   $10-12 price point, non-random "value" packs. Sometimes on sale for $7.99.

  • Wave 1: Autobots (opaque Sentinel Prime, different Bumblebee mold, Prowl), shortpacked Decepticons (tank Megatron, redeco Optimus as Nemesis Prime, transparent green Starscream redeco as Acid Storm). Acid Storm is the first boss in the storyline game, Prowl is a redeco of Barricade.
  • Wave 2: Jets (Skyquake seeker mold, Jetfire new color scheme, Powerglide new color scheme), shortpacked tough ground vehicles (Shockwave, blue Brawl, Super Bot Ironhide).

   The first year only really went with redeco sets, like the Battle for the Matrix set, but year two will have a track set.

  • Battle for the Matrix: Redecos of the Optimus Prime and Megatron launchers, plus redecos of Brawl and Bumblebee, and a Matrix trophy piece. I passed on this.
  • Troop Builders Set 1: Two themed sets of five, part of series 2 but using all series 1 molds. I bought the Stunticons and took pictures of the Autobot Polar Assault Team. Stunticons: Motorbreath (Motormaster, Megatron Truck redeco), Brake-Neck (Wildrider, Topspin redeco), Breakdown (Roadbuster redeco), Dead End (Leadfoot redeco) and Dragstrip (Jazz redeco). Autobot Polar Assault Team: All are redecos in blue/white/black schemes, except Optimus Prime, who is a new-head retool of truck Megatron. Also includes Ironhide, Bumblebee, Mirage and Jetfire.