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Last Updated 5/22/11
Dark of the Moon Foundation #4 added.

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    Transformers the Animated Movie: Bob Budiansky and Don Figueroa take a stab at adapting the 1986 movie in four issues. The original comic adaptation was in 3 issues, so that's some improvement.

    Transformers Sector 7 - A prequel series that chronicles the history fo Sector 7 prior to the start of the first movie. Each issue covers a different piece of the timeline over the course of more than a century.

    Transformers Official Movie Prequel - A four issue miniseries from IDW telling a story set before the 2007 live action Transformers movie. Written by Chris Ryall and Simon Furman, art by Don Figueroa.

    Transformers Official Movie Adaptation: A four issue series by Oprisko and Milne. Released weekly in June 2007, although the TPB collecting all four hit bookstores the first week of June, thus cutting comic shops off at the knees. Oops.
    Transformers: Saga of the AllSpark: Simon Furman and various artists did movie-continuity stories for a magazine in the UK, and IDW got the right to reprint them. As a result of their origins, the page dimensions are a bit weird.

    Transformers: the Reign of Starscream: Mowry and Ryall write, Milne draws this "official" sequel to the movie. Time will tell if it's actually official or just another Splinter of the Mind's Eye.

   Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Official Prequel: Alliance: Written by Mowry, drawn by Milne. It's the first of two prequel comics, filling in bits between the movies and shortly before.

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Official Prequel: Defiance: Mowry, Khanna and Griffith work on this other prequel series, which is more about deep backstory.

   Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Official Movie Adaptation: Furman "writes" and is VERY far from his best. I got the first issue and decided not to waste time or money on the other three.

   Transformers Tales of the Fallen: A series of done in one stories filling in some of the gaps between the Alliance prequel and the Revenge of the Fallen movie. They kinda had to wait for the final cut to be sure what elements would actually be IN the movie, you see.

   Transformers Nefarious: This series by Furman and Magno picks up from Tales of the Fallen #5 and the mystery of what revived Ravage. Tagged as an official sequel, it introduces a new faction that may or may not show up in the third movie.

   Dark of the Moon Rising Storm: One of two prequel miniseries for the third movie, this one is set between Nefarious and the movie.