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Last Updated 12/12/09
Transformers Timelines #4 added.

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    New Avengers/Transformers - The first Marvel Universe crossover since, well, Secret Wars II. Set before Civil War, the New Avengers investigate mysterious happenings in Latveria, only to find Doctor Doom isn't behind it this time.... 4 issue series published by Marvel.
    Transformers Evolutions - Stories in which writers are encouraged to look at how the Transformers story might have unfolded under different circumstances. The first arc, Hearts of Steel, places the Transformers in the late 1800s.
    Transformers Timelines - FP Comics releases versions of the BotCon exclusive comics a few months after the convention each year. This is a "Universe" sort of mixed continuity, with a different focus each year.
    Anthology Specials - Not crossovers per se, but books that contain multiple continuities.
    GIJoe vs Transformers - A series from Devil's Due (a branch of Image) answering the question, "What if Cobra found the Ark before Teletran-1 could wake up the Transformers?"

    GIJoe vs Transformers II - Devil's Due has spun off from Image, and is following up with a series set a few years after the above book. Same creative team. It looks like it was originally planned as another six issue series, but is now three double-sized issues. CORRECTION: It's four issues, but not all the same length.

    GIJoe vs Transformers III: The Art of War - Dreamwave may be dead, but Devil's Due is doing fine. In this third miniseries, the consequences of tech transfer become a serious problem, and Serpentor gets a new origin. Five issue series, the "A" covers fit together as a single image.

   GIJoe vs. Transformers IV: Black Horizon - Two 48-page issues, no ads breaking things up. Andrew Wildman on art, Tim Seely writes.

    Transformers vs GIJoe - From Dreamwave, this series is set in WWII, with Cobra being elite Axis forces. The Autobots align with the Allies, Decepticons take over the Axis. 6 issues.

    Transformers vs GIJoe II: Divided Front - Pat Lee takes over the art on this six issue sequel crossover series. It's set in 1985, supposedly in the same universe as the previous series, but.... A casualty of the Dreamwave collapse, only one issue came out.