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Last Updated 7/23/11
The Transformers #22 added.

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    Transformers Megatron Origin: I considered putting this in the War Within page, because it does the same sort of thing (deep background for the setting), but for now it'll go with the rest of the IDW G1 books. If we get more Origins series, I might make a page for them. Anyway, this series purports to look at how Megatron became what he is. Written by long-time TF fan Eric Holmes, drawn by Alex Milne, and colored horribly by several people.

    Transformers Drift: by Shane McCarthy and Alex Milne, the origin story of perhaps the most disdained-by-fans character since Nightscream. Find out how he became a cool loner with a giant sword in this four issue miniseries!

    Transformers Ironhide: By Mike Costa and Casey Coller. This series switches back and forth between Deep History flashbacks and a mystery that runs concurrently with the first year of the Ongoing series, but since the main goal is to flesh out why Ironhide is so important, I'm putting it up here with the Origins series.

    Transformers Infiltration: A totally new G1 continuity (as opposed to the Dreamwave G1, which kinda linked into the original storyline). The preview issue and initial miniseries are written by Furman and drawn by E.J. Su (whose work I first saw on the late, lamented Techjacket). The series itself is six issues, and it looks like the neo-G1 stuff will come out in six issue chunks from here on.

    Transformers Stormbringer: Set on Cybertron at about the same time as Infiltration, plus flashbacks to the distant past, this book is promoted as "robots only".

    Transformers Escalation: Phase 2 of the earthbound neo-G1 storyline. Furman and Su still on the creative chores. Picks up the overall number of the series at #11.
    Transformers Devastation: Furman and Su continue the "main thread" of the neo-G1 continuity, as Megatron tosses out the six phase structure and goes for the jugular.

    Maximum Dinobots: A five issue miniseries filling in the "what happened on Earth" part between the end of Devastation and the beginning of All Hail Megatron. By Simon Furman with various artists, it's very difficult to find because Diamond didn't bother to ship it to many stores. I only managed to find the last issue on time, but later got earlier issues.

    All Hail Megatron: Writer Shane McCarthy and artist Guido Guidi tell the story of Earth left to the mercy of the Decepticons as the Autobots are called away by another plot device. Kicked off by a one-shot preview.

   Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers: This runs alongside the events of All Hail Megatron, at least initially, written and drawn by Nick Roche. While it may end up overlapping the ongoing series eventually, I'm going to stick it here between AHM and ongoing.

   The Transformers (Ongoing): The mood has shifted, and they've decided to go with a non-miniseries approach. As a prelude, they put out Transformers Continuum to catch people up on what had gone before. The Bumblebee series looks to be interwoven with the ongoing, so I'll be sticking its issues in where they seem to fit rather than creating a separate section for them.