Age of Extinction
Dinobots, Dinobots, Dinobots! Last Updated: 6/30/15
Power Battlers Vehicon, Lockdown, and Junkheap added.

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    I'm moving to a new state during the summer of this movie, so there will be some delays.

    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.

   Small but still transforming Construct Bots at the $7 price point, meant to ride on larger dinobot sets.

  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Lockdown, Hound, Drift, Crosshairs.

   Scout-sized Dinobot sets, which one presumes may be ridden by the Dino Riders. Note: while clearly intended as part of the movie line, I'm going to be keeping the Microchange Combiners (and blindbags) on the Kre-O page.

  • Wave 1: Slug, Slash, Grimlock, Strafe, Scorn. I currently own all but Scorn in one form or another (Target had an exclusive deco Grimlock with silver Optimus Prime dino-rider). They're bigger than previous Construct-Bots, but built around gimmicks that make them chunkier. Strafe is probably the best of the ones I have.

    The Mashers line have common snap-on joints for neck, elbows, hips, and knees, so you can mix and match parts. It started with Marvel, so now you can create Doctor Doomlock, or Spidermus Prime. Basic sets are $10.

  • Wave 1: Drift (movie), Starscream (G1), Springer (G1), Bumblebee (Generations). I picked up Springer, it's okay, didn't feel like reviewing it.
  • Wave 2: Rodimus, Jetfire, Heatwave (Nexus Prime version). I picked up Jetfire and Heatwave. Jetfire has wonky proportions and his wing pack doesn't stay on very well. Heatwave is decent, and amusingly has a weapon that looks like it belongs to Rescue Bots Heatwave.
    The Elite ones are $15, but I'm including them here. They're the same size as basics, but have a few more accessories, plus a bonus part from a non-existent set (a redeco part, so a recolored Starscream piece presented as a Thundercracker piece, for instance).

  • Wave 1: G1 Optimus Prime, Generations Megatron, TF:Prime Bulkhead.
  • Wave 2: G1 Soundwave, G1-colors Slug (Slag). I got both, they're decent, but I didn't feel like reviewing them either. Soundwave's gun has way too long of a handle, I modified mine.

    The hollow 12" statue-y things are back. I probably won't buy any, but including this category just in case.

  • Wave 1

    Non-transforming toys with jousting robots atop rolling, sparking Dinobots. They really look awful. Even Hasbro doesn't seem to like them, since there doesn't seem to have been a second wave.

  • Wave 1: Autobot Drift atop Dinobot Slug, Bumblebee atop Strafe, Optimus Prime atop Grimlock.

    The successor to Fast Attack Battlers and their ilk, these transform with a single motion, usually sacrificing something. $10 price point.
  • Wave 1: Grimlock (T.rex), Autobot Drift (Bugatti Veyron), Optimus Prime (truck, no plans to get it).
  • Wave 2: Slash (same basic transformation as Grimlock), Hound, Bumblebee, Lockdown (push-button to go to robot mode, massage panels to get it back in car mode). I picked up Slash and Lockdown for $5 each on various sales, that's about what they're worth. See the Deluxe Lockdown review.
  • Wave 3: Autobot Drift (helicopter), Galvatron (truck), High Octane Bumblebee (black redeco), Dinobot Slug (triceratops), Steeljaw (robot wolf, one of Lockdown's pets). No review coming, but I got Slug (meh) and Steeljaw (interesting transform, but doesn't quite work as well as intended).

    Another one-step transformation line, but with motion gimmicks, so they cost like Deluxes.

  • Wave 1: Autobot Hound (quick draw gimmick), Bumblebee (power punch gimmick), Crosshairs (power punch), Dinobot Strafe (spin attack). They look pretty bad, I don't plan to buy any unless they go on deep discount. (I later passed on them even at a deep discount.)
  • Wave 2: Scorn (no "Dinobot" on the name), Autobot Drift (car), Optimus Prime, probably some reships. Grimlock started showing up in later case assortments, maybe a wave 3?
  • The Rest: A bunch trickled out through online or small retailer sources before finally hitting the Ross/TJMaxx stores. These include Grimlock, High Octane Bumblebee, Lockdown, Snarl, Galvatron, Vehicon, Junkheap, possible others. Galvatron, Snarl, Vehicon, Lockdown, and Junkheap extended capsules.

    The regular Deluxes (as opposed to gimmick lines) are branded as Generations, but will go here rather than on the Generations page.

  • Wave 1: Scorn, Dinobot Slug, Crosshairs, High Octane Bumblebee.
    • Evolutions Dinobot Slug: A TRU-exclusive version of Slug with a pack-in of the Mini-Con Dinobot Slug (in G1 Slag colors). Since I already have Slug and have that Mini-Con from the DotM packaged version, I won't be getting this set.
  • Wave 2: Slash, Strafe, Autobot Drift. And a reship of Bumblebee, of course. Only Slash and Drift reviewed in this file, as I got Evolutions Strafe first, and it seems to be the same as the regular version.
    • Evolutions Strafe: A TRU-exclusive version of Strafe with a pack-in of the Mini-Con Dinobot Swoop...and G1 art of Technobot Strafe.
    • Wave 2.5: A running change brings in Lockdown in place of Slash and Bumblebee. Review includes a few other Lockdowns.
  • Wave 3: Snarl (Ankylosaur), Hot Shot (blue Tracks-style redeco of Crosshairs), Bumblebee (the version in the Evolutions pack).
    • Evolutions Bumblebee: Modern Camaro Bumblebee plus a slightly redecoed Generations Legends class Bumblebee and a yellow and black version of DotM Jolt's gun.
  • Walmart Exclusive Packs: Sold at $5.96, $14.96 and $24.96 price points, they're a bunch of redecos of Legion, Scout/Basic and Deluxe molds. I got a few of them (two of the single-pack Legion, two of the two-packs). Putting them here because, well, there's some Deluxe price point sets in there, and the $24.96 set (not bought) includes Strafe's AoE Deluxe mold.

   As with Deluxe, the "vanilla" Voyagers are branded as Generations.

  • Wave 1: Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (G1 homage cabover), Grimlock (mecha-T.rex).
    • TRU Exclusive Evolutions Grimlock: $40 set packaging a redeco of the above Grimlock and an Energon Grimlock (without Swoop). Don't intend to get this, unless I see it on insane clearance.
  • Wave 2: Hound (Medium Tactical Vehicle), Galvatron (evil semi). Blink and you missed 'em. Galvatron did start hitting stores in larger numbers by late summer, but not Hound.
  • Wave 3: Drift (DotM Skyhammer retool that really works well), Slog (brachiosaur).

    Like 1 Step Changers, but bigger. And more expensive. Also called "Smash Changers".
  • Wave 1: Grimlock, Optimus Prime. They don't look worth $20 to me. But Grimlock was barely worth $15 on sale. Target had an exclusive silver redeco of Optimus.
  • Wave 2: Lockdown and Bumblebee.
  • Mega One-Step Bumblebee: Looks to be similar in design to the smaller Bumblebees in this style, but bigger and more expensive and therefore even less likely to go in my basket.

    These are Elite-sized sets that come with small Dinobot partners that transform into weapons/accessories.
  • Wave 1: Drift with Roughneck, Bumblebee with Nosedive, Hound with Wideload, Lockdown with Hangnail, Optimus Prime with Gnaw. Status: I picked up Prime and Drift on clearance, meh. Another case of Hasbro apparently giving up after one wave.

    Bigger sets with more accessories, at the $20-30 price points. I don't plan to review these, so I'm not going to bother listing them, sorry. It's a mix of generations, just like the basic sets. Most are two-packs (i.e. Bumblebee and Strafe), but there's a solo big Grimlock.

  • Coming Soon

    16" tall hollow Titans.

  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime and Grimlock. I've seen both in person, they're nicer than the TF:Prime Titan Guardians, but still not really worth the money or the space.

   I have largely gone off the larger sizes, any reviews here are likely to be guest reviews.
  • Leader Wave 1: Optimus Prime and Grimlock. They look like knockoffs of slightly oversized Voyagers. Bleh. There's also a "First Edition" Leader Optimus, but I've never seen it on the shelf.
  • Stomp & Chomp Grimlock: A super-One-Step-Changer at the $80 price point with lots of sound and light gimmicks. Maybe if it goes on $25 clearance.