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Beetle Marco review, some pics added.
Images taken from Tomart's Action Figure Digest, various eBay auctions and the back of the toy packaging. Reviews copyright 1999 by Dave Van Domelen. Please ask before using any images from this page, even the simple scans represent some work on my part.

    Animorphs started as a series of books aimed at roughly the Junior High School reading level, and has since branched out into television and a toy line. I've read one of the books, In The Time of Dinosaurs, click here to read a short review of it. Other than this one book, I don't really plan to read or review any of the other books, or watch the TV show. I'm pretty much in this just for the toys.

--- NEWS ---

UPDATE - 9/18/99 - R.I.P. Transformers Animorphs. Emails to Hasbro about the line are being answered with "we don't make that anymore" form letters, so it looks like Wave Two will never see the light of day. However, despite this apparently corporate abandonment, the second wave is coming out anyway. Mega Tobias, Ultra Visser-3, Super Tri-Rex and Deluxes Ax/Panther (a recolor of Jake/Tiger) and Macro/Beetle have been sighted in various stores. Also, Taco Bell is running a promotion, see below.

UPDATE - 3/13/99 - Ben "Wonko the Sane" Yee has started his own Animorphs toy page. It has come to my attention that certain microcephaloids have been giving Ben a ton of grief about this, as if he were somehow betraying them by not joining in on the Animorphs-bashing. Because I know a lot of younger viewers come to my pages, I will not say what comes to mind regarding these induhviduals. But it does involve creative use of the Yeerks that come with the Deluxe toys.


    Taco Bell is doing a promotion with transforming Animorphs toys in September/October of 1999.


    The bag used for the kid's meal has a good shot of all five toys on it, HERE is a scan of the bag.

First Wave Deluxe

    This wave is composed of Jake, Rachel, Marco and Tobias initially, with Cassie held back to ship at about the same time as the Mega assortment (well, a little later, as it turned out). Jake the Grizzly will also be considered part of the First Wave (wave 1.5) if it comes out in April as promised. Well, it made it in May, so I'll slide it under the door. Besides, there ended up only being one wave. Click HERE for a review of Jake/Tiger, Rachel and Tobias. Click HERE for a review of Cassie. Click HERE for a review of Jake/Bear. Finally, click HERE for a review of Marco/Gorilla and Ax/Scorpion.

First Wave Megas

    Looks like they're reserving this level for the Andalites. See Ax's review up with the Deluxes.

Ultra Triple-Changer

    The Ultra level toy is another Visser-3, with the ability to shift between Andalite, Hork-Bajir and Inferno Beast modes. Click HERE for a picture from the side of the box, but note that all modes are slightly mistransformed. Click HERE for a review of Ultra Visser-3, plus comments on the Tri-Rex set (which I don't intend to buy).

Super Combiner

    A combiner set is planned for later this year, three kids combining into a T.rex, but I'm guessing that's all they altmodes of their own. Here's a conceptual drawing showing just the T.rex form, whee. SwiftEagle also took this pic. Later reports confirm that the components have no altmodes of their own, and there's an electronic sound effect gimmick in the tail. Click HERE for a picture from the bottom of Ultra Visser-3's box. Later reports note that all three kids are in "halfway/mutant" modes, with snarling scaly faces. Also, there's a stomping sound when you move the hips and a roar when pushing a button on the back, Marco carries the sound unit.

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