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Last Updated: 10/26/23
"Wise Guy" added in Miscellaneous.
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ASH Universe Titles
Academy   The limited series which started it all, written by Dave Van Domelen. Most of the issues are split between story content and a sourcebook section which fleshes out some part of the ASH Universe (see below for more sourcebook material). Updated most recently with a background story of how it came to be written.
ASH   The flagship title of ASH, the Academy of Super-Heroes follows most of the graduates of the Academy series in their efforts to meet a destiny thrust upon them before they were born. Most recent issue: #125
STRAFE   Written by Marc Singer (not the Beastmaster one), this title (which also garnered the 1999 Urn for Favorite Series and Favorite Story) follows the rest of the Academy graduates and new cast members in super-espionage action, delving more into the politics of the world of the 2020s. STRAFE stands for Superhuman Tactical Resources and Affiliated Field Experts. Most recent issue: #18
Warden   Originally conceived as a limited series, this now-unlimited series by Matt "Badger" Rossi III follows the life of a young man cursed and blessed with paranormal abilities as he tries to make sense of the world he woke up into. Street-level vigilante action in New York City and elsewhere. Most recent issues: #15 (current writer Tony Pi) and Annual #1 (by Matt Rossi)
Shadow Girls   Manhattan's been fairly quiet since Warden's story ended, but the peace is about to be damaged by Bathory's power play, and the only thing standing in her way is an untested team of girls with powers they may not understand! Most recent issue: #12
Conclave of
  Where there's heroes, there inevitably are villains, and the villains are the stars of this title, written by Tony Pi, Writers of the Future 2006 Winner (1Q 2nd place)! Most recent issue: CSV The Animated Series Chapter 1
The Reverse Engineers   Written by Andrew Burton and set in 2020s Detroit, a former hub of superhuman activity from fifty years earlier. Can an aging former supervillain and a bunch of kids not affiliated with the government make a difference in the world? Also includes the Third Age series LL&DD. Most recent issue: LL&DD Special "A Lesser Mousetrap"
Time Capsules   An anthology title for the ASH Universe. The hook is that each story is related to an item found in a time capsule unearthed in the 22nd Century. Most recent issue: #14
LNH 2020s    One of the first spinoffs from Academy, but it didn't really go anywhere for a long time. The premise is that a group of students at the Academy discovered an old LNH archive and built netrunning personas from the characters listed there. Later revived with a slightly different concept by Tony Pi, and then rebooted yet again, kind of like mainstream comics, yes? Most recent issue: LNH 2027 #1
ASHistory   While most of the stories in this archive take place in the 2020s, there's the occasional historical piece taking place in the 20th Century or even before. Such titles, like WarStar and Beacon, can be found here. Last updated: 11/27/10 with Catman: Minor Arcana #4 (of 4) added.
Coherent Super Stories   Spun out of ASHistory, this is an ongoing "reprint" series focusing mostly on stories set in the 20th Century. More experimental as well, in terms of writing style. Most recent issue: Special #1 extended cut
Derek Radner's
Private Journal
   Originally a Miscellany title, a collection of Triton's (mostly college-era) musings on the nature of supervillainy. Most recent entry: #10
EUROPA    Includes the EUROPA: Riddles and Tragedies miniseries and any other EUROPA specials. Most recent issue: Infirmary Omega one-shot
Miscellany   Specials, one-shots and series which don't yet have their own subpage can be found here. Last updated: 10/26/23 "Wise Guys" in Side Stories.
ASH 3732   The science-fiction far future of the ASH Universe. Currently has one series, Spear-Carriers by Dave Van Domelen (most recent issue: Twist Drive history)

    A Virtual Trade Paperback is simply a webpage with links to all the stories in the collection, with storyline-specific notes to help in reading the storyline as a cohesive unit. Although, in the case of miniseries, the Virtual Trade Paperback becomes the place to find issues of that miniseries.
DEEP ARMAGEDDON     The first major ASH Universe crossover (and winner of the 1998 Urn Award for Best Story or Story Arc), this involves a plot by the newly-formed Conclave of Super-Villains to loot the sunken artificial city of Haven, home to some of the 20th Century's worst villains. But first they have to deal with the Academy of Super-Heroes, STRAFE, New York's power players, and any one else who might try to stop them....
THE PYRAMID SCHEME     This is it! Ever since Rebus appeared on the scene, you knew he was planning something big. Well, this is that Big Thing! Collecting all the issues of ASH, CSV and STRAFE (plus Warden, once they're written) that lead up to the three issue miniseries Capstone. Updated: 12/29/01 with Capstone #3!
eBOOKS     Tony Pi has created epub format books of pretty much everything as of June 2011! So now you can read ASH on your tablet or Kindle or whatever without being annoyed by the fixed-column layout.