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    The files linked to on this page aren't really stories, but they help fill in some of the background of the ASH Universe. FAQs, sourcebooks and other files, which are updated sporadically as I see the need for more information. Most of them are straight text files without any HTMLization, but there's a few actual webpages in the mix.

    You've read the text, now see what things and people look like! Not to mention people who look like things! Updated 6/30/23 (Third and Fourth Ages updated.)
    Current as of 6/29/22, these files summarize events in the ASH Universe. The pre-2022 section is broader and less-detailed, but the other years cover events on an issue-by-issue basis. The 2027 Timeline also includes the status of various ASH Universe titles (active, hiatus, etc). 2022 and beyond contain spoilers.
Pre-2022 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027

    These files have to do with background information about the ASH Universe that's not contained in the timeline. Various FAQs and the like can be found here. Unless specified, these were written by Dave Van Domelen in the year listed. Files meant to be updated after their initial creation will have the date of last update, except for external wikis.
Rosters and Wikis
First Heroic Age Sourcebook     Written contemporaneously with Mega-Sized Coherent Super Stories #1, with updates as necessary after that. Last updated: 2/2/10 (Minor additions.)
Second Heroic Age Sourcebook     Originally compiled to help in the task of keeping things straight while writing Coherent Super-Stories #1-4, it was later fleshed out and made public. Last updated: 4/27/13 (Minor details added.)
Third Heroic Age Rosterbook     Filling out the trilogy, this is just a listing of characters and groups from the Third Heroic Age who have been mentioned in ASH stories, or have important ties to characters who have been mentioned. It's not meant to be exhaustive, for all that it's exhausting. Last updated: 4/30/13 (Added Armor Angel, fixed some typos.)
ASH Character Wiki     (External site) Meant to be a comprehensive but shallow listing of everyone who's appeared in a Fourth Age title. There will be some characters from prior Ages, but they're mostly covered in the files above, so it won't be comprehensive with them. If a character has been named, it'll eventually have an entry, or at least a mention in someone else's entry. Members may edit, contact me if you want to become a member.
Andy Burton's ASH Wiki     (External site) At least initially this is going to be just for Andy's own characters and stories, but it may get expanded later. As of June 2019, the site is not up.
Politics, maps...Social Studies class stuff.
The Causality Wars FAQ     On July 6, 1998, the End of the World came about, killing 2/3 of the world's population and requiring the sacrifice of all living superhumans. This file describes what happened, as well as what the average person knows about it. (Updated 2010.)
A History of Space Travel     From 100,000 BC to 3732, a summary of the movements of various races throughout the galaxy. Originally written in 2000 as a writer-resource document, it has been expanded and touched up for general readership. (Updated 2007)
Altiversal Guide     ASH isn't big into interdimensional stuff like Earth-2 or Earth 616 or whatnot, but there's still some to keep track of. This file is meant to help keep things straight, and explain a few of the continuity gaffes that have cropped up over time. (Updated 2018)
Cybertank ASH     While I don't plan to set any stories here, I worked out a timeline in which something like Steve Jackson Games' OGRE could happen in the ASH multiverse, since I decided to paint my OGRE minis up in North American Combine and Eurasian Union colors. Last updated: 8/14/21 with Sans Rouge light tanks.
Elemental Planes     Part of a briefing from Peregryn that takes place between ASH #107 and ASH #108, split off into a separate file because it would have otherwise utterly killed the flow of the story. What makes a plane an elemental one, and is the Office an elemental plane of bureaucracy? (Written 2010)
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be     The Impossible Five come from a timeline they claim no longer exists. But are they right? What is up with the future of ASH in the wake of Four to Never? (Written 2010)
World Politics in 2027     This page describes the world political situation in early 2026, with maps, national flags and brief descriptions of the status of various political factions. Updated 9/26/22 with a 2027 map and significant expansion, correction, and format tweaking.
Venus in late 2025     A painted map of what Venus would look like with oceans and surface life, as it does by late 2025. This will be updated as things get claimed and renamed. Updated 10/24/13 with a mapreading oops.
North American Combine Government     A raw text file (no HTML) outlining the basics of the North American Combine's system of government as it exists in the mid 2020s. It seems to work despite itself. (Written 2008)
February 2024
    A map of paragang-held territories and other important locations in Manhattan, circa February, 2024 (STRAFE #9-12, the RACCie-winning "THE BONFIRE" arc). (Created...some time in the late 90s)
The Flagsuit Memo     Why doesn't the North American Combine have an obvious Captain America type in the Fourth Age? This DSHA memo outlines some of the reasons why and what they plan to do about it. (Written 2010)
Combine Office of
Alternative Personhood
    This is actually Time Capsules #13, but in the interests of keeping resources available in obvious places, it is linked here as well. (Written 2018)
Science (and the breaking thereof)
Violation Effects     The laws of physics aren't actually different in the ASH Universe...rather, people with superhuman powers are able to break the laws of physics to some extent. This file describes a little of how this works. (Written 1999)
Supertech taxonomy     A description of the various ways in which superhuman scientists can make stuff that no one else can, and how (or if) it impacts society. (Written 2006)
Superscientist taxonomy     Why doesn't ASH have an obvious Reed Richards type? It has something to do with how superhumans in ASH can interact with the study of nature, and this file goes into some detail about that. (Written 2010)
Magic Items     Complementing the Supertech Taxonomy, this is a somewhat looser clustering of the sorts of magical items one might find in the ASH Universe, and comments on how Anchors affect them. (Written 2006)
Collapsinum     A summary of how Collapsinum, the setting's "super metal", works. Also a short history of its creation, and a listing of the various kinds. (Written 2008)
Monsters 101     An "Academy Special" featuring an introductory lecture on the classification of teratomorphs, or "monsters". (Written 2009)
Horde     A short description of a cross-platform resource for supervillainous computer systems in the 1990s, created by Doctor Developer along with the Pragmatician and Software Pirate. (Written 2010 by Andrew Burton)
Demons, Demigods and Gods     A behind-the-scenes look at gods and their peers in the ASH Universe. (Written 2010)
"What Do Gods Believe In?"     Expanding on a topic hinted at in the file above, the beliefs of the gods when it comes to higher powers are explored in this file, along with some discussion about how they compete for the prize they seek. (Written 2019)
Electric Cars in 2027     The infrastructure that supports all those pure-electric cars on the roads in the 2020s. (Written 2013)
Author's Notes, gaming, other tidbits.
ASH Awards     From the rec.arts.comics.creative-wide RACCies to ASH's own Urns, this page lists the award-winning stories, writers and other stuff. Last updated 4/2/08

ASH Writers' Guidelines     If you're interested in writing a series for the ASH Universe, you might want to read this file first. Last updated 8/21/98

Author's Notes Guide     A simple list of what's in the Author's Notes section of each ASH Universe story. Also useful as a sort of "table of contents" of ASH, since every story in the setting is linked here. Last Updated: 4/26/12
The Superhero Tarot     Something I originally created for use in the Champions campaign which gradually evolved into the ASH Universe, I later went back and expanded the file to be more readable, more useable, and to include some explicit ties to the ASH Universe. The deck shows up in ASH #16. (Most recent revision written in 1999, the cards below were drawn at some point in the mid-90s.)

The Slow Burn - The Game     Created by Tony Pi and David Dalgleish, a card game letting you replay the events of "THE SLOW BURN" and "THE BONFIRE" in STRAFE #6-12. Maybe this time STRAFE will win.... (Written 1999)
Mutants and Masterminds     This file provides some guidance if you want to play the RPG "Mutants and Masterminds" in the ASH setting. Note: this is for 1st Edition Mutants & Masterminds. I never really played enough 2nd Edition to motivate me to rewrite this file. (Updated 2005)
Deep Armageddon Sourcebook     Written by Tony Pi with some input from Dave Van Domelen, this adapts most of the characters in the ASH Universe at the time of Deep Armageddon with the Cortex system. (PDF, Written 2013)
City of Heroes/Villains ASH     Ideas for how ASH characters might get wedged into the City of Heroes game engine. Some fit decently, some can't be fit at all, as one might expect. Last update: 7/24/09
ASH Trek     Tony Pi has adapted some elements of ASH's alien races for Continuing Mission, a Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG Living Campaign. The region includes a section of space where long-range sensors don't work and warp drive is hampered, so the Pranir and T!rir rely on an ASH-style hyperspace drive that is slower in general but a better fit for their region of space. (External links, written 2018)
Women In Merlion Refrigerators     An exploration, current as of ASH #74, of how various "good guy" characters have been treated in the ASH Universe, with an eye towards seeing if the violence against women common in mainstream comics is present here too. (Written 2006)
Sex in the ASH Universe     It started as an essay and turned into something of a roundtable among various ASH creators. This file covers various topics of sexuality and biology as they relate to the ASH Universe. Current as of ASH #99. (Written 2009)

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