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Pyramid Scheme Virtual Trade Paperback

    The Pyramid Scheme represents the culmination of all Rebus's plans, as he manipulates hero and villain alike into creating the conditions for his ascension to godhood!

    These stories set up the conditions at the beginning of the Pyramid Scheme, before Rebus's hand has fully come into play.
  • STRAFE #14 - Nobody's Perfect: Grind obsesses over trying to understand Rebus and his plans...and in so doing, he risks becoming that which he studies.
  • CSV #13 - Tidal Waves: Triton reaches his zenith, conquering Khadam and unwittingly putting the pieces into position for Rebus's game.
  • ASH #28 - Solar Flare: In the wake of the conquest of Khadam, Solar Max decides to take radical action against Triton, hurling a meteor at the rogue nation of Khadam!
    The wheels are set in motion, forces are set against forces in order to weaken opposition and lay the groundwork for the Pyramid Scheme.
  • CSV #14 - Foundations: Khadam goes back on the offensive in the wake of Rockfall, plotting a new conquest!
  • ASH #29 - Sensation: The political repercussions of Solar Max's actions sweep across the globe.
    Mighty powers clash, spending themselves in futile pursuits as the puppetmaster starts to pull his strings.
    The puppets start to see their strings and figure out there's a game being played with them as pawns, but it may be too late to do anything about it.
  • STRAFE #16 - Black Capricorn Days: The seeds of the future lie buried in the past, and STRAFE seeks answers from one of the few heroes of the 20th Century to survive, the enigmatic Morgan Adams.
  • CSV #16 - House of Cards: As Triton's plans start to fall apart, it becomes clear that someone else is really dictating which way the cards fall....
  • ASH #31 - Time's Error: In a desperate ploy, Solar Max decides to try and fix things so that the Pyramid Scheme never came to be. But will he survive it?
    All the pieces are in position, and options are suddenly very limited: serve Rebus or lose everything!
  • STRAFE #17 - Burial: Morgan Adams continues to tell his tale of the past, and the origins of Rebus and his mad quest for power are revealed!
  • CSV #17 - Nine To Rule: Everything comes down around Triton's head...regardless of all his contingency plans, Rebus is always two steps ahead of him.
  • ASH #32 - In Darkness Bound: On the eve of destruction, the magnitude of the threat finally comes into sharp focus.
    It's the end of the game, and only one side can win...but everyone can lose! Winner of the "Favorite Miniseries" RACCie for 2001!

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