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Last Updated: 1/12/07

Spun off.
    From left to right: Rebus, Triton pre-Pyramid Scheme, Triton post-Pyramid Scheme, Conflicto (with hair dyed orange to better clash with his costume), Peryton, Sultry, Labyrinthe (with a cloak he can disappear into using spacewarps), Burnout (both Lana Smith and C.J. Brown versions) and Doublecross, who isn't actually a member, more of a supporting cast, plus Doublecross's assistant, Irrlicht (aka Light Errant), in my first animated ASH icon! (Desktop wallpaper has been moved to the Fan Art Gallery.)

Conclave of Super-Villains: Written mainly by Tony Pi, this series picks up at the end of 2023 with the rise of the first supervillain group since the 20th Century. This page is an archive of the first 20 installments.

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