Second Heroic Age
Last Updated: 9/11/07
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    While I didn't do a lot of new art for Coherent Super Stories, I did mine a lot of old ideas, which means old art. Rather than further bloat the main gallery, I decided to just spin this stuff off from the get-go, which led to the full re-org of the gallery. It'll be split into three sections: ancient (pre-college), old (early 1990s, mainly) and new (made after I started writing CSS). As usual, please don't copy or hotlink without asking.


    I've done some pretty aggressive "applied nostalgia" in Coherent Super Stories, mining some of my oldest work and revamping it. These drawings represent either the earliest versions of characters, or the oldest I can still find. At least one was drawn in crayon.


    These drawings are of versions of the characters created for either the original ASH setting in Champions, or the slightly later Raiders campaign I did in grad school, with all the art being from the early 1990s. I was changing my tools frequently during this time, experimenting with different inking and coloring techniques. My general style, however, hasn't changed much since then.


    Stuff drawn recently, either by me or by other ASH creators.