Dave's ASH Art
Fourth Heroic Age
Last Updated: 1/24/15
Tony Pi section added, with chibis and weavesilk pieces.
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    While the old layout was nifty for a while, it got a bit ungainly, especially as my artistic endeavors expanded. So I've split things up by era. This page is strictly for Fourth Heroic Age (2022-onward) art, primarily drawings, but also a few miscellany. Unless otherwise specified, it's by Dave Van Domelen.

Academy of Super-Heroes

Freedom Alliance

    Members of the new Freedom Alliance, largely "legacy" heroes based on heroes from the First and Second Heroic Ages.


    Mainly members of the Galactic Warrior Corps, but also other aliens from around the Planetary Confederation.


    These characters are primarily tied to Manhattan in general or Warden in specific. Vigilantes, paragangers, Cyber Nostra, etc.

Tony Pi's Computer Art

    While he doesn't draw traditional art, Tony sometimes creates art using various computer drawing tools.


    A sort of catch-all bin for whatever's left. Heroes, villains, support cast, diagrams, icons, miniatures, etc. Anything that doesn't have enough stuff to warrant its own category (and I've decided "villains" isn't going to be a category).