ASH Fan Art
Last Updated: 2/7/15
Scav's "Utilitarian Overload" added.
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    A number of talented artists among the readers of ASH have created pieces featuring characters from the ASH universe. Previously, they were scattered about individual pages, but now I'm bringing them together. Note that while the ownership status may be a little confused (derivative copyright law is a pain), suffice to say that copying these without asking is wrong and rude.

Joe Singleton

    One day, Joe sent me the picture of WarStar out of the blue, and I was needless to say very impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I got him hired by my publisher to do the bulk of the interior art for my superhero RPG, Modern Knights. Since the default setting for Modern Knights shares a lot with ASH, you will be able to find pics of the original Solar Max, Devastator and a few other ASH characters in the game, drawn by Joe.

Wil Alambre

    I suppose that at some point these pics might move to the main gallery, since Wil might actually write for ASH in the future. But for now, he's a welcome reader and fan artist. The wallpapers are hosted on his site,

Todd Kogutt (Scav)

    Scav is one of the earliest LNHers, but hasn't gotten involved in ASH at the creative end. His art has evolved from photomanipulation at the pixel-by-pixel level (the 2008 piece) to fully rendered 3D art (2015).

I-Wei Huang

    I-Wei Huang is Tony Pi's cousin, and has done some sketches for Tony. He's also done some truly amazing steam-powered robots.