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Last Updated: 4/2/08
RACCies results for 2007 added.

    This page is dedicated to the awards won by various ASH stories, writers and other things in online voting. The 1998 Awards are presented here directly, but the later Urn Awards were written up as actual ceremonies.

2007 Awards

    The ASH imprint did pretty well at the 2007 RACCies, in large part thanks to newcomer Andy Burton!

2002 Awards

    A slow year. The Urns were cancelled because only four people voted. The only RACCie won by ASH was RACC4: Favorite Arc, which went to City of Lights (ASH #37-41).

2001 Awards

    No Urns this year, because the sum total of ASH output was the massive Capstone miniseries, which did win the RACCie for Favorite Miniseries, RACC3. No other ASH wins in the RACCies, however.

2000 Awards

2000 Urns!

    Ceremony and tallies by Dave Van Domelen. Hosted by Rebus, Triton and Essay.

2000 RACCies

    Matt Rossi won the Image Testimonial Timepiece, presumably with some support from ASH readers. Warstar won RACC3, Favorite Miniseries.

1999 Awards

1999 Urns!

    Ceremony by Tony Pi, afterword comments and tallies by Dave Van Domelen. A virtual awards ceremony hosted by the LNH 2024!

1999 RACCies

    ASH itself won RACC9, Favorite Imprint. Warden was winner of RACC7, Favorite "Acrophobe" (aka title aimed at mature readers). STRAFE #6-12 won RACC4, Favorite Arc. And Matt Rossi actually handled the awards for the final time this year.

    The votes are in! ASH was revitalized enough in 1998 to bring back the imprint award for it in the RACCies, with a suite of three awards.


  • DEEP ARMAGEDDON by pretty much everybody


  • Conclave of Super-Villains by Tony Pi

  • Matt Rossi III
The RACCies

   Or rACCIES, or Granny Feldenmeyer's Peanut Butter Fudge (don't ask), the major rec.arts.comics.creative-wide awards for 1998. ASH brought in two voted awards, plus a special "jury" award. Also, Rossi and Singer won awards for work outside of ASH, not listed here.

JURY PRIZE: "A Hero Is Defined By The Quality Of His Villains"

  • Tony Pi, whose entry into the ASH Universe helped jump-start it and led to an unprecedented burst of activity.
Little Lulu Spins - Best RACC-Related Webpage
  • You're looking at it.
Best Story Arc of 1998
Congratulations to all the winners!

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