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LL&DD "A Lesser Mousetrap" added.

From left to right, Doctor Developer (1990s) and Doctor Developer (2020s).

The Reverse Engineers

    Written by Andrew Burton and set in 2020s Detroit, a former hub of superhuman activity from fifty years earlier. Can an aging former supervillain and a bunch of kids not affiliated with the government make a difference in the world?
  1. New Kids In Town - Set in 2014, Doctor Developer checks out an old supervillain hideout in the wake of the Big One, and finds quite a bit more than he expected!
  2. The Kid's All Right - The spotlight is on the relationship between Doctor Developer and his young charge Rachel...and why he can't bear to be around her. Ties in with LL&DD #4.
  3. Forbidden Foo - The Reverse Engineers clash with the Tinker Team, while thinking back on some pivotal moments in their development...and the mystery of why no one wants to go to Detroit is resolved!


    An open-ended series of vignettes starring Lady Lawful and Doctor Developer, a sort of prequel to The Reverse Engineers. Stories take place in the mid to late 1990s, in no particular order. Winner of Favorite New Series of 2007 in the RACCies, and tied for Favorite Ongoing Series overall with Easily-Discovered Man! Doctor Developer also won for Favorite New Character and Favorite Hero/Protagonist, while Andy Burton won Favorite New Writer of 2007!

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