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Last Updated: 1/12/13

STRAFE #18 added.

    Oddly, while I often spend many lines on developing a minor character trait, I tend to leave appearances totally untouched. Until the moment when I made up the icons, I really hadn't decided on what the STRAFE characters looked like, the only real clue being a mention of their team jackets in Singer's #0. Hopefully I didn't contradict any existing colorations (Jen's established as white in #3, C.J. is later established as black). From left to right, it's Grind, Teller, Drake, Jen, C.J. (C.J. has bleached her hair to a sort of yellowy orange flame color) and Lana Smith.

    STRAFE: Written by Marc Singer of Omega fame, this series follows the Academy students who didn't form ASH, in a series geared more towards the super-agents theme.

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