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Last Updated: 9/20/23 with Shadow Girls #12

From left to right: Black Opal 2, Tetra-Red, Hexa-Blue, Octa-Green, Dodeca-Yellow, and Icosa-Pink.

    Things have largely settled down in the Manhattan Autonomous Zone, several years after the vanishing of the Warden. It's time for new protectors, and a group of "magical girls" will do their best to be their best! Written by Dave Van Domelen. Warning, some harsh language.

  • #1 - All Cats Are Gray - The paragang scene seems to be winding down, but that just means that those still playing the game are ready to throw the dice on one big play, and Rex Umbrae doesn't want his carefully nurtured plans ruined by an arrested adolescent with the power to move mountains. Set in the wake of ASH #125.
  • #2 - He Sees You When You're Sleeping - Tetra-Red introduces herself and explains the creepy way in which she was gifted her powers, while Maddie starts to feel herself getting drawn inexorably back into the vigilante life.
  • #3 - The Presence of Presents - Maddie meets three more of the new magical girls, who tell their origin stories in their own words.
  • #4 - Into The Underworld - It's time for Maddie to decide how far she'll go to help the magical girls survive their planned war against Bathory, but it's not a decision she can make alone.
  • #5 - Rising Stars - The Morning Stars get new uniforms and head out to take down their first real target in this oversized fifth issue!
  • #6 - Outside the Cave - The first arc comes to a conclusion with the full story behind the mysterious source of the Morning Stars' powers!

  • Bonus Track #6.5 - Too Cool for School? - A short scene written after the fact but set between #6 and #7, dealing with the question, "Why not just send the girls to the Academy?"

  • #7 - Monster Of The Week - The Morning Stars face off against Killgamesh, a harbinger of things to come!
  • #8 - Warden's Legacy - Someone's digging up the past, perhaps literally, and Icosa-Pink is determined to stop them!
  • #9 - Stealing Shadows - Bathory's sent a new external threat against the Morning Stars, but can it come close to matching the danger from within?
  • #10 - Museum Piece - While the rest of the team is taken aback by how different the gems make them, Dodeca-Yellow strikes out on her own to shake some answers out of Dr. Jacky.
  • #11 - Super...or Not? - Stronger than ever, yet weaker as a team, the Morning Stars won't stop until the threat of Supernaut II is ended...or ends them!
  • #12 - O Brother Where Art Thou? - Fresh off their battle against Supernaut II, the Morning Stars decide to beard Bathory in her luxurious den! With their obsessions sharpening, though, have they become their own worst enemies?

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