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    Determined to be the first true supervillain of his age, Derek Radner has put a lot of thought into the philosophy and practicalities of such a pursuit. Mostly written in 2017, ASH-timeline. Unless otherwise noted, written by Dave Van Domelen.

  1. "Villainy": What makes one a villain? October 2017 entry.
  2. "Evil": What's evil? Can one consider themselves evil? October 2017 entry.
  3. "Asset": In December 2023, shortly after being broken out of prison, Derek reflects on one of his life goals.
  4. "Scrollwork": A vellum scroll written during the First Century C.E. deals with a timelost Derek's views on the nature of time travel and paradox.
  5. "What's In A Name?": Back to the Autumn of 2017, as Derek muses on the idea of superhero/supervillain codenames and tries to pick one for himself.
  6. "Deathtraps": Later in November 2017, Derek muses on the nature of that most essentially melodramatic of supervillain accoutrements, the deathtrap.
  7. "Conquerors": December 2, 2017, Derek considers the forces that turn a man's fancy to thoughts of world domination.
  8. "Consorts": October 22, 2018, Derek ponders what makes for an effective villainous consort.
  9. "Heroism": November 23, 2017, a companion piece to the first journal entry, as Derek orders his thoughts prior to faking up a class assignment on the question of what makes a hero.
  10. "Who Wants To Rule The World?": May 21, 2027, a rare post-college journal, in which Radner looks back on why anyone would even want to rule the world.

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