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Last Updated: 2/13/13

LNH 2027 #1 added.

From left to right: Netwalker, AJ, Boomer, Tawny, CTR and Cassandra.

LNH 2023

    LNH 2023 was a series idea spawned out of Academy #7, but it never quite made it anywhere. Austin Loomis wrote a #0 issue and part of #1 before moving on to other things. Later, Tony Pi decided to pick up the concept, resulting in the LNH 2024 series below.

LNH 2024

    After bouncing around in the main ASH title a bit, the ASH Universe's Legion of Net.Heroes is back with their own title! Tony Pi kicked it off with the intention of creating a way to look at alternate timelines via Netwalker's access to the little-understood Net Dimension and other things to be revealed in the title's first arc.

LNH 2027

    Nate, Tawny, Boomer and A.J. have graduated and gone their separate ways. But does that mean the Net no longer needs protectors? Of course not!

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