Conclave of Super-Villains

Mainly written by Tony Pi, this series picks up
at the end of 2023 with the rise of the first
supervillain group since the 20th Century.

Last Updated: 1/31/15

CSV the Animated Series Chapter 1 added.
           From left to right: Rebus, Triton pre-Pyramid Scheme, Triton post-Pyramid Scheme, Conflicto (with hair dyed orange to better clash with his costume), Peryton, Sultry, Labyrinthe (with a cloak he can disappear into using spacewarps), Burnout (both Lana Smith and C.J. Brown versions) and Doublecross, who isn't actually a member, more of a supporting cast, plus Doublecross's assistant, Irrlicht (aka Light Errant), in my first animated ASH icon! (Desktop wallpaper has been moved to the Fan Art Gallery.)       

CSV The Animated Series
    Built in the BuddyPoke app, a chibi interpretation of the adventures of the CSV!

  1. Chapter 1: Villains over Tokyo! - Set in the aftermath of DEEP ARMAGEDDON, this is probably not exactly what happened to the Conclavers, but you never know....

CSV Archive
  • Origins: #1/2 - 3
  • Tempestuous: #6-7
  • Lights! Camera! Action!: #8-11
  • Tidal Waves: #13
  • Pyramid Scheme Crossover: #14-17
  • Names: #18-19
The "Origins" arc was not formally so named.

Dead Killing Eye - #20-21

   In the wake of the Pyramid Scheme, the CSV is trying to rebuild, but there's still some old grudges that need resolving first. Tony Pi returns to writing the title with this arc.
  1. Part I: First Glance: The CSV rebuilds and Mr. Strings seeks out Cockatrice to finish things once and for all...but there's more factions involved than anyone guesses.
  2. Part II: Second Sight: The final conflagration between Mr. Strings and Cockatrice, with an entire city in the balance!

Villain's Apprentice - #22-25, Annual #1

   Triton has some ideas on how to make the Conclave of Super-Villains a stronger group, but instead the team may be completely shattered from within!
  1. Part I: Better or Worse: Reporter Robert Coulter (see Tony's guest stint on Warden) returns, with the opportunity of a lifetime...assuming he lives long enough to see it through!
  2. Part II: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: Coulter's first month as Challenger as seen through his own (cybernetic) eye.
  3. Part III: Best Man Standing: It's time for Triton's bachelor party! And what would a wedding-related activity be without party-crashers intent on mayhem?
Annual #1 - "Heirs": An interlude, covering the events of Villain's Apprentice from other angles.
  1. Part IV: Altar Egos": It's the fairy tale wedding of Triton and Sultry...but many fairy tales are grim indeed....
Annual #3 - Zoo of Malice: During an otherwise quiet time, the CSV heads to the Montreal area to look into buying some living weapons, but they find a little more than they bargained for! (This was written after CSV #29, but is placed here because it is an "untold tale" set between #25 and #26.)

Four To Never

    A crossover with ASH, featuring the return of Tony Pi to writing CSV after a three and a half year hiatus! A mysterious woman seems willing to break reality to advance her agenda....
  1. Prelude: Time Trials: As the Prix Ultime is ready to start in Monaco, the CSV is under observation, and Triton is one of four "keys"...but to what? To be continued in ASH #77!
  2. Lap 2: Time Bombs: Disaster has struck, and while the superteams of three nations work to evacuate the innocent, it's a race against time to find a solution before the entire world is destroyed! To be continued in ASH #78!
  3. Lap 4: Time Flies: Four to Never wraps up as the insidious plans of the Impossible Five are revealed, and we find out the fate of Triton, Solar Max, Aegis and Kleinvogel!

Coming Home

   Continued from the arc in ASH #84-87.

 Annual #2 - "Revelation": It took four issues to show how JakZak and Jen got back to 2026, but Triton can manage it in only one! Admittedly, this one issue is about three times as large as a regular ASH story, but that's what it takes to contain the awesomeness that is Derek Radner!

  1. 'Star Gazing: A one-shot for High Concept Challenge #20, "Behind Blue Eyes". In the wake of the events in ASH #113, TerraStar gives an interview to the Terran News Network. Of course, what she says is but a shadow of what she means.... Written by Dave Van Domelen. Winner of High Concept Challenge #20!

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