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CSS Special #1a added.

From left to right: Dragonfly, Ladyhawke, Brightsword, Fantom.

    Originally conceived as a "reprint" series along the lines of Marvel Triple Action, although the stories are actually new. Meant to cover stories from the 20th Century, although it sometimes drifts into the 19th or 21st. Often toys with odd presentation tricks, such as script-style, or other elements of media. Later on it became dominated by stories written for the High Concept Challenge on RACC. Written by Dave Van Domelen.

Counterfictional Specials

    A lot of the stories above involve alternate timelines, or stories not really set in ASH at all but "published" by the fictional Coherent Comics company and its predecessors. The stories below, however, bend that metafiction to the breaking point and say, "These were never actually published by Coherent Comics," on top of not being part of ASH continuity. This section is kicking off with "rejected proposal" stories, but I suppose Coherent Super Stories Specials in the future could also involve in-setting fanfic and other metafictional weirdness. Oh, and I'm not aware of anyone else using the term "counterfictional," but I extended it from the SF/F genre of "counterfactual" ("What If history happened differently?" sort of things), except that it's fictional history being tweaked.

  1. Coherent Super Stories Special #1 - Cameryn By Any Other Name: A double- or even triple-length "Untold Story" that suggests an entirely different way the Coherent Comics universe could have rebooted in 1998, in the tradition of late 80s and 90s DC Comics mega-events! (Updated with a few more scenes in October 2023.)
  2. Coherent Super Stories Special #2 - Home Again, Gain A Home: More "untold" content, continuing the story started in CSS Special #1. There's really no such thing as truly "retired" for people in the cape community....
  3. Coherent Super Stories Special #3 - Building Bonds, Taking Stock: Cammy McKay deals with social alienation by building a robot, taking after her father in that respect. But she's not done taking after her mother....

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