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ASH #125 added.

    From left to right, top row: Solar Max, Meteor, Peregryn, Essay, Contact, Green Knight, Scorch, Beacon, Lightfoot, Breaker, Fury and Peter the Satyr. Bottom row: Comet, Gawain, Channel, old Scorch. Bottom row is old costumes or identities.
    Academy of Super-Heroes by Dave Van Domelen - The current ongoing series starring the bulk of the Academy team in 2023-5. The Academy of Super-Heroes is the premiere hero team of the North American Combine.

    ASH Archive: Older issues moved to a separate page to clean things up. Added a scan of original outline for ASH #12. Contains the following arcs:
The Family: #1-3
Old Friends: #4-6
Pandora's Box: #7-9
Foreboding: #10-12, #14-16
Deep Armageddon: #13
Crossfire: #17-22
A Plan For Revenge: #23-25
By George: #26-27
Shadow of the Pyramid: #28-33
Point of the Spear: #34-36
City of Lights: #37-41
The Q'Nos Chronicles
  • Unfinished Business - #42-44
  • Interlude - #45
  • Shattering Hellas - #45-48
  • Interlude - #49
  • Climax - #50
The Romance of Three Republics
  • Central Asian Confederacy - #51-54
  • SEATO - #55-58
  • The People's Republic of China - #59-60
Venus Rising
  • Time and Space - #61-64
  • Manifest Destiny - #65-70
Metropolis - #71-75

Time Slips Away

  • Four To Never - #76-78
  • Timequake - #79-83
  • Coming Home - #84-88
  • Kheper's Path - #89-92
  • Billions Served - #93-96
  • Rising Sun - #97-100
Rival Schools - #101-106
   Prior to City of Lights, these stories were not formally organized as arcs at the time of writing.

The Office - #107-109

    The camera swings back to the actual members of ASH for a short arc involving a potential menace from the past.

  1. Part 1: I Hate Mondays - It's just a Monday in the Life of the Academy of Super-Heroes roster as the world shifts a little on its metaphorical axis.
  2. Part 2: Hump Day - It's Wednesday, and time to slog back into the office...or The Office, in this case. But is there a lot of unpaid overtime in their future?
  3. Part 3: TGIF - With one of their own lost to the bureaucracy of the Office, ASH must regroup and figure out how to rescue him before he's lost forever!

A Suit of Sables - #110-113

   Darkness has been whispering at the edges of the world since the first light, and now the whispers get louder. Who is the Lady Sable, and how can she be stopped?
  1. Part 1: Passing Through Nature - TerraStar would appreciate it if the diplomats would get around to honoring the deal made with her during Rising Sun and give her body back, but they're not too keen on the idea. The thing is, she's not the only one with plans for that body, and a mysterious "Lady Sable" might be manipulating events from the shadows...literally!
  2. Part 2: The Memory Be Green - Lady Sable continues to engage in activities both obvious and obscure, for purposes no doubt sinister. Meanwhile, Justice learns the history behind his magic axe and the lineage of Rechtigkeit!
  3. Part 3: The Steep And Thorny Way - Lady Sable's sinister purpose is revealed...she wants to become a god! And as far as ASH can tell, they have at most one day before it happens, at which point they may meet the fate that befell their predecessors at the hands of Lord Ebon!
  4. Part 4: But A Shadow - It's All Hallows Eve, the time for dark magics and illusion, the time of being...someone else. But who will Lady Sable be when midnight comes? WHAT will she be?

A Fire Afar Off - ASH #114-118

   When last we left Dimension Z (in Coherent Super Stories #3) it was slowly shrinking out of existence. What happens when it finally hits zero radius? And what impact will that have on the world that was once the target of invasion from Dimension Z?

  1. Part 1: It's A Small World - Dimension Z is approaching the bad kind of Singularity, and it just might have something to do with the strange behavior of Don Quixote's sword. But can Weapons Master figure out what's going on before it's too late?
  2. Part 2: Those Who'll Play With Cats - The community of mages is starting to pay more attention to the matter of the sword, while Weapons Master slowly peels back layers of its history. But with more mages involved, can it be long before someone gets scratched?
  3. Part 3: Like Fire At A Distance - More of the history of the fight against Dimension Z is revealed, and the stakes start to look ever higher as both magic and science are predicting doom on a planetary scale!
  4. Part 4: Thou Hast Seen Nothing Yet! - A clue buried for over four centuries is the key to saving the planet from destruction, but only if the right people find it!
  5. Epilogue: Wake The Wind - A done-in-one story focusing on Esmeralda Colina. Now that she's done her part in the events of A Fire Afar Off, can she ever return to her solitary life? Well, if she does, it might mean the destruction of a Sector!

City of Night - ASH #119-125

   Out of the death of a multiverse comes a small spark of hope...and a mote of death! Lady Sable has plans for this power, and it bodes ill for the start of 2027....
  1. Prologue: Heropolis Delenda Est: The actions of a mad god finally unravel the fabric of reality, and a handful of refugees hope to find safe haven in the North American Combine...but will reality itself reject them?
  2. Part 1 - Gloaming: As 2026 becomes 2027, things start to settle down for the refugees, but a darkness is growing, both on Earth and on Venus....
  3. Part 2 - Nachtlich: With Berlin experiencing night without dawn, the outside world can't help but take notice, but is there anything they can do?
  4. Part 3 - Sub illa Umbra: The architect of the dome over Berlin has announced her role in things, but the crisis quickly settles into an uncertain stalemate. What is Lady Sable's true endgame, and what does it have to do with a dead god?
  5. Part 4 - The Midnight Oil: A bold plan is hatched to get into Berlin via the Office, but will it cause more red tape than it cuts through?
  6. Part 5 - Between the Candle and the Star: ASH and EUROPA are forced to accept even more help from morally questionable sources, and ask themselves...how far are we willing to go to stop Lady Sable?
  7. Part 6 - Doorway Into Night: Finally, a plan that will let ASH and EUROPA get into Berlin and try to stop Lady Sable's ascension to godhood, but with the City of Night be freed or destroyed in the process?

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