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   "Wise Guy": Set in early July 2027, Solar Max and Peregryn discuss whether a noted "god of wisdom" might have been doing some pretty stupid things in 1998.

   Shadow Girls #13 - Breakdown (Forging the Sword Part 1) - Against all odds, everyone survived the confrontation with Bathory, but none of them came out of it unscathed. Now they need to learn how to be better without going crazy.

  Coherent Super Stories Special #1 - Cameryn By Any Other Name: A double- or even triple-length "Untold Story" that suggests an entirely different way the Coherent Comics universe could have rebooted in 1998, in the tradition of late 80s and 90s DC Comics mega-events! Updated with an extended cut 10/9/23!

  Coherent Super Stories Special #2 - Home Again, Gain A Home: More "untold" content, continuing the story started in CSS Special #1. There's really no such thing as truly "retired" for people in the cape community....

  Coherent Super Stories Special #3 - Building Bonds, Taking Stock: Cammy McKay deals with social alienation by building a robot, taking after her father in that respect. But she's not done taking after her mother....

  LL&DD Special - A Lesser Mousetrap: In a world starting to go crazy with the effects of the Godmarket, there was still room for some of Doctor Developer's old projects to prove themselves...troublesome.

  ASH #125: City of Night Part 6 - Doorway Into Night: Finally, a plan that will let ASH and EUROPA get into Berlin and try to stop Lady Sable's ascension to godhood, but with the City of Night be freed or destroyed in the process?

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Shadow Girls #13 added in Titles.
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    The Academy of Super-Heroes Universe is an imprint on rec.arts.comics.creative owned and run by Dave Van Domelen. The setting is mostly in the 2020s, a generation after a massive disaster wiped out nearly half of humanity and took with it all but a handful of the world's superhumans. Since then, Dave has been joined by several other writers, including Matt Rossi III, Marc Singer, Tony Pi and Wil Alambre, although several later moved on to professional writing careers. Thanks to Wil Alambre for an idea I used on this page (putting the latest issue box in). And thanks to Joe Singleton for the new ASH and Coherent Comics logos!

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