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   Coherent Super Stories #39 - "Dead Stars": A 1950s SF short story bought for a possible new magazine in the 1970s, but when the market collapsed it was used as a backup piece. A deliberate attempt to write a 50s-style "Clever Idea" story. Featuring the Great Work.

  LL&DD Vignette "Two Fingers": Doctor Developer is showing Lady Lawful one of his old villain haunts, and it turns out she has a personal connection.

  Time Capsules #13 - COAPing Strategies: Bureaucracy moves slowly, except when it doesn't. Events of The Office (ASH #107-109) inspired world governments to finally get their paperwork in order regarding the bewildering array of Alternative Legal Persons.

  ASH #123: City of Night Part 4 - The Midnight Oil: A bold plan is hatched to get into Berlin via the Office, but will it cause more red tape than it cuts through?

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    The Academy of Super-Heroes Universe is an imprint on rec.arts.comics.creative owned and run by Dave Van Domelen. The setting is mostly in the 2020s, a generation after a massive disaster wiped out nearly half of humanity and took with it all but a handful of the world's superhumans. Since then, Dave has been joined by several other writers, including Matt Rossi III, Marc Singer, Tony Pi and Wil Alambre, although several later moved on to professional writing careers. Thanks to Wil Alambre for an idea I used on this page (putting the latest issue box in). And thanks to Joe Singleton for the new ASH and Coherent Comics logos!

How To Read ASH    If you're a new reader, you might find the hundred or so stories in this archive a bit daunting. This file is intended to help you get started. Tweaked on 9/13/02. You might find the more recent ebook version more useful, though.
ASH Titles    This contains all the active and inactive series in the ASH Universe, plus a few "Virtual Trade Paperbacks" that make crossovers a bit easier to follow by putting all the links in order in one place. Last updated: 4/21/20 with CSS #39 "Dead Stars"
ASH Resources    This page covers all the stuff that's been written about the ASH Universe other than actual stories. You'll find the timelines, information files, awards, images and other goodies here. Last updated: 5/24/20 Gallery updated.

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