Understandings, Updates, and Upgrades

* To put it bluntly... it's been a long night for Tina and Ian. And as Ian's finally being checked into his hospital room for the night for observation, Tina's being dropped off by Officer Paul at her apartment complex, after making sure she gets into the door the building and doesn't get jumped by anything big and slimy.

* Tina checks for largeness and sliminess, and is also giving in to a minor case of the shakes and a desire to get mildly crocked.

* Ian is quiet and cooperative while being checked in.

* No largenesses and sliminesses lurk. Tina's entranceway to her apartment is well-lit as a security precaution. No Calabim lurk around corners. Paul waits until Tina's gone from view, and then waits longer, counting in his mind until when Tina should get to her room, before driving off.

* Ian is checked in and wheeled to his room. There's talk about how damn lucky he must have been, that his injuries could have been much worse, but that he'll need to be kept under observation in this nice room they have, provided and paid for by the police, to make sure he doesn't do anything nasty like hemmorage.

* Ian listens and nods affirmative to the commentary on his condition, being cooperative.

* Tina heads in, and immediately cuddles Boop Splat, who trots up to her Lilim, for quite a long bit, before rather rapidly changing into much warmer sweats than her Faye costume, losing the wig. She then shakes a bit, holding the cat.

* Boop purrs, comfortingly.

* Eventually, Ian is left alone in his nice hospital room, hooked up to nice rythmically beeping monitoring devices and an IV drip. The clock ticks soothingly, regular, and a prior occupant's blue stained-glass Angel hangs in the window, glinting from the room lights even though it's night.

* Ian chuckles a tiny bit at the stained glass Angel, and in the darkness and quiet it doesn't take long for his mind to begin drifting.

* Tina then starts making a quick report on the computer, with help from Assistant Calico, revamping up the essential data for presentation to Jean, and trying not to think too much...

* Tina also tanks up on a rum and coke, heavy on the rum, during this, shivering a bit more.

* As Ian starts to drift, he starts to sleep... and to sleep, perhaps ascend to the plane of Dreams...

* Tina eventually finishes, switches off the computer, and stagger/ wobbles to her bed, by now several glimmers short of a twinkle and carrying the cat.

* Tina cuddles up in bed, wrapping the comforter *tight* around her, Boop curled up next to her, and slowly...very slowly...works on drifting to sleep.

* Slowly... eventually... thanks to the warmth and proximity of Boop... Tina begins to drift to sleep as well...

{Tina} ....snnzzzz...

{Ian} ...zzzzzz...

* And the twosome, from their respective rooms, Ascend... to the fields around the bright Marches, grey sands spread around them as Blandine's Ivory Tower rises behind them, cool and calming and soothing.

* Tina needs it...as she apparently to various circumstances, Ascended a fair distance from Blandine's....more than her usual distance. Gee, we wonder why.

* Ian, a bit closer in, looks around a bit for a certain pretty face.

* Tina hugs herself, scuttling toward the white tower, feeling the oddly seductive call of the twisted black tower in the distance, radiating terror and madness.

* Said pretty face and dyed hair can be seen jogging in, wearing ratty UIUC sweats, and not exactly being the model of a happy fun Lilim at the moment.

* Ian can tell this even from here, and moves toward her with concern.

* Tina smiles a bit, lighting up as she sees a certain Malakite. {q} "Hey there." {moves in for a hug}

{Ian} *q* Hey. *opens his arms, and pulls her into that much-needed hug*

* Tina hugs back, rather tightly. Mmm, Malakite hugs. She keeps in state of hug for a minute, at least.

* Ian remains in the state of hug without any complaint. *q* "how you doing?"

{Tina} {q} I've...been better, Ian. Ditto you. {hehs} Let's get inside first.

* Tina is stealing furtive glances in the vague direction of the Dark Tower, her mood very subdued.

{Ian} *q* yeah, good idea. *gently guides her away from that darkness, toward the safety and light of Blandine's*

* Tina is guided, keeping one arm rather securely around her. {q} "Thanks..."

* Blandine's continues to stand, as it has for longer than many currently there can remember, a shining pillar of Hope and Dreams for those who would come to them. The two Cherubs guarding the single gate regard Ian and Tina, and the latter's somewhat "Been-better" state, and decide that it'd just be better to let them pass, needing solace more than a challenge.

* Ian nods a silent thanks to the Guardians, still guiding the lovely Tina toward the tower.

* Tina grins sheepishly and waves at the Cherubim.

* The cherubim nod to Ian and Tina. *q* "Find solace within, dreamers," one quietly rumbles as they move to let them pass.

{Tina} {q} Thank you.

* The Cherubim resume their guarding posture as Ian and Tina enter the gate.

* Tina remains very quiet as they make for the Celestial side of the Tower.

* The wide vertical wall of the Tether connecting the Etherial to the Celestial stands ready and welcoming, as always.

* Ian also remains quiet, keeping his hands gentle on her beautiful shoulders.

* Tina makes the crossover, still close to Ian.

* Ian crosses over as well.

* Tina relaxes, and drops vessel-image, without fanfare, her wings huddled into a softly clowing cloak.

{Tina} s/glowing

* Ian lets his vessel image slip away as well, and his black wings partly envelop the both of them.

* Tina huddles in some more, needing nice soft Malakite wings at the moment. {q} "Let's blow this place...I'll tell you on the way."]

{Ian} *nod, q* "Where you wanna go... and should I carry you?" *wl*

* Tina blushes. {q} "iiif you feel like it. And....no idea. Glade maybe, or the Halls.... I'm not adverse to either."

{Ian} *vq* Glade, then. *gently scoops the beautiful Lilim into his arms and makes his way farther into Heaven*

* Tina eeps, but goes without no further protest, snuggling into his chest and against his shoulder. {q} "Okay. Where to begin. Just...had a few things hit me tonight...and yeah, your almost turning into Virtue paste a la Calabite was part of it..."

{Ian} *q* Mmm. *once outside the Tower, he unfurls his wings and gently lifts the both of them into the air, flying toward the Glade*

* Tina nods a bit, smiling a bit as they take to the air, before the smile leaking away. {q} "Well...the other part was the bit Paul and I took care of. There were other Diabolicals in the ACT lab, in the process of stealing happy fun things. I think a few Hellsworn, but at least two demons. {long pause} One of them was a Sister of Valefor. {wavers a bit} Emphasis on "was" after Boss got there."

{Ian} ...ah. *begins descending again, the tranquility of the Glade growing nearer*

* Tina lets it soak into her jangled nerves. {q} "Yes. And I'm the one that knocked her out just as Jean got there. {small voice} Ian, I am an angel. I had to do what Needed to be done, just as Boss likely had to. Letting her go...wasn't really an option. She'd have likely betrayed me, and after all, it was a Fair Deal. {smaller voice} But I still feel like I betrayed my Sisters."

* Ian holds her a little tighter. *vvq* "You did what you had to do."

{Tina} {vvq, looking into his eyes} I know. I hope I can believe it in a few days.

* Ian settles down in the Grove, looking for a place for both of them to rest, but still holding Tippy close*

* Tina shifts to help him touch down more easily, still hugging tight in his embrace. {vq} "So what happened to you after the nice young people in white coats took you away?"

{Ian} *q* They took me to the hospital, told me how lucky I was, and I get to stay under observation for 24 hours or so. *wl*

{Tina} {q} Oh, happy joy. Probably hospital food too. {wry smile} Any idea what visiting hours are? {hug}

{Ian} Forgot to ask. Probably afternoon or something. *finds a nice relatively secluded place to set down*

{Tina} S'cool. I'll make time then. I probably have excuse to, and tomorrow's Saturday anyway. Did the Song help enough?

{Ian} Oh yeah, quite a bit. *sits and sets Tippy down, but just as quickly embraces her again with both arms and wings* I'll be back up real soon.

* Tina holds him back, her own shimmering pinions reflexively hugging him back. "Gooooood. Like I said...you looked like shit."

{Ian} Felt like shit too. I did lose quite a few ribs and a few more organs from that entropy field. Luck just was -not- on my side. *leans his head against hers*

* Tina shudders, snuggling into his neck. {q} "Damn. Used it none too soon then, it seems like. You seem to get beat up a bit." {little smile}

{Ian} *q* s'part of the job. Get killed now and again too. *wl*

{Tina} {q} Yes, I know, Choir hazard but...

{Tina} {q} I know. You Malakim are silly. So, been offed recently?

{Ian} *q* Not recently. Few close calls... haven't actually died in a few years. *lightly caressing her shoulders in proto-massage*

* Tina mms a bit, seeming to welcome the touch, feeling one of his oathchains next to her ribs. {q} "Never died here, myself. {shivers slightly} Got beat up bad, once or twice though. Real bad."

{Ian} *q* Hope you don't have to do any dying. *his fingers brush against the Geas-necklace as it becomes a more definite massage*]

{Tina} {q} Me neither. At least Trauma here would be pleasant. {small smile}

* Tina squeezes him a little tighter, the currents of aura-lightning in her wings, currently subdued, strengthening for a moment.

{Ian} Less -un-pleasant, anyway. *squeezes back, lightly kissing her*

{Tina} Yeeah. Mr. Trauma-less. {winks a bit, and flushes and responds to the kiss, gently}

{Ian} oh... we learn about Trauma when we fledge... we just die so often after that that we get used to it. *wl, continues caressing her shoulders*

* Tina nods, rubbing his shoulder where wing and shoulder join. "As you said...Choir hazard."

{Ian} Mm-hmm. *lightly massages her neck, holding her closer and enjoying what Tippy's doing* mmm...

{Tina} {q} Glad you like... {small smile}

{Ian} *nodnods, vq* Glad you're here... *soft kiss*

{Tina} {vq} You too. Oh, you too. {small smile, returns the kiss}

* Ian hugs her close with both arms and wings, and kisses her again with a bit more depth.

* Tina mmms, responding and shivering a bit, holding him back tightly as though he is the only sane and stable thing in the cosmos at the moment.

* Ian continues to hold her, wrapping her in his wings, not a Malakite of Stone but making efforts to be just as stable for her*

* Tina draws back after a little eternity, still holding him tightly, somewhere between needful and blissed out by being wrapped in nice soft Malakite wings, her own aura and wings gemlike against his black.

* Ian looks into her eyes, framing her face with his hands. *vq* "Anything special I can do for you?"

* Tina bites her lip, looking into his eyes. {vvq, swallowing} "....I...."

{Ian} *vvq* Just tell me what -you- Need......

* Tina hesitates for a few seconds, several answers obviously conflicting in her at the moment. {vvq} "I Need to talk. Need to be held. Need to understand where *we* stand now...and anything else that happens here, I don't give a damn on the implications." {little smile}

* Ian gives a small smile back. *vvq* "I can talk for as long as you need. I can hold you for as long as you want. I want to know where we stand too... and implications don't worry me."

* Tina holds him close, snuggling into him. {vvq, seeming very distracted} "Cool beans. What do you Need? I didn't wossname. And...where do we stand now?"

{Ian} *pause, vvq* I need to be here for you. I need to hold you and be held by you. I want you to be Free... and... I want you to love me. *blush*

{Tina} {vvq} I do.

* Tina flushes.

{Tina} I do love you, Ian.

{Ian} And I you. *q* Don't want to push you into anything... ever.

{Tina} {q} You won't. {swallows, says the Truth} {w} Part of me wants to...touch you, so badly, right now, that it's all I can do not to. Part of me wants to draw it out. And part of me...wants to know what happens now. {squeezes tightly, trembling}

{Ian} *hugs her back just as tight, feeling her tremble against him* *w* "I feel the same... on all of those things... I want to savor this moment and I want to touch you and I want to know what to do too."]

* Tina nods. {w} "We haven't know each other very long, at all. Not even in the mortal sense, Ian. I want you so badly, but...I don't want that to be Everything. I want to *know* Ian first, and I'm scared if we get intimate, that'll be drowned out. {miserably} I don't want you to think it's another ditzy Daughter zoning on the wings and oathchains."

{Ian} *nods quietly* *w* And I want to know Tiphareth too... and I know... I -know-... it's not just the wings and the Oaths... I -know- there is so much more to you than this.

* Tina nuzzles a bit. {w} "I'm glad. I'm scared."

{Ian} *w* "You don't have to fear..." *soft kiss*

* Tina mms a bit, trembling more.

* Ian can think of nothing to add at that moment, and so continues to envelop Tippy in an arm- and wing-hug*

* Tina seems to still be kissing him, with an edge of desperation and growing desire.

* Ian hasn't stopped kissing her either, more desire creeping into his actions as well, trying to radiate comfort and support*

* Tina mumurs against his lips... "So what do we do?" {little grin, shivering a bit}

{Ian} *vq* "well... I do know I want to get out of the hospital real quick... if only so I can give you a full-body massage..." *small shiver too*

* Tina flushes. {vq} "Oh my. You know what that's undoubtedly going to lead to. {flushed smile, momentary pause} I'm not adverse to the idea. I'll have to do another Healing, doubtless." {wink}

{Ian} *vq* If that's what it takes. *swl*

{Tina} {vq} Mmhm. {rubs a wing} I... Hm... {pause} "Pinky, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

{Ian} *wingrub, vq* "Dunno... what are you thinking?" *blush*

{Tina} {vq} I'd tell you but it'd make you blush more. {blushes herself}

{Ian} *vq* "But how'm I going to know what you Need?" *blush more*

{Tina} {vq} Well, I could resonate you again, and see if it matches. {little grin}

{Ian} *vq* I s'pose... *blush*

{Tina} {w} Mmmhmm. {meets him eye to eye, noses rubbing, and resonates}

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 10 (4 5 1).

* Behind eyes she can see the image of herself being held by Ian, Ian kissing her neck and caressing her body, her head lolling in an obvious state of enjoyment... not to mention a partial state of undress.

* Tina glrks a bit, going nigh incandescent red, eyes crossing.

{Tina} {w} Yup. We er...thinking the same thing.

{Ian} ...Ah. *bright blush*

* Tina is trembling a bit more, her hands almost automatically moving to the front closure of his jumpsuit.

* And Commercial Break here. You can injure the Players later.


[Announcer] Annoyed with long-winded product presentations? Fed up with long hours calling tech support? Upset with upgrade difficulties? Contact Jean Industries.]

[IMAGE: An Elohite and Malakite "Consulting Team" chatting with a frazzled Director of Information Technologies, while a Kyriotate possesses the computer behind him.]

[Announcer] One of our expert consulting teams will contact you, and together we will devise a technological solution for your workplace guaranteed to work beyond the third millenium.

[IMAGE: A statue of the above Director of Information Technologies in front of a futuristic building. Below it is engraved: "He Kept The Network Running, And Brought Us To The Light."]

[Announcer] Jean Industries: "The Rational Solution."


[We pick up with our Celestials in Luv (tm) some time after the camera was sent away....]

* Tina continues to hold Ian quietly and closely, one arm and a wing wrapped around him.

* Ian cuddles Tina right back with wings and arms, savoring her warmth and softness.

* Tina lies there, content and loving, for quite some time, before mming a bit.

{Ian} mm?

* Tina nuzzles a bit. {q} "Just....don't know what to say after...that." {blushes a bit}

{Ian} *vq* ...neither do I. *nuzzles back*

* Tina mms, shivering a bit. {vq} "Kind of relieving." {kisses him gently} "I...I'm not good at er, pillow talk." {flush} "Or in this case, turf." {blushes more}

{Ian} *vq* mm... s'okay, neither am i... *kisses her again, holding her close*

{Tina} {vq} Mmm... Yeah. Though people...you know...have..er...assumptions about Lilim. {blush, ducks into his shoulder}

{Ian} *vq* yeah, well... m'learning not to assume... *leans his head against hers*

* Tina leans back. {vq} "Me too...what'd you assume?" {small smile}

{Ian} well... party line mostly... brothers always said to be careful because they could use your virtue against you... 'course, you're definitely not most Lilim. *vswl, blush*

* Tina nods a bit, hehing a bit. "Yeah...use our own brand of 'honor' against you...since in your own way you're as bound by Oaths as we are by Geasa. And yes, I think this is a clue." {wry grin, twitches wing lying on top of him} "And it's...sadly, true in some case. Just not all." She hesitates on something.

{Ian} hm?

{Tina} {vvq} Kind of assumed some things too...definitely before Redemption...and a bit after, about the Malakim as well, too.

{Ian} *vq* You c'n tell me... I promise to be understanding. *wl*

{Tina} {vq} They call you by an epithet down there, you know. "Black-Winged Death."

{Ian} *vq* yeah... well, it's accurate... *ws*

* Tina nods, slightly. {vq} "With reason, at time. I...also heard some terrible stories about what they did to Lilim who tried to redeem. Bal Prop, of course. That bit was a lie, so I found."

* Ian nods. *vq* "Anyone who wants to Redeem, we help them. Better for our side." *wl*

* Tina smiles a bit. Then starts giggling a little bit. {vq} "Heh...hey, you know the first time I was actually in simple physical contact with a Malakite?"

{Ian} yes?

{Tina} Well, the cell I was being held in suddenly went boom, an the next thing I knew I was being hauled out under someone's arm. Booms, screams, much spackage, and the guy I was being hauled out by suddenly sprouted wings and hit the air.

{Tina} And yes, after a moment, I saw the color of the NC.

{Tina} I remember something vaguely after that screaming about "why the hell aren't you killing me, blessit, I'm a demon, aren't I?" {little wry grin}

* Ian snickers a tiny bit. "Friends in high places." *wl*

* Tina hugs him close. "Apparently so." {tiny smile} "It ah...seemed that Boss had taken an interest in this accused Renegade Vapulan Daughter and asked the Swordies a few favors. Which...was better than the alternative, at the time."

{Ian} *vq, tiny smile* "Very nice of him."

* Tina kisses the smile, a moment. {vq} "Yes and no. He had in his little Elohite soul a few objective reasons for it, other than my being potentially redeemable and all, I think."

{Ian} Whatever they were, I'm glad. *swl*

{Tina} {vq} Me too. Despite all the grilling Judgement, War, Lightning, and the Sword gave me for freakin' *weeks* after Redemption. {little grin}

{Ian} They can be... focused... sometimes. (Like i should talk. *swl* )

* Tina snrks, bapping him lightly.

{Tina} Mr. Getting Squished by Calabim.

{Ian} *m* was having a bad day... us'lly me doin' the squishing. *blush*

{Tina} {m} figured. {small smile}

* Ian gives a small smile back, and cuddles her again.

{Tina} {q, squeeze} I...well, also thought you lot didn't have much the sense of humor, or the tolerance for Lilim either. Yeah, I know we Brights are gaga over black wings, but the feeling's er...not usually returned. {sheepish flush}

{Ian} *q* well... we respect them for holding to their code of honor... but to most Malakim that just makes them even more dangerous. Nobody wants to risk a rotten note. *swl*

* Tina shakes her head, quietly. {q} "Especially not you lot."

* Ian nods quietly. "One bad note and we can get decidedly UNpopular, very quickly." *vq* "Have to be very careful."

{Tina} {vq} Yeah...I know. And I also know that you have to work it off ASAP if it does go manky.

{Ian} *nods, vq* "Spend time in a Tether, run out and get ourselves killed in a demon fight, take more Oaths... or go straight to Discord."

* Tina winces at the last. {vq} "Yeah. Extreme...but I can see it. {pause} {vvvq} i don't want to risk falling. ever."

{Ian} *vvq* And the only reason we can't Fall is because we'll be annihilated by our own long before it could actually happen.

* Tina nods, closing her eyes. {vvq} "It beats Hell. Trust me. Death's better than Hell. {shiver} {w} if one of my few remaining non-Boss Geasa gets called in, Ian...i'll let it rip me to bits first."

{Tina} ...if...it's something i don't want to do, or they try to make me fall back...

{Ian} *vvq, hugtight* Or find a way to get rid of it. I won't let them take you away.

{Tina} {w} thank you...not many ways though. it's part of being lilim, just as much as the chains are of being you.

* Tina hugs back, shivering a bit.

{Ian} *vvq* That won't stop me from defending you... protecting you.


{Tina} {vvq} I know. Silly Virtue. {hugs back, just as tightly}

{Ian} *vvq* heh... pretty Bright.

* Tina smiles a bit, nuzzling.

* Ian nuzzles back.

{Tina} Mmm.... Heh... Know the other rumor down there that might piss you off?

{Ian} nope, what?

{Tina} They say Malakim can't fall 'cos you're already demons, because after all, you can't Fall off the floor. {tiny wry grin} And that the chains hold you up. {pause} Personally, I think it's complete bullshit, and even if it was true, I don't give a damn, Ian.

* Tina squeezes.

{Ian} *vq* ...very creative Balseraphs they have down there, I must say. *wl, squeezetight*

{Tina} {drily} Oh yes. Very active little snakies, they is.

{Ian} Must find some servitors of Nybbas and make accents for your wardrobe. *wl*

* Tina starts laughing again.

{Tina} "How to Kill Your Wardrobe in Six Easy Steps!"

* Ian grins, a trifle goofily.

* Tina giggles at the goofy expression more.

{Tina} "1001 Uses for a Dead Balseraph!"

* Ian snrks.

{Tina} Hey, belts, purses, boots...and they come in nice different colors too.

{Ian} Right, I'll have to make plans for a hunting trip in the near future.

*wl, wink*

* Tina blushes again. "Ooookaay..."

{Ian} 'heeeeere snakey snakey... this won't hurt... much...'

* Tina giggles more.

* Ian maintains the goofy look, enjoying her giggling.

* Tina starts breaking more, wings twitching with her laughter.

* Ian starts snickering as well, laughter being contagious and all that.

* Tina sort of rolls off him and howls.

* Ian proceeds to laugh himself silly too.

{Tina} {between howls} Nature Trip to HELL!

{Ian} {gasping for air} In 3-D!


* Ian shatters.

{Tina} {Marlin Perkins voice} Balseraphs may be hard to track down, but here at Mutual of Omaha-- {breaks down again}

* If Ian was trying to recover his breath he fails utterly at that point.

* Tina just about cries laughing.

* Ian wipes at his eyes, trying again to catch his breath.

* Tina is sort of lying there, twitching and giggling intermittently, her ribs hurting like heck.

{Ian} oh man... that was completely ridiculous... *snrf*

{Tina} Uh huh.... {giggles, sniffles, and wipes her eyes}

* Ian calms further, looking down at the beautiful woman lying on the ground next to him.

* Tina smiles, looking up at him, eyes shining and face flushed from merriment.

* Ian's face is similarly flushed. *q* "Have I told you recently how beautiful you are?" *wl, smile*

* Tina blushes a bit. {q} "You have...a few times..." {small smile, touches his face}

{Ian} *q* Ah, good. Wouldn't want to forget or anything. *caresses her cheek with his hand*

{Tina} {q} You too, you know... {seems a bit shy}

{Ian} *q* Thank you... I'm glad you feel that way.

{Tina} {q} I do. Not just because of what you are, but who...I like to see

you laugh. To know you *can* laugh...

{Ian} *q* yeah... *vq* it's not something i have an opportunity to do very much... *leans down to kiss her forehead lightly*

* Tina colors, returning it. {vq} "i...kind of figured. you...seemed so sad, the first day. and well...your choir's not exactly known for having a sense of humor or being fun..."

{Ian} *vq* We -are- all business most of the time... it's hard to find people we can confide in. And you caught me on a rough day too. *looking faintly sad again, vvq* It's tough, being an instrument of Divine Retribution sometimes. *vswl*

* Tina says nothing for the moment, and hugs him, tightly...nothing sexual about it despite their state of undress--merely simple comfort.

* Ian hugs her back, tighter, clearly very very glad for her closeness and comfort and just about everything else about her.

* Tina nuzzles into his shoulder, comfortingly. {q} "...I kind of got the gist. It's...not easy being one of maybe two dozen either."

* A faint note of pained bitterness creeps into her voice. {vq} "Or being thought of as {mocking caracature of ditzy Lilim voice} cute and hedonistic and cuddly and Nothing if Not Fun." {turns her face away a moment}

{Ian} *vq* heh... common ground... *pauses, gently turns her face back toward his*

* Tina goes, willingly and nodding a bit, though the face she shows back is wide-eyed and a bit ashamed and pained, showing old ghosts.

{Ian} *vvq, framing her face with his hands* I could never think of you that way.

{Tina} {vvq} God in higher heaven, I'm glad... You're the last person I ever want to...

{Ian} *vvq* You -are- cute and cuddly, true... but there's so much more...

{Tina} {vvq} Glad for that...and same with you, you know, in different ways...

{Ian} *vvq* I'm very glad that you let me know you... the real you...

{Tina} {vvq} And you as well. I like Ian of Lightning, you know. As much as Love him.

{Ian} *nods* As much as I like and Love Tiphareth of Lightning.

* Tina nodnods, her eyes shining with love and unshed tears.

* Ian's eyes glimmer a bit as well, as he leans in closer...

* Tina finishes the distance and kisses him softly, with love and passion both.

* Ian kisses back with equal softness, love and passion, encircling her with his arms, and then with his wings.

* Tina follows suit, holding him tightly and not inviting more unless he should wish it, simply enjoying the contact.

* Ian seems content with things the way they are right at that moment, at least for now.

* Tina is as well.

{Tina} {hehs} We...better get some measure of decent and to the Halls soon, you know.

* Tina seems very regretful, yes.

{Ian} Mm... yeah. We could always... pick up later, back on Earth. *faint blush*

* Tina flushes. {q} "I...will leave a spot open in my schedule, yeah..."{smile}

{Ian} *q* Great. *ws*

{Tina} {q} Yup. You get the corpus um, patched first though, yes?

{Ian} *q* Right... should be useful again by tomorrow. *wg*

{Tina} {q} Mmm hm... {blush} A Song or two will make sure of that... {winks, then tries to er, feel around for discarded clothing with a toe}

* And Fork and another commecial break on the Hunt for Fabric...


[Announcer] Are you dissatified with your current technology organization, and your place in it?

[IMAGE: J. Random Vapulan Impudite slaving away in Tartarus, keeping the sparking VapuNet up and running by the skin of his wings.]

[Announcer] Then come and realize your full potential with Jean Industries.

[IMAGE: Selfsame Impudite Redeeming in the arms of a great glowing Elohite, its entire body limned with coruscating Electricity as the Symphony flows through the Impudite, transforming it into a Mercurian.]

[Announcer] Experience the statisfaction that comes with Rationality, Order, and the Security of a job that Loves you as much as you Love it.

[IMAGE: The now-Redeemed Mercurian, happily working in the heavenly Network Operations Center, all systems working at peak capacity yet not experiencing a picosecond of lag or a single dropped packet.]

[Announcer] Jean Industries : "We Bring Good Things To The Light."


* Tina finishes straightening her jumpsuit. "Hold on a minnit. You've got a leaf in your hair."

* Ian brushes around trying to find it.

* Tina mms a bit and reaches up, picking it out of his hair. "Nevermind, got it!"

{Ian} Thanks. *wl*

{Tina} N'prob. {small blush, nabs a couple more out of his wings} There, I think you're good. Am I, er, all right?

* Ian gives her a careful lookover. "Hm. Practically perfect in every way."

* Tina blushes. {m} "I meant er, leaves and so forth, Ian no baka." {sheepish grin}

* Ian hehs. "No, no foliage."

{Tina} Hokay. {smiles, wraps her arms around his neck, and gives a *hug* for a moment}

* Ian *hugs* her right back, stealing a quick peck on her cheek.

* Tina blushes, returning the favor, enjoying the hug. {q} "C'mon, we'd better ramble, before Boss gets tetchy."

{Ian} *q* Yeah... smart move.

{Tina} {q} Right. {small smile} Walk it or wing it?

{Ian} Wing's probably faster. *Wl*

{Tina} Yeah. Heh. But you can't hold hands that way. Plus this being Heaven we'll probably get there walking soon enough. {blush a bit} And I do rather feel like being probably ickily cutesy.

{Ian} Mm. *nod* All very valid points. *offers a hand* Shall we then? *wl*

* Tina takes it. "We shall, good sir." {smile}

* Ian smiles, gives her hand a squeeze, and starts walking.

* Tina squeezes back, walking with close by.

* The Glade is as beautiful as ever, made more beautiful by the two angels walking among it towards the rest of Heaven, and making their way to the Halls of Progress. The walk takes just as much time as the two of them desire.

* Tina is torn between a desire to extend out the walk with her Virtue as much as possible and the knowledge that Jean Wants A Report (tm), so anybody's guess how long it takes there.

* Ian, caught between those two points himself, tries to find an efficient compromise between the two; must be that Lightning in him. *wg*

* Tina seems to be trying the same, and manages to enjoy the walk and the scenery (both portions of it) while making good time.

* Ian enjoys the walk and scenery both, though the portion whose hand he holds commands the most attention as far as he's concerned.

* Tina seems to be doing this very same thing herself. Funny thing, that.

* Ian smiles at Tina, giving her hand another squeeze.

* Tina grins, brightening, as they near the Halls.

* Tina returns the squeeze as well, of course, enjoying the contact.

{Ian} I think we've arrived. *ws*

{Tina} {hehs, nodding} Looks like, doesn't it? At least I compiled some notes earlier.

{Ian} Good idea. I'll have to improvise. *wg*

* The Halls of Progress stand as they always have, an applied theorem of Grace and Logic crafted into physical form.

{Tina} Oh, I can give you notes on that! I do that often. I give Boss headaches with my correspondence.

* Tina winks, grinning slightly.

{Ian} You do that. *wg*

{Tina} Oookay. {grin} {sobers a bit, showing a bit of her Business Aspect again} Not this time though. It's too important.

{Ian} *becoming more serious also* Yeah, some other time. Let's get it taken care of. *handsqueeze*

{Tina} Right. Any email stations nearby?

* Ian checks around for the closest terminals.

* Tina helps with the task as well.

* This being the Halls of Progress, and them being servitors of the cathedral's Word, JeanTech terminals are easy to find.

* Tina phews, heading for them.

* Ian follows.

* Which is good, as she's still holding his hand.

* Ian does not lose his hand or anything, sticking close to the lovely lady, and sits himself at the terminal next to whichever one Tina chooses.

* Tina chooses one with a free seat. Big shock. She smiles over at him a moment as she logs in, blushing slightly.

* Ian smiles back and does the thing of logging in himself.

* Both accounts are effortlessly logged into, with no lag time doing so.

* Tina scares up her email application and begins her report. It is notable that unlike the last time, she begins it with "Bright Lord," fills it with terse, precise, technical information to the best of her ability about the various timeframes, locations, personages, and incidents involved, commending both Shoshemai and especially Paul (as well as Ian) for their part in stopping the robbery, and ending with "In Illumination--Tiphareth, Bright Daughter of Lightning."

{Tina} {absently} Hm. Ian, what was the Calabite you fought a Servitor of, if you know?

* Ian's report begins in the same way as Tippy's. His is a bit less detailed, focusing as it does on his own involvement in the business... "Mm... I know he served Theft. Whether Valefor was in on this I can't say." ...he relates his less than stellar performance against said Calabite, thanking the Boss for his assistance. He also relates the information he resonated from the Calabite but that he can't be sure how involved Theft may have been.

{Tina} ....Ah. I don't know. The fact that at least two and likely three Servitors of Theft were in on this though.... {makes an addendum to her own message} Paul spacked the third vesselwise.

{Tina} I think....she... {hesitates a moment} called him Japeth. Boss may or may not know from that.

{Ian} Hm. Let's see what he thinks about the whole business, then.

{Tina} *Somebody* was definitely hiring them for stuff though. Could be Technology. And right. {hits send button} Bombs away, sweets.

* Ian wraps up his report and hits the send button a moment later. "Same here, fair lady."

{Tina} I don't know if this is related to the schmuck that was hacking in a couple weeks go and Sandalphon, but TINC, you know?

* Tina grins a little bit at him at that.

{Ian} Expect the unexpected. *wg*

{Tina} Usually when you least need it.

* Tina nonods, grinning wryly as well.

* Ian hehs, looking wry.

* Tina leans over, hugging him onearmedly

* Ian hugs back.

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 14 (2 6 6).

{Tina} {m} We have a bad case of the cutes, I think.

{Ian} *q* yeah, well... *swg*

* As the two of them hug, there is a ping from their respective email apps.

* Ian blinks and investigates.

{Tina} {q} *You* minding? {blinks, jumps, and turns to her terminal}

* Tina does likewise, eyes scanning.

* Both have the exact same email message, both marked with the red Lightning priority tag: "Report to my office in 60 Terran minutes for further debreifing. -- J."

{Ian} ...yeow.

{Tina} ...Oi veh.

{Ian} Suddenly I get the feeling this is a little more serious than we thought.

{Tina} Pinky, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'. {pause} You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'.

{Tina} And yeah. No kidding. Apparently Boss doesn't think this is your usual burgle.

{Ian} *nods* Apparently. Makes me wonder what we stumbled on here.

{Tina} I'd like to know, yeah. Well...UIUC *is* a major center for supercomputing and expert system development and research. Part of the reason my Role's stationed there.

{Tina} It could be Not Good Sorts of many different stripes are trying to screw with things.

{Ian} Could be. What with the business that went down where -my- Role's stationed, I wonder if there's a connection.

{Tina} Hmm. Yeah. You don't have any idea which Princes the ones that nearly did for you served there?

{Ian} Strong suspicion of Technology, but they -did- have at least one Calabite in the force. Coincidence?

{Tina} There Is No Coincidence.

{Tina} No idea which one the Destroyer served?

{Ian} Didn't think so. *swl*

{Tina} Right. Would it be heretical of me to think God is likely on something good?

{Ian} No, I didn't get a good Look at him, unfortunately. I just know he couldn't have been with Technology. *swl*

* Ian pauses, then snickers.

{Tina} No, definitely not. Vapula has never hired Calabim, and I think never will. Take it from someone who knows. {pauses and snrks too} Yes, I listen to too much Robin Williams.

{Ian} That's all right, Robin Williams is fun to listen to. *g*

{Tina} Oh yeahhh. {grins widely} You ever hear his routine? The bit about God being stoned when he made Kyriotates?

{Ian} I've heard the one about him being stoned when he made the platypus. *wg*

{Tina} Oh, Yes! That's a beaut. {pause} It's the only explanation, you know.

* Ian snickers. "Probably true." *wg*

{Tina} Yeah. {pause} For the rats or the Kyrios?

{Ian} Ummmmmmmm... *goofy grin*

{Tina} Ummmmmmm? {grins more, especially at the goofiness}

{Ian} I can't answer that without offending somebody. *wg, wink*

{Tina} Hmmmm. {pause} Can I ask later? Huh huh huh? {blushes, winking back}

{Ian} Iiiiii s'pose. *g*

{Tina} Ooo. Enquiring Lilim wanna know. {grin}

{Ian} Tell ya later. *wink*

{Tina} You're on, hon. {blushes more} Um...and...{checks watch}

{Ian} 'Bout that time?

{Tina} I'm looking....

* 5 Minutes to "showtime", Miss Lilim...

{Tina} Oh boy. Five minutes. Let's beat feet, Ian.

{Ian} Righto, let's move.

{Tina} Gotcha. {hops off her seat}

* Ian gets up and finds the most efficient path to the Boss's office.

* Tina follows him, because efficient paths and so on are being found by him.

* Their efficient travels lead them to the anteroom/foyer/waiting room that leads to Jean's office, where one of his Seraph secretaries waits, surrounded by a bank of computers. "You are 2.5 terran minutes early, Ian, Tiphareth. Please wait in whatever location and position you deem more efficent."

* Tina nods. "Thank you, Most Holy."

* The Seraph nods, still working at the computers.

* Ian nods at the same time Tina does, and looks for a suitably efficient seat.

* Tina hangs out by Ian, efficiently. Or at least just for the hell of it. And contemplates for a puckish moment the efficiency of using his lap, before abandoning the idea.

* Tina instead sits by him, adjusting wings.

* Ian waits, stealing a quick smile in Tina's direction.

* Tina smiles back, eyes twinkling a bit, before composing herself into Good Lightning Servitor (tm).

* Ian sobers and becomes the picture of a loyal Malakite of Lightning.

* 2.5 minutes later, the Seraph looks over at the twosome with a pair of eyes, not having apparently noticing their byplay. Really.

{Seraph} You may now enter.

* Tina rises, nodding. "Thank you again, Most Holy."

* Ian rises also. "Thank you, Most Holy."

* The Seraph nods, as the door to Jean's office slides open, quietly.

* Ian becomes all business, stepping through the door.

* Tina heads inside, beside Ian, her own demeanor becoming strictly professional.

* Inside, Jean sits behind its desk, as always, wide stormcloud eyes unblinking as it types on a nearby holographic keyboard. Various displays are showing charts, graphs, data scrolling by at machine-speed. Several others are showing schematics on one or two orbital stations, one showing what appears to be rosters... or mugshots. One more shows raw machine code scrolling by. Jean turns, and regards them both, calmly, speaking with an uninflected voice. "Ian. Tiphareth."

* Tina inclines her head a moment. "Bright Lord."

* Ian makes the same gesture. "Bright Lord."

* Jean nods precisely in return. It raises one pale, unmarked, luminous hand, and the door closes behind them, the corners and lock sealing with bolts of lightning. "I have read both your reports on the events of the night of October Thirty-First, and have initiated several investigations into the same. You both performed effectively and efficently in neutralizing the threat to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Advanced Computing Technologies laboratory and the Tether nearby."

* Tina nods slightly, eyes calm and waiting for further input. "Thank you, sir."

{Ian} *nods also* "Thank you sir."

* Jean calmly folds his hands in front of him, regarding them equally, impassionately. "Human developments in advances of artifical heuristic logic and processing have until now been a soley human concern, without any detected Infernal taint. Said developments could possibly lead to decreased selfish impulses among humanity and increased cooperation in the extraterrestrial sphere if the systems perform as desired; however should selfish concerns interfere, they could increase dependance on technology and its negative aspects. The fact that a team of Servitors of Theft and their attendant Hellsworn Soliders have obtained interest in these developments is suspect, although wether they were operating on direct orders from their Prince or from another party is unknown at this time."

* Ian nods, listening carefully.

* Tina acknowledges this as well, also listening and assessing.

* One of the screens moves, displaying a mug-shot of the "man" Paul vesselkilled. "This was the corporeal vessel of Japeth, an Impudite of Theft whose Role Judgement and Trade identified as being active in the corporeal sphere as a mercenary, working as part of a team consisting of the Lilim of Theft, Helez, and the Calabite of Theft, Sethur, and their Soldiers. They have been known to operate for both human corporate and Infernal concerns in the past, promoting their Superior's Word."

* Tina nods, narrowing her eyes slightly at this information, having this confirmation of her suspicions.

* Ian continues to listen closely.

{Jean} Helez and Sethur are both vesselkilled, as is Japeth, and it is beleived that all three are now currently in Trauma. I require more information from the human Hellsworn as to whom they were currently working for and for what vectors, an assessment of the damage caused and what they were looking for in the specific.

{Tina} {q} Understood, sir.

{Ian} Understood.

{Jean} Traces of the corporeal connections of Sandalphon BioTechnic performed by Trade have indicated links to other holding companies; the traces are still on-going. Relevant information on those links will be forwarded to you by the usual channels.

* Tina nods.

* Ian nods.

* Jean regards the two of them. "Given the current state of your vessel and its further expected recovery time, Ian, and the increased statistical likelyhood of further combat in the next week in the vicinity of UIUC given current events, do you wish to request any additional resources or personell?"

* Somehow, without changing its inflection, Jean is capable of expressing that he expects a reply from both angels.

* Ian considers for a moment. "With my primary vessel effectively disabled I won't be of much use. Having a secondary vessel on a temporary basis would allow me to remain active." *considers further*

* Tina thinks. "Ian, despite my efforts, is still not quite healed corporeally, sir. Until that happens, we may need additional defense. My request for a Domination to aid us in our investigation still stands. And....I'm also very fragile corporeally. If more Calabim become involved, my physical defenses are inadequate. This wasn't an issue before, given my Role was essentially noncombative. Now, though..."

* Tina blinks over at Ian a moment, but makes no comment.

* Jean patiently waits for both to complete their statements.

* Tina mms a bit. "Now, however, I'm in a potentially very dangerous situation, sir, and it would serve the cause of Lightning no good were I put in Trauma, to say the least. I respectfully request some form of corporeal support, and will deem your discretion to be proper in this matter, Bright Lord."

{Ian} Perhaps Tiphareth would benefit from an alternate vessel. Additional personnel such as a Domination or Guardian are possible alternatives. But the decision is not mine to make, and I also defer to your discretion, Bright Lord.

* The Archangel of Lightning regards Ian and Tiphareth as they complete their statements. "Factoring the current events and the corporeal situation, your requests for a Domination of Lightning will be paired and increased in priority. Notification of selection will be forwarded to you once it is made." Its head turns fractionally, to regard Tiphareth. "Tiphareth, step forward."

* Tina blinks, a moment, but does so without hesitation, wings folded neatly.

* Jean raises one luminous hand, and a spark of Lightning flares forward, shooting towards Tiphareth and intertwining within the sparks of her aura and wings, causing them to flare and brighten briefly, before calming down again. It lowers its hand. "It would be inefficent at this time to continue operations on the Corporeal plane without additional defenses."

* Tina intakes a sharp breath for a moment, wings almost twitching a moment and eyes widening, before composing herself. "This is true enough. Thank you, sir."

* Jean turns, and regards Ian. "Ian, step forward."

* Ian does as asked. "Sir."

* Jean raises its hand again, and once again Lightning flares, sparking towards the Malakite and penetrating his very being... and he can feel, deep within him, an expanding, a clarity, an awareness that he's always had becoming more encompassing and powerful...

* Ian takes in a sharp breath, and his celestial form changes slightly: his wings change from simple black to an incredibly deep, almost light-absorbing black, with purple sparkles along the edges of feathers. The gaze from his eyes becomes that much more penetrating, and the fabric of his soul knits into an even stronger weave.

* Tina does visibly gasp this time, her shock and surprise evident. "..."

* Jean lowers its hand, and regards the two of them again, equally. "It is acceptable that both of your emotional states and efficency have improved following your increased associations. However, care must be taken in the probability of your duties requiring you to be seperated in the corporeal realm for extended periods of time." It regards them with those calm, storm-grey eyes that they can somehow just tell that as long as they continue to be efficent and perform their duties to the upmost, both corporeal and celestial, it isn't going to make much of an issue about it.

{Jean} Any further questions, requests, or inquiries?

* Ian remains frozen for a moment longer, still obviously adjusting to new sensory input. Finally he does regain composure. He bows, and when he speaks his voice -- while still his voice -- has gained a deeper timbre, almost like distant thunder. "I can think of nothing further, Bright Lord. I thank you."

* Tina blinks, and unsuccessfully, fights a slight flush. "I...yes. Understood, sir. And I don't think so, barring further development on Earth regarding this situation."

* Tina blinks some more.

* Jean nods, fractionally. "Then walk in Order and Illumination, Tiphareth, Ian." It raises its hand, and the lightning locking the door dissapates, the door itself sliding open silently.

* Tina nods, inclining her head again. "My thanks, Bright Lord." {small smile}

* Ian bows once more, waiting for Tina.

* Tina without further dalliance heads for the outside, to leave her Archangel to its peace.

* Jean regards both, and goes back to its work, obviously indicating the meeting is finished. The door slides closed behind them.

* Ian follows Tina out of the office as well.

* Tina waits for the door to be closed, then goes, very quietly, "bwaaaaaaaaaaa..."

{Ian} ...wow. And I mean -wow-.

{Tina} {q} ...Holy shiiiiit... ...did you get what I think you got?...

* The secretary blinks at Ian's change, its six eyes rippling, then blinks again and focusses on its work.

* Tina decides that seeing a Seraph react is also worth it as well.

{Ian} Fourth Celestial Force, yeah... 11 Forces now. *his wings unfurl a bit, and iridescent purple sparkles ripple along the contours of feathers*

{Tina} ....whoooo... {is automatically distracted by the change in wings, before notably whapping herself} It...looks good on you. {small blushing smile}

* Ian reddens a tiny bit, and smiles back. *q* "Thanks."

{Tina} {m} C'mon, let's get out of here before the nice Most Holy gets more grapevine fodder. {smile}

* Ian hehs. "Right." *wl* "After you?"

* Tina nods, smiling a bit, and heads out.

* Ian follows.

* Tina waits until they're properly out of the office before whirling around and giving Ian a *biiiiig* hug.

* Ian is startled for a microsecond, but recovers and hugs her right back.

{Tina} {q} Congrats...

{Ian} *q* Thanks... my senses are all hyped; this'll take a little getting used to... *his wings catch the light and sparkle a bit as he shifts them*

* Tina nods, letting go, a bit carefully. {q} "What's...it like?" {curiously}

{Ian} It's... like I can see things clearer... -hear- things I couldn't hear before... *the higher the volume of his voice, the more noticeable that deep-thunder tone becomes* ...like a doorway in your mind being opened... *frames her face with his hands, and she can see in his eyes faint sparkles rather similar to the ones in her own wings* ...it's incredible...

* Tina smiles, in awe, looking into those eyes. And maybe a little wistful. "It...certainly seems to look like it is, for you... I've never had it happen to me. I wanted to know..."

{Ian} *q* It will, someday. I'm sure of it. *leans forward to kiss her*

* Tina mmms and kisses back, quietly and lovingly.

* Ian embraces her with arms and wings, and Tina can probably feel the added strength in his being with the addition of the new Force.

* Tina can, and embraces him back, tightly, partaking in that strength, and more importantly, him.

{Ian} *whispers in her ear* I love you, dearest Tiphareth, very deeply.

{Tina} {whispers back} I love you too, m'sweet Ian...

* Ian holds her tightly, his wings glittering again, quite content to stay like this for as long as she wants.

* Tina mmms, holding him back, tightly.

{Ian} *vq* mmmmmm...... *pause* so...

{Tina} {vq} ....so....yeees?

{Ian} *vq* What should we do now? *small smile*

{Tina} {vq} Well, lessee...hitting Magna Vertias is good...hitting the Trade District is good...{ah-hem} spending yet more quality time in the Glade is also good..

* Tina smiles a bit.

{Ian} Well... I'm good with any of those. *wink*

{Tina} You're no help. {grin} Ummmhmm...Well, we better get out of here unless we want to include "being embarassed by our fellow Servitors

{Tina} " to the list...

{Ian} Mm. Good point. *wg* You lead, I'll follow.

{Tina} Riiight. {starts off} You just want to see the view. {impish grin tossed over her shoulder}

{Ian} Well of course. *wg, q* 'course the Glade would be best suited to that.

{Tina} Hmmmm.... {q} I think Glade it is then? {audible smile}

{Ian} *q* Perfectly fine by me. {audible grin}

{Tina} {q}Mmmhmm... {heads out the front door, waving at the Cherubim} I'm just suuure it is. {pause} I plead the fifth here. {grins more}

{Ian} I bet you do. *wg*

{Tina} Eyep. {grins and gets a good distance from the Halls, before spreading her wings}

* Ian spreads his wings too; they -have- gotten a bit bigger, and of course the sparkle effect is very obvious here in the full light of Heaven.

* Tina whimpers a bit, reflexively, before physically hitting herself and muttering.

* Ian lifts easily into the air. "Do we fly, or shall I carry you?" *wg*

* Tina razzes him and takes off after him, auric wings churning, zapping sparks. "I'mflyingI'mflying, you're just trying to use dirty pool!"

* Ian laughs, with an echo of thunder, and flies toward the Glade.

* Tina thbbts him, rocketing even with him, her electric gasflame blue a bolt against his stormcloud black, zipping in to goose him in midair before sideslipping, cackling.

{Ian} ack! oh-ho! *wings over and begins to chase her*

* Tina shrieks, laughing, and dives, maybe not as imposing but a lot more agile, dodging out of his way.

* Ian circles, doing his best imitation of a hawk, trying to swoop in close before making another dive.

* Tina aaaalmost lets him, demented incandescent hummingbird to the hawk, before slipping from his grasp, tauntingly.

{Ian} Playing hard to get, are we? *grin*

* Tina winks. "Aaaalways. Make you work for it, you know."

{Ian} Mm-hmm-. *swoops after her again*

* Tina eeks, this time as he gets closer without her intending it.

* Ian tries to snare her in a non-bothersome way.

* Tina tries to dodge, but ends up zigging where she should have zagged....

{Ian} Ha!

* Tina screeches as she's snagged around the waist by an arm, squirming and giggling.

{Ian gets a good grip and holds her firmly against him, continuin} to soar in the meantime.] Caught you. And what should I do with you now?

* Tina token-struggles.... "Well....they say to the victor goes the spoils...."

{Ian} Mm-hmm, and what spoils have I gained? *leaning in to kiss her as he swoops lower, back toward the Glade*

* Tina mms.... "Well, you seem to have this here me in your arms...."

{Ian} Indeed... very valuable... I must take you to the Glade and further admire your beauty. *wink*

{Tina} Hmmm....In depth, I take? {blush, winks back} Mind terribly if I myself see the structural improvements that new Force has made? {teasing smile}

{Ian} It is only fair. *smile back, eyes sparkling*

{Tina} Aaaand Honorable....

{Ian} Of course.

{Tina} Mmm-hhmm... {snuggles....er...rather distractingly closer as he zeros in for a landing}

* Ian somehow maintains his concentration enough to get the two of them landed without undue trouble; not that the snuggling didn't distract him, mind. *wg*

* Tina grins, noticing this.

{R-Type} [No longer needing to concentrate on fight, he promptly pulls her into a close embrace. *vq, against her lips* "Now... where were we?"

{Tina} {vq, returning the same} Well....I mentioned something about victors and spoils, yes?

{Ian} *vq* Indeed.

{Tina} {vq} So what do you wish, mm?

{Ian} *vq* ...I'll think about it. *kisses her deeply*

* Tina returns that kiss, deciding to answer that in other than mere words.

* And as the two lovebirds go where cameras fear to tread, we Fade.

In Nomine 2070