Little Slices Of Heaven

* Somewhere between here and there, Heaven and Hell, the baseness of the Corporeal world and the glories and perversions of the Celestial planes... there is the Etherial realm, The Marches, home to the dreams and figments of mankind. And at the base of one Tower, an elegant ivory expression of hope, two celestials appear, still clad in the corporeal visages of their vessels.

{Tina} HO! Womba! I see the wild Malakite!

* ..Okay, one seems to have shifted into an electric-blue safari uniform, complete with pith helmet, but you know what we mean.

{Ian} I don't know if the Bright is wild, but I see her. *wg*

* Tina looks down. "You do? Damn. Well, that's completely blown the safari."

{Ian} Oh well, maybe next time.

* Tina looks up, grinning innocently. Then her expression softens, as she takes in the grey sands, the drifting dreamscapes, and Blandine's Tower high ahead.

{Tina} Yup. Next time. {looks around, taking in the scene}

* Ian looks around a bit too.

{Ian} Don't get out this way too much.

* Across the dark grey sky, angels of all choirs fly about the Tower, and towards Blandine's side of the Marches, sheparding and guiding the human dreamscapes that dance and shift across the soft grey sands. Along one horizon, behind the Ivory Tower, there is the high Volcano of Gabriel's Cathedral, the sky above it a burnished bloodshot copper fueled with the fires of inspiration and intensity... in the opposite direction, far far away on the far horizon....

{Tina} ...Me neither, to be honest. I am, you may guess, a wee bit paranoid doing it on my own for various reasons. {small smile}

{Ian} *nods a bit* Yeah. Prying eyes and all that. *wl*

* ... there is a darkness, and a hint of something... of fear, of madness.. that even from this distance and the safety of Blandine's can be faintly sensed, that only the strong of heart and mind can face unbowed.

* Ian's eyes narrow a bit, knowing full well what lies in the direction of the darkness.

* Tina does too, and is obviously not trying to look in that direction...though her eyes dart there against her will every so often.

{Tina} {q} ...Yep.

* Ian notes this and looks concerned, putting a hand on her shoulder.

* Tina smiles a bit, taking off her pith helmet. "De nada. Just memories at work. I know I don't want to look there, but at the same time, you can't help yourself."

{Ian} Mm. Want me to stand in front of you so you won't see it? *wg*

{Tina} Nah... I vote for making for That There White Tower over there, Meester Ian.

{Ian} Fine by me. *wg*

{Tina} Right! {winks, and begins to slog through the grey sands toward Blandine's Tower, safari uniform and all}

* Ian follows, noting that she looks quite nice in that uniform.

* Tina isn't noticing, particularly at the moment, though yes, it's a particularly nice Gift.

* More angels... Ofanim with their burning rings,Seraphim with their six feather wings, and others, go about their business around the base of the tower and the landings that dot the sides. At the base and the single gate there, two Cherubim sit by the entance, one a large winged Grizzly Bear, the other a Grey Wolf with wings the color of the sands of the marches.

* Tina watches the Servitors of Dream go about their business, with the air of one who has been long away from Heaven. She is quiet, happily contemplating, as she heads for the Guardian Cherubim.

* The two Cherubim watch as the two folks in human guise approach. The wolg arches a furry eyebrow at the woman in electric blue safari clothing.

* Ian has not been away from Heaven all that long and so pays less notice to the Servitors of Dream, paying more attention to the Guardians and to the electric blue lady in front of him.

* Tina grins at the wolfish angel. "Hi!"

* The wolf ruffles its feathers, somewhat self-conciously, as the Grizzly nods to both of them, rising off its haunches and spreading its wings. It murmurs softly, its voice a basso growl, "Greetings. Who seeks passage?"

* Tina smiles, looking at the Grizzly. "Tiphareth, Bright Daughter of Lightning."

{Ian} Ian, Malakite of Lightning.

* The wolf blinks some more, its eyes widening a bit at Tina, while the Grizzly nods to Ian and Tina. "And your purposes here?"

{Tina} To make report to our Bright Lord. {smiles a bit wryly at the wolf-Cherub's reaction}

{Ian} *nods* As the Bright Daughter says.

* The Grizzly rumbles, and then nods, moving aside and folding its dappled wings behind its back, settling back down. "Then walk through with Hope, Virtue, Bright Daughter..."

{Wolf Cherub} ... And in Dreams. *it settles back down as well, its wings folding.*

{Tina} Thank you... {smiles and bows a bit} And walk in Freedom and Illumination, Guardians.

* Both Cherubim nod their heads, returning the bow, from where they sit.

* Ian bows along with Tina.

* The gate stands open for the two angels ready for them to step through.

* Tina grins and heads through.

* Ian heads through as well.

* The two angels step into a large, long ivory hall, side-passages and galleries along both edges.... along one side, a single smooth staircase heads upwards. Angels of Dream go about their buisness, and the feelings of Hope, of good Dreams, are even more prevalent here... the safety of being in a mother's arms, or a quilted bed, ready for the land of nod. And at the far end, there is a wide, wide portal spanning the end of the hallway, filled with a bright, welcoming light....

* Tina looks around, eyes bright as she takes in the scene, and brighter still in anticipation as they catch the glimpse of the portal and the light withing.

* Ian enjoys the feeling of Hope also, something which had faded a bit from his existence not long ago. Mostly, though, he enjoys seeing Tina's bright eyes as she looks around.

* Several of the angels smile at the twosome, or nod as they move past, glad that this place has brought an uplifting of spirits to two more beings.

* Tina sort of wends her way toward the far portal in an extremely meandering fashion and probably one her Superior would call "inefficient," but hey, she's a Lilim and it's been a bit long since she's last been up here.

* Soon, the two of them reach the far portal, the view beyond refreshing, purifying, and all-so-heartachingly beautiful in its sheer -rightness-...

* Ian feels a little better just from getting closer to it.

* Tina sighs a bit, relaxing.

{Ian} *q* Welcome home. *small smile*

{Tina} {q} It is, isn't it. {grins a bit looking at the glory in front of them}

{Ian} *q* It certainly is.

{Tina} {q} Yeah...Took years for me to realize that. {small grin}

{Ian} *q* Glad you realized it. *small smile*

{Tina} {q} Yeah...rough time adjusting, though. Not enough role models for my kind around...but...anyway...

* Tina returns the smile.

* Tina then walks for the portal.

* Ian follows.

* There's the sensation of transition, of dislocation.. and then the two angels enter into the Celestial portion of Blandine's Tower, fully within the bounds of Heaven. Even more angels go about their business, and the hall they enter is wide and airy.

* Tina grins more, visibly relaxing.

* Ian relaxes some more as well, listening to the flow of the Symphony.

* Tina smiles, cocking her head to listen to a music she wasn't born hearing for a couple of seconds, before turning her attention back to the here and now...

* The here and now is right where Tina left it.

* Tina lets out a breath, smiling a bit, and lets the semblance to her vessel drop...

* Ian lets the Symphony flow through him and lets his corporeal form slip away at the same time...

* Tina's form wavers for a moment, the clothing shifting, then her body springing to light as a soft cerulean and turquoise aura shimmers to life around her like an aurora or Saint Elmo's Fire, and there is a soft crackle as two sheets of burning, subtly colored ultramarine suddenly snap out, snapping with patterns of static and electricity within, sparks of the same playing in her aura...

* Ian is... rather captivated by what he sees, even as his own form becomes a bit slimmer and darker, a large pair of obsidian, purple-tinged wings coming into being. Indeed, he looks quite a bit like Laurence himself.

* Tiphareth stretches out her wings, now clad in a sleeveless silver coverall, several silver technobracelets of varying size adorning her arms. The wing-flare comes to an abrupt screeching halt as she catches a glimpse of the Malakite out of the corner of her eyes.

* Several angels watch as the two angels drop their images of their vessels, doing a double-take at both, surprised, the ones at Tiphareth due to her non-match to any of the more common Choirs, and the ones at Ian due to his similarity to the archangel.... kinda.

{Tiphareth} . o O (Wub. glrb. ..)

{random angel} . o O (Oh, wait, it's -not- Laurence. No aura of power.)

{Ian} . o O (oh my.)

{Ian} ...Would you be offended if I told you you were indescribably beautiful?

* Various servitors of Dream move around the two gapees, politely, never mind they're still in the traffic path.

* Tiphareth coughs, and looks sheepish, folding her wings into a softly glowing cloak. Then goes poik at Ian's statement.

* Ian seems to have forgotten all about that little issue at the moment.

{Tiphareth} {goes a fascinating shade of pink under her light bronze skin} ...not at all... {seems to be staring at big black Malakite wings and the wearer a whooole good bit} Not at

{Ian} *q* In that case, I think you are indescribably beautiful. *black feathers ruffle and smooth back out*

* Tiphareth blushes, nodding...and though her own wings, per se, have no feathers to really ruffle, there does seem to be some adjusting of them going on in flusterment. "...thank you..."

* Ian finally seems to remember where they are.

{Ian} Er... maybe we ought to get out of the traffic path. *sheepish look*

* Tiphareth looks around. Reluctantly. " we have to?" {smiles innocently at a passing Seraph, but shuffles out of the way, a few Geasa clanking as she does}

{Ian} Yeah, well... might be less annoying to the Dream folks. *wg; the clanks of Geasa do draw his attention*

* The Seraph blinks at Tiphareth, taking in her Geasae and lighning wings, and then continues on his way.

{Tiphareth} Yeaaah. {wry grin} Granted, they generally sort of intentionally ignore most of us, but..

{Ian} They shouldn't. *wg, blush*

* Tiphareth nods, sneaking peeks at him every so often. "Well, true, then they might get wedgied. So, Virtue, wanna make tracks?" {wink, vampy air destroyed by sheepish blush again}

{Ian} I suppose so, lovely Daughter. *wink back*

{Tiphareth} . o O (Glub) Right! So! Heaven awaits to be terrorized! Woo hoo! {she spins, and then sets off importantly in the direction she ends up in, almost running into a wall}

* Tiphareth is {cough} a bit distracted, yes.

* Ian snickers, a bit wry, and gently steers her in the proper direction by the shoulders.

{Tiphareth} . o O (Wub. *whimper*)

* Tiphareth goes, getting a slightly happily glazed look to her eyes.

{Ian} You all right? *hands still on her shoulders, steering as needed*

{Tiphareth} ....Uh-huh.... {Her aura has no shocks to it, at all, though her wings, should they contact him, feel well, pleasantly solid and and alternatlely unreally tingly at the same time, as though being touched by cool but not cold seltzer water}

* Her wings do touch him once or twice, and he finds himself reaching out to touch them again, finding it strange but certainly not unpleasant.

* Tiphareth smiles sheepishly and walks outwards, extending one slightly. "Go on...I don't mind."

{Ian} I'll... *q, sheepish* ...return the favor later, if you want. *reddens a bit, and yes, he does run a hand along the surface of that beautiful wing*

* Tiphareth quietly hrks. {m} "Well, if you really *want*...I consider this payback for all the Malakim whose wings I groped just after Redemption." . o O (Oh God, please do not let my nose bleed.)

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 10 (3 2 5).

* Bits of silver lightning snap around Ian's hand, nonthreateningly, as he does... The wing seems at once solid and yet strangely insubstantual, as much extensions of her aura as extending from her back, continuious one moment, and maybe... *maybe* almost signs of feathers the next.

{Ian} *snickers a bit* *q* Very generous payback. *just watches the effects as they happen*

* Tiphareth blushes like a maniac, and lets him continue inspection of the wing.

* There is a polite clearing of a Seraphic throat behind the two angels...

* Ian is in the midst of inspecting when he jumps a bit at the throat-clearing and turns.

* Tiphareth whips her head around, flushing reflexively.

* Behind the two of them, there coils a Seraph, a rather large one in elegant lapis lazuli and feathers of rich blue velvet, regarding them calmly with all six eyes. "Ahem?"

{Tiphareth}, um, yes, Most Holy?

{Ian} Ah... yes, Most Holy?

* Next to the seraph there stands a shorter Elohite, its emerald eyes regarding the two of them most dispassionately (apparently), several scrolls under one arm.

* The seraph folds its wings behind it, regarding the two. "While the gentle and careful explorations of each other's desires and potential future outcomes certainly comes under the purvew of our Bright Lady's Word... doing so while in the middle of Our Lady's Tower is another matter. If you do wish to continue doing so, might I suggest the Glade, or Lord Eli's Cathedral as an appropriate locale?"

{Tiphareth} ....

* The Elohite quirks an eyebrow at the two (also resonating), and at the Seraph.

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 1 5).

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 11 (1 4 6).

{Tiphareth} . o O (Please, God, let the earth open up and swallow me.... {mental beating of head into wall} WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM)

* Ian proceeds to turn a rather distinctive shade of red.

* Tiphareth meanwhile goes an utterly *fantastic* shade of tomato red, which clashes with the aura.

{Ian} Er... of... of course, Most Holy, you are right.

{Tiphareth} {squeeked} sorry, most holy, power....

* Mortification. Utter, pure, wringing, massive, please-let-me-die-God mortification. With a side order of growing feelings for Ian, but mostly mortification. And Embarassment. And really, really, really likes purple-highlighted black wings. Mortification because she forgot herself and acted like an airhead ninny stereotypical Lilim in Blandine's Tower, blossoming feelings for Ian from all the recent conversation and encounters, and if the Elohite reinforces her embarassment, she'll probably go scuttling out of the Tower like a reliever caught stealing relics. And did we mention mortification?

* Embarassment. Embarassment for forgetting where he was and being silly with a pretty Bright Daughter. Mortification for -being- silly with a pretty Bright Daughter. Attraction/growing feelings for the pretty Bright Daughter because she -is- the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. And if the Elohite reinforces the embarrassment he'll likely shuffle the both of them off to somewhere else with all speed and efficiency.

* As a matter of fact if the Elohite -doesn't- reinforce the embarrassment he'll likely shuffle the both of them off to somewhere else with all speed and efficiency.

* Tiphareth, if she knew this, would be very good with that as well.

* The Elohite raises its free hand, in a gesture of supplication. "My apologies for my companion's phraseology, Virtue, Bright Daughter. Although her sentiment is sound, she also undoubtedly remembers times in the past where such ocurrances also occured without incident or censure... Is this not correct, Dumah?" It looks up at the Seraph with wide, emerald eyes.

* Dumah, the Seraph, blinks all six of its eyes, rapidly, ruffling its feathers. "This... is Truth." It sounds somewhat strangled, and appears to be glaring at the Elohite with three of its eyes.

* The Elohite looks up at the seraph, blandly.

* Ian bites back an urge to chuckle, not reacting outwardly.

* Tiphareth is still bright red, but her face suddenly goes very still, and her wings start twitching rather noticably.

* The Elohite regards Ian and Tiphareth, calmly, as the Seraph tries to compose itself again. "Please, go with both our Blessings, Bright Daughter and Virtue, together in your hopes and dreams."

* Dumah nods. "Yes, please go..." She still looks somewhat twitchy, still throwing the Elohite the occasional glance.

{Tiphareth} you, power, most holy, walk in illumination...

{Ian} Ah... my thanks, Power, Most Holy. *bows to each, still a bit flustered* Walk with honor.

* The Elohite nods, bowing calmly. "We shall." It and the Seraph and turn to head back in the direction they were going...

* Tiphareth keeps standing there, aura fluctuating and wings twitching a lot.

{Dumah} *when almost out of earshot* .... did you -really- have to bring that up, Shunem?

{Tiphareth} {repressed squeek/ snigger}

{Shunem} *also when almost out of earshot* ... yes, I did, as you well know, Dumah... after all, it is True....

{Dumah} *vvvvq* *mutter*

{Tiphareth} {louder squeak, out nose}

* Ian starts coughing, trying with less success not to laugh.

* Tiphareth starts tittering.

* Ian snrks.

* Tiphareth starts giggling. {between giggles} "...let's get {giggle} outta here..."

{Ian} good-- *snrrf* good idea!

* Tiphareth starts skittering for the Heavenward door, trying to get out before she breaks entirely.

* Ian follows with all speed, rapidly losing the battle with -his- hilarity.

* Fortuantely, they make it to the open doors just in time! ... just enough time for the Guardian cherubs on the front stoop and steps to get an eyeful of laughing Malakite and Bright Lilim...

* Ian is far too busy breaking to notice this last part.

* Tiphareth falls over and *dies*, howling.

* The two Cherubim blink, look at each other, and shrug, letting them pass.

* Tiphareth waves at the Cherubim, helplessly splatting on her front just past the front stoop and laughing hysterically.

* Ian somehow manages to stay upright, still laughing too hard to say anything though he does manage to wave at the Cherubim.

* The two Cherubim wave their wings at the twosome, furry eyebrows arched. Various angels passing by give Ian and Tippy looks varying from curiosity to politeness to bemusement.

* Tiphareth waves at all of them, still pretty much utterly shattering.

* Several angels wave back, smiling, and going about their business.

* Tiphareth finally rolls over, gazing up at the Light of Heaven, wings still twitching and still giggling, wiping tears of laughter away.

* Ian manages to calm down about the same time, wiping at his eyes as well.

* Tiphareth intermittently giggles. "So...rule number one. Never Feel Up Each Other's Wings in Blandines. Make a note of it on your PADDs, class..."

{Ian} Right--*snrk*--right... could make an Oath out of that... *snrk*

{Tiphareth} no got 'nuff, Ian...

* Tiphareth snorfles.

{Ian} yeah, s'pose so... *snicker*

{Tiphareth} Look good n' all {giggle} buuut unnecessary oaths cause problems, and thingy.

{Tiphareth} Plus being Daughter of Freedom and {snrfl} all, you know my perspective and wossname.

{Ian} *glancing down at his Oath chains* Yeah, that they do. And I do, yes. *chuckle*

{Tiphareth} Yup. {glances at a few bracelets adorning her own arms} Not that I probably have room to point fingers... {wry giggle}

{Ian} *sobering a bit* s'alright... in their own way they look kinda nice. *wl*

{Tiphareth} Yeah...thanks. Fortunately the vast majority of them were traded off to Boss. {pause} I don't even want to *think* what he had to give Mom to make that happen.

{Ian} Mm. Well... glad you could get rid of most of 'em.

{Tiphareth} Mmm...still have to work them off, though...but like I said..Mom gave most of 'em to Jean. I'm...very lucky that I wasn't very irresponsible with getting Geased before.

{Ian} Lucky, and you're pretty smart too. I can tell. *faint blush*

* Tiphareth flushes, sitting up. " can?"

{Ian} Yeah, I can. *blush* And you're very pretty too. *more blush*

* Tiphareth blushes more. "Thank you? You're um..." {reddens more}

* Ian reddens more still, black feathers ruffling.

* Tiphareth nods a few times, at a loss for words.

* Ian offers Tippy a hand up, if she needs it.

* Tiphareth smiles, taking it and being helped up with a bit of an oof.

{Ian} Right... what were we doing up here, again? *wg*

{Tiphareth} I think....checking in and reporting at the Halls of Progress. {grins} And nabbing something at Magna Veritas. {pause, sobers a bit} And to see if your friend is out of her Trauma yet?

{Ian} *sobering at the last* All good ideas. Take care of the Halls business first? *wl*

{Tiphareth} Yup. More than works. {small smile}

* Ian nods, smoothing his wings out a bit, and turns in the general direction of the Halls. It dawns on him a minute later that he's still holding Tippy's hand.

* Tiphareth blinks, and blushes a bit. "Um...hmmm..."

* Ian blushes as well, ready to let go if Tippy wants that.

* Tiphareth doesn't seem particularly eager for the thing of letting go, though she seems conflicted on travel, giving the flexing of her wings, and holding on flying is a bit of a task.

{Ian} *notes the flexing of wings and looks sheepish* "oh, right, easier by air" *wl, unfurling his wings a bit*

* Tiphareth tries very hard not to get distracted by the wings again. "Yup." {small smile, rather reluctantly letting go}

* Ian lets go with reluctance as well, but it's for a good cause, as he stretches his wings completely, ready to grab some sky.

{Tiphareth} So.... Race you. {winks}

{Ian} oh ho? *g*

{Tiphareth} Yeeeeeps. {evil grin}

* Tiphareth stretches hers out too, patterns of electricity playing in and around them.

* Ian just watches for a moment.

* Tiphareth blushes a bit more, really exercising her capillaries, or at least the celestial equal of them.

{Tiphareth} On count of three?

{Ian} All right.

{Tiphareth} One...two....two and a half....two and pi....

* Ian arches an eyebrow.

{Tiphareth} Two plus N....THREE!

* Ian's wings snap and propel him upward.

* Tiphareth kicks off the ground in an explosion of wings and electricity, whooping.

* Ian's wings beat a few times, giving him some speed, although that bit with the electricity is holding his attention a bit.

* The skies of Heaven are, of course, beautifully bright and clear, filled with flights of Angels going about their tasks, commuting, or doing pretty much what Ian and Tiphareth are doing. Below them, the entirety of Heaven, bounded by the Volcano and the Walls of Heaven, are spread out in in its glory... though of course a Bright Daughter of Lightning is a worthy distraction.

* Tiphareth yodels a bit, trying to ignore big Malakite wings, her wings gaining altitude, auric lightning snarling around her as she does and starts to gain speed, wings blurring at about five hundred miles an hour.

* Ian's attention, it must be said, is primarily on that blur of lightning, though he does maintain enough presence of mind to keep pace.

* Tiphareth yippees, the wind blasting against her face as she picks up speed rapidly, starting to arc out over the Glade, for a moment lost in the sheer joy of flying.

* Ian keeps pace as best he can, enjoying the flight but just as captivated by Tippy's display of enjoyment.

* Novalis's Glade spreads out below the two flying angels, a vast area of green fields, trees, shrubberies, ponds, and other relaxing places. The sounds of the never-ending party in the center drift upwards, music of Peace and Harmony drifting upwards to mesh with that of the Symphony...

* Ian lets a bit of that Harmony flow through him and indulges in a few aerial maneuvers.

* Tiphareth wheees and wing overs, flying circles around him like a loon, skimming treetops at one point.

* A pair of Ofanim spiral upwards from the buzzed trees, joining the chase, tossing a celestial frisbee between them....

* Tiphareth grabs it, flings it to Ian...

* Ian just tries to keep pace, but he does catch the frisbee, and launches it toward the closer of the Ofanim.

* The Ofanite whoops, catching the frisbee in its rings, before flinging it towards Tiphareth again...

* Tiphareth falls out of the air, grabbing it, flinging it to the other Ofanite, then snapping her wings out again and catching air before she eats twigs.

* The other Ofanite catches it expertly, and tosses the Frisbee back to the first, before zipping back with its companion towards the Glade party proper.

* Ian looks just a bit wry at the antics of the wacky Wheels as he continues his flight.

* Tiphareth grins, flying upside down and looking up at him. "Flowers. They silly."

{Ian} Very silly. *wl*

{Tiphareth} We're not silly. We're the pinnacle of sobriety, we are.

{Ian} Oh, of course. *swg*

{Tiphareth} Yep! {winks and flips over, razzing him and picking up speed again, much, much, *much* taller trees coming up fast ahead...

* Ian gains some speed as well, keeping one eye to the trees coming up.

* Dang, those are tall trees. They make the redwoods and sequoias down on earth look like saplings... and from within comes the sounds of constant movement and the branches sway with the constant wind... far below on the ground comes the sounds of the servitors of War in their endless practice...

* Ian feels the resonance of War and Wind calling out as they get closer.

* Tiphareth yays as she nears, feeling her own Mother's Word responding to the call of the Wind, and as she sees ahead and above, angels being tossed by and sporting in the perpetual breezes of the canopy...

* Tiphareth starts getting this Ooo, I Have an Idea Look (tm) on her face, her wings blurring more...

* Ian wonders what she's up to now...

* Angels of all types... including, yes, Seraphim and Elohim and Malakim... spin about, flying, dodging, their wings beating and catching the light, each one trying to outdo the next effort of their kin...

* Tiphareth starts climbing as she gets closer, aiming for altitude, grinning maniacally at the poor, unsuspecting Windies (SNRK) at play...

{Ian} . o O (Oh dear.) *but he is swinging in close to watch*

* Offff coouuurse they don't notice... nevermind some of the close calls Tippy gets as she maneuvers upwards....

* Tiphareth gets higher, waiting for a good moment, the light of Heaven blocking her out of view of most if not all of them...

* Ian watches......

* Tiphareth gets to a good drop.....

* The Windies spiral out of the way of Tiphareth's plummeting, opening a way straight down for the Bright, forming a pirouetting whirlwind for her, framing her...

{Ian} ......

* Tiphareth beats her wings, heading into a powerdive, then folding them entirely, hell bent on scaring the Windies (another snrk) silly, as blazing fast as her Superior's Word, electricity crackling and trailing behind her like a comet...


{Ian} ......-yes-.

* The servitors of Janus flare outwards, then fly back inwards after Tippy's passage, joining in her call of triumph as they ascend further into the sky.

* Ian heads skyward as well, adding his own call to the chorus.

* Tiphareth yodels, continuing to drop like a rock, then her wings snapping out again though not *quite* enough to prevent her from getting whipped by a few branches of the canopy. Though she doesn't seem to be minding.

{Tiphareth} Owowowow ooch ow Ow Yay!

* Several Ofanim and a MErcurian of the Wind help Tiphareth from getting too badly thwapped from the branches.

* Ian circles around, swinging back down to make sure the lovely Tippy is indeed all right.

* A wind-Reliever, its wings the blue of the sky and clouds, flutters by the mercurian's shoulder, eyeing Tiphareth. "Are you all right?" it flutes.

* Tiphareth is quite glad she's got nothing on her person except clothing, Geasa, and relic at the moment, and is keeping an eye on the latter. That still doesn't keep her from being grateful for the assist. "Yay, thanks, guys! Say hi to Sirocco for me!"

* Well, okay, the wind-reliever is also eyeing Tippy's relic-watch...

* Tiphareth eyes the reliever. "I'm good, and no touchee the watch, if you'll be so kind?" {wink}

* One of the Ofanim grins (how? it just does, don't worry about it). "You want it, you got it!" It grins, and zips back up into the boughs of the Groves.

{Tiphareth} Thanks heaps, dude!

* The Mercurian chuckles, and pats the Reliever on the head. "Neah's still learning the ropes, miss... Now, what did I teach you?"

* Ian arrives, applauding a bit and grinning.

* Tiphareth bows, hovering, appreciating the praise for the performance.

* Neah ohs, eeping like a pennywhistle! "Oh! Don't borrow anything from an angels whose Relics are stronger than you.... at least until you've got enough Forces...."

* The Mercurian smiles. "Exactly." He winks at Tippy and Ian.

* Ian snickers wryly.

{Tiphareth} And whose Relics are on loan from their booooooss. {winks back at the Mercurian} Thanks for the catch, Intercessor.

{Mercurian} Null Persperation, Gifter... after all, you've gifted us with your presence this day... *he grins, and pumps his wings, going aloft once more from the brances* ... stop by anytime!

{Neah} Bye-bye pretty lady! *it too flaps upwards, its wings hummingbirdlike*

{Ian} T: You're popular for some reason. *wink*

* Tiphareth blushes, grinning. "I try! Been too long since I divebombed the Windies. S'fun."

* Tiphareth waves bye at the retreating Windies. "Sure thing, guys!"

{Ian} Heh. It was a beautiful thing to watch. *g*

* Tiphareth smiles, blushing, looking up at him more, her short dyed hair blowing in the breeze. "..Thank you. I'm glad." {smile}

* Ian's feathers and hair blow a bit in the wind as he smiles down at her.

* Tiphareth flushes more. "So, onward?" {grin}

{Ian} *nods* Onward.

* Tiphareth nods, smiling, and flipping her wings, rising out of the foliage. "Yay!"

* Ian flaps his wings and follows.

* Tiphareth grins, heading on for the main "civilized" portions of Heaven, passing over the angels of War on manuvers.

* Ian glances down at the maneuvers of War as he flies, though again his attention remains first with Tiphareth.

* The Groves and the Glade are quickly flown over, and the Council Spires, Jean's Halls of Progress, Eli's Halls of Creation, and Marc's Skyscraper are all coming into view, and further from that can be seen the glow of the Eternal City...

* Tiphareth straightens out her flight, more beelining now, looking faintly wistful at the great Ladder rising out of the Eternal City for a moment, before orienting on the Halls of Progress fully.

* Ian homes in on the Halls as well, keeping pace with Tippy.

* The Halls of Progress are, as always, a tribute to order and rationality, an expression of applied science and grace.

* And all who serve the Word of Lightning feel the power of the place.

* Tiphareth slits her eyes, contently as she flies, feeling that Word. {pause} Even though she herself has at times the order and rationality of five weasels on amphetamines, she loves that there Word.

* Ian feels the order and rationality of the Word calling to him, as it always does here.

* The Cherubim at the doors watch as the two fellow-servitors fly towards them, recognizing them.

* Tiphareth waves at the Guardians, putting on a last surge of energy to try and beat her Malakite companion...

* Ian adds a little kick of energy as well, looking to keep it even.

* Tiphareth plummets in, by this point not caring about any steenking race.

* Ian drops with, not really concerned about the race either and making sure nobody gets flattened against any walls or anything.

* The two Cherubim back up a bit, their wings rustling as the two angels dive-bomb, but nobody gets splatted, so nobody needs to whip out the Songs of Healing...

* Tiphareth flares out her wings, backwinging and coming in for a landing, knees flexing for a running stop.

* Ian flares his wings as well, catching air and slowing quickly for a soft landing.

* One of the Cherubim, a grey-winged Dire Wolf, nods to the two angels and growls in welcome. "Nice landing, you two."

{Ian} Thanks. You'd think we'd practiced it. *wg*

{Tiphareth} Thanks! We appreciate the constructive criticism, and always look for ways to improve it!

* The other Cherub chuckles. "I'll be sure to drop commentary in your inboxes..."

{Tiphareth} Thankyou!

* Ian eyerolls a bit, but he is grinning.

* The two Cherubim smile, and do not block the door. Like they -ever- would for one of their own?

* Ian nods back, and offers his hand to Tippy at the doorway.

* Tiphareth blushes, pauses, and takes it.

* Ian blushes back a little, but he does smile noticeably.

* Tiphareth nodnods, grinning sheepisly, and starts to walk on inside, still holding his hand.

* The Halls of Progress are much as Tiphareth and Ian remember them, resonating with their Superior's Word, and filled with angels working on the latest technological advancements. More than one of them recognize the twosome, either casually and exchanging words of greeting, or noticing the fact that they're hand-in-hand with a quirked eyebrow...

* Ian nods and greets back as appropriate, and looking sheepish at quirked eyebrows.

* Tiphareth blushes a lot. Her capillaries aren't worn out yet. And she waves hi at any fellow Servitors she knows.

* She knows more than a couple of them, certainly! Though most are busy on their various tasks to do more than exchancge quick greetings...

* Tiphareth is glad for that, as it's been months since she's seen a few.

{Ian} So... report in first? *wg*

{Tiphareth} Yup. Sounds like a plan, it does. {sniffs the distant smell of ozone happily}

{Ian} Righto.

* Tiphareth smiles and heads for the email terminals.

* Ian follows, naturally.

* There are plenty of public-access email terminals for the happy Lightning Servitors... and look, there's even two stations right next to each other, unoocupied! And every station is the latest in high-quality JeanTech.

{Tiphareth} . o O (Mmmmm.....JeanTech...)

* Tiphareth wanders over to one of the stations, with attached Malakite.

* Attached Malakite sits down at the conveniently open station right next to the pretty Bright's station.

* Tiphareth grins at Ian and starts logging in, her fingers blurring. "Know what I like about working here? Well, one of them anyway?"

{Ian} No, what do you like about working here? *g, logging in as well*

* The computers bleep happily, in pleasing tones.

{Tiphareth} Well, the stuff here never crashes. And it always works, and it never sucks. Unlike Someone's who Shall Not Be Named.

{Ian} Riiiiiight. This does come in very handy. *wg*

* Tiphareth starts composing a report, being completely accurate but interesting phrasing doing so.

{Tiphareth} Eyup. Oh, well, one of these days I'll get Boss's Elohite attunement...

{Ian} Only a matter of time, I'm sure. *reports in, largely business as usual so far during his 'downtime', planning to check in on Valanna right after this report to see how she's doing, and there's a certain Bright Daughter he'd like to spend some extra time with, if it won't be too inefficient or anything*

{Tiphareth} Hope so. Those little computers rock deeply. {grins, continuing to type.

* "Dear Boss: Nothing new's happened, the watch is very nice. I take there's no free Dominations yet? Oh yeah, Ian of Lightning's dropped into town, okay he stays for a bit? Sorry not reporting in from dirtside with email but I had an evening free. And needed coffee. If anything starts sucking again, I'll be on the case pronto. Let me know when the watch needs returning. Love, Tiphareth."

* Both emails head off into the circuits of Lightning, to be processed and read by the Archangel when he has a free moment. *pause* Which, given who he is, could be quite a while...

* Tiphareth grins and starts checking out the rest of her inbox, looking for any correspondence from any buddies.

* Ian checks his inbox as well, grateful that this account does not suffer from spam and suchlike. Just a few messages from his teammates, couple messages from friends, all non-urgent stuff.

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (6 4 2).

* After about 10 minutes, there's a ping from both angel's inboxes, marked with the little red lightning flag that indicates an email from the Boss.

* Tiphareth glances down. "Hoboy, Ian. Time to pay piper." {she opens the message immediately}

{Ian} *q* Indeed. *swl, selects the message and opens it*

* Tiphareth's email reads: "Tiphareth: Update Acknowledged. Projections indicate a continued possibility of further conflict over the next 1.5 Terran weeks. Continue taking all necessary precautions against further incursions against human ACT developments. Requests for a Domination will be re-evaluated based on current postings and recent clearances for Earthside duty. Association with the Virtue is approved, provided it does not impact current duties or Role duties. Standing protection of Role and associates in effect. Return of relic will be expected at the end of the curren overwatch period, barring unforseen circumstances. -- J."

* Tiphareth nodnods to herself, reading through all this.

* Ian also receives an email.... "Ian: Update Acknowledged. Continue on current assignment until recalled by Corporeal superior or orders from Lightning. Valanna, Seraph of Lightning still currently in Trauma and being watched; visits approved for team-members and accompanying angels. Association with the Bright Daughter at UIUC approved, provided it does not impact current duties or Role duties. If there are no incursions by the end of 1.5 Terran weeks, continue travels on Earth. While at UIUC, perform evaluation of current corporeal defenses of Tether, and current angelic/demonic activities through Urbana-Champaign. Standing protection of Role and associates in effect. -- J."

* Ian hrms thoughtfully, nodding.

{Tiphareth} Hmm... What'd you get?

{Ian} Well, the good news is, I get to hang around your area for another week and a half Terran, check out activity in the town and all that. *sigh* Bad news, Valanna's still in Trauma. Team members and company can visit, at least.

* Tiphareth smiles, nodding and grinning at that, then sobering, the grin leaking away. {q} "...Damn. Do you still want to check on her and her Heart, or should we leave her to her peace?"

{Ian} *q* I do want to see her, even if I can't do anything for her right now. Just for a minute. *wl*

{Tiphareth} {q} I understand. Want to do it alone?

{Ian} *q*, I don't, actually. *swl*

{Tiphareth} {q} Good. {small smile, and reaches over to squeeze his hand}

* Ian squeezes right back, and is very very grateful for Tiphareth's presence and support.

{Tiphareth} {q} Want to go now?

* Ian nods, ending his email session with one hand as he's still holding Tippy's hand with the other.

{Ian} *q* Now would be best.

{Tiphareth} {q} Right. I'm out of the system, I'm good. {still holding his hand, comfortingly}

* Ian nods, standing, indicating the direction they need to be heading.

* Tiphareth goes with with a wing-flip, ending up by him. "Lead on..."

* And as they head off to see their companion, we fork.

* Ian leads, heading for the place where Traumatized servitors rest.

* Tiphareth follows with, more sober now.

* Ian looks for the place where Valanna is, or perhaps an orderly who can provide direction.

* The place where Traumatized servitors rest is easily findable for Servitors of Lighning, thanks to the clear and precise directions mounted on the walls -- she's in the section of the Heartrooms that are allocated for younger servitors of Lightning. A Cherub orderly, one of many who guard and protect the Hearts, points to way towards one section, with assigned niche-number.

* Tiphareth takes note and nods a bit, noting the relation of her own Heart in respect.

* Ian nods to the Cherub, trying to steel himself a bit as he looks for the niche in question.

* Tiphareth notices and squeezes his hand, trying to impart as much comfort as she can.

* Said niche in question has several privacy baffles set up around it, so as to not disturb the angel within... it's big enough for one or two others to enter, and has monitoring equipment set up to check on Valanna's status, though of course she's still currently in Trauma...

* Ian squeezes Tippy's hand back, needing that support right now as he heads gingerly for the niche.

* Tiphareth follows, naturally.

* Resting within the niche is a youthful-looking Seraph with shiny red-violet scales. Her six sapphire eyes are half-closed, looking at nothing on the ceiling. A small sapphire Heart in the shape of an octahedron rests nearby, pulsing faintly.

{Ian} *hesitant for a moment at this* *vq* "...hello valanna."

* Tiphareth tightens her mouth and closes her eyes a moment as she takes in the catatonic angel.

{Tiphareth} {vq} ...hey there, valanna. it's a friend.

{Tiphareth} {vq} Two friends, actually... Ian's here...

{Ian} *nodding, squeezing Tippy's hand again* *vq* "...don't know if you can hear or not, but... we beat them... we were true to our Oaths, our Word..."

{Tiphareth} {vq} He beat the tar out of 'em. {little smile}

{Ian} your... *voice cracks, he swallows and composes himself* your honor is intact, Most Holy...

* Tiphareth squeezes his hand a bit more, torn between comforting the aware Malakite and giving what comfort she can to a Seraph that likely can't feel it...

{Ian} *squeezes Tippy's hand back, knowing he might as well be talking to the ceiling* *vq* I hope you'll rejoin us soon, Valanna... you're missed.

{Tiphareth} {vq} Yeah....come back soon. We love you and miss you. Oh, not that you can hear but my name is Tipareth, officially of the Choir of Freak of Nature. {pause} I'm sure you'd take issue with that if you could...

{Ian} . o O (I almost wish she would...)

* Tiphareth seems to read Ian's mind enough to give his hand another squeeze.

{Ian} *vq* That's all I had to say, really... just come back soon, okay? *heavy sigh, handsqueeze*

{Tiphareth} {vq} Please. I'd like to meet you. You gave so much.

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 8 (4 1 3).

* Ian looks over to Tippy, his eyes saying there isn't much else to be done, really.

* Tiphareth nods, quietly, biting her lip.

* The monitors continue to beep and flash in a steady, slow rhythm.

* Ian angles his head in the general direction of the exit, trying not to look too helpless.

* Er, wait... one seems to be beeping a little faster and sure than they were before...

* Ian pauses, blinking, and glancing back.

* Tippy *blinks*.

* Several other displays slowly sweep from yellow to green, the other beeps increasing tempo in synch...

* Ian glances at Tippy again in what could be considered disbelief.

* Tippy seems similarly disbelieving.

{Tippy} {q} I think she's....

* Valanna's eyes begin to blink slowly, her wings twitching slightly...

* Tippy reluctantly lets go of Ian's hand and slides to her knees by the Seraph's head, protectively.

* There's the sound of someone moving down the hallway towards their position, soon resolving itself into the Cherub orderly who directed them this way... It pokes its shaggy head in, noticing the two angels there and the one recovering. *q* "oh me oh my..."

{Tippy} {q} She's coming out of Trauma, Guardian...

* Ian makes sure the Cherub has any room if he needs to come in. Valanna's eyeblinks become more rapid, more feathers ruffling, her body beginning to tremble a bit.

* The Cherub nods. *q* "My displays indicated as much. I'm afraid I'll have to ask either of you to leave the partition... she's going to have some recovery to do..."

* Tiphareth looks rather helpless at this statement, and much like she'd rather stick by the Seraph as she comes out.

{Ian} *wanting to stay, but nods* As you say, Guardian.

* The Guardian nods. *q* "You can wait outside in the hallway, Virtue... my apologies."

* Tiphareth nods, rising from her kneeling position.

{Ian} It's necessary, I understand. *looks to Tippy* Let's go.

* Tiphareth nods. "Righto..."

* The Cherub, who is a big winged sheepdog in its celestial form, nods again. *q* "Thank you, both of you.... your names and choirs, for us to indicate when she is ready to contact you?" It starts checking the displays, as a dispatched reliever, its wings the color of circuit boards, flutters by the doorway.

{MServ} s/choirs/

{Tiphareth} Tiphareth, Choir of Frea--er, Bright Lilim.

{Ian} Ian. I was her teammate in the operation that caused this in the first place.

* The Cherub mrrs, and makes a note. "No apologies necessary, Virtue... it happens, regretfully. Now, if you'd excuse me?"

{Tiphareth} N'prob.

* Ian nods, offering his hand to Tippy again.

* Tiphareth takes it, smiling in relief.

* Ian looks rather relieved as well as they head out.

* The Cherub ducks back into the partitioned niche, and the Reliever flutters in after, after blinking at Tippy a few times. There can be heard the soft voices of Cherub reassuring the recovering Valanna, and the soft notes of the Reliver trying to do the thing of checking the monitors and askign the cherub what Choir the pretty lady was...

* Tiphareth looks wry as she waits.

{Ian} They seem fascinated with you for some reason. *swg, wink*

* Tiphareth looks sheepish. "Yeeaaah...can't imagine why." {small grin}

{Ian} *snickers a tiny bit, pause* They might be a while... maybe we should head for the coffee shop? *swl*

* Tiphareth nods. "Yep. That works... Pity, I'd buy Valanna biscotti but she has other issues at the moment." {small grin}

{Ian} Maybe later. *wg*

* Tiphareth nodnodnods.

* Another reliever flits by, its wings an odd mirror of Tippy's own, albeit solid feathers and not aura-wings, waiting by the niche to help the Cherub within...

{Ian} *watches the reliever go by* Maybe we should go ahead and go and let them work. *wg*

{Tiphareth} Yeah...{small smile} Magna Veritas, ho....

* Ian nodnods, looking much better than he did earlier, and leads the way.

* Tiphareth smiles, hugging him one-armedly for a moment.

* Ian flushes briefly, but hugs her right back.

* Tiphareth smiles, blushing a bit. {q} "She'll get better now."

{Ian} *q* Yes. She will.

{Tiphareth} {q} M'glad... Feel better now knowing that?

{Ian} Much... *vq* ...and I'm glad you were here. *blush*

* Tiphareth nods. {vq} "Me too." {similar coloring}

* Ian gives Tippy an arm-hug, continuing on course for Magna Veritas.

* The course to the Marketplace and Magna Veritas is a familiar one to Ian, and therefore easily and quickly traversed...

* Tiphareth blushes and smiles, quite a lot.

* Tiphareth knows it as well, very well, and needs little guidance, though occasionally scoping out the goodies en route with the eye that a Lilim, Bright or not, always has for a deal.

* Soon enough, the two find themselves standing before Magna Veritas.

{Tiphareth} So, inward? {small grin}

* Ian nods, leading the way once again.

* The half-curtain parts, and as always the trade and business is brisk within... customers at the tables or within the booths, an Elohite server at the back behind the bar, several Kyrio and Cherub servers moving about deliverying orders... the air is thick with the aroma of good coffee and fine spirits...

* Tiphareth follows, blinking at the sights.

* Tiphareth also starts snorfling the smells, happily

* Ian takes a nice long breath of the coffee too, glad to be there once again. He also looks for open spaces.

* Tiphareth does too, peering around but lacking relative altitude.

* There's several open spaces, both along the front of the establishment and along one side that allow the ebb and flow of Trade to be viewed by the patrons, plus a few booths further back, allowing for relative privacy...

{Ian} *hrms* Up front or in the back?

* Tiphareth ponders. "Back, but not so far that if...well...Valanna recovers soon enough, she can't find us."

{Ian} *nods* Good point. *looks for a good compromise between the two*

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 9 (5 3 1).

* Well... hrm... Ian doesn't spot anything... perhaps Tippy would like to try?

{Ian} Hrm... see anything nice and middle-range? Otherwise we'll have to pick a side. *wg*

## Tiphareth rolled 3d6 = 12 (2 4 6).

* Ah HAH! There's a -very- good space right over -there-....

* Tiphareth blinks and bounces a bit. {q} "I see one!"

{Ian} Great, grab it!

* Tiphareth flips wings into the air, landing rather clumsily in one seat, then looking rather smug.

* Ian hehs, looking a bit wry, and heads for the other seat at a more sedate pace.

* Tiphareth smiles a little sheepishly. "Sorry..."

* A Kyriotate server notices the twosome chosing an empty booth, and it floats over, looking at them with eyes on both sides. "Hello, may I take your order?" it chords with mouths on both sides, a pair of hands pulling a notepad out to take the order.

{Tiphareth} Heya, Domination! I'll take iced mocha, a cheeseburger, and fries, and add some worchestshire to the burger!

{Ian} Java with creme de menthe for me, and I'll take a cheeseburger and fries also.

* The Kyrio arches an eyebrow, but nods, writing down that order: "Iced mocha, wrchestshire cheesburger and fries" even as another pair of mouths asks "And you, virtue?"

* The Domination nods, and takes note for that as well. "Be with you in just a few, you two!"

* The Kyrio floats back towards the back, stopping by the Elohite to arrange for drinks...

* Tiphareth smiles at Ian's choice.

{Ian} *shrugs* Sounded good. *g*

{Tiphareth} It is. Alll the decadence, none of the cholesterol.

* Ian snickers.

* Tiphareth grins.

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 9 (4 2 3).

* After about 3 minutes, the Kyriotate returns, carrying Ian and Tiphareth's orders in its many hands, and also carrying a reliquary to store their payment. "Four measures of Essence for the combined order, folks...."

* Ian nods and offers four measures of Essence.

{Tiphareth} Right. {smile, holds up her hand to, pauses, and flushes a bit} {sheepish} Nemmind.

* The Kyrio nods, and smiles as the Reliquary takes the payment. "Ah, Virtues... always the gentlemen..." It winks at Ian, flirtatiously, as an eye on Tippy's side winks conspiritorially.

* Ian reddens a bit.

* Tiphareth coughs.

{Tiphareth} {mumbled} Uh-huh...

* The Domination giggles, and floats away, leaving the two with their meals.

* Ian glances at Tippy, reddening a bit more.

* Tiphareth blushes more and looks wry. {m} "Meanwhile, *we're* cute and cuddly and Nothing If Not Fun." {rolls eyes} {pauses, and glances back at Ian, cranking up the blush}

{Ian} *q* well... you are, y'know... *yes, more blush*

{Tiphareth} {q} Really? {small grin}

* Ian nodnods.

{Tiphareth} {q} Oh. {flushes more} {looks down} Usually people think we're shallow because of it...

{Ian} *q* Well... I know -you're- not shallow at all. *puts a hand to her shoulder*

* Tiphareth smiles. {q} "Thank you." {touches his hand}

* Ian puts his other hand over hers, looking into her eyes.

* Tiphareth blinks, swallowing a bit, but smiling slightly for all that.

{Ian} *vq* You -are- very very beautiful. *blush*

{Tiphareth} {vq} I....thank you? {smile} {opens her mouth a moment, then blushes and pauses}

{Ian} Hm?

* Tiphareth coughs, and blushes furiously. {q} " {slightly strangled} you too, and I'm not meaning just the wings and oathchains if you know what I mean, just so you know and all..."

{Ian} *q* yeah, i... i think i know just what you mean... *quite red*

* Tiphareth nods, mutely.

{Tiphareth} {q} Just...heh...I didn't want you to think it was just your Choir, you know...

{Ian} *q* yeah, yeah... s'not just -your- Choir either...

{Tiphareth} {q} What, the Choir of Freak of Nature? {wry grin}

{Ian} *q* Seems more like the Choir of Selfless Beauty to me. *wg*

* Tiphareth flushes a bit more. {q} "We'll ignore the technical details, um, thankyou..."

* A bit of silent gazing into eyes follows...

* Tiphareth resonates, by pure reflex.

## Tiphareth rolled 3d6 = 12 (4 2 6).

* The image dominating all others is that of a happy and beautiful Bright Daughter in the arms of an equally happy black-winged Virtue.

* Tiphareth blinks. And blinks a lot.

* Ian blinks back.

* Tiphareth blushes, rather a lot.

* Ian realizes what she must've seen and also grows rather red.

* Tiphareth looks down, sheepishly. {m} "Sorry, didn't mean to pry..."

{Ian} *m* no, s'alright, really... um...

{Tiphareth} {m} Um?

{Ian} *m* um...... food?

* Tiphareth nodnodnodnods. "Food good."

* That said, Ian digs into the food which was sitting unattended all this while. Also trying to tone down the red in his face.

* Fortunately, this being Heaven, the Cheeseburgers never get cold. Nor do their drinks, unless they were cold to begin with (in which case they never reach room temperature)

* This is very fortunate indeed.

* Tiphareth snorfs hers happily, trying to get down her own blush, and get that image of his Needs backgrounded for later.

* Ian finishes up with his food, and sips java.

* Tiphareth happily works on her iced mocha, contently, though still obviously embarassed.

* Ian does still look a bit on the sheepish and red side too.

{Tiphareth} {small smile}

{Ian} yeah?

{Tiphareth} {q} Well, er, technically, I Owe you. {small grin, wink}

{Ian} Hm? oh, yeah, well... don't have to make it official or anything... *wl*

{Tiphareth} Well, no. {small grin} know what I can ask the lady for something if you want..

{Ian} Mm... I'll... think of something. *sg*

{Tiphareth} Oh good. {grins, nods} {follows up with a wink}

* Ian flushes a bit, but smiles back.

{Tiphareth} Do you feel better, anyway?

{Ian} Yes, much. Thanks in no small part to you.

{Tiphareth} I'm glad. I know you were upset. {smiles} And I admit I'm glad Valanna's out of Trauma as well, as that is another bit of what bothered you so much...

{Ian} *nods* Knowing she's going to be okay helped. One less little thing for me to worry about.

{Tiphareth} Yeah...anything else on your plate, other than finding out and spacking who pulled that crap?

{Ian} That's the main one, yeah. In the meantime, Jean wants me to hang around your area, see how good the defenses for the local Tether are. Guess that means you'll be seeing me a lot for a while. *wl*

{Tiphareth} Awww....I just so *dread* the thought. {wink}

* Tiphareth grins, impishly.

{Ian} Yeah, me too. *wink back*

{Tiphareth} I'm sure you do. {quieter} Glad you don't. {smile}

{Ian} *q* Same here. *ws*

{Tiphareth} {q} Glad it's mutual. Do want to get to know you better. {blush}

{Ian} *q* So do I. *blush back*

{Ian} Hm... anything else we should do while we're up here? *wg*

{Tiphareth} Hmm... Short of maybe checking in on Valanna to see if she's recuperating....not a whole lot, officially. {wry} And I have to head back dirtside anyway for graveyard lab duty.

{Tiphareth} Pity...wanted a good excuse to tear around Heaven some more. {grin}

{Ian} Mm. Well, I'm sure we could arrange other dates. *wg*

{Tiphareth} This is true. {solemn voice} We'll always have Blandine's.

* Tiphareth blinks, and starts giggling again.

* Ian blinks, then snrks.

* Tiphareth starts humming "As Time Goes By."

{Ian} Well, if you need to get back for lab duty, maybe we ought to go ahead and head back now.

{Tiphareth} Point. And if all else fails, you or I can fire off some mail to Valanna dirtside, I'm sure.

{Ian} *nods* Let her have her space in the meantime. *wg*

{Tiphareth} Yeah....Trauma's nothing to sneeze at, psychologically.

{Ian} Definitely not... even if I do get over it quicker than most. *wg* *gets up, offering a hand* Back to the land of the corporeal?

* Tiphareth takes it. "Yes indeed. Where Boop Splat is likely sitting indignantly on my vessel's face."

{Ian} *snrf* Oh, mustn't have that. *wink*

* Tiphareth smiles. "Oh, not at all."

* And so, hand in hand, our intrepid celestials head back towards the wonders of the corporeal plane.

In Nomine 2070