Lightning Amongst the Flowers

* A late evening at UIUC on April 23, 2071... and after a long day of interviewing, commuting, dealing with jet lag in two directions, and sending emails to snuggly Malakim, Tina now... must decide what to do next!

* Tiphareth frets, and makes bleh noises after showering, contemplating the dark outside, and the hamsters waddling around in the living room, eating sunflower seeds. She finally makes a decision, and gets sweatpants and a light sweatshirt on.

{Muon} Mprh?

{Tiphareth} Gonna have to go out for a bit, Mu. Got something I think needs taking care of... {sounds pensive}

{Tau} {Pinky voice, or as much as can be managed with a rodent vocal apparatus} Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin', Brain?

{Tina} Yes, but where are we going to get five gallons of cappucino at this time of night.

* Tau facepalms. "That was pretty bad, even by my liberal standards."

{Tina} I had an excellent sempai in *that* area.

{Tina} {m} Besides *someone* keeps poking into my email....

{Tau} {m} Unt what does this have to do with anytheeng?

{Tina} {m} I need to do something about part of what Ian said, or I won't have a moment's peace tonight.

{Tau} Which bit?

{Muon} Hmmm?

{Tina} {grumbled} I thought you'd read...

{Tau} Not tonight, I wasn't *that* bored. Plus *someone* seems to be a bit crabby after today's tasks...

* Tina rolls her eyes. "Basically, weisenheimer, I need to take a trip down Lincoln to the Vet-Med area. To the Arboretum-Hartley Gardens bit, mainly."

{Tau} Unt why would the Bright Daughter need to be doing this thing this late at night, the Domination asked?

{Muon} Unt the other Domination concurred?

{Tina} I...need to be doing the thing of talking to someone down there, she replied.

{Tau} You realize this is asking for you getting mugged, the Domination noted.

{Tina} The Bright is aware of this fact, but has traversed Shal-Mari in her time. This is nothing. And this has the possible future of someone in the balance.

{Muon} So....*why* the Arboretum, the newbie asked?

* Tina rolls her eyes more. "If you *really* want to know, it's a minor Tether to Flowers, she replied."

{Tau} To *Flowers*? Oh, Tiiina, I thought I raised you better than--

* Tina picks the black and white hamster up by the scruff of the neck and gives him a very dirty look out of a ragged scruff of black hair which is over half her face due to having just out of the shower ten minutes ago without combing it yet.

{Tau} ...erk?

{Tina} Look, bub. Ian is under a great deal of stress. And, as it happens, so is someone of Flowers on Citidas. Ian, we can at least help more directly, and I'm sure Boss has his finger on the situation. The Flowers person, on the other hand, we don't *know* if her Superior knows yet. And do *I* want to have a hand in her possibly Falling if we do nothing? Do you? Or Muon? I thought we were better than the petty Hell rivalry crap. {seems very stressed and on a roll herself} I want to at least do something, okay? Please.

* Tau is silent for a couple minutes. He seems to be stopped out of his usual smartassed banter.

{Tau} ...No. {shakes head slowly}

* Tina sighs. "Thanks."

* Muon nods, silently. "Y'need help?"

* Tina ponders. "I could use the company, if you guys keep your comments down around the Seneschal?"

* Muon nods. "I can do this thing."

{Tau} Heh...Yeah.

{Tina} Right.

* Tina finishes her preps, rips a comb through her hair, and sticks hamsters in their respective jacket pockets before slipping out of the apartment so as Boop Splat cannot follow.

* Five minutes later, she's whizzing down the night-deserted Lincoln Avenue, keepin eyes out for any possible hoodlums.

* There doesn't -appear- to be any hoodlums... then again, it -is- a realtively cool thursday evening in late April, and school is still in session...

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 9 (2 2 5).

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 9 (1 2 6).

* As Tina's bike-bike-biking along, she can spot the usual types of lowlife that tends to frequent the alleys and small clubs and bars that are tucked away and should really be in bed doing decent stuff...

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 8 (2 3 3).

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 13 (5 5 3).

* And, given the speed Tina's biking, it's not like they get much of a view of her, either!

* Tina makes note of this, and keeps on guard, though.

* The night traffic wends its way along the streets, mostly keeping to the traffic signals, given the lateness of the hour.

* Tina hits Florida, which is pretty much the southern boundary for housing and becomes more the agricultural end of the school, even at this late date, feeling a familiar thrum in the Symphony as she does.

* To her left, she can see a stand of trees, to her right the distant bulk of the Veterinary School...the latter she's not interested in, but more in the bark path she can see coming up, leading to the left, and a set of gazebos at the corners of a huge semi octahedron, vegetation black in the moonlight, except for the ghostly white of early varieties of flowers.

* The Kyriotates remain respectfully quiet, as she pulls up and locks the bike, stepping for the path.

* Tina chews on her lip a lot as she walks for the center of the arboretum, between test beds of early pansies and tulips.

{Voice} You know, little girls shouldn't be out this late at night....

* Tina jumps, yeeping, wondering what pervert is about to grope her, stiffening a bit, and looking around frantic.

* A figure, dramatically, steps out of the shadow of one of the corner gazebos, holding a trowel and a flashlight aimed at the ground, eyes glinting in the moon. Despite the adrenalin probably talking to Tina, there seems to be no immediate threat to his posture, though there is a certain attention.

{Tina} {pants} Sorry....

* There is some restive shifting in her pockets.

* The man hmms. "It's rather late, and sorry for the scare." {crooked grin} "I don't get too many cheap thrills in this job. Can I help you?"

* Tina gnaws on her lip some more, really savaging it after a long day, pondering how to phrase this just in case.... {q} " to talk to your Mom, if she's in?"

* Two hamster faces poke out of the pockets, looking at the guy.

* The middle-aged man pauses, his silvered shock of hair glinting in the night. Looks at her. Looks at the hamsters.

{Man} {q} And who may I have the pleasure of asking who wants to see my Mother, hmm? {no threat to his tone, but a wry quirk to his mouth}

* Tina takes a deep breath. {vq} "I.... {puffs it out} Tiphareth. Bright Daughter of Lightning. These are Muon and Tau, Dominations of Lightning." {chews lip more} "I...know my Boss and your Mom, er, sir, aren't on the best of terms but one of your Mom's may be in trouble and I had to try..." {trails off, feeling well and truly stupid}

* The man blinks. And *blinks* at her identity, then listens quietly to the rest.

{Man} Hm. All right... Clary, Guardian of Flowers, here. You want me to take a message, or you three want to take the express Up?

{Tau} {q} We'll stay, sir. I think this is hers to do.

* Muon looks at Tina from his vantage, looks in Tau's direction (through Tina), then nods in concur.

{Tina} If I can, sir...Guardian...I'd want to see her personally...if possible. {gnaws lip}

* Clary nods. "Doable, I think. Mind, her scheduler's pretty full, but I can put you up there at least to make a note in it if nothing else. Plus, it's not like we're hierarchy mad like *some* orgs. {wink} Need Essence, Bright Daughter?" {lingers over that, a bit wondering} "Bright Daughter....didn't think there was one of your kind in the area....I digress."

* Tina flushes a bit. "Thanks, but I'm full. {small smile} {flush} And well, point to that, you know...past history and all."

{Clary} Right. Well, if you'll walk this way...

* Tina does, following him to the center of the pathways of the symnetrical test flowerbeds. She also hands over Dominations to him on the way. They waddle into the Cherub's hands, snuffling at the unfamiliar smell of dirt and greenery, but cooperate.

* Clary looks around as they reach the center. "Right, we should be good. Ascend when you're ready, Bright Daughter."

{Tina} Right. {small smile}

* Clary waits, seeming very focused on her as she does for some reason.

* Tina takes one last breath, then drops vessel, wings crackling out in blue fire.

* Tina doesn't really notice Clary's look of awe, or the Kyriotates' look of approval... and Ascends.

* And the world changes...

* ...And Tina finds herself standing in the middle of small gazebo, with a hanging swing chair, ivy and roses climbing up the painted-white framework, and two relievers who appear to be working on a set of pan pipes.

* Oh, and said gazebo appears to be in the middle of a hedge maze. Or at least it seems, since there's seraph-high hedges on all 4 sides, though one has an opening...

* Tina grins at the gazebo, going oo at the flowers, then rubbernecking around her.

* The two relievers eep, startled at the appearance of the newcomer. "Hi, prettylady!"

{Reliever2} She's not a prettylady, she's a Bright!

{Releiver1} Ohhhh. *pause* ... Whassa 'Bright'?

{Releiver2} She is! *points to Tina*

* Tina blinks, grinning a little bit, ruffling her wings a bit. "Whatever works, guys! How's you kno...." {decides to let the reliever do its spiel}

* Tina grins, giggling a little bit.

*** Tina is now known as Tiphareth.

* Reliever1 ooohhhhs, and nods. "Ooooh, okay! Hi, prettylady Bright!"

* Tiphareth giggles more. "How'd you know what I was, hey?" {to Reliever 2}

* Reliever2 looks a bit sheepish, flicking back its sea-green wings as it starts gesturing. "Well, Jekuthiel was talking with Mqttro who told him 'bout Archer who was talking 'bout Corinne who met Ume..."

* Tiphareth facepalms.... "Oh...yeah. Ume. Yup. an impression on er, people... that's, er, my Sister all right..." {blushes under her hand}

{Reliever2} She sounded reallynice, though! *she peers at Tiphareth* So, whatcha up here for, 'n who're you?"

* Tiphareth removes her hand, still flushing a bit. {small wry grin} "Tiphareth, Bright of Lightning and...well, I need to speak to Mama Novalis, if that's possible? Or at least get direction to the Party if you two'd be so kind?"

* Reliever2 nodnods, braiding a sequence of knots in some vines that hang off one end of the gazebo. "Okay! ... I can't leave here, though..."

* Releiver1 chirps. "I can help you!"

* Tiphareth nods to 2. "No problem!" To 1: "Thank you very much!"

* The second releiver goes back to working on its pan-pipes as the first hops up, flitting about on dragonfly wings and gesturing to Tiphareth. "Thisaway, prettylady Bright Tiphareth of Lightning!"

{Tiphareth} Thankyou! {follows after, enjoying the heavenly gardening and letting it relax her}

* The dragonfly-winged releiver flits through the archway, and it readily becomes apparent that the gazebo really -is- in the middle of a hedge maze, many many twisty paths all alike...

* Tiphareth is *darn* glad she asked for guidance, then, being in another Superior's Cathedral and all...

* Tiphareth follows after, mantling her wings into a glowing ultramarine to green sparking cloak.

* At least it appears that -some- folks know their way around... other angels can be seen through the trimmed edges of hedges, other archways showing breif glimpses of what could be meeting places or Tether endpoints or rendevouses... the sounds are subdued, but getting slightly louder as they proceed...

* Tiphareth keeps going with, rubbernecking shamelessly, though she averts eyes from any bits where inhabitants seem to be um, affectionate, blushing a bit.

* Finally, the twosome reach the entrance to this particular hedge maze, revealing swards of fresh green grass, soaring and inviting trees, and everywhere the sound of music, laughter, and happy conversation.

* Tiphareth grins, smiling and looking on the party and the trees, and other memories of a certain Malakite coming to play as well, for a moment, before those memories remind her of why she's here... "Thank you, Helper! And you know where I'd go to get in your Mom's scheduler or something?"

{Reliever1} Xanthe? Thisaway!

{Tiphareth} Thankyou! {follows after}

* The dragonfly-winged releiver flitters along, in the bright but not oppresive heavenly light, leading Tiphareth on a roundabout path around various small groupings chatting, eating, playing, performing, swimming, flying, and other various things.

* Tiphareth sniffs food. Tries to be strong. Tries not to be hungry. Tries to remember her task. *Really* *hopes* their path buzzes a table of goodies or five...

* Tiphareth also makes sure her jumpsuit doesn't have schmutz on it. She's taken pains to wear a nice, lovely, clear indigo jumpsuit this time, with a high collar and long sleeve. Now she's contemplating how much she wants to lie in the bluebells. Sigh.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 3 3).

* Sorry, no fields of bluebells nearby... but there's a pot of gumbo being tended by a kyriotate, stirring the pot with 7 hands on 7 spoons...

* Tiphareth whimpers.

{Tiphareth} . o O (Please God, remove these temptations from my pa...oh what the hell, I'm not a Swordie. Have to!)

{Tiphareth} HiDominationcanIhave some of the yummy stuff?

* The releiver accompaning Tippy giggles, while the Domination rotates several eyes and 3 mouths towards her. "Sure you can, little miss... pull up a bowl or two and let me serve you," it choruses in a matronly female voice.

* The releiver yays, and grabs a bowl that's half again as big as it is.

* Tiphareth decides to yay too and grabs another. "Yay! Thank you. My nose knows what it likes."

{Domination} And it's a very pretty nose, at that. *chuckle*

* The Kyrio doles out two heaping bowlfuls of yummynummy aromatic gumbo.

{Tiphareth} Thankyou, Domination1

* Tiphareth tries not to salivate. Only marginally succeeds.

{Domination} You're welcome, Bright Daughter! Enjoy!

{Reliever} Yay!

* The releiver sets its bowl down, sits next to it, and starts noshing happily.

{Tiphareth} I will! {dives in, hoping enough time will be had after to see people}

* Yummy gumbo is consumed!

* Tiphareth is indeed an exceedingly happy Bright, and seems to be humming something that sounds like the Ode To Joy as she consumes. Muffled, however.

* The Releiver tries to hum along, wordlessly! Or it could because its mouth is full of gumbo.

* Tiphareth is doing a mixed job of it herself, but it's sincerely meant.

* The releiver gets to the bottom of its bowl... in fact, it's -inside- its bowl.

* Tiphareth would giggle at the sight except she's working at her bowl and is thus a bit occupied.

* The releiever flicks its wings about, and sits in its bowl like one would a chair.

* Tiphareth finishes, and then manages a giggle at the tableau.

* The reliever chirps again. "Youready?"

* Tiphareth nodnods. "You?" She hands the bowl back to the Kyriotate. "Thank you very much, was a pleasure to try your food."

* The Kyrio of Flowers accepts bowls with both hands, while the rest stir or serve out portions to others. "It was a pleasure to make it for you, too!" is choruses.

* The releiver flies out of the bowl to Tippy's eyelevel. "Yep!"

* Tiphareth nods, waving. "Have a good day!" {to the reliever} "Now we see this Xanthe." {small slightly nervous grin}

* Tiphareth fights a burp, and flushes.

* The releiver nodnods, and flits in a direction towards the burgoeing Party. "Oh, she's reallyreallyreallynice!"

{Tiphareth} Okay! {follows some more, wings flaring out reflexively behind her as she follows, trying not to be too much the tourist}

* The angels and blessed souls moving about are a panalopy of shapes and colors, the closer in one gets... and by one copse of trees, which the releiver is flitting towards, there can be seen a group of angels and souls who are chatting with each other and waiting somewhat in a grouping which could almost be considered chaotic, but in a fractal sense. The center of that grouping appears to be a large, Cherub grizzly bear, itself about 9 feet tall if not higher.

* Tiphareth eeps, watching the Cherub, then looks at the reliever. "Is that Xanthe?"

* The releiver nodnods. "Yep!"

{Tiphareth} Woooka. do I do? {slightly sheepish smile}

* The releiver blinks. "Well, um, wait?" It perches on Tippy's shoulder. "Move in close, 'n she'll get to you 'n time..."

* Tiphareth nodnods, looking embarassed and nods. "Thanks. We do it differently in the Halls of Progress." {wry grin, as she manages to Brownian-Motion orbit closer in to the exceedingly large Xanthe-like Cherubic Being of which the reliever speaks}

## Tiphareth rolled 3d6 = 13 (2 6 5).

* Apparently, it's going to be a while... Xanthe is negotiating a polite discussion between several of those folks there.

* Tiphareth elects for waiting patiently then, with decorative reliever, continuing to look around at the highly inefficient and chaotic but exceedingly fun party with the Ofanim playing Frisbee with a few blessed souls right nearby with the frisbee whizzing riiiight over her head.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 5 4).

* Voop! The Frisbee-following Ofanite almost runs into Tippy, what with the crowd there. "Sorry, there!"

{Tiphareth} Eep!

{Tiphareth} NoproblemWheelI'mjust gladyoucan'thaveaheartattackuphere...

* The Ofanite dusts off Tippy with two rings of flame, then spins about to retrieve the Frisbee. "Oh okay, take care 'n nice jumpsuit!" It flies off to rejoin its fellows.

{Tiphareth} Er, thanks!

{Ofanite} You're welcome!

{Reliever} I think he likes yooouuu.... *giggle*

* Tiphareth facepalms, blushing. "M'taaakeeen..."

{Reliever} Awwwwww....

{Tiphareth} But he's very cute!

{Tiphareth} Well, er, both the Ofanite and my boyfriend.

{Reliever} Oh? Whatshelike? *the releiever looks interested*

{Tiphareth} Oh man, you have me going now. Well, he's a Malakite of Lightning, and he's very, very nice, and very intelligent. {drops voice significantly} And he looks very good in leather, but that kind of stuff you need to wait until you get your ninth Force to hear about. {conspiratorial grin}

{Reliever} Awwwwwww! *conspirital whisper* Does he have Good Views?

* Tiphareth goes bright red. But nodnodnods. {cw} "Yep, he has very Good Views. {pause} Where'd you hear about that?"

{Releiver} 's something one of the others was talking 'bout!

{Tiphareth} Ohhh....well, that's also other ninth-force stuff you'll find out about later!

* The releiver nods, sagely. "Ohhhhh. Awwwww." It flutters its dragonfly wings cutely.

{Tiphareth} How many Forces you have now, huh? {grin}

{Deep, gravelly voice} There'll be enough for that later, young'un...

* Tiphareth blinks, erks, and looks up in the direction of the voice. "Hello?"

* The Reliever puffs its chest up proudly. "Four-- eeep!"

* The voice appears to be attached to that of the big Grizzly Bear Cherub from earlier, and its tone is wryly bemused despite the mass of Cherubic power behind it. And female. "Now now, you know I won't bite, Khurdad... who's this y' brought to see me, hmmm?"

* Xanthe sniffs in Tippy's general direction, catching her scent and nodding in approval.

* Tiphareth bows a bit, making sure not to upset her passenger. "I'm Tiphareth, Bright Lilim of'd be Xanthe, ma'am?"

* Khurdad eeps, and stands and points to Tina. "Tiphareth of Lightning, Lady Xanthe! She wants t' see the Lady!" It blurts out.

* Tiphareth oopses as Khurdad gets to it as she does, and blushes a bit, nodding in acknowledgement.

* Xanthe nods her head, bearlike. "Indeed I would be, Bright of Jean... hrmmm, not often we get one of his here asking for her..."

* Khurdad blushes, and sits on Tina's shoulder, trying not to look like it spoke out of turn.

* Tiphareth nods, looking a little sheepish. "I know...and I understand... But I think it's important enough...because one of your own may be in serious trouble, and I couldn't let it lie."

* Tiphareth pats the reliever comfortingly.

* Khurdad relaxes, its dragonfly wings fluttering and untensing.

* Xanthe takes this in, growling a bit under her breath, deep in thought...

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 9 (1 4 4).

* Tiphareth waits, letting Xanthe ponder, and willing to add more if she wishes it.

* The Grizzly-Cherub finishes her pondering, and lets out a sigh. "I'm sorry, dear, but our Lady's rather busy at the moment.. I believe it has something to do with securing a Tether out on Asimov Colony... if you try again in four days, you might do better... it should be anchored by then."

* Tiphareth nods, looking very disappointed for a second, but nodding acceptance. "I see..." She pauses.

* Xanthe looks at Tiphareth with support and care, offering a wing. "It'll be all right, Tiphareth... Lady Novalis -is- quite busy, even our own don't always get to see her..." She then tilts her head, curiously.

* Tiphareth takes in, nodding. "I understand. I'm just very worried about the situation involved."

* Xanthe nods, then hrms, thinking some more, skritching behind one ear with one big furry paw.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 9 (1 5 3).

{Tiphareth} Hmm?

{Xanthe} Well, if you feel the need to unburden yourself, you could try talking to Orael... He's generally good at relaying these things to those who can act on it.

{Tiphareth} I...good. Thank you...I could use it. Where would I find him?

* Xanthe points with a wing. "That way, down the Primrose Path, halfway 'round the Crystal Lake, and towards the Arbor Boughs. He should be in the third bower to the left."

* Tiphareth bows a bit. "Thank you, Xanthe. And thank you for your time."

* Xanthe nods her head back. "You're welcome, Tiphareth. It'll all work out right in the end..."

* Khurdad nodnods! "Thankyou!"

{Tiphareth} I hope so.

* Xanthe lets out a bearlike chuckle. "I know so." She winks one large golden eye.

* Tiphareth smiles a bit. "Gotcha....and thanks."

{Xanthe} WAlk in Peace amongst the Flowers, Bright of Lightning. *smile*

{Tiphareth} Walk in Illumination among the Flowers, or something, Guardian of Flowers? {innocent grin}

{Xanthe} That'll do. *she chuckles, and then waves with one of her wings as she goes and talks with several other angels there.*

* Tiphareth waves back, taking the noted path as she leaves..

* The path is, indeed, lined with primroses and 'paved' with wood chips, though grass even then is poking out here and there. Khurdad continues perching on Tippy's shoulder, watching around as they go.

* Tiphareth enjoys the scenery, making note of the directions, and rather happy for the company. "So four Forces, huh?"

* Khurdad nodnods! "Yup!"

{Tiphareth} Coool. The rest'll come in time. Got any idea what Choir you wanna be when you get all nine?

* Khurdad scrunches up its face, and thinks hard!

{Khurdad} Dunno! Could I be onna you, prettylady Bright?

* Tiphareth pauses, and shakes her head. "Sorry...I don't think so. I was born Lilim. And far's I know, it takes Mom to make one, and a Superior to redeem one. We don't breed true. Sorry." {small wry grin}

{Khurdad} Ohhhhhh. *nods* Didn't know that.

{Tiphareth} No....lots don't, Khurdad. So no biggie. {small grin} What do you kind of like doing right now though?

{Khurdad} Making things! 'n helping others, 'n learning stuff, 'n flying reallyreallyfast... *it buzzes its dragonfly wings like an outboard motor*

{Tiphareth} All of them good! Helping others....that's a Mercurian thing to do. And the reallyreallyfast..... {grin} Wanna be an Ofanite?

{Khurdad} Dunno... I'd get dizzy!

* Khurdad stands up on Tippy's shoulder, and spins roundandroundandroundandround, falling off her shoulder. "Eeep!"

* Tiphareth yeeps and catches him. "I think you learn the trick when you fledge! But they like going really fast. Famed for it."

* Khurdad eeps, and is caught! "Yeahyeah! Y'can see 'em zipping overhead all the time..."

{Tiphareth} Now, do *you* wanna go really fast when you fledge?

* Indeed, a wing of Ofanim zip across the Crystal Lake that they're now walking around, setting ripples across the lake in their wake.

{Khurdad} Dunno... like sitting 'round, too...

{Tiphareth} Hmmm....Ofanim think too. Heck, you're still young. You'll probably figure out the closer you get to fledging what you wanna be. {momentous pause} Or you could fledge Kyriotate!

* Khurdad blinks up at Tippy. "Why'd I wanna do that?"

{Tiphareth} Well, that way you can be a lot of things at once!

{Khurdad} Ooooooooh.

{Tiphareth} Depends. It'll all become clear!

* Khurdad nodnods! "Yay!" And then ooos, pointing towards the Arbor Boughs, which they're approaching.

* Tiphareth eeps and notes it, looking for the third bower,

* The third bower to the left is just through the plaited trees, framing an entryway...

* Tiphareth blinks, and heads that way a bit more quickly, looking around.

* Inside can be seen a pale, unmarked Elohite, its eyes the color of birch bark, apparently making some notes on a piece of paper. Inside the bower can be seen many plant cuttings and small bonsai, and a Jeantech computer, expertly disguised so that only monitor, keyboard, and floppy-slots can be seen, hums softly in the corner, its screensaver showing many various garden plans.

* Tiphareth blinks a bit, and waits in the doorway politely until the Power takes notice.

* After a few moments, the Elohite looks up from what it was writing, gesturing with one luminous hand. "Please, do come in, Bright Daughter. What is it that brings you by this day?"

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 16 (5 6 5).

* Tiphareth looks up and smiles a bit, and comes in with Perched Reliever, the glow from her wings and aura throwing an unreal glow into the interior of the bower. "'d be Orael?"

* The Elohite nods, folding its hands before it on its desk precisely. "Indeed, I am Orael of Flowers. And you are...?"

* Khurdad remains quiet, still perched.

{Tiphareth} Tiphareth of Lightning. {small smile} Xanthe said I should come here.

* Orael ahs, and nods, gesturing to a wicker basket chair. "Stand or sit, whichever you prefer, and tell me about it?"

* Tiphareth nods, and sits, arranging wings. "Thank you, Power. It's a matter of some concern to do with one of your co-Servitors...I don't know her personally, but I'm very worried about her. Novalis isn't in at the time, so...

{Orael} Our Bright Lady tends to be very busy about the Earth reasserting her Word, and elsewhere mankind expands. It is understandable. Which Co-Servitor? And what troubles you about her?

* Tiphareth nods, knowingly. "The story is rather involved. Her name's Irpeel, a Mercurian of Flowers, and she has a role as a doctor out on a new space station orbiting Saturn, called Citidas. My boyfriend is a Malakite of my own Superior, and his Role is also currently stationed there. He found out about her own Role so has been acting as a confidant of some sort I think, to her. {chews lip} The problem is, in his latest emails to me, he related some very real worries she's going dissonant, and he doesn't know how much. All he knows is that when she tried to Heal a patient he noticed something very off in her Song. And as far as I know they're out there with not much support...and I have a bad feeling that there's quite a few Diabolicals in Citidas with them."

* Tiphareth pauses. "Make that *more* than a feeling. He has a real suspicion that one of the people in his own security division is a Destroyer."

* Orael purses its lips quietly, listening to Tiphareth's description of the situation, and writes a few precise notes on a new sheet of paper. "That is unfortunate and distressing, Tiphareth. We will need to look into this. I do not know her personally, but those who have some placement on the human's colonies generally have some means of contacting us in return, and regularly. Is there more you can tell me about the situation?"

* Khurdad gets really quiet, listening to Tippy's explination.

* Tiphareth meanwhile savages her lip some more, trying to remember. {q} "I believe Ian said that the suspected Calabite was watching when the maintenence robot broke down and crushed the legs of the worker Irpeel healed when he felt the dissonance....and that the guy was enjoying watching *way* too much for his tastes. I'm worried that the Diabolicals may actually know who and what she is, and are perhaps ganging up on her...trying to make her..... {trails off} You know. He's also mentioned a great deal of emptiness and despair going around in the station in general, which may also be concerted by demons, and that may be contributing to her dissonance. {q} I had to do something, say something. I don't want anybody to Fall from my negligence. It's... it's not a nice place down there, Power..."

* Orael nods, quietly. *q* "So I have heard, Bright Daughter of Lightning." It offers a comforting hand to her. *q* "I know that the situation sounds dire, Tiphareth, but we -will- do everything in our power to prevent that, and to show the Diabolicals that there are other ways than those of violence and hate."

* Tiphareth takes the Elohite's hand, squeezing a bit, and nodding. {q} "Thank you, Power. I perhaps worry overmuch."

* The Elohite squeezes back, its touch cool but reassuring, calming. *q* "If one did not worry, then one would not be aware there were problems that necessitated correction and healing."

{Tiphareth} {q} Point. {small smile} Perhaps presumptuous of me to ask for Novalis herself, but...

* Orael chuckles slightly, and pats Tiphareth's hand consolingly. *q* "Perhaps, perhaps not. I'm certain you would have made quite the impression on her."

{Tiphareth} {q} Roll the dice, see what you get with that. {wryly} The advantage with my kind is one gets into interesting places.

{Tiphareth} {q} Interesting in the Chinese sense of the word, that is.

* Orael nods. *q* "One could say that all of us are in interesting places and times, but I do take your meaning."

{Tiphareth} {q} True. {tiny smile} I figure, one has to do what one has to do, and worry about whether you violated protocol later. {pause} Plus, it's not like you folks are er, well, the Sword or so on... {sheepish smile}

* Orael chuckles. *q* "This is true. And I'm being a poor host. Anything you would like to eat and/or drink?"

* Tiphareth smiles a little bit. {q} "Ate in the Party with Khurdad here but wouldn't mind a drink, if it wouldn't be too much of an imposition?" {little grin}

* Orael nods, getting up from its seat and moving over to a portion of the bower which has what appears to be a small refrigerator. *q* "Tea? Soda? Light Alcholic? Heavy Spirits?"

{Tiphareth} Soda will do. {little grin}

* Orael obtains three sprites, with straws, in crystal glasses. He hands one to Tippy, and sets another on the table. "For your friend."

* Khurdad eeps, flicks its wings, and flies onto the table to perch on the table and drink from the straw.

* Tiphareth smiles and hands it over to Khurdad. "Thank you, Orael. It's much appreciated."

* Tiphareth resonates somewhere in here for the helluvit.

## Tiphareth rolled 3d6 = 9 (2 2 5).

* Orael's eyes meet Tiphareth's, and behind his eyes she can see the Needs to be objective; to give good, sound supportive advice to Tiphareth; to continue working on his current task (garden planning); to serve his Mother's Word faithfully; to prevent one of his sisters from Falling due to violence or other things.

* Orael nods. "You're welcome, Tiphareth. It sounded like you needed it."

* Tiphareth smiles a bit. "I did. It's been a very long day, even before this."

{Orael} Do you wish to talk about it further?

* Khurdad continues drinking its sprite, the glass still big for it.

* Tiphareth tries not to giggle at the image the reliever presents. "Mostly....I had to get up very early in the morning in order to take a flight for California from Illinois in order to do an interview that with luck will hopefully weasel my little ex-green carcass onto Citidas if I play my cards right. {small smile} *Then* I found possible code while there that might have been pirated from where my Role is stationed. *Then* I had Ian's email waiting for me when I finally dragged myself back. And on top of that, the stress is wearing on Ian well. {looks down} I don't have be near him to know that, and....I'm feeling fairly damned helpless, Power, especially when it comes to my love."

* Tiphareth shrugs a bit. "Then I biked clear down to the Flowers tether late at night to come here. In summary, loong day." {tiny smile}

* Orael nods sagely. "Indeed."

* Khurdad looks at Tippy with something akin to awe.

* Tiphareth looks over at the reliever. "Hmmm?" {small grin}

{Khurdad} ... wow... you're -busy-.... y'sure you're not an Ofanite?

* Tiphareth grins wryly. "This was a *really* atypical day, Khurdad." {little grin}

{Khurdad} Ojhhh.

{Tiphareth} Yup! I've had too many of them recently. It used to be feed the cat, make sure nobody in the lab downloaded p0rn from the internet, so on...

* Orael nods. "Sounds like you need a vacation, Tiphareth." It sips its sprite, calmly.

* Tiphareth chuckles a bit. "Not sure if I'll get that until the end of the semester, Orael, and maybe not even then, depending on the interview. Role stuff."

{Orael} Of course.

{Tiphareth} Yeah...

{Orael} Anything else, Tiphareth of Lightning?

{Tiphareth} Probably not, I don't think...I think I've done what I've come here for. {small smile}

* Orael nods. "Then go in Peace and Harmony, Daughter of Lightning. I will make sure that the right angels hear of this."

{Tiphareth} Thank you, Power of Flowers. {she rises} And go in illumination. {small grin}

* Orael nods, and goes back to writing on the sheet of paper he took notes on. "And you."

* Khurdad eeps, and hops up from its glass. "Later, Power!" It flits to tippy's shoulder.

* Tiphareth nods, bowing one last time as the reliever gets to her shoulder, waves a bit, and makes her way out.

* The rest of the Arbor Boughs are much as Tippy and her releiver left it.

* Tiphareth makes her way back Partywards, letting the peace of the Glade be a balm on her soul for what time she's in it, somewhat wistfully looking at the beauty around her and wishing a bit Ian was with her to see it.

* Khurdad continues riding on Tina's shoulder, taking in the sights wide-eyed, flicking its wings every so often.

* And yes, it's very peaceful... one would almost think there wasn't a War on being in the middle of it.

* Tiphareth pats it a bit. "Hey, thanks for being here, Khurdad."

* Khurdad eeps, and blushgiggles, leaning into the pat. "You'rewelcome! You're neat..."

{Tiphareth} Thanks. {small grin} That's high praise.

{Khurdad} It is? It's true, though!

{Tiphareth} Well, it's nice knowing people think I'm cool. {grin}

{Khurdad} Yay, Cool!

{Tiphareth} Yay!

{Khurdad} Yay yay yay!

{Tiphareth} Yay! Kinda wish my boyfriend was here though. {small wistful smile}

* Khurdad nods, slowly. "'m sure he'll be able to soon..." It pats Tippy on the shoulder.

* Tiphareth grins a bit. "Hope so. I worry 'bout him. And Irpeel."

{Khurdad} They'll be okay...

{Tiphareth} Hope so.

{Khurdad} Know so. *giggle*

{Tiphareth} Gotcha. {grin}

* Khurdad nodnods! And watches as they continue walking through the glade, happy to hang around with the pretty lightning-winged lady as long as she wanders around.

* Tiphareth decides what the heck, while she's here to snitch more food and have a little bit of fun, deciding Orael has a point.

* There is much things to be seen and eaten and sung and played with here in the Glade, today!

* (Keeping in mind, natch, that down on earth, two Kyriotates and a Seneschal are waiting for her rather patiently.)

* Tiphareth thus sort of works her way back towards the maze, eating things and watching all the shenanigans going on.

* Much little noshies are consumed. A group of Blessed souls are leading a Seraphic Chorus singing a particulalry bawdy drinking song. A flight of releievers are playing "Cherub, Cherub, Ofanite". And soon the hedgemaze entrance can be seen...

* Tiphareth really, really, really memorizes the whole Seraphic Chorus bit, especially the bit on how the hedgehog, among all the animals, is really, really, really lucky.

{Tiphareth} . o O (Oh God. I wish I had a camera. I so really really wish I had a camera. This is priceless...oh man...)

* Khurdad listens to the song, wide-eyed.

* Tiphareth munches some shish kebabs as she heads for the hedge, wide-eyed as well.

* Khurdad eeps, realizing they've reached the hedges, and starts pointing the directions back to the Upper Tether Locus.

* Tiphareth takes it, rather regretfully.

* Soon, they return to the little Gazebo... the sea-green-winged releiever sits there on a railing, tootling on its now-completed pan pipes. It looks up, stops tootling, and wave. "Hi again!"

{Tiphareth} Hi there!

{Releiver2} Gotta go back down, now?

* Tiphareth looks regretful. "'Fraid so. I have friends waiting for me."

* Reliever2 nodnods. "Gotcha... take care?"

{Tiphareth} Yeah...I will do my best. {small grin} You too.

* Khurdad looks regretful too, and hugs Tippy as best it can. "Byebye prettylady Bright! Come back soon?"

* Tiphareth hugs Khurdad back with half an arm. "I hope so, and you can meet Ian too."

{Khurdad} Yay! Yayayayayayayaay!

* Tiphareth grins at its enthusiasm.

* Khurdad flits away from the hug, and perches near to the second releiver. "Byeeee!"

{Tiphareth} Byyeee!

* Tiphareth gives them one last wave, then descends.

* And the world changes....

* To the sound of a weedwhacker at FULL SPEED! YAHAAAAA!

{Clary} --{shouted} Now Muon, you don't need to be that fast running it---wait, she's back--

* We don't need to go into the gruesome details, so we'll fade.

In Nomine 2070