Bright Assignments, Lightning Orders

* Monday, May 18, 2017. It's been a long day, full of lab assisting, graduate projects, and exams for those who do the collegate thing. And this afternoon, a certain Bright graduate student is biking her way back to her apartment.

* Tina is singing a very rude takeoff on a recent obnoxious Mediaesque popular hit to blow off steam as she goes, somehow managing to cross Lincoln Avenue without getting smeared into a little Lilim splatter.

* Traffic is fortunately with Tina this afternoon, though she does attract stares given her loud singing.

{Tina} . o O (I have spread my periodic quota of weirdness through the campus. My life has regained its meaning.)

* Lincoln is crossed, and soon, Tina can see the bulk of her apartment block looming towards her.

* Tina watches dat sucker loom more as she gets closer, or at least in the moments her bangs don't get into her eyes. Her head is now occupied by the enroaching forces of silky shoulder-length black hair instead of short dyed, so it's a trick at times.

* A convenient breeze blows in the opposite direction of Tina's travel, so that it's at least moving out of her eyes.

* Tina gets to the point of the thing of putting the thing of the bike into the thing of the bike rack, at the appropriate point of the journey, e.g. the end.

* It's a nice temperate day, and fortunately other folks are out biking, so there's space!

* Tina cackles in triumph, and heads upstairs, lugging her backpack o' pain.

* As Tina passes by the suite of mailboxes on the ground floor... she can notice that her particular mailbox is... rather full.

* Tina blinks? And immediately in midstream turns straight around with backpack o' pain riiiight for the box, fingerprinting in her ID even as her hand smacks the thing.

* The mailbox pops open! Bill, bill, circular, circular, ad, 8.5x11 manilia envelope folded lengthwhise and wedged in, ad, magazine, magazine, magazine.

{Tina} . o O (Yegh, yegh, whee, whee, kill Nybbas, whaaaa? kill Nybbas again, read read read....)

* DArn, that's a thick envelope -- at least a quarter inch thick, wedged in there with all the other stuff.

* Tina is getting something of a clue what it might be, and she drops the rest, her hands trying not to tremble as she opens the thing, because let's face it, even for the Heavenly Host, paper cuts suck.

* Well, first she has to get it -out- of there.

* Or at least unfolded. Apparently the mailman hasn't heard of "do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.

* Tina is doing that too, at the same time, for some reason, and cussing out the damn idiot mailman who crammed it in there like that.

* Tina's name and address is prominently printed in the center of the big envelope. In the upper left corner is the TriOp logo and address. There's also a "Dated Materials" stamp on another corner, and the postmark is May 8th...

{Tina} Gleeeeeeeek. {starts to rip it open, right there}

* There are many forms. There is a cover letter.

* Tina looks at *that* first.

{Tina} .....hglph.

* Tina stares.

{Tina} Mrlpgh.

* Tina sits *down*. Right in the middle of the hallway.

* Five seconds later:

* A shot of the outside of the apartment block.

* Dubbed over it:


* Interior shot:

* Kawaii curvacious Philipina doing a victory war dance right in the middle of the hallway.

* Fortuantely, none of Tina's neighbors are hanging around to see this. Perhaps the war-cry drove them away.

* Either that or they've come to the conclusion she's insane anyway. It goes on for a couple of minutes.

* Tina pauses, and looks at the letter again. Looks at the date. Looks at the effective opening time.

{Tina} {pause}

{Tina} Oh, *fuck*.

* Tina grabs the letter and forms, grabs everything else, and *streaks* upstairs.

{Tina} . o O (Oh god tell them ask Boss then or ask Boss first tell them and oh man how am I going to get everything squared away in less than a week o dear god...)

* Nobody gets barrelled down by Kawaii curvaceous Philipinas while on the stairs.

* Tina gets up to her apartment, sees everything that needs to be allocated away, and whimpers, and then dances around some more, this time in process lock on what to do first.

* Tina makes a decision and *then* starts up her computer, blazing out a message to Jean, definitely addressed Upward.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 14 (4 4 6).

* There's a nigh-instantaneous reply.

* Tina opens the message right away. Duh, like she's going to ignore a message from the Archangel who Redeemed her?

* The message reads: "Internship appointment acknowledged. Approval granted for accepting Internship. Further briefing on incipient duties required within one terran hour in my office. Dominations of Lightning Tau and Muon are also required. -- J."

* Tina blinks. "Ooooboy."

* Tina nods, then starts to dash off a rapid email to John Furlough stating acceptance.

* Understandably, she doesn't get an immediate reply. Hey, he's on the west coast, he's still working, and he might be in a meeting for all she knows.

* Tina doesn't mind, as she's already rattling off some salient side details, and firing off a talk request to Paul, as he likely has the Kyrios or bits thereof at the moment.

* Tina's phone rings!

* Tina picks it up. "Manoa-Perez Ice Cream Emporium!"

* Tina seems slightly rattled.

* Paul's voice replies. "Afternoon, Ms. Manoa-Perez, this is Officer Mansfield. I'll take a pint of rainbow sherbet, a pint of chocolate chunk, and suggest you have a pint of cookies and cream. What's up?"

{Tina} {still distracted} Yum. Officer, is this line secured?

* There's a sequence of bleeps. "Should be, Tina."

{Tina} Cool. {audible grin, though still a bit rattled} I just got an envelope from TriOp saying they want my butt on Citidas, Paul. And that the Boss wants me and the Amazing Hamster Blobs Upside within the hour...they around?

{Paul} Lemme check.... ey, Tau! Phonecall!

* There is the sound of a startled squeek and then a bloop, then a neuter but vaguely masculine sounding voice suddenly on the line too. "What? What?"

{Tina} Hey, Tau! You and Muon need to get enough Forces together to come up with me, Boss apparently needs to brief us on something, lickety split. Muon with you?

{Tau} Hyep, currently playing vintage Pac-Man on the machine and cheating. Any clue what's the scoop?

{Tina} I'm going to Citidas, guys. I think your briefing has something to do with that too. {there is an indignant squeak in the background as Muon is apparently bapped out of his reverie by Tau}

{Tau} ....Whoo. Right. Meet you at Shosh's place then?

{Tina} Yeah, I think about 5:15. See you?

{Tau} Hat'cha.

* Tau turns back over command of the line to Paul, but stays connected.

{Paul} So, you'll be shipping out, Tina? *wry humor*

{Tina} ....Heh. Looks like. And only in a freakin' week too. Oh god, what a mess... {little audible grin}

* Paul whistles. "-That- soon? Damn. Well, you need any help, your friends are 'round, 'n so'm I, if I can get some time away from the station..."

{Tina} Yeah...that soon. {sigh} And I don't even know what to take with. Shit. And Boop can't come along, and where am I going to *store* all this....

{Paul} Well, talk with Jean, and get more details on what he's expecting you to do... then call the TriOp folks and get an idea of what they're gonna have you do... and you're going to be back next semester, right?

* Paul's voice hesitates a bit. "And... I can take care of Boop Splat for you, if you want, Tina."

* Tina nodnods, then says, "Yeah....And I hope so. {pause} {vq} Thank you, Paul. I couldn't leave her alone here...."

{Paul} *q* We'll make arrangements, Tina, to keep the place. I promise.

{Tina} {q} Thanks. Means a lot. A whole lot.

{Paul} *q* You're welcome. Always. *louder* Anyway, you better get ready to head topside, right?

{Tina} Yeah...should. I suppose either you could take the boys to the Tether or they could hitch wings there, but either way I'll meet them and hopefully you soon. Taking Shosh Express.

{Paul} Gotcha, Tina. Seeya there soon.

{Tina} Thanks, Paul. Ditto.

* Tina hangs up the phone and checks to see what time she has left.

* Eh... 'bout a half hour or so... enough to glance over the forms a bit, etc.

* Tina nods and does so.

* The forms for getting drug screening and allergy tests are pretty standard medical forms. The forms for the InterSpace basic space training course include wavers and whatnots, -more- medical records to fill out, and a listing of what things she'll be learning. There's a quick brochure of the hotel she'll be staying in for one week in Bernal Alpha (midclass, but decent). The shipping forms... if what these things say are true, she can bring the equivelent of one suitcase, one duffel bag, and about a cubic yard of other 'stuff'. Period. Clearly, now is the time to be a servitor of Trade to figure out loopholes.

{Tina} ...{mutter} Wheeee....paperwork...

* Tina sighs at the fact she can't bring most of her Stuff with, and as she's not much the servitor of Trade, is resigned to it.

* Fortunately, the forms don't require hyper-immediate filling out... she can at least wait for checking with her Superior, first.

* Tina nods a bit to herself, then checks watch again, wanting to leave 15-20 minutes at least for transit time.

* If so, she'd better start getting the lead out and move her Bright little tush towards the Tether.

* Tina moves her little ex-green tush, she does.

* The day's light is getting longer, as it's later than when she entered... and soon, very soon, she reaches the Beckman Quad... and she can see a convenient campus cop who happens to be taking a breather, feeding the animals there, and the two hamsters on his shoulders.

* Tina screeches in, to the bike rack, locking it up, before loping over. "Heya, guys." {small grin}

* Tau looks up, waving a paw.

* Paul smiles slightly, tipping his police cap at her. "Hey there, Ms. Manoa-Perez. Having a good day?"

* Paul also winks.

* Tina smiles a bit. "Could be, could be yeah, Officer." {little grin, wink}

* Paul looks across the Quad.... it seems to be empty for this moment... "Well, if you need to take a load off your feet..."

* Tina looks around as well. "Might be nice...Though I have to be heading other places soon." {small smile}

{Paul} Well, don't let me keep you then, miss. *he pats the two Kyriohamsters, absently*

{Tina} Right. {pauses, then impulsively hugs him, tightly}

* Paul urps, blushes, but returns the hug willingly. He whispers in her ear *q* "Luck..."

{Tina} {q} Thank you, Paul. I have the feeling we'll need it. {squeeze}

* Paul squeezes back, and then releases.

* Tina gives his hand one last squeeze, then heads for the Tether locus, where a robin preens on the backsite globe. Did it nod? Nah, must have been the light...

* Paul doesn't notice the robin. Really.

* And there's still nobody else about at this particular moment...

* Tina grins a little bit at the robin, then suddenly blinks out of sight, to all but the perceptive, as a figure of blue light-lim and electric flame is unsheathed by mortal flesh...

{Tau} {q} Better watch it Paul. Mu and I in celestial will give you the queasies if you're not careful. {wry squeek of laugh}

* Muon sneezes a small laugh too.

* Paul hehs a bit. *q* "I've seen worse. Believe me." *slight smile*

* Tau nods a bit, and suddenly a pinwheeling freeform collection of limbs, eyes, wings and mouths in fractal blue pours out of the black and white hamster, though there is the impression some of him is left, somehow....even as a like chaos in hazy sodium-rose flows out of the apricot hamster, and both flood in a tumble over to the angel in wings of fire-blue...

* Paul, fortunately, while perceptive, is not -that- perceptive, and is not stunned by the chaotic kyrios.

* Tina grins a little bit at the Dominations, and Ascends, the Kyrios tailing after her in her metaphysical wake.

* And the Word Changes.....

* ... and Tiphareth and Tau and Muon are in the upper tether locus.

* Meanwhile, a glowing anaconda is peering at them, and would be blinking if its eyes had lids. "Oh, you again?"

{Tiphareth} Me again!

{Kurah} Well, hello

{Tiphareth} Yup. The Boss calleth. Later, snakey!

{Kurah} . o O (Snakey?)

* Tiphareth bops off, toward Jean's office, two Kyrioclouds in her wake. Muon grins innocently at Kurah, obviously using this for future annoyance possibilities.

* Muon then turns that spare mouth toward the front with most of the rest, congaing afterward by him/itself. Having a Kyrio conga by itself is an...unsettling experience.

* The path to Jean's Office is as logical and orderly as ever. One of Jean's seraph secrataries sits behind the desk, glancing at the arrivals. "You are 3.5 terran minutes early, Tiphareth, Tau, Muon."

* Tiphareth smiles a bit. "At least we're early, Most Holy. We can wait."

* Muon waves at the Seraph with several hands, at once.

* The seraph nods. "Indeed."

* Tiphareth nods, and seats herself. The Kyriotates, tending to be angels of chaos by nature, aren't as orderly and effcient in the whole seating bit, so sort of semi occupy two or three chairs at once.

* 30 seconds later, a familiar magenta-scaled Seraph with deep blue eyes enters.

* Tiphareth *blinks* at the familiar Seraph, then smiles a bit. "Valanna?"

* The Kyriotates ripple-blink in a way that would have most Seraphim weeping in envy at their technique.

* The seraph behind the desk nods to Valanna, and glances at Tiphareth. "Indeed, it is she, Tiphareth. You are three Terran minutes early, Valanna." Two of its eyes peer at the kyrios.

* About seventy-three Kyriotate eyes peer back at the receptionist, blinking in syncopation.

{Tiphareth} Right, Most Holy. {small grin}

{Valanna} *ripple-blinks at the Bright, then turns her attention to the other Seraph* "Indeed. I shall wait for the appropriate time, then." *she makes her way over to the free chairs, not far from Tippy and company*

* Tiphareth nodnods, while the Dominations make motions that qualify as nodding for them.

* Three minutes later, the Seraph secretary looks at the group. "You may now enter."

* The door to Jean's office slides open.

* Valanna was on the point of saying something, but rises instead, looking to the others as she makes her way toward the door.

* Tiphareth stands up quickly as well, following the Seraph, as do the Kyriotates.

* The foursome enter the office, the door closes, lightning limns the corners.

* Jean sits behind his desk, pale unmarked Elohite with storm-grey eyes, a holographic display currently displaying geographical coordinates of some kind nearby. It brushes the display aside with a smooth, precise gesture, and regards the entrants evenly as the door locks and seals. "Tau and Muon, Dominations of Lightning. Tiphareth, Bright Daughter of Lightning. Valanna, Most Holy of Lightning."

* Tiphareth nods. "Sir."

* The Kyriotates roll bows of acknowledgement.

{Valanna} *bows* "My Bright Lord."

* Jean nods to each of them in turn. It then looks at Tiphareth and Valanna. "You have recently been accepted for postings on TriOp's Citidas Station orbiting Saturn, Tiphareth, Valanna. While performing your mortal role-duties on the station, you will also assist the Virtue, Ian of Lightning, in resolving several developing situations there."

* Tiphareth blinkies, and nods. "I think I may know of some of them, via his correspondence, sir."

* Tau looks innocent, as much as he can like he hasn't been reading private Lilim mail. Never mind his Archangel probably knows the truth, it's still a done thing.

* Valanna nods, not noticing the Kyrio-behavior.

{Jean} Indeed. Current trend analysis indicates a 75% and rising probability that a Tether to the Void or Nightmares will form on the station within the next three months. This cannot be allowed to happen. Given reported behaviors, there are at least one group of Diabolicals working towards this end, if not more. These Diabolicals must be neutralized.

* Tiphareth sucks in a breath, and represses a shudder with a huge effort. "Understood, sir..."

* Tau blinks, and contracts into a much smaller ball, before rolling a very slight bow in Jean's direction.

* Muon meanwhile blinks, and doesn't look entirely comprehending of the situation.

* Valanna's feathers ruffle for a moment but smooth quickly back out. "They shall be neutralized, Bright Lord."

* Jean regards Tiphareth and Tau levelly. "Any means at your disposal are acceptable for said neutralization, Tiphareth, Valanna. And you will not be alone in this. Tau and Muon, Dominations of Lightning, will be assigned to assist you. The Sword and Flowers have also been alerted to the situation, and you will be notified of their presence once known."

* Tiphareth nods, a small amount, the lightning effects in her wings and aura notably subdued. {slightly small voice} "Thank you, sir. We will do all we can to try to stop it."

* Tau rolls a nod, spinning a bit to regard Seraph and Bright and his charge. "Yes, definitely, Bright Lord."

{Tiphareth} And understood, sir. That's a relief.

* Jean nods. "You all have performed effectively and efficently in your duties. I am aware of the nature of some of the opposition, and appropriate resources will be provided upon request and evaluation of the situation, within reason. Corporeal assistance will be providable within a week's notice from the Lightning Tether at Io, if requested."

* Tiphareth seems to noticably relax. "Thank you, sir. None of us want to fail the trust you have in us, but..." {small, very wry shrug}

{Valanna} We will do our very best, of course.

* Tau makes several chordal acknowledging noises.

{Jean} Of course. You would not have been chosen for this mission if you were not demonstrablably capable.

* Tiphareth smiles more. "Thanks, sir."

* Jean regards them all evenly. "Valanna will be accompanying you down the Beckman Quad Tether to assist you with your preparations, Tiphareth. Are there any questions, inquiries, or requests before this breifing is concluded?"

* Tiphareth nods, glancing from her Archangel to Valanna. "Do either of you know what Valanna's Role will be, and how she will be accompanying us to Citidas...and for that matter, how will Muon and Tau go with me?"

{Jean} Valanna has been constructing her Role as a generic secretary/computer programmer on Earth over the past months. She has applied to Citidas for a secretarial internship, and has been accepted. The shipping forms have been analyzed with consultation from Trade, and it is possible for some onboard cargo carrying capacity to be forefeited to bring terrestrial pets with proper authorization. If this solution is unfesable, alternatives will be evaluated.

* Tiphareth nods. "Understood....I just want to make sure that I know who's who in vessel, though if she's coming down with us {wry grin in Valanna's direction} that won't make it as much of an issue."

{Jean} Indeed. Further identifying information of other angelic teams will be provided once we are informed of their number and corporeal Roles.

* Tiphareth nods.... "Understood."

* Tau makes bowing motions as well.

* Valanna nods once more.

* Jean regards each of the angels in turn. "If there are no other inquiries, then this breifing is concluded. Walk in Illumination." He gestures slightly, and the door unseals.

{Tiphareth} Thank you, sir. {bows}

{Valanna} "Walk in Illumination, my Bright Lord." *bows*

{Muon} Thanks, sir.

{Tau} And thank you sir. {pause} {then quieter with a near mouth to Jean} And thank you for the vote of confidence.

* Jean nods, and the door opens for the servitors.

* Valanna turns and leads the way out.

* Tau nods and follows the rest in a spin of cobalt patterned chaos..

* The seraph secratary looks up as the servitors of Lightning exit Jean's office.

* Tiphareth waves to the Seraph, looking a bit subdued, but still smiling.

* The Seraph nods to Tippy and co, and goes back to her work.

* Tiphareth heads out of the office, if Valanna sees no reason to pause.

* Valanna doesn't, and does head out.

* Tiphareth heads out into the hallway. "So, anything else to do here or should we head back downward?"

{Valanna} *ripple-blinks* "My affairs are in order here. I expect it would be most efficient to head downward."

{Tiphareth} Right, Most Holy...we know the way there. Ignore the befuddled snake Cherub hanging from the ceiling.

* Valanna ripple-blinks again, but says nothing further, merely follows the others.

* Tiphareth wanders back Tetherward with the Seraph, the Kyriotates swirling with.

* The Tether's upper locus is easily reached.

* Kurah's head dangles down to look at them, converying the impression of blink despite aforementioned lack of eyelids at Valanna's presence. "Most Holy." {sinuous nod}

{Valanna} *nods* "Guardian."

{Kurah} Er, feel free to Descend, all. Walk in Illumination.

{Tiphareth} Right. {small smile} Take care, Guardian...

* Tau grins brightly at Snakey, before following Tiphareth's lead as she disappears, sliding back to the corporeal...

* Muon eeps, looks around, and follows his sempai.

* Valanna moves with...

* And for the group, the World changes... depositing them all at the Beckman Quad.

* Tiphareth erks as she manifests near the Tether locus, re-vesselizing herself, and looking for Valanna and Paul.

* Valanna reappears not far away: tall, very slender Caucasian woman with long blond hair and striking blue eyes, in magenta business dress, large handbag over one arm.

* There is no sign of the Paul unit about... it's plausable that he had to head elsewhere... but he's got Kyrios with him, and Tina's got his phone number...

* Tiphareth looks over, and smiles as she sees the obvious candidate for Seraph. "Very nice, it suits you." She, of course, is her usual petite, kawaii, Asian/ Polynesian self.

* Tiphareth blinks as she sees a lack of Paul. "Hmm....oh gee, no Paul. Where's the guys, if they didn't snap back..."

{Valanna} Thank you. And did they have hosts here earlier?

* A crow sits on her head, causing a yeep, as it looks as innocent as it can with beady avian eyes.

* Valanna blinks.

{Tiphareth} Eee. Tau?

{Tau} Mmmhmm! {croaked chuckle}

{Tiphareth} Right, smartass. Where's the rest of you and Muon?

* Valanna looks slightly wry.

{Tiphareth} And for that matter, Paul?

{Tau} On patrol, but he can come back here in a jiffy. Want me to tell 'm?

* Tiphareth looks over at Valanna, wryly. "That'd um...probably be best..."

{Tau} Righty righty!

{Tiphareth} {noting to Val} Paul being the local Soldier of our Superior around. {slight grin}

{Valanna} Ah. *nods*

* Tiphareth nodnods.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 14 (4 4 6).

* It's a nice day outside, even as it's getting on towards evening... and it looks like Paul might be a bit. It's still nice out, though.

* Valanna notes this fact as she looks around, taking in a breath.

{Tau} And he'll be a bit look like. He's on the other side of campus, oorah, the South Farms with their piquant odor. Just so you two are warned.

* Tiphareth smiles a little bit to Valanna. "Have you been doing better well...since?"

{Valanna} As well as can expected after... that. I don't give myself much chance to dwell on it. *looks faintly disturbed for a moment*

{Tiphareth} Yeah....I understand. There are things I'd rather not dwell on either. I'd have checked up except life got in the way. But Ian was worried sick about you.

{Valanna} Yes. He's quite the Virtue. *wl* And I understand the rigors of Role.

* Tiphareth blushes a tiny bit, for whatever reason we don't know. Reaaally. "And yeah. But I did manage to see you when you were coming out of...well... I just never got the chance to follow up."

{Valanna} I appreciate the gesture. *wl* I spent a great deal of time resolving my... problems after that.

* Tiphareth nods, quietly. "I...kind of understand. Though I haven't gone through...well...that."

{Valanna} Feel fortunate. I don't recommend it. *small shiver*

* Tiphareth nods, briefly touching her sleeve. "Yeah...though I've been through other things that weren't...nice, so I know what you mean..."

{Valanna} I can... try to imagine. *swl*

{Tiphareth} Yeah....better than reality. {small smile}

*** Tiphareth is now known as Tina.

* There's a honk over by the nearest street.

* Valanna glances toward the noise.

* Tina looks up. "Ooo, it's the chauffer!" {grin}

* Tau nodnods, looking avianly smug.

* There is, indeed,a police cruiser there, which flashes its lights.

* Tina grins a bit. "Tell him I'll be over there soon's I get the bike over there, Tau.]

{Tau} Haaaatcha.

* The policecar idles. The wonders of KyrioKommunication.

* Tina grabs her bike, wheeling it over. "We ready now!"

* Val shoulders her bag and follows.

* Tina heads over to Paul's chariot, grinning a bit.

* Paul can be seen inside! He unlocks the doors, and pops the trunk, getting out. "Hey there, Tina... welcome back..." He smiles, and then nods to the newcomer. "Evening, miss..."

* Tina grins a little bit. "Heya, Paul. Paul, this is Valanna, Seraph of Lightning. Valanna, this is Paul, Soldier of Lightning. The rodents you've met." {she gets her bike into Paul's trunk}

{Val} I suppose I should call myself Valerie Ellison now. *wl*

{Tina} Gotcha. {wry grin} I was going to ask Role name but that slipped. Tina Manoa-Perez here.

* Paul ahs, and tips his hat to Valanna. "A pleasure to meet you then, 'Valerie'" He smiles, and helps Tina get her bike into the trunk.

* Val nods. "And pleased to meet you, Paul." *small smile*

* Tina finishes. "Where should we to be the thing of going now?"

* Paul closes the trunk, and heads for the Driver's seat. "Yup... back to your place, and I'll leave the Kyriohamsters with you tonight?"

{Tina} Will do. {looks wry} I have to do packing. And make sure the recruiter guy at TriOp got my acceptance.

* Paul nods. "Gotcha. Hop in, ladies."

* Tina nodnods, and slides in the back.

* Val gets in the front passenger's side.

* Paul makes sure everybody's buckled up, and drives down the lean, mean, Illinois streets, heading to Tina's apartment.

* Val watches scenery go by.

* Meanwhile, the radio does some more random shuffling through stations. A minor squabble breaks out between rodents about who gets to posess the stereo system next.

* Val arches an eyebrow at the rodentsquabble.

{Tina} {q} Welcome to luverly Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. On your left you'll see a few convenience stores and an ATM, on the right the local fraternity boys in their native habit. Please don't feed them, they'll follow you.

* Both suddenly notice the Seraph's regard and perk up, looking very innocent.

* Paul is innocent of these goings-on... really.

* Val doesn't smirk. Really.

* There are more squeaked mutterings about who gets it next if they think she's not looking!

* Before long, the police cruiser reaches Tina's apartment block.

{Tina} Und le chateau Manoa-Perez., the next week or so...

* Paul parks the police cruiser. "We'll figure out something, Tina."

{Tina} I can't even scream in panic? I like doing that.

* Yes, the sarcasm was obvious, for Val's benefit.

{Paul} *dryly* You do, and I might have to take you in for disturbing the peace.

* Val caught that, yes.

{Tina} Awwww.

{Val} It -would- be difficult to pack then. *wl*

{Tina} Point, point. Aiieee.

* Tina slides out when she gets a chance.

* Paul pops the trunk, and then scoops up the two hamsters, handing them to Valanna. "You four take care, now?"

* Val arches an eyebrow, but accepts the hamsters. "We will. Thank you, Paul."

* The two hamsters whiffle whiskers at Valanna cutely.

{Tina} Right, Paul. {pause} And I'm open to having people getting tanked over here the night or so before we ship out. {wry grin}

* Paul snrks a bit. "Only if you folks plan to take the commuter rail to O'Hare the next day, Tina. Can't have drinking and driving, y'know." *winK* "And if you want the hangover the next morning."

* Tina sticks her tongue out. "Darn. Night before the night before?"

* Paul rolls his eyes, grinning. "Go, go, get going you four."

{Tina} Right, right, Paul... {wry grin}

* Paul waves to them, and waits for Tina to pull out her bike.

* Tina alredy has done so, and backs away.

* Paul drives off into the wilds of Urbana-Champaign.

* Tina hehs. "Well, inside then?"

{Val} Sounds wise.

* Tina locks up the bike. "Right."

* The hamsters meanwhile crawl up to Val's shoulders, then sit there cutely, grooming.

* Tina grins a little bit and leads them upstairs and inside.

* Val looks a bit wry at the hamster antics, and follows Tina.

* Tina leads them into her dum^H^H^H apartment, which is still in disarray from various hastily shed forms all over the place and greeted by irritated kitty. She groans reflexively. " days..."

* Tina then checks email to see if Mr. Furlong got her message.

{Val} Apparently we'll need to get organized quickly. *wl*

{Tina} Yeah....Obviously I've heard of the Lightning ethos of efficiency and organization but had no truck with it, neh? {wry smile, leafing through email}

{Val} Then again, it might be appropriate to your Role. *wl*

* There also, for Val's perusal, seem to be a few photos, or .jpgs.... Gosh, some of the images seem to be kind of familiar, if you count a certain security guard amongst them. At least one of them has said guard in casual clothes, hugging Tina as they look at the camera.

{Tina} Oh, no, no, sadly, this is a Me Thing. I like mess.

* Val quirks an eyebrow at the pictures.

* Tina's got Mail!

* Tina looks up, having not noticed the direction of her regard yet. "Hmmm?"

* Tina eeps and dodges back down, looking for the new stuff.

* More to the point, she's got mail from

* Tina yows and looks at that.

* Val glances over toward Tina as she does the thing of mail-reading.

* Indeed, it's mail from the nice Human Resources director, welcoming her to the TriOp corporate family, confirming that they know she'll be coming up to Bernal Alpha at the right time, and noting she'll have to arrange transport up there herself, and if she's got any questions, feel free to call or email and they'll answer them!

{Tina} ...Yup. I'm in, Val. {wry smile}

{Val} Congratulations. *wl*

{Tina} I think? Now we just have to go out to Saturn, stop a bunch of demons from establishing a Tether, bad things from happening to other angels, and we're home free. {looks very wry}

{Val} True. We definitely have our work cut out for us. *vwl*

{Tina} Oh yes. And I admit to being scared of failing at it. {glances over, catches eye of the pictures in question, and flushes a bit.}

{Val} Try not to think about it. *arches an eyebrow at the flush, glancing back toward the pictures*

{Tina} Oh...yeah. Those pictures. {mumbled}

{Tina} [Tau doesn

* Tau doesn't snigger. Really.

{Val} There seem to be quite a few pictures of Ian here, yes.

{Tina} Um....yeah. We er, kind of got romantically involved while he was in this area. {an impressive tide of red seems to be washing visibly up her neckline}

* Val arches an eyebrow. "Ah."

* Tina nodnods, mutely.

{Val} I trust you're happy together.

{Tina} {quietly} We are. Though I do miss him. I admit that's part of why I applied.

* Val nods, understanding. "You'll be that much stronger together, then. And our work will be that much easier."

* Tina smiles. "You think so?"

{Val} The Symphony doesn't suggest otherwise. *small smile*

* Tina smiles. "I'm glad for that Truth then, Most Holy."

{Val} So am I.

{Tina} Maybe we can all kick demonic bootie together then. {lets out a breath} The idea of the Void out in Citidas scares the Hell out of me. {wry smile} It did as well, in a more or less literal sense. I was kind of close to...*her* rebirth.

{Val} All the more reason to make sure it does not happen, then. I don't expect Ian or any of the other celestials there are enjoying it.

* Tina shakes their head. "No, they aren't. On the basis of Ian's correspondence I went so far as to try to talk with the Lady of Flowers herself on behalf of one of her Servitors."

{Val} Did that work?

{Tina} Apparently so. I didn't get to Novalis but at least got to one of her Servitors, and from what Boss said, the Novalians are now on the alert.

{Val} *nods* Another thing that will help, then.

{Tina} Right. {rubs at her eyes} What a mess. Hooray, this paperwork.

{Val} Well, the sooner it's done the sooner we won't have to concern ourselves with it. *wl*

{Tina} And with the blowtorching this room will take.

{Val} Exactly. *wl*

* Tina yups, picking up the mess of papers off the floor.

* Val helps out.

* And together, with the assistance of KyrioHamsters, the twosome clean up and perpare as we Fade.

In Nomine 2070