Rise of a Triad

* It's the next day. Ian's managed to haul his slightly damaged carcass over to Tina's place, wherein he is ensconced. Tina for her own part is....feeding the cat in the morning. Well, not all of what she does in Role is *interesting*. Except maybe to Boop Splat.

* Ian, meanwhile, is doing a few morning stretches, popping bones back into position and making sure everything is operational.

* Tina checks the tea. "How's the corpus doing?"

* Boop meanwhile makes scarfing noises as she downs her Kitty VatTuna Special (tm)

* Ian holds in a breath for a few seconds and lets it out. "Mmf. Probably want to hold off on the weights for another 24 hours, but other than that, think everything's working again.

{Tina} Cooool. {nods and smiles, then winks} Which hopefully means no Songs will be needed. Would you like some tea?

{Ian} Heh. No, don't think we'll be needing any more Songs. And tea would be nice, yes.

{Tina} Right. {smiles} Take it with anything? {gets cups and the kettle. Yes, she does it the old fashioned way}

{Ian} A little sugar.

* Tina nods, grinning a bit, and fixing up tea as recommended, adding quite a lot more to her cup, before taking it out. "Theeere you go." {pecks cheek}

* Ian reddens a tiny bit. "Thanks." *wg*

* Tina blushes a bit as well. "You're welcome." {little grin}

* Ian sips. "Mmm... very nice."

{Tina} I do try. I had reason to. {small grin}

{Ian} Well you do it very well. *small smile*

* Tina blushes, and nodnods.

* *ding dong*

* Ian is in mid-sip at the doorbell and blinks.

* Tina looks up, blinking. "Bweh? Who?..."

{Ian} Expecting anyone?

* Tina mutters and wanders over to the door in her grubby sweats, checking the video pickup. "No, unless it's either Paul or the boys, and I suspect Paul's sleeping in this morning, as he should."

* Ian mms, quietly setting teacup down in case he needs to be more active in a hurry.

* The figure seen in the video pickup is actually three figures, none of them Paul. The furthest away is a woman with ash-blonde hair looking down the hallway -entirely- too relaxed in a three-piece suit that looks subtly leathery. The middle is a large, bulky black man who's wearing his Brooks Brothers suit uncomfortably and with the top button unbuttoned. And the front person is a short, slim, yet somehow regal-bearinged Indian woman, her brown hair done up in a neat bun. All three are wearing sunglasses... and Tina recognizes all three of them.

* *ding dong*

{Tina} {pause}

{Tina} Ohhhhh IIiiiiiiiiaaan?

{Ian} *getting up* What's up?

{Tina} Tiiime to put on the Malakite of Liiiightning attitude. Triiiiiiaaaad....

* Tina looks down at her sweats, sighs, figures she's been seen in worse, and elects not to dash back to the bedroom to change into something more suitable.

* Ian, on the other hand, is currently naked from the waist up, and so decides dashing back to the bedroom to change -is- a good idea.

* Tina sighs and while her boyfriend dashes off, decides to open the door before the Triad gets any tetchier.

* The indian woman looks about ready to press the doorbell the -third- time, when Tina opens the door. "Ah, Tiphareth." She looks at the Bright levelly. "Thank you for coming to open the door in such an timely fasion."

* Tina sighs internally, knowing Sarcasm when it's leveled with both barrels, but letting it slide. "Good morning, India. I was a tad busy. Care to come in?"

* India, the first woman, sweeps into the room gracefully yet purposefully. One might even say 'Seraphically'. "Yes, we do, Tiphareth." She immediately homes in on the seat in the living area that gives the best view of the rest of the room, while being out-of-view of the windows proper.

* The other two Dominicans enter behind her, the man moving so that -he- has a good view of the Window, Tina, and India, while the woman closes the door behind them and leans against the wall next to it.

* Tina accepts the Dominicans coming in with an air of silent resignation, though spares a bit of a smile for the man. "So. Tea?"

{India} Thank you, but no. *she pulls out a notebook and pencil from the inside of her suit jacket*

* The black man nods, smiling slightly, speaking in a deep voice. "Sure, Tina..."

* The lean blonde just shakes her head.

* About this time Ian reappears at the bedroom door, now more presentable and Malakitish in t-shirt and jeans.

* Tina nods a bit. . o O (Corporeal indulgences yadda yadda...) "Sure thing, Rhon, lemme get some.... Heya, Ian." {small wry grin}

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 14 (5 3 6).

{Tina} Before I get the tea, should I make introductions?

* India arches an eyebrow. "Yes, that would be appropriate, Tiphareth." She regards Ian levelly, with the look of the TRUTH behind her eyes.

* The lean blonde regards Ian casually.

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 15 (3 6 6).

* Ian can see that look and bows his head slightly at her, now even and businesslike in expression himself.

* Tina nods. "Right. Ian, {indicating them one by one} This is India, Rhonoxiel, and Medanel--Most Holy, Guardian, and Virtue of Judgement, respectively. India, Rhonoxiel, Medanel, this is Ian, Virtue of Lightning. I believe all parties know me." {slight wry smile}

* Medanel pulls out a notebook of her own, as has Rhonoxiel, both of whom nod as Tina introduce them.

{Ian} *nodding to each in turn* Most Holy, Guardian, Virtue.

{India} Yes, we do. *she nods to both Ian and Tiphareth* Virtue, Bright Daughter, this is a 'routine check-up', as the phrase would apply. To our knowledge, there are no charges against either of you. We are here to gether information on your general states. If both of you could discuss this?

{Tina} I could, yes. Would there be anything that prompted this?

* India looks at Tina levelly. "We received reports of an increased amount of Disturbance two nights prior, and our schedules were pushed forward to adress and assess this.

* Rhonoxiel idly licks his finger twice, as he turns pages in his notebook.

* Tina nods a bit. "Just a second, I'll get the tea, and then I'll address that. Both Ian and I were involved, and there was justifiable reason for the noise, though I'd rather it'd been quieter myself."

* India nods, slightly, taking some notes in her notebook. "As was the Seneschal and the Soldier... ah, yes. Very well." Medanel, meanwhile, makes a note in her own notebook.

* Tina slips out to the kitchen, returning with a cup of tea. "Same as last time, Rhonoxiel?":

* Rhonoxiel nods. "Yes, please, Tina." India glances over at the black man, sighs, and makes a note in her own notebook. Rhonoxiel sheepishly smiles back.

* Ian arches an eyebrow and grins briefly, but brings his expression back to level shortly after.

* Tina grins a little bit at Rhon. "Made as figured." {hands it over, before sitting down} "So. The Disturbance of a couple nights ago. Where do we begin?"

* Rhonoxiel accepts the tea, and sips, still in his guarding posture.

{India} Why, at the beginning, of course.

{Tina} . o O (Must....resist...obvious joke....) Very well. We were both at a Halloween party on campus, when shortly after eleven the alarms went off. {pause} All over the Beckman Quad. At about that same time, Shoshemai, Domination and Seneschal of the Tether there, noted minor disturbance. Ian and I, along with Paul, investigated, and found a breakin in progress on the ACT labs."

* India nods, taking notes, listening to both Tina's words and what the Symphony whispers to her of TRUTH.

{India} Why were you at a party celebrating a known pagan-derivative holiday?

* Tina sighs a bit. "Because it was the weekend, and several of my mortal friends and associates were there, and it'd been a long week, and I wanted to relax a bit. No heresy was implied or meant."

* India nods. "Truth. Please, continue with the break-in in progress."

{Tina} As it turned out, three demons of Valefor, Impudite, Calabite, and Lilim, along with a couple of their Hellsworn and random flunkies, were trying to make off with the ACT servers and the coding on them. They were in the loading bay and near the lab both... Ian engaged the Destroyer, taking a great deal of corporeal damage from his resonance, while Paul and I encountered the Taker and Lilim with several of their flunkies near the lab. Paul shot the Taker with a couple of blessed rounds, putting him out of the fight and then vesselkilling him. I meanwhile took the Daughter out of the fight and knocked her unconscious. Shoshemai also aided Ian and apparently also invoked our Bright Lord, as he shortly appeared thereafter, destroying the Calabite's vessel in the process. He also appeared to Paul and I, removing the Lilim's vessel from the Symphony, and asking for a later report.

{Tina} He then left. None of the ACT servers were successfully stolen, though a few were later found to be damaged beyond repair. Between all the disturbance going on from the various fights and my Bright Lord's appearance, I think that makes for a full accounting of the Disturbance detected that night. I believe Shoshemai made a point of notifying other Seneschals in the area as to why there was that level of noise that night.

{Tina} I healed Ian's corporeal vessel to some extent, he was taken to the hospital for observation, and Paul and I went to do our various tasks that night and the following morning.

* Tina folds her hands, obviously done with her retelling.

* India nods, again, taking more notes as this is retold. "Efficently and Factually recounted, Tiphareth. And that does account for the Disturbance generated, including that made by Shoshemai as he smashed the human's vehicle."

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 13 (5 5 3).

* India looks at Ian. "And your perspective on the events, Virtue? And why were you in the area at the time?" She pauses. "I mean in this city, not the particular theft attempt."

* Tina nods a bit. "That probably would...." {glances over at Ian and then back to India}

{Ian} Corporeally, I'm "on vacation" at the moment thanks to an earlier incident at the research facility where I'm assigned, Most Holy. As such I was under orders from our Bright Lord to walk the Earth and assist any Servitors of Lightning who might have need of me. As luck or the will of the Almighty had it, I was here when the troubles started.

* Tina nods slightly.

* India nods, making more precises, neat notes. "I cannot verify the Lord's will in these matters, but yes. What was the incedent at the research facility?"

{Ian} Our facility was attacked by a raiding party intent on acquiring data on the company's research. I cannot verify the involvement of Diabolicals or Hellsworn, though I strongly suspect Technology's hand. We lost several Soldiers, two of my fellow Virtues were vesselkilled... and my teammate Valanna was forced into dissonance before being vesselkilled herself. I know she has only recently emerged from Trauma, but I do not know if the dissonance has been resolved. *that last was harder for him to say, India can tell, but it was Truth nonetheless*

* Tina's hand twitches in Ian's direction a brief moment before she contains herself.

* Ian remains outwardly neutral and businesslike. Barely.

* India nods, taking another note. "A heavenbound Triad will look into her state." She doesn't sound chiding or vengeful or accusatory, just factual. "What was your facility researching? And what was the data on the ACT computers, Bright Daughter?"

{Tina} They're essentially making inroads into developing expert computer systems, and hopefully, eventually, true computer intelligences. The fact they wanted this information is worrisome...more so since some time before there was an attempt to more quietly steal this information via an illegal data breakin. {pause} There is one bit of information I sadly neglected to mention. The alarms were simultaneously set off by university students, and the hacking attempt was by another student. The former and perhaps the latter *strongly* suggest Geasing.

* India frowns slighty, but nods and takes more notes. "The presence of a Tempter in the Theft team suggests as much, yes."

{Ian} And our research was centered on artificial gravity, Most Holy. A mortal project with Lightning's guidance. There is considerable interest in the subject by rival corporations, and given our involvement, I thought it wise to assume Technology might have an interest as well. I mentioned this accordingly in my report to our Bright Lord.

* Tina nods.

* India nods, her pencil working efficently. "These increasing attempts are indeed troublesome." She looks at the two, evenly. "Is there anything else about these encounters that you think we would be interested to know about?"

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (2 6 4).

* Tina's efficient Lightning demeanor is broken by a bit of uncertainly. "Ah..."

* India looks at Tina. Very, very levelly. Waiting.

* Ian looks thoughtful, trying to think if he omitted anything important, then blinks at Tina.

{Tina} Mm. In regard to the disturbances, no, Most Holy.

{Tina} Wait... Hm. Paul and I the following day did interview a couple of the accomplices, in jail.

* India nods. "What was discussed?" She takes more notes.

{Tina} And one of the Hellsworn there. {gnaws on her lip} For the record, I now have a minor Geas-hook in him....and... {lets out a breath} I believe from resonance he sincerely regrets the choices that led him to becoming Hellsworn.

{Tina} Mm. Basically we managed to coax some information out of him with another Geashook about who hired the Thieves.

{Tina} We also talked to one of the minions... {looks slightly disgusted} At least from *him* we managed to get an idea of who of the actual Hellsworn to talk to.

* Medanel blinks, and marks a quick note in her own notebook.

* India blinks, frowns slightly, but nods. "As you have the Geas-hook, and not the other way around...." She takes another note. "The Symphony does not relate to me his ultimate culpability, Bright Daughter. This will need to be investigated."

* Rhonoxiel makes a soft mmf sound, but otherwise just sips his tea.

{Tina} Yes. I know. I also know he is very worried about his family, and infernal reprisals for what happened from his masters. And his family, as far as I know, is utterly innocent in his choices.

{Tina} And it wasn't made lightly. I was worried about incurring Dissonance, but at the same time we... {wry smile} Needed the information.

{India} Ah, yes. *another note or three* Do you or the Virtue anticipate that something may make you dissonant in the future?

## MServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (4 5 3).

{Tina} I honestly don't know, Most Holy. I try not to Geas if I can help it, generally, but as for our Superior's dissonance conditions and the current situation...mm. Well, this is human technology so far, not that of Lightning.

* India nods, and then looks at Ian.

{Ian} And I have not gone against the conditions of our Superior nor compromised any of my Oaths, Most Holy. I do not know of anything which might cause me dissonance, but of course I will remain vigilant to anything which might.

* India nods again, making another couple of notes.

* Tina waits for any other torme^H^H^H^H^Hquestions.

{India} Are you both currently comfortable in your jobs and Roles, Bright Daughter, Virtue?

{Tina} Yep. I'm good. I managed to stop a few bits of perfidity, so it makes me feel like I'm doing something. {slight smile}

* India nods slightly, and looks at Ian.

{Ian} I'm in good company in my work, and I know I serve our Word by doing what I do. I'm content, Most Holy.

* India nods again, making a few more notes. "Very well. Is there anything else thet you think we would be interested to know about? And have either of you done anything that you would be afraid for us to know?"

## India rolled 3d6 = 14 (3 5 6).

{Tina} Er....well....

* India waits. Patiently. Seraphically.

* Tina meanwhile not so patiently and very Lilimishly ponders this extremely loaded question.

* Ian scratches his head, apparently turning something over in his head.

* Rhonoxiel quirks an eyebrow. Medanel meanwhile just watches the twosome with what could be considered bemusement. On a dark night in a back alley.

* Tina ponders, blushes, shrugs, and seems to decide something. "Right. Well, I'm not sure you'd want to know this but well... er....he and I..." {vague gestures with hands. "Corporeal Thingie or celestial emulation of same. You know?" {pauses, blushes more}

* India starts to take notes, and then.... stops. This is because she just broke the tip of her pencil.

* Ian clears his throat a bit. "I believe she's trying to say we're romantically involved." *faint blush*

{India} ......

{Tina} {vvvvq} ooopsie. i broke her.

* India blinks, thrice, rapidly. More than once.

{India} ..... ah.

{Tina} Er. Yes.

* Ian sighs a tiny bit, looking upward.

* Rhonoxiel's eyebrows -both- go up this time.

* Rhonoxiel also looks like he's trying his dangdest not to break out laughting at his Triad-leader's reaction.

* Tina fights a grin at Rhon's reaction, and is still glowing rather red in the face region.

* India tries to make a note. This is hampered by the fact that her pencil is broken.

* Tina ponders, gets up, and hands India a new pencil.

{India} *a teeensy bit shakey* ... i beleive my pencil is broken ah thank you tiphareth....

* India writes something down. It at least has one exclimation point in it.

{Ian} Are you all right, Most Holy?

{India} ... and... no, i am not all right at this precise moment, Virtue, but I shall carry on... *she clears her throat, regaining her composture* Ah... *cough* yes... are you intending to continue this... romantic relationship in the future?

{Tina} {almost immediately} Yes.

[Van] {q} Then is the place you sleep at comfortable?

{Ian} Yes.

{India} Ah. *she makes another note or three* And your Superior is aware of this?

{Tina} Yes. As long as it doesn't impact our Role or celestial duties, he doesn't seem to have an issue with it.

* India still looks like she could use a stiff drink if she ever deigned to drink in the first place. She makes some more notes. "You beleive that, and the Symphony confirms his instructions if not his intent behind them."

* Tina nods, still red.

* Ian nods also.

* Ronoxiel brushes his brow, as if wiping away sweat. Perhaps it's due to the stress of the morning.

* India makes a hrmph sound, and regards the two of them again. She takes a few more notes. "Well. As long as both of you are... ah... -discreet-... in your expressions of your, ahem, relationship... and do -not- provide a foothold for the sin or minions of Lust, then given your Superior already knows about it, you may continue with it."

* Tina looks down a moment. "Not terribly likely, Most Holy. On the Lust bit."

* Ian nods. "Lust is not an element, Most Holy."

* Tina seems rather relieved to have the moral support from Ian.

* India nods again, making another note. This one has two exclimation points after it, however, India -does- appear to relax.... fractionally, mind... after hearing those statements from Tina and Ian.

{India} Thank you, Tiphareth, Ian. And now... I think it is time for us to depart.

{Tina} Understood, Most Holy.

{Ian} Understood, Most Holy.

* India nods, and stands up, drawing the "Seraph of Judgement" mantle about herself almost tangibly (and after the past few minutes, she -needs- it.) "May... all thy works be even, Bright Daughter, Virtue." Rhonoxiel and Medanel also get up from where they were propping up the walls. Rhonoxiel moves to open the door for India and Medanel.

{Tina} Walk in illumination, Most Holy, Guardian, Virtue.

* India nods again, and heads out the door. Medanel regards Ian and Tina levelly, and says, quietly, "Be Righteous, both of you." She then heads out the door, and you realize that's probably the single thing she's said there all morning.

* Rhonoxiel looks sheepish, and politely hands back the now-empty teacup to Tina. "... Thanks for the tea, Tippy." He then heads out the door, but not before grinning a bit, winking, and getting out a parting wave before closing the door behind him.

{Tina} You welcome, Rhon. {blinks, blushes, and grins a bit as he leaves.

* Tina grins wryly, putting the cup down. {m} "Er. I think we broke the Seraph."

{Ian} *m* yeah, i think we did... *coughing a tiny bit*

* Tina nods, going brighter red now. {m} "think she got a resonanceful..."

* Ian reddens a bit more. "Oh well..." *tiny snicker*

* Tina is still red. {m} "Yeah. But still, I mean, the gory details of our love life, and *India*...oh man, embarassing..."

{Ian} *q* s'pose I should be more embarrassed but it was funny to see... *snrf*

{Tina} {q} Yup. {little grin} It broke her.

{Ian} *sg* Exactly.

* Tina nodnods, blushing.

{Tina} {m} Welcome to my life. Triads popping in at the most inconvenient times...

{Ian} Mm. *shuffles over and hugs her, q* Truth happens. *swg*

* Tina shuffles over and hugs him back. {q} "Point. Mmmm...."

* Ian mmms and hugs tighter. *vq* "love you..."

{Tina} {vq} love you too. s'truth too. {little grin}

* Ian nodnods. *vq* "Don't need India to know that." *hughug*

{Tina} {vq} Nopenope. {happily hugs}

* And with that Triad survived... we fade.

In Nomine 2070