The Bright Reports

{INServ} [[so. Tina's just made her first visit to the Bar, and just left the place, and saw the Arisa Door. What she's gonna do next?]]

{Tina} [[[Tina] Haul ass back, thank you, with a pause to pick up hamster.]]

{INServ} [[Righto.]]

* Knight is, fortunately for Tina, empty this time of night.

* Tina looks around slightly furtively, but makes her way back toward the TriOp Door with all haste.

* No odd weird people accost Tina on the way back to the TriOp door, with its nice little pen-made TriOp logo on it.

* Tina has gotten her RDA of weird people. She's more concerned about after.

* Tina slips inside, where a small rodent is waiting.

{Tau} {vq} What took you so long?

* The nice metal space station closet is nice and metally.

{Tina} {vq} Getting to know the locals and I found some really important stuff that Boss needs to know. Gonna hit the Marches posthaste.

* Tau blinks a bit, but then nods and is bundled into her pocket.

* Tina then heads out, trusting Tau to have appropriately edited the cameras to show her not having gone in. Nothing to see here, move along...

* The cameras pan and scan as they always do on the maintenance level.

* Hopefully, Tau'll have taken care of her coming -out- of the closet, too...

* Well, *yeah*...

* Just checking. The elevator waits ahead. A solitary little maint-bot trundles along to its recharging station.

* Tina tries not to give the thing a hairy eye given what Ian experienced, and heads for the elevator with all haste.

* The golden doors of the elevator await Tina, and open up to admit her. The Psuedo-Samba music plaaaays as the doors close and she chooses her floor.

* Tina can't help it. She protests the quality of the music loudly. By singing the Police's 'Roxanne'.

* The elevator does not comment on Tina's singing.

* It does get her to her floor on time, though. Oh, wait, it always does.


* Tina gets the HELL OUT.

* It is simulated night on the Executive level, as it's the middle of the third shift. Nobody about that you can see. Just the cameras panning as they always do, and perhaps a maint-bot.

{Tina} . o O (I'm starting to hate those things.) She makes her way back to her cabin, posthaste, acting like a very tired young lady in the process. Which is really rather accurate in some ways.

* Nobody accosts her along the way; she doesn't even encounter any curious security guards. Okay, there's one she'd probably LIKE to meet, but he's over in the other wing. The stars, or him, are with her tonight as she reaches her cabin and gets there.

* Tina gets inside, closing the door. {q} "Let's go wild, sempai."

* Tau nods, as she heads for the bed and curls up on it after pulling covers over herself, yawning. He curls up by her head on the pillow.

-} *Tina* and roll will for Marches.

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 5 (3 1 1).

* Tina's out like a lightbulb. It's been a long day. So, she pops up in the middle of the Vale.

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 5 4).

*** Signoff: Dvandom (Leaving) at Sat Jun 2 11:21 PM PDT.

-} *Tina* What was Tau's will, again? *wl*

* Tina phews, relieved.

* And a Kyriohamster appears next to Tina.

* Tau ponders his vesselimage, then crawls onto Tina's shoulder. "Let's hike it?"

{Tina} Heck yup. {she starts doing for the zillionth time a slog towards Blandine's Tower}

* Slog slog slog slog slog. Eventually, they meet the base of the tower, where two Cherubim await.

{Cherub #1} Evenin' Tiphareth.

{Cherub #2} Long night, Tiphareth?

{Tina} Oh heck yeah, guys. I need to get frequent flier miles for this place, don't I. {small wry grin}

* Cherub #1 nods, and gestures with a wing into the tower. "Go in peace and respite then."

{Cherub #2} And may your worries be soothed by dreams.

{Tina} Will chocolate be, no, going to be good, really. See you later, and walk in illumination. {wry grin}

* Tau wavies cheerfully at the two Cherubim before they head into the Tower.

* The two cherubim chuckle, and let Tiphareth pass.

* Tina jogs on in.

* The interior of the Tower of Dreams is much as Tiphareth remembers it, and none bar her (or Tau's) path.

* Tina barely spares the time to drop vessel once she reaches the border of the Celestial realm, Tau dropping off her shoulder in a blue fractal swirl of eyes, wings and hands. She goes airborne as soon as she reaches the outside.

* And the skies of heaven are wide and vast....

*** Tina is now known as Tiphareth.

* Tiphareth makes them be short. Not that she doesn't mind the general vastness, but she's a Jeanite On A Mission.

* And so Tiphareth gets to her destination, the great and gleaming and orderly Halls of Progress.

* Tau floats down behind her as she hits the ground, her expression serious.

* The two cherubim at the doors recognize Tina, and let her in without a word, for to expend 'breath' when she is serious would not be efficent.

* Tiphareth heads directly in to the group's Klatch room, hoping for a terminal there.

* Well, of course there's a terminal there. It would be inefficently NOT to have a terminal there. It's nice and secure, too. (and there's actualyl four of them.)

* Tiphareth beelines over to one, meanwhile getting recording equipment on for vocal and visual recording of the events while she's emailing Boss, putting it on *HIGH* priority.

* This is Lightning. Of course we've got webcams and microphones here.

* Tiphareth immediately starts in on both the vocal and typing input of her experiences of this night, her fingers *blurring* on the keyboard.

-} *Tiphareth* Okay, so what's she writing/speaking/etc? :)

* Tau hovers around behind her, blinking in large ripples as she gets to documenting of Kim, the Other Kim, the Noa, the Mari, and just about anybody else that was there that night that the player has forgotten. There is quite a lot of input on the 'Etherial' Kim, the alternate history that actually didn't exist that she 'grew' up in....and she gets to the main crux of this message....having found a Door with the Sigil of Kallisti on it, and Kim's talking about 'Aunt Arisa'....

*Tiphareth* I'm not going into details, but she is about the content of the night. :)

-} *Tiphareth* Righto. :)

* There is a Presence behind the two angels.

* Tiphareth blinks, and turns, feeling said Presence. Tau's selection of eyes suddenly shift behind him.

* Jean stands before the two angels, regarding them levelly. "You have encountered evidence of Arisa Ydira Moyer's presence in the Complex." It is quite clearly -not- a question. "Were you recognized as a Celestial, Tiphareth?" (okay, -that- one is a question).

* Tiphareth pauses, getting over her startlement a moment. "To the best of my knowledge, sir, no. They just treated me as one of them, albeit new to the place. {pause} And my vessel stinks of perfume knockoff."

* Tau boggles. Somewhere, doubtless, spare Forces of his are bashing his metaphorical head into the wall. Repeatedly.

{Jean} Did you have any notable reactions to the location?

{Jean} I would also recommend a shower in the future.

-} *Tiphareth* (this is what MIGHT count as a joke from Jean. Or not. You never can tell. :)

{Tiphareth} I....startled.. Probably a bit too much. Enough Kim...the Jenkins one, that is, asked if I knew her. It was probably a stupid thing to do, but it caught me flatfooted. {facepalms}

{Tiphareth} Showers would be indeed a good thing, Boss. This took priority.

* Jean nods curtly at Tippy, still looking at her penetratingly with its clear grey eyes. "Evidence of visits to the Complex should be removed before futher activity in the station; however given the current time period onboard Citidas, your change in state should have been unnoticed. Review station plans for suitable locations to address this on the maintenance level in the future."

* Jean continues, "The inquiries of the Jenkins woman should be deflected the next time you encounter her, if warranted."

{Jean} What was your resonance able to determine?

{Tiphareth} Right, right. And basically, with the other Kim, the redheaded one, she was concerned for Kim J, and her being able to fit in..... And the other Kim was needing a way to fit in, given her genesis and the fact that well, the people she knew weren't either grown yet or didn't know *her*.

{Tiphareth} That was the general gist, insofar as I saw. And getting to know the new girl better for both. {small smile}

* Jean tilts its head fractionally. A familiar gesture for anybody who knows Elohim, as translatable as 'I'd let my curiousity go free but I've got a Job to do'. "Further investigation of her situation may be warranted once the current crisises are resolved onboard Citidas Station and relating to its connection to the Complex."

{Tiphareth} Right. ...{sigh} For now, though, we just have the small matter of a few diabolicals to take care of and this whole issue with the robots. Not least of trying to deal with my opposite number in Technology. {makes slight face}

{Jean} The presence of Arisa Moyer is also a factor to consider. She and her brother, Derek Moyer, have a history of getting involved in Celestial affairs. While the eventual outcome of such intercession has greatly advanced the holy cause, the damage incurred in the process would be unweildy and unfortunate onboard Citidas Station.

-} *Tiphareth* ('course, once we let the Plexities on the station, the same sorta thing'll happen anyway... poor Jean. ;)

* Tau mutters "no shit" under his breath, then looks guilty.

* Jean does not deign to notice Tau's commentary.

*Tiphareth* [Laurence passes over the Excederin.]

{Tiphareth} In other words, according to Tau {fights a facepalm at the commentary} basically large tracts of land would blow up and it'd be very good to avoid something like that on a station.

{Jean} Indeed. Further information on Arisa Moyer's activities will be made accessable from these terminals.

{Tiphareth} I heard a fair amount from Ian and Tau, Boss, but more information would be good, yes.

{Jean} Further efforts to prevent detection as celestials while within Taervac's Bar and Grill would also be advised. Arisa Moyer's prior visit to our universe was to seek advice on proper dealings with a group of Outcasts and Renegades whom had taken up residence in the Complex, seperated from their own home universe. Their interference in the situation on Citidas would also be disruptive, should they attempt to make their presence known onboard the station, for both Corporeal and Celestial reasons.

* Tiphareth *blinks* at that information. "The he.....from our universe?"

* Tiphareth shakes her head, facepalming. "No,, Boss. There are similar paradigms like ours out there?" {small wry look}

* Jean nods, breifly. "Coellation of the location of Outcast/Renegade dissapearances in our own universe derive no direct correlated locus of dissappearance. Therefore, it is highly probable that there are other universes with our paragdim of celestials and Heaven/Hell relations. Further investigation prior to this point has been curtailed due to the inherent risks of trans-universal transportation drawing the notice of Technology, Factions, The Game, and Fate."

* Tiphareth's eyes narrow, nodding "And no surprise there, sir."

{Jean} While further investigation at some future time of this grouping of Outcast and Renegade Celestials may be warranted, to evaluate their interaction dynamic and potential impact on our own operations on Citidas and elsewhere, at the present time caution must be made to not draw attention to our own presence on Citidas or to lead them to it if possible. Increased security measures may be implemented on the Door as your team sees fit and can execute aboard the confines of the station.

{Tiphareth} Right. {pause} There's the problem of resonances based on Perception though....and no clear way of knowing which random bargoer might be one of them, sir.

{Jean} Indeed. Standard role behaviours should be enforced as such to help conceal or drawing attention to your activities or needs. This should also allow you to interact with those in the Bar. Further resolution of your current Role Identity and education on earth will require further evaluation as events and circumstances warrant.

{Tiphareth} Understood. In case someone does try to peg me for a celestial, I'm ardently hoping that they take me for a Mercurian. {small wry grin}

{Jean} This is a high probability, given the low statistical existance of Brights among the Host in our own universe.

* Tiphareth nods. "And it's something I'm hoping yes, the same way Big Brother tries to deflect people into thinking he's a Seraph." {small wry grin}

{Jean} This is what reports from The Sword would indicate.

{Tiphareth} Yes. {wry} Plus, hey, I'm cute, kawaii, a few other analogous words, and personable. Our current strategem is to go have me do a lot of the contacts with the Bar with Ian doing the balance, sir. Maybe take the Dominations when we know the local physics will be all right for their possessees.

{Jean} Further evaluation of such capabilities would be informative, yes.

* Tiphareth nods. "Is there anything else of note you think would be an objective, sir?"

{Jean} The Sword and Flowers will be notified as to the current turn of events, and a team will be assembled to assist you, once they arrive on the station. Eliminiating the demonic presence and stabilizing human activities onboard the station until they arrive will be your primary tasks.

{Tiphareth} Understood, sir.

{Jean} Further information as warranted will be accessable through these terminals. Discussion of current developments are recommended within the confines of this room.

{Tiphareth} I know. This is why I came here first. {small smile}

{Jean} You have acted efficently, given the circumstances. Proceed in illumination, and bring illumination to others.

* And then Jean is gone.

* Tiphareth sags back, letting out a heavy breath.

{Tau} {wry} Get the feeling this is going to be a regular happening?

{Tiphareth} At the rate we're going, it probably *will* be. We've seen Boss more in one year than most see him in a flippin' *century*.

{Tau} Yuuup.

{Tiphareth} ...Well, that's about it there.

{Tau} Yeah. Going back?

{Tiphareth} ....In a bit. Gotta look natural on the sleeping bit you know. Gonna probably muddle back to Blandine's though.

* There are, of course, all those yummy reports on Arisa to read as well, if one needs to fill some time.

* Tiphareth notes this, and starts in on the reading.

* Tau naturally reads, because hey, dirt! And hey, it's homework.

* And as Tiphareth reads up on the exploits of Arisa Moyer... we fade.

In Nomine 2070