First Day On the Job

* Tuesday, June 30th, 2071. Citidas Station, around the orbit of Saturn. And it is currently dark in the Beta Quadrant cabin of Brian Scheurs, a TriOp security guard who is actually Ian Zybsko, Arasaka Corporate Security Officer, who is actually Ian, Malakite of Lightning. And if you can follow -that-, you get a gold star.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 6 (2 3 1).

* TinaManoa-Perez, computer sciences grad student who is interning on TriOp, who is actually Tiphareth, Bright Lilim of Lightning, is currently snuggling in above Malakite/Security Officer/ Security Guard's arms.

* We needn't go into the gory details *why* and what led up to this, no?

* And meanwhile, in Tina's cabin in Executive Gamma quadrant, the message light blinks redly in the peripheral light of Saturn through the window.

* Brian mrrrs softly, not concerned with details or message lights, and actually not really conscious either, but definitely cuddling the lovely Tina.

* Tina is happily cuddled and cuddles back, seeming well and truly happy for the time being from reunified with her beloved, consciousness be damned. She makes a kind of happy sleepy Lilim noise and snuggles more into Ian's embrace.

* Brian/Ian mrrrs more and snuggles closer.

* Meanwhile, back in Gamma Quadrant, in said Lilim's cabin, one beady rodent eye looks up at the message light through cage bars. And starts going 'hmmmm'.

* *blink* *blink* *blink* *blink* *blink* ....

* So does another beady rodent eye, unconnected to the first beady rodent eye. They look at each other.

{Tau} {m} Oh, hell with it. {he triggers the message. Ah, the joys of Remote Control....}

* Muon hehs, nodding, and whiffling a bit at things.

* There's a moment of clicking as the message resets, and a drawling male voice speaks from a hidden speaker. "Tina Manoa-Perez? This is Willard Ritchie, your boss, and this is your wakeup call! You're due up in my office on the Engineering Level in 15 minutes. See you there..."

{Tau} ....Ohhhhh poopie.

* Muon facepalms. "That's about riiiiiight....."

{Tau} Right. Time for me to do some *really* fast fuckin' manuvering, before the hormonal little lovebird misses her first day of woooooork...

{Muon} ....yeah. Think you can do it?

* The message clicks off. The cabin is still empty, and does not notice talking hamsters.

{Tau} Gonna have to, won't I...

{Tau} {pause} Plus, hey, if I get them really in flagrante, I'll be able to tease her until Armageddon about it. {grin}

{Muon} You're so sick, sempai. I admire that in a person.

* Tau giggles evilly. Which out of a hamster sounds like Chip n' Dale on helium. He looks for something to jump to...

* There is a computer terminal. There is a light switch. There is a door control. There is a door. There are walls. There is a bunk. There's a bathroom with plumbing, but we doubt the Kyyrio wants to jump -there-, particularly.

* Tau hits the door, baby, and looks for passersby!

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 8 (3 3 2).

* The hallway is starting to fill with people as they wake up... but they all look rather focussed on their destinations.. oh, wait. There's a maint-bot that couls possibly be possessed...

* Tau jumps for *that*!

* The maint-bot doesn't know what hits it as the Domination pours a Force into the human-made construct... and for the next 4 minutes, the robot is as familiar as Tau's own celestial form.

* Tina starts ever so innocently to steer that for Beta, looking as maintbotty as he can..

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 10 (2 3 5).

* Employees, in their pre-breakfast haze, don't notice that this particular maintbot is being rather determined in its rolling maintbottishness.

* Tau damn well works on this, going as fast as he can in what limited time he has in the bot towards Beta, and praying it's not too far.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 15 (5 4 6).

* ... it's further than Tau's hold on the 'bot will last... he can already feel his time running out, and he's not even made it to the central core yet.

* Tau whimpers in frustration, and looks for something...*anything* to jump to, and mutters something baleful about Lilim Hormones in the meantime.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 16 (4 6 6).

* Nobody immediately suitable appears. Tau could try hopping into that hallway corner security camera....

* Tau tries, now rather pissed.

* Tau grabs the security camera! It's very camery. The Maint-bot, now released of possession, lets out a little digital bleep and rolls back the way it came in emulated-confusion.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 7 (4 1 2).

* Meanwhile, not far from where the hamsters were roosting, Valerie Ellison responds to a pinging on her room terminal.

* Tina meanwhile, keeps cuddling Ian in blissful ignorance.

* Tau sits there, mentally muttering swearwords in Enochian and other, nastier tongues, looking for a way to keep Kyriowalking for Beta.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 3 4).

* Nothing, yet.... and Tau's 4 minutes in the camera are starting to run out... of coruse, there's -other- security cameras that could be jumped for if something doesn't appear in time...

* Tina hops for another one.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 12 (3 6 3).

* Tau makes it to the next camera, and makes it in with some resistance. *pause* Some resistance?

* The message on Val's terminal is similar in essence to the one Tina got, advising her to report to Science for her first day's work. Val nods, already dressed for the occasion, then hrms, looking thoughtful...

{Tau} . o O (....)

* Tau hops to the *next* camera, not sure what's going on *there* but...

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 2 5).

* Val exits her quarters, and proceeds to the door of Tina's, knocking.

* No answer!

* Val knocks harder, listening for any movement.

* Tau makes it to the next camera all right... and there's at least a few folks and bots moving around now....

* Tau mutters back in the cage, extending himself to RC the door...

* *ping!* The door slides open for Val.

* To an empty, unpacked room, yes. And two hamsters. One of which is looking decidedly frustrated.

* Val steps in, promptly notes that there's only hamsters about, and looks questioningly at the cage as soon as the door closes.

{Tau} {m} Val? I've currently got a Force stuck between here and Beta Quadrant, the lovebird's gotta get her ass to Engineering in less than ten minutes, and I suspect she's in Ian's cabin. Heeeeelllp.

* Muon nodnods.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 11 (3 5 3).

{Val} *m* Oh, for... *ahem* Get back here. I'll deal with this.

{Tau} {sigh} Thanks. This's embarassing.

* An Exec-Bot with a tray filled with breakfast goodies wanders by Tau's camera...

* Tau wryly leaps for the Bot.

* The bot is taken! It's bipedal, and presumably can move much faster than the maint-bot can, even with it carrying breakfast.

* Val meanwhile spins on her heel and heads out into the corridor, headed straight for Beta and looking like a woman who just got one too many spam mails and knowing -exactly- who did it.

* TauBot heads back for Gamma, muttering to himself.

* Mentally, thank *you*.

* The exec-bot makes its way back towards Gamma, carrying some poor sod's breakfast with it.

* It takes a couple minutes, but Val soon reaches a certain security guard's quarters, and knocks on the door rather audibly.

* Tina stirs with a jerk, making a muffled mrf noise in the direction of the door.

{Tina} Mrlfl?

* Brian reacts a bit more noticeably, sitting up. "mrf??"

* Tina meeps and rolls off him, waking up some more.

* Whoever's knocking on the door sounds more than a little impatient, so Brian quickly gets up, does something about modesty and heads for the door.

* Tina blinks, clears her head, and does something herself to preserve decency in the background by getting a few pertinent items of clothing on her.

* Brian keys the door and it opens a quarter of the way, revealing a somewhat annoyed-looking Ms. Ellison.

{Val} Pardon me, Mr. Scheurs, but do you have company?

{Tina} ....erk?

* Val might also see a rather mussed, messily half-dressed Ms. Manoa-Perez in the background.

{Brian} er... yes? *already suspecting*

* Val notices Tina about then. *a bit louder* "Would you kindly inform Ms. Manoa-Perez that her boss is expecting her in approximately 5 minutes?"

{Tina} ....

{Tina} ...Five....

{Tina} Oh... *SHIT*!

* Tina grabs the rest of salient bits of clothing, cursing under her breath. "Tell Mr. Ritchie I'll be there ASAP and very sorry about it all sorry Val sorry Ian gottagobye!"

* Tina hops up, kisses Ian on on cheek, and sprints out the door, in the direction of Gamma for a decent change of clothing.

* People in the hallways get the breifest of views of the sprinting part-Philipina hackette, thanks to her speed. Lucky for her.

* Ian facepalms, muttering, and also gets out of the way for Tina. Val also gracefully sidesteps the charging Bright, then looks back at Brian once more. Brian just shrugs a bit.

* Tina is glad for this too, given despite the best of her efforts she's not exactly the model of sartorial splendor, and doubly glad vessels don't feel fatigue as she dives into her room, ripping out a decent jumpsuit for wear in engineering and combing her hair into ponytail.

* Tina doesn't notice the hamsters, even.

* The room door slides open and closed as Tina dives through it.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 10 (5 1 4).

{Tau} . o O (And now...we see Tiphareth's Ofanite impersonation.)

* Four miiiinuuutes.....

* Val meanwhile gives a slightly exasperated look to Brian and then leaves, heading toward the elevators since she has everything she needs for her workday already.

* Brian sighs, closes his door, and works on getting cleaned up and dressed.

* Tina manages, through lengthy experience of being chronically late for classes, something approaching decent within a minute and half of experienced panic, and is diving out the door and running full out for Engineering as fast as she can without colliding with anybody, wishing she had an Ofanite resonance. She looks rather nice in a TriOp regulation jumpsuit though, which is good given she'd been late if she'd tried her usual garb.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 16 (5 5 6).

* Tina doesn't collide with anybody. She does nearly collide with a closed elevator door, however.

{Tina} ...Ow. {gets that button}

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 8 (3 3 2).

* *Bing!* The elevator door opens. It is empty. Psuedo-samba music plays inside.

{Tina} . o O (I'm going to kill that filthy elevator before a week is out. Aren't I.)

* Tina hits the button for Engineering, posthaste.

* The Elevator.... ascends! Soon, it reaches the Enginneering level, the next floor up from the Executive level. The door opens.

* Tina *runs* for Ritchie's office, bright red, and not from exertion.

* Enginnering is multiply tiered, arrayed out from the central core with large hallways in the four cardinal directions. Ritchie's office itself is in Alpha Quadrant, and people get the heck out otta Tina's way as she runs.

* Tina heads for Alpha, whimpering.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 14 (5 6 3).

* And as Tina runs, she can hear two male voices speaking from the open office door...

{Voice 1} You sure you paged her, Willard?

* Tina just aims....on....that....door...

{Voice 2} 20 minutes ago, Arnold... she might've turned off her messaging service...

{Tina} I'mcomingI'mcomingreallyI'mcomingI'msorry!

*R-Type* [["Ms. Manoa-Perez was unavoidably detained due to circumstances beyond her control. I apologize for any inconvenience. Sincerely, B. Scheurs, Security."]]

* The door soon gives way to a large computer room, -large- UltraCray truncated cones standing in two rows. A black man clad in an Enginnering jumpsuit, and a caucasian male with pale skin, glasses, and moustache look (wearing a "Hackers Do It In The System Stack" T-shirt and jeans) look over at the barreling Tina.

{Black man} Ah, -this- must be Ms. Manoa-Perez?

* The t-shirt wearing man nods. "Must be, must be, Arnold..."

* Tina screeches to a stop, panting, and bright rose red with mortification. She doesn't even ogle the computer much. "Reporting for duty, Mr. Ritchie, sorry about that..."

* Willard, the T-shirt wearing man waves off Tina's mortification. "It's okay... up all night getting familiar with the facilities in your cabin?" *grin*

* Tina goes redder. "Er...well....not exactly...."

*R-Type* (*Kal giggles herself silly.)

* The black man quirks an eyebrow. "Riiight."

{Tina} Well, er, I'm...sorry I'm late.

* Willard rolls his eyes at the black man. "Don't mind Arnold here.... he's just jealous. And it's okay, Tina. I'm Willard Ritchie, system administrator for Citidas Station, as I'm sure you know... this is Arnold Hessman, the Engineering Level Supervisor."

* Arnold, the black man, nods. "That's me. And I've got to go back to supervising, Ms. Manoa-Perez. So if you'll excuse me... she's all yours, Willard."

* Tina smiles and reaches out a hand to shake Willard's. "Understood. And pleased to meet you, Mr. Hessman."

* Willard shakes back, his grip strong despite his pronounced need of a tan due to lack of sunlight exposure. He speaks with a faint texan accent. "No problems.. and pleas, call me Willard."

* Arnold nods to Tina. "Likewise, miss. I'm sure we'll see each other later when you're running around on whatever esoteric errrand Willard sends you on." *chuckle*

{Tina} Right, Willard. Tina here, obviously. {small wry smile} What's the deal on what I should be doing?

* Willard gestures to the office that's set adjacent tot he large computer room. "Well first, we'll see about getting you and account, and introduce you to SHODAN."

{Tina} Right. Lead on. {grin}

* Willard leads Tina into his office, which has many various computer thingies, several of them dissassembled, many of them state of the art. He plops himself down behind his desk (covered with printouts and data media, and some photos and toys), and turns towards one of the computer screens where a narrow inverted cone floats above a field of pale blue lines... clearly a screen saver. "SHODAN? This is Willard. I'd like you to meet Tina Manoa-Perez, one of our new interns, and she'll be working with us."

* Tina smiles a bit, looking on in fascination.

* Willard turns, and starts typing at another computer keyboard, as the inverted cone and lines pulse slightly in time to the words eminating from the nearby speaker.

{SHODAN} Hello Ms. Manoa-Perez. I am S.H.O.D.A.N. I am pleased to make your aquaintance, though we met breifly in the ColdSleep revival room.

* Tina smiles, bowing a bit. "And you as well, SHODAN. I probably wasn't terribly conscious at the time."

* SHODAN's voice is calm and precise, patient and measured, feminine but processed. "Indeed. However, I have great faith in the abilities of the Doctors Stackhouse to revive you."

{Tina} As did I. Glad it all worked out.

{SHODAN} As am I. Willard, have you finished setting up Tina's account yet?

{Willard} Almost... -there-.

* A nearby printer chrrs, and a printed sheet of paper spits out. Willard hands it to Tina. "Here you go, here's your account and curretn password. I'm assuming you won't need to be told what to do with it next?" *grin*

{Tina} Nooooo. If I had to be, I wouldn't be here. {grin, wink}

* Willard chuckles, and gets up. "This way, and I'll show you your cube where you can stash your stuff and have your own high-performance terminal... though not like you'll be hanging around it often, since we end up having to help all the science types with their system interfaces..."

{Tina} Mostly jogging back and forth, I take.

* Willard nods. "Beleive it or not, we -do- get exercise around here."

{Tina} Hey, didn't think we didn't. {wry grin}

* Willard hehs, and leads the way down to another hallway... filled with your standard run-of-the-mill office cubicles, some with people in them. "And here you are, Tina." Inside this empty cubicle is a Qube quadrilateral processing workstation, swivel chair, desk drawers and filing cabinet and shelf space. "Get yourself familiar with the system and its layout, and we've got a team meeting at 11:30 before lunch."

{Tina} . o O ({slobber slobber drool drool}) Gotcha, Willard, and glad to be here. {grin}

* Willard nods and waves, and heads back towards his office and the main computer room.

* Tina settles in, and starts pondering decorations for the cubicle.

* Tina also starts login procedures, and waits for her first Crisis On Job.

* The terminal logs in smoothly, featuring a slick rotating TriOp Corp Logo and welcome chime. Tina also apparently has email!

* Tina arches eyebrows and opens.

* The email is opened... oh, it's jsut your standard "Welcome to the TriOp Corp Network" email, stating where the newsgroups and vartious hot servers are.

* Tina takes note of them suckers.

* They're pretty standard ... internal information websites, places for performance evaluations, other things of note your average 21st century corporate lackey should know.

* Tina figures that she darn well *should* take note of them for future reference, and does, and eyes flick at her watch to see what time it is.

* It's still early... despite Tina's early-morning marathon run to Engineering, she's got, oh, 2 hours or so before the before-lunch meeting.

* Tina nods and decides priorities to begin on before then, starting on them.

* Tina meanwhile considers proper feng shui for cubicle decoration in between figuring out system layout and waiting for any possible crisi to erupt.

* Mmmm. Websites. Corp this, corp that, some history, some links to other divisions scattered across earth and the various orbital colonies. A website about Citidas proper. A nice little (if primitive) site for the Engineering Division and logging trouble-tickets.

* Tina notes this needs work, yes, and ponders if anybody wants to pick that bit up.

* Tina ponders bringing this up at meeting if nobody has yet.

* Tina's cubicle is.... a cubicle. Rather bland, if you discount the Qube workstation. No real privacy, save that part of the cubicle wall is such is so that if she moves her terminal she could at least not have people peering at it.

* Nobody appears to be screaming "This Website Sucks!", so it's likely up to her...

* Tina oos. "More resume fodder, moo haa haa."

* Nobody replies to Tina's evil cackle.

* Tina didn't think so, and proceeds with other happy fun Role maintenence kinds of things.

* Tina did note that bit with the cubicle layout and makes note of it for later.

* Role maintenance takes place! The system (or at least the parts Tina can get to) appears to be laid out pretty normally from a computer/UNIX standpoint, though of course there's remote filesystems representing other portions of the station, and a root directory for SHODAN.

* Tina notes all that as well, as well as the immediate staff in her department, starting to use Role maintenence for a cover for her *other* work...

* Various people are coming and going, apparently engrossed in their own tasks. One, a woman about 5 years older than Tina, is heading down past her cubicle carring a rather large sheaf of printouts.

* Tina blinkies at them, while actually making note of the staff directory on the computer.

## INServ1 rolled 3d6 = 11 (3 4 4).

* The printouts... start... to...topple....

{Woman} Aiiiiee......

* Tina acks and dives out of the cubicle to help catch them!

## INServ1 rolled 3d6 = 15 (5 5 5).

* *THUD* The twosome collide. Printouts fly everywhere in the space between cubicles.

{Tina} ....AAAA! I'msorryI'm sorryI'msorry! {tries to disentangle, and grab for the printouts, noting so far her day is *not* going well at all}

* The woman acks, and disentangles from Tina, trying to recover printouts as well, blushing. "Wasn't watching where I was going, sorry 'bout that...."

{Tina} S'kay...I was trying to help but apparently overdid it. {wry grin, trying to sort things}

* The woman chuckles a bit, sorting the papers as she re-gathers them... a lot of them are printouts, but some are more solid prose... "Well, hey, thanks anyway..." She looks up, blinks, and quirks an eyebrow. "... and -hello-, I don't think I've seen you around here before... you new?" She grins.

{Tina} Yup. {grin} Came in on the shuttle the other day. {wry grin}. {glances rapidly at them} So yeah, it's been readjustment central.

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 14 (4 5 5).

* The papers are lots and lots and lots of code printouts, several long treasties on interfaces between computers and scientific hardware, and.... "His steel-grey eyes glittered in the light from the humming computer screens, as he seized her in his tempestuous embrace. 'Dana,' he snarled, 'have you never mounted a Unix box before, woman? Don't you realise what you're doing to me...'"

* Tina keeps her face composed. It take a great amount of will, but no need to embarass the poor woman about her reading materials.

* Especially since she used to read Shal-Mari angelporn and all...

* Tina proceeds to keep gathering up stuff like she didn't see any hacker romances in there, at all, really.

* The woman doesn't notice, finally getting things back into a relative pile. "Anyway, thanks.... Lara Dorsey." She smiles and offers her hand.

* Tina grins and takes it. "Pleased to meet you!" {shakes} "Tina Manoa-Perez here, fresh meat in the department."

* Lara chuckles, and lets go, getting both hands under the pile... it's still unstable, though... "Same here. How you liking it here so far?"

* Tina helps stabilize it a little more. "Pretty blasted cool...I mean the view of Saturn..." {trails off in wonderment} "...though still a tad homesick." {small wry grin}

* Lara's smile softens. "Yeah, know what you mean. Mom and Dad are still on Asimov, hard at work."

{Tina} Coool. {small grin} Stationborn?

* Lara shakes her head, starting to get up. "Nope, moved there before I hit grade school."

{Tina} Still, that's most your life. {wry grin} Dirtside here, until now.

* Lara hehs a bit, getting up further. "Yeah... barely remember living back where we were.... miss it a bit, tho." She shrugs, though this time the papers don't spill.

* Tina nods, looking wry. "Yeah, I can sympathize..."

* Lara starts making her way down the aisle to a cubicle down the way. "Yeah, sure, Asimov's the biggest construct known to man, and it's even got clouds... but it's still closed-in, you know? And Citidas doesn't even have -that-."

* Tina pokes after her to prevent any other mishaps. "Hyup, so I am beginning to find out. {wry grin} I hope there's something natural on this station or I'll go buggy."

{Lara} I find myself out on one of the Groves off exec level if I get figety... sometimes you can see Saturn out the dome, so it doesn't feel -too- like home, but they've got lawns and plants around. *she makes it to her cubicle, sidling in...*

{Tina} Huhnh. Oh...yeah. And right...where're they located for future ref?

* Lara plops down her stack of papers on her l-shaped desk. A complile is churning away merrily on her Qube. There's a photo of Lara with two older folks, persumably her parents, LOTS of other printouts, and what looks to be a full set of O'Reilly books, rather dog-eared. "There's a lobby to each at each border of the quadrants, but you've gotta take an elevator from 'em to actually reach the grove itself. Airlocked, y'know."

{Tina} Goootcha. And thanks! {grin}

* Tina heads back to her own cubicle after a last wave at Lara.

* Lara chuckles. "You're welcome, Tina..." She waves and then sits down at her own terminal.

* Tina plops down at her own again, making notes of the staff in her department on the pages.

* A pretty decently sized staff... Lara's on there, as well as Willard and Arnold... the rest appear to be engineering or programming types. About 50-60 people all told. Jon David Wong is apparently the assistant Sysadmin under Willard Ritchie, not that she's even met him. The rest of the names are similarly unfamiliar.

* Tina notes all of them, though, because any one of them might be a diabolical and she needs the reference for future use.

* Well, none of them -look- particularly diabolical, unless you count those folks who have listed as their nicknames "l4z3rBoI" or "Syndy/3"... but then again, it's more likely just hacker-posturing.

{Tina} . o O (Yeeesh. People, you do *not* need to use numerals in your logon names...)

* Anyway, that's about it for the Engineering Department list. There -are- other lists that can be accessed...

* Tina accesses hmmm....Security.

* Much like the Engineering department, she gets a quick little webpage listing who's in the Security department. David Honig's the Chief of Security, Lonni Stevens is his lieutenant, and there's many other security guards of various rankings -- Brian is of course one of them. There's about 60-some people in Security, all told.

* Tina is interested in one of them, though she probably won't get more than basic data. Harlan Masters, the suspected Calabite.

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 16 (5 6 5).

* Tina obtains information! His name, current email address, cabin number... and with a little more poking around, starts getting his basic physical stats, place of origin (Clarke Colony), time of employment with TriOp (6 years... hmm, that's about as long as the company existed after the mergers...). With a little more digging, she might even find out more.

* Tina does a tad of digging, she does. . o O (Hmm. Yup. High-level Role, if he is a demon...)

* Further digging obtains other reference to Mr. Masters across the station... for instance, the rather -high- number of maintenance requests on his behalf as logged by the Maintenance department.

{Tina} . o O (Ahhhaaaa...) {checks to see if they were to his cabin/personal belongings too

* Well, there's at least several comments from various maintenance workers that if he keeps this up, they might as well rescind his paycheck entirely and funnel it directly into the Maintenance budget.

{Tina} . o O (Biiiiig aha.)

* Tina gets back to her first screen, not wanting to leave too much a trail of where she's been looking.

* Nobody appears to have noticed, mostly working on their own tasks, moving out of the "Bullpen" to do other things.

* Tina checks time to Meeeeeting.

## INserv1 rolled 3d6 = 12 (1 6 5).

* Hm. About a half hour, give or take.

* Tina nods to herself and spends the rest of that time in innocuous-seeming getting to know the system.

## INserv1 rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 5 4).

* Again, it's a pretty standard UNIX distributed filesystem, with 'remote' filesystems for the other by-level CPU nodes, and a seperate section for SHODAN... oh. Network traffic indicates that communication with TriOp proper is pretty commong.

* Tina hmmms and looks through that.

## IN2070-1 rolled 3d6 = 9 (4 2 3).

* WEll, nothing suspicious. Just your average number of connects to TriOp remote servers. It's as if this was just another office building, and not a space-station out by Saturn. Ahhh, the wonders of Internet Gamma.

* Wheee!

* Tina absently ponders the presence of coffee, tea, and if it costs an arm and leg to get out here.

* Presumably, if Tina were to attempt searching, she'd have to poke her head out of her cubicle.

* Tina pokes, pokes, POKES! In a possibly Freudian manner, even!

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 7 (5 1 1).

* Tina detects the very, very faint scent of... coffee.

* Tina follows her nose! We'll stop the Froot Loop thing riiiight there.

* After more than a little poking around, she finds a coffee pot percolating over in a corner of the bullpen with a matching small fridge in its kitchenette. It's not -quality- coffee, but it's at least caffiene.

* Tina looks for....tea!

* Tina takes the coffee, as a second.

## IN2070-1 rolled 3d6 = 16 (5 5 6).

* Sadly, there don't appear to be any tea-drinkers amongst the group. It's Java or Soda, or nothing.

* Tina sniffles. Looks for Jolt at least. Is very very glad that she brought three or four months's supplies of tea in her crud.

## IN2070-1 rolled 3d6 = 8 (3 4 1).

* There is Jolt. There is at least one six pack of it.

* Tina mutters, and goes with coffee at least, since it's still morning and all.

*** Heather connected at Fri Jul 14 8:35 PM PDT from

* Coffee is obtained!

* Tina obtains coffee, yes she does.

* Mmmm. the yummy smell of coffee. Quite the morning pick-me-up.

* Tina swigs some of it as she readies for meeting.

## IN2070-1 rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 1 6).

* 6 minutes to meeting, Ms. Manoa-Perez...

* Tina tries to find out where meetings will be.\

## IN2070-1 rolled 3d6 = 15 (3 6 6).

* Nobody seems to be majorly pointing out where to go... though she can see Lara heading for another exit from the bullpen.

* Tina decides to engage in the sport of Zen Navigation and follows Lara!

* Lara heads down a hallway, carring notepad under her arm, and takes a right into another room.

* Tina, you guessed it, follows!

* The inside is filled with various folks sitting around a long, narrow conference table, or along the walls. Willard Ritchie is standing over by one corner, near a display panel.

* Tina blinkies and looks around, eyes wide in best fresh meat fashion. Which hey, is more than partly true. Taking stock of peoples.

* Some people are chatting with others. Others are taking notes or fiddling with handheld devices. Two appear to have hoooked up their laptops to get in a game of Quake-Cubed. More than one male member of the staff looks up and sizes up Tina as she enters.

* Tina takes note of any Interesting Types there. And may project "taken," depending on how self-deluding the sizers are!

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 14 (4 4 6).

* As Tina moves around and sits down, she notices that that one guy playing Quake-Cubed is playing it on a winbook. *pause* Okay, so it's a winbook -Artifact-, of the type created in the Forges of Tartarus, for Vapulan Shedim....

* Tina doesn't pretend she notices. Never mind something with lots and lots of little cold feet does a boogaloo on her spine for a moment before she represses it.

{Tina} . o O (Note: not to be touching the book. Very not to be touching the book. Bad bad bad.)

* Nobody else notices tina's not pretending that she notices. Willard finally knocks on the table. "Can I have everbody's attention, here?"

* People start drawing attention to the Sysadmin, save the two guys playing games on their laptops.

* Tina does the attention thingie as well, putting that appalling little fact to the back of her mind for the nonce.

* Willard knocks on the table again, rolling his eyes at the laptop folks. "Charles? Brent? -Meetingtime-..."

* The guy with the Vapulan laptop glances up. *mutter* "Just one more level... and the name is -l4z3rBoI-..."

{Tina} . o O (Ohooo....)

* The other guy looks more concerned than his companion. l4z3rBoI takes advantage of this to gib his opponent. The other guy arghs, sighs, and shakes hands with the first.

* Tina doesn't twitch. . o O (Mister, you're shaking hands with a possible crawling horror from the depths of Hell. Trust me.)

* Willard sighs. "Right, now that we've got -that- out of the way... First things first. Gang? This here is Tina Manoa-Perez, she's our new Intern in our division, starting today." He smiles a bit.

* There's a round of welcomes from various folks there.

* Tina stands up and bows, blushing prettily.

* There's a wolf-whistle from the guy who got his character gibbed by l4z3rBoI. Lara eyerolls, and smiles up at Tina.

* Tina looks faintly wry, and grins at Lara, sitting down.

{Willard} She'll be here for the next three months, so make her feel at home, all right? *he smiles, and turns to the board, activating it* And now, the next item of business...

* Tina hhms and turns to the board.

* Displays of computer hardware serial numbers scroll past, as well as images of new equipment. "... As you know, to address the computing overhead problems we've been having the corp has 'graciously' allowed us to requisition new equipment and upgrades. Well, they -finally- arrived, and later today I'll be posting who gets to help with what, alongside your current tasks." THere's some relieved sounds, some groans, and some eager looks from those assembled.

* Tina nodnods, looking intent. And keeping an eye on Captain Shedite-ridden in the meantime for his reaction.

* l4z3rBoI doesn't seem to be paying -much- attention, though his companion is taking notes.

* Tina notes both, though.

* Willard looks over at one of the other men there, who's taking notes on a palmtop. "Stevie? I want you to take Tina under your wing for the next week while you start helping with the upgrades, and show her around the station, all right?"

* Tina grins.

* The man with the palmtop nods, pushes up his glasses, and nods. "You've got it, boss." He smiles at Tina, earnestly.

{Tina} Thanks. {grin}

* Tina resonates Stevie. What the heck.

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 12 (6 4 2).

* Behind Stevie's eyes, Tina can see the rather simple needs of getting lunch, and getting to know Tina for work.

{Tina} . o O (Least it wasn't getting to know me more personally...)

* Willard chuckles. "So, any other questions?"

* There's general noises of nothing major needed to be done aside from what's been already mentioned, or that will be brought up one-on-one later.

* Tina raises a hand. "Anybody been doing any work on Engineering's web page?"

* Willard blinks, and thinks. "Don't -think- so... we haven't since february, and it's pretty much in-house anyway. Why?"

{Tina} Hm. Just wondering how many people *were* looking at the thing. I wouldn't be adverse to updating it unless people aren't hot on the idea. {wry grin}

* Willard quirks an eyebrow at this. There's some mutters of support for Tina, coupled with complaints that it -could- be better. "Hmmmm. Sounds good, then, if you're up to it? We all use it through the day..."

{Tina} Cool beans then. Might be good PR for our department is what I'm thinking.

* Willard chuckles. "Not that we can get out off-station to take advantage of it, and everybody on-station uses us anyway... but sure, what the hey. Knock yourself out, Tina." *grin* "Anything else?"

* There's more negative replies, and more than a few glances at watches.

* Tina gives this slightly wry, "Hey, it'd look good on my vita" expression to Willard.

* Willard smiles back at Tina, and makes shooing gestures at the folks there. "Now g'wan, getouddah heah."

* The people there start to do so, the majority breaking for lunch, others going back to the cubicles.

* Tina waves and wanders out.

* Stevie follows Tina, pocketing his palmcomp. "And hey, we weren't formally introduced... I'm Steven Sanchez, login 'Hackmaster'. You want to chat about our setup over lunch, or later?"

{Tina} Hmm....probably bit later after, Stevie. {wry grin} Gonna grab something quick and then try to acclimate myself some more. Given a day ago this time I was still in coldsleep...

* Stevie nods, hehing a bit. "Oh yeah, gotcha there. My brain was fuzzed the day I came in, too. I'll just grab lunch then, and come back 'round 1?"

{Tina} Sure! And thanks so much for the help. I'm still trying to feel my way around here. {wry grin}

{Stevie} No prob, Tina. Catch y' later!

* Stevie waves, and heads down one of the other hallways.

* Tina waves back, and heads for her cubicle.

* Tina makes sure nobody's around.

## IN2070-1 rolled 3d6 = 10 (3 4 3).

* Doesn't look like folks are really around, given some went back to work elsehwere, or wheren't here already, or went straight to lunch...

* Tina then allows herself to indulge in a very short case of the shakes, then. Shedite....*hates* the fscking Shedim and there's one on Citidas....

* Nobody notices or reacts to Tina's case of the shakes.

* Tina gets them under control after a bit, and sets out for food....have to keep up the role....even when she's not too into it...

* And as Tina heads off to re-find her center in the hunt for Food... we Fade.

In Nomine 2070