Wakeups In The Station, Italian In The Cafeteria

* Monday. June 29th. 2071. Citidas Station, TriOp Corporation.

* In the beginning, they say, there was nothing, and then there was light... that is what every angel is taught, even from their days as a reliever.

* However, the light probably didn't come coupled with visual fuzziness and the sound of an air recirculator, as Muon the Kyriohamster is now learning as slowly, ever so slowly, the metabolic drugs are easing out of his furry biology, to be replaced with counteragents and placebo....

{Muon} . o O (Nnnnnhhh....over de sea, de beautiful sea.....la la la la la la......mmnn. Wait....s'bright.... hmm...hmmhmm...)

* One beady black hamster eye peels open, pondering this bright thing.

* The bright thing is... a flourescent light, courtesy of an open coldsleep chamber. Muon is currently still secured by the mesh crash webbing, and Tau still slumbers next to him in ColdSleep. An unfamilair, feminine yet processed voice, is announcing "...of our subjects is reviving, Doctor Stackhouse. It is the small furry rodent."

* A second voice, much more normal and human sounding, masculine, acknoledges this. "Thank you, SHODAN. Mira, check the others?"

* A third female voice replies. "I'm already on it, dear..."

* Tau is pretty darn out, still, yep.

* Slowly.... ever so slowly... sensation returns to Tiphareth....

* Muon opens another eye, trying this head-movement thing.

* Struggling....dragged down...confined....*held*....god no please don't have to get out have to be FREE--

* Muon can move his head a little bit. But not much. He can see a caucasian male, the source of the first voice, moving into view (okay, so all he sees is his stomach....)

* Tina is already shivering and thrashing even before she's conscious, one hand trying to grab for the release lock.

{Mira} Woah, woah, easy there -easy-, we'll have you out in a second....

* Tina makes a terrified whimper, grabbing the release and *pushing.*

* Ka-CHUNK! The emeregency release lock works as advertized! *zwippzwippzwipp* retract the straps as the lid hinges up on its side. 'course, Tina's still wired....

* A pretty, middleaged woman with her hair pulled back in a ponytail tries to coalm Tina's panic.

* Tina's eyes are open and glazed, still not quite registering, though there is a fine film of sweat on her light brown skin. She makes an incoherent noise in the woman's direction.

* Mira, the woman, frowns a bit and double-checks the status display's for Tina's coldsleep chamber.

* Tina falls back, having gotten somewhat more space... her vital signs are rapid and panicked, like a person having just woken up from a nightmare, but otherwise seeming okay....

* Muon makes a muzzy but more coherent squeak.

* The man looks over. "Is Ms. Manoa-Perez all right?" He looks down at the squeek. "Let's get you out of there before you become a cat-toy, little one..."

{Mira} Rapid pulse and reflex, Gunther.... *she lets out a relieved sigh* ... no, nevermind. Not a negative reaction to the drug. Probably nightmares. *she smiles at Tina, resting a hand on hers* Hey there... it's all right.

* Gunther, the man, starts detubing the MuonHamster.

* Tina weakly grasps for the hand, her focus having been drained by the one massive effort for the latch. She stares defocusedly at Mira. "mmmnni...mmmnnii 'wake?"

* Mira nods, smiling, the smile meeting her eyes. "Yes, yes you are, Ms. Manoa-Perez. You'll be a little fuzzy for a while longer as the drugs flush out of your system, but you'll be fine later." She pulls a patch off a stick-roll, and applies it to Tina's bare arm. "Just rest for the moment and stare up at the ceiling. It's quite popular."

* Gunther chuckles, finally extricating the MuonHamster and carefully putting him in a nearby cage, that has fresh cedar woodchips and a filled water bottle and food bowl.

* Tina manages a tiny nod, maybe a hint of a mouth-quirk. "Mmmnh. Mrf. {pause} w'ter...?"

* Muon squeeps in mild drugged annoyance as he's detubed, but is put into cage with obvious little protest. He ponders the taste in his mouth and drags his furry little butt for the waterbottle.

* Mira nods, and goes and obtains a water-tube for Tina, holding it near. Nearby, in another coldsleep chamber, consciousness begins to return to Valanna... and for the furry hamster Tau, awareness slowly lifts him out of the state of not-here-ness....

* Mmmmm. Water. Refreshing lifeblood of God.

* Muon drinks thirstily, finding out it helps muchly for a mouth that well...feels like a hamster died in it thirty days ago. Har har. In the meantime, Tina gulps down water as well, with a soft noise of thanks to Mira.

* Mira smiles, and sets the bottle with tube next to Tina, and goes to check on the other awakees....

* Valanna stirs, much more calmly... although as she revives more she begins to grimace in visible disgust... talk about morning breath, agh...

* Tau wakes up, for some inexplicable reason humming the "Medical Love Song" in a mental chorus with himself, in a woozy, drunken manner. Or rather he also peels open one gummy eye and sort of thinks 'gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh my brains, they are slurped....'

* Tina keeps gulping water with amazing and unsurprising thirst.

* Valanna's coldsleep chamber lid opens up, and Mira looks in. "Ms. Ellison is awake as well, Gunther..."

{Gunther} Good, good... and ah, our other furry friend is waking, too.

* Tau absently shifts to a few KISS songs, for equal lack of reason.

* Val mrrghs, and coughs... "ahhgh... oh, dear heaven... someone get me some Listerine..."

{Tau} . o O (iiiiiii....wanna rock and roll allll niiiiight....and eat peanuts allll day.....no, wait, s'wrong...)

* Gunther checks the status of the TauHamster.

* Mira chuckles, and smiles at Val. "Sorry, not yet, Ms. Ellison... we do have water and a detox patch for you, however...."

* Tina pokes her head out with a monumental effort. Still drinking. "Mmnnnngh." {vague nod}

{Val} *m* "an excellent start..." *cough* "...i hate this part..."

* Tau tries to stick his tongue out at Gunther just because. He has this stupid looped druggie look to him. What makes it all the more frightening is it's a small, cute, and furry druggie look.

* Mira applies a detox patch to Val's shoulder, and maneuvers a water bottle tube to her mouth. "Shhh. Drink this, first. Clarity will come soon enough."

* Tina comes up for air. "i...don't like it.....wanna fuzzy nighty n...stuff.."

* Tina goes back for more water, with a slightly posessed and slowly growing more lucid look.

* Gunther blinks down at Tau, and pokes at Tau's tounge, ruffling his fur with his other hand before starting to unhook the hamster.

* Val drinks steadily, and is obviously making an effort to sit up and look a -little- more dignified.

* Mira helps Val sit up, slowly, supporting her as she keeps the various other tubes and things from catching. "Whoah, take it easy there... we don't want to rush things..."

* Tau decides the fur bit is just fine, and deals with the indignity of detubement. In the meantime, Muon does his best to drink his weight in water.

{Tina} Mnorg.

{Val} *m* Mm. no, don't suppose we do... *sits up, breathing regularly and doing her best to regain her focus*

* Gunther gets TauHamster detubed, and picked up and carried and placed into the cage with Muon.

* Tau wobbles over, and patiently waits for a chance at the bottle. When Muon *still* won't detach, Tau pettishly and uncoordinately whaps the other hamster, then takes place.

* Gunther doesn't notice this. He goes to check on Tina's state. "Are you recovering, Ms. Manoa-Perez?"

* Muon ows, and glares, but decides he's had enough and plus Tau needs it more, so plops down again, a good bit more With It now due to a higher rodent metabolism.

* Tina comes up for air again. {still a tadge slurred} "For some def 'v recovering yesh." {little wry and somewhat shaken grin} "Thank you."

* Gunther smiles, and squeezes Tina's hand. "You're welcome, Ms. Manoa-Perez. I'm Dr. Gunther Stackhouse... you've already met my wife, Mira."

* Mira smiles, and waves from where she's sitting next to Val. "Hey there."

* Tina squeezes back. "Or at least some fuzzy blob I called 'Mira," yeah." {tiny grin}

* Val spares a glance over at the other awakees to see if they're faring any better.

* Tina waves a bit back at Val.

* Mira chuckles. "I've been called much worse, Tina." She gets up, and starts removing the various tubes from Val's arm, taping the needle-marks with bandages, before moving over to Tina's arm.

* Tina holds. Very still. She wants them suckers *out* of her.

* Mira gets them out! "There you go. Here, have a lollypop."

* Mira pulls out a lollypop from her labcoat, unwraps it, and sticks it in Tina's mouth.

* Val sips more water and looks wry at this development.

{Tina} Mmrrfff. {takes it out} Thank you. I think I want more water. I think my bod's not happy about not drinking for a month.... urgh. a month?

* Gunther rolls his eyes, but chuckles. "And, well, since you're all still recovering... but doing better... I'll go let the man in the waiting room know you're all right." He smiles, and heads out through the healing suite's door.

* Tina blinkies, slightly.

{Tina} {absently} Man?

* Mira nods. "You went into coldsleep on the 29th of May... and today's the 29th of June... And yes. One of our security officers. He mentioned he knew you..."

* Tina jerks her head up, and goes ow. "didhegiveyouhisname?"

* Mira winces, and moves over to support Tina's head. "A Mr. Scheurs, I beleive?"

{Tina} . o O (Look. Spinning room. Neat. Design scheme.)

* Tina goes poik. We don't care this isn't exactly an anime milieu, she goes audibly poik.

* There's the sound of two folks arriving from the hallway. "...this way, Brian. She's recovering just fine...."

* Val rolls her eyes skyward, looking bemused.

* Tina tries not to fall forward in an initial attempt to get out of the damn capsule. She goes absently "waaiii" a bit.

* Meanwhile, hamsters try not to giggle. Oh, how they try.

* A very familiar buffed and hunky guy in a TriOp uniform enters.

{Mira} ... well,s ave for overextending herself... *she steadies Tina, carefully helping her sit up.*

* Tina keeps in the currently very muddled portions of her mind that he's using an alias. So she opts for a "Meeeeep." Her eyes are shining though, and she tries for a wave. With the arm that had the needles in them. She doesn't care about the pain.

* Fortunately, the needles are out, and the bandages had doses of healing agent in the pads.

{Brian} *q* Hi there. *eyes also shining*

{Tina} {q} Hiiii. {tries to sort of shift over there, hospital gown and all}

* Brian meets her before she can shift too far, giving her something to hold onto in the process.

* Mira moves out of Tina and Brian's way, smiling up at the security guard. *q* "be careful there... she's still recovering from the coldsleep drugs. She'll be fully clear in about a half hour, perhaps less. Be gentle?" She winks, before returning to her husband's side.

* Tina grabs on, yes, and huuuuuugs tightly as she can, Brian being the one steady point in a still extremely fuzzed universe.

* Brian hehs a bit, but acknowledges the nice doctor with a nod.

{Muon} . o O (Music cue: Sappy violins.)

* And he also puts his arms firmly around Tina and holds her very close.

* Val continues looking bemused, and much more alert than she was a while ago.

* Tina keeps hanging on. {w} "missed you..."

{Brian} *w* missed you too, so very much... *holdtighter*

* Tina nods, continuing to hug, eyes half-closed.

* Gunther moves over to Val, and murmurs. *q* "When the two finally remember that there's other people in the room, let Ms. Manoa-Perez know that yours and hers duffels are at the base of your coldsleep chambers? Changing rooms are just around the corner in the hallway."

{Val} *vq* Of course. Let them have their moment for now. *ws*

* Gunther nods, and with Mira, slip out of the room.

* Tina keeps leaning against Brian, eyes half closed, head against his chest. Yes, it's a very cuuuute picture.

* Brian continues holding Tina, one hand running absently through her hair.

* Tina opens one eye. {q} "missed this too...." {slight sigh}

{Brian} *q* So have I...

* Val meanwhile has gotten out of her chamber, and takes this opportunity to clear her throat.

* Tina blrts and puts her head up. "Mrfl?"

{Val} The doctors asked me to remind you that our duffels are at the bases of our coldsleep chambers, and the changing rooms are around the corner in the hallway. *wry look*

{Tina} ...oh....er....sorry, Val. {goes bright red in embarassment}

* Brian seems to have reddened a bit as well, looking quite sheepish.

{Tina} ....clothes good....decency good....

{Val} *wry look* You'll have plenty of time to yourselves later. And yes, I believe clothes and decency are in order. *retrieves her duffel and excuses herself*

* Tina looks mortified. "M' sooooreeee...."

{Brian} *m* mrf... well... she's right... *vvswl*

* There is muffled rodent sniggering. The hamsters seem quite alert by now.

* Brian eyerolls at the rodents.

* Tina rolls her eyes at them. {m} "Yeah... didn't want to be ignoring her..." {mrfs} "Bag....need bag..."

{Brian} I'll get it. *goes to the base of the chamber and does the thing of retrieving duffels*

{Tina} ...Thank you. {small smile} Love you too.

{Brian} *q, ss* You too. Think you can get up?

* Tina hehs a tiny bit. "If well...you make sure I don't go splat, I'll give it a college try..."

{Brian} I will. *he is indeed very close by*

* Tina nods and tries to get up and moreover, get vertical.

* Brian remains nearby, steadying if she needs it.

* Tina manages, although a bit wobbly. She leans on Brian a lot. Necessary or not, hey.

* Brian dutifully helps her along toward the changing rooms and such.

{Tina} Thanks. {small smile}

{Brian} Welcome. *ss*

* Tina gets to the changing rooms, and wobbles on in on Brian's arm.

* Brian lets her go so she can get the thing of changing taken care of, and waits nearby.

* Tina wouldn't have minded if he'd joined her...it's not like he's seeing anything different or more from before, hem hem. She still does what she can to get dressed, and combs her hair out into some semblance of order, her mind nearly completely clear by now.

* Brian waits...

* Tina comes out again, blushing a bit, and wearing a skirt and dress jacket affair, all in navy, with low heels. She looks fairly fresh now for having been in a can for a month.

* Brian smiles. "You look much better now." *ss*

{Tina} {q} Hope so. {small smile} I wonder what the Regulation Outfit is here. {goes over to hug him again, hard} God, I missed you.

{Brian} That outfit should do just fine for office work... *hug hard back* And by all of Heaven, did I miss you.

* Tina nodsnods, hugging back. {q} "Course you had to deal with me being out all this time for comeuppance." {tiny smile}

* Brian mrfs, still hugging. "We'll have a lot of catching up to do." *sws*

{Tina} Mmmm....hmmmm.... {audible wink, squeeze}

{Brian} *q* Someplace more... private, maybe? *faint blush*

{Tina} {q} mmmm...hmmm.... {snuggle}

{Tina} {m} probably need to go back and get the boys and find *my* room...damn.

{Brian} *q* heh... yeah. You're welcome to crash at my quarters if you need to. *ws*

{Tina} {q} Wouldn't mind. {small grin} {cuddle} After I find my room so the boys won't be kibitzing on our um...reacquaintance. {wink}

{Brian} er... right. *blush*

* Tina blushes too. {q} "Hey, Brian?"

{Brian} *q* Mm?

{Tina} {q} To quote a lot of old films.... "kiss me, you mad fool."

* Tina blushes. Brian can almost feel the heat through his unform.

* Brian blushes in kind, but he does kiss Tina. Boy, does he ever Kiss her.

* Tina kisses back, ignoring month-long morning mouth, and *really* gives him a taste of his own medicine. Not a little desperately, either.

* Brian kisses hard in response, though obviously keeping a leash on things, if only because of the Seraph and the Hamsters and the medical people in the area. *swl*

* Tina doesn't mind much, as is. She Needed it.

* Brian might not be able to see Needs, though that one was fairly obvious anyway. *vq* "We should go." *blush*

{Tina} {vq} Yeah. {squeeze} {smile}

* And Fork on the two lovebirds preparing to rejoin the rest of their little group.

* Tina sheepishly takes Brian's hand. {vq} "We better get the boys."

{Brian} *q* Yeah. *wg* Want me to take the bags?

{Tina} {q} Be happy for it, yeah. {little smile} I'll carry them.

{Brian} Right. *does the thing of grabbing bags and suchlike*

* There's just the duffel that Tina had taken with her when going into Coldsleep... presumably the rest had been put in general cargo beforehand, so it -should- be... somewhere.

* Tina waits for him, then heads back with him for the awakening room.

* The two hamsters continue to wait in their nice, TriOp-issue cage.

* Brian gets the one duffel then, shouldering it without effort, and goes with Tina.

* Both of them make kissy noises at Tina as she re-enters. Tina rolls her eyes while Tau winks.

* Brian pretends not to hear any rodentine kissy-noises.

{Tina} Hah ha, very funny. How you two?

* Tau hmms, making sure nobody's around.

* Nobody human around. Just Brian, Tina, the two hamsters, the coldsleep chambers, a computer terminal, a security camera....

* Tau peers at the camera. Ponders the wisdom of posessing it.

* Muon noses around, squeaking a bit.

* The camera doesn't -appear- to notice, slowly panning left and right on its pivot.

* Tina decides to go make a short uh-uh wave at the two at waist level, before picking up the cage. She may still be a tiny bit logy from the aftereffects of the drugs but experience has taught her not to be stupid in new environments.

* Brian notices this and makes a wave -- and a look -- that is a somewhat more emphatic negative.

* Tau gets this through his head and keeps dumb-animal quiet.

{Brian} Let's go. We'll need to go track down the rest of the baggage.

{Tina} Yup. I suppose wherever they have a baggage pickup.

{Brian} Bags might've already been shipped to the proper places, actually. The docs probably know.

{Tina} Right. Must to be asking them if we can find them then...and find Val too. {wry look}

* There are hallways! And sounds of folks talking down one of them....

{Brian} I'd say we follow the voices. *wg*

{Tina} The voooooices....the *voooooooices*.... er, sorry, still a tiny bit logy...

* Brian hehs, and leads the way out to the voices.

* The little group reaches a nicely appointed waiting room. Inside, the Dr's Stackhouse are talking with a Japanese woman in her mid 30's, while a shorter man with a breifcase and ashen hair is standing nearby. There's also another woman in a lab-coat with the TriOp cadeuces, who is fussing over one of the plants trying not to be noticed all that much.

* Tina blinkies at the group, quite a lot.

* Val is also standing there, watching and waiting.

* Tina blinks a bit more and heads over to Val with Brian presumably in tow. {q} "Hey again..."

* Brian angles a glance over toward the lab-coated woman as he goes with Tina.

{Val} I trust everything is in order? *swg*

* Tina automatically follows his gaze, looking questioning, before looking back to Val. "Yeah....got the stuff and the hamsters and all. Don't know where the rest of our luggage is."

* Brian looks back at Tina and mouths the word 'Flowers'.

* Tina's eyebrows arch, and she nods a bit.

* Val notices that little bit too but refrains from comment for the moment. "According to the good doctors, our luggage should have been transported to our quarters. That sounds legitimate to me." *ws*

{Tina} I can deal with that. We were wondering. {small smile}

* The ashen-haired man glances at Tina and folks, nodding to them slighty. The Japanese woman ohs, and apologizes to Dr. Stackhouse for taking his time.

{Gunther} Oh, no problem at all, Ms. Nakamura. I was just about to get to that...

* Mira chuckles, and hands Gunther a set of folders.

* Tina waves at the strangers a tiny bit, smiling slightly.

* Gunther hands the folders out to Tina, Val, the Japanese woman, and the ashen-haired man. "Here you go. Sabo got you your keycards, orientation documentation, and basic maps all set, and sent them down here. If you get lost, just ask SHODAN for directions, she'll set you right." He smiles.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 10 (6 3 1).

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 5 2).

{Val} Thank you, Dr. Stackhouse. You've been a great help. *smile*

* Ms. Nakamura smiles and bows in the Japanese fasion to Dr. Stackouse. "Arigatou, Dr. Stackhouse. I am feeling at home already." She stands up again, nodding to those there.

* Brian nods back.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 1 5).

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 13 (2 6 5).

* Tina looks at all the STUFF. "Okay!" She ponders if she should resonate someone but there's soooo many choices.... oh heck, if she meets any of the strangers' eyes.

{Gunther} I'm glad to hear that, Ms. Nakamura. I'm sure you'll be able to do something spectacular with the Groves to make it even moreso...

* Ms. Nakamura smiles, her eyes happening to meet Tina's as she glances at all the plants in the room. "Oh... I'm sure that I'll be able to find some suitable plantings from around here... though I brought more in cargo."

* Tina resonates Ms. Nakamura, dang it.

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 7 (1 3 3).

* To Tina's eyes, Ms. Nakamura needs to do a good job, promote peace and harmony through her gardening skills, and to help a good friend who's in danger.

{Gunther} I'll be glad to see the end result. I'm sure it'll be spectacular. *he smiles*

* Tina just blinkies a bit, squeezing Brian's hand a moment.

* Brian squeezes Tina's hand back, not having noticed the resonation just now.

* Ms. Nakamura nods, smiling. "It will be. That I promise." She bows again, and then looks at the ashen-haired man. "Archie?"

* Archie, the ashen-haired man, nods. "Of course, Ms. Nakamura." He nods towards the others there. "Your pardons, but we must first check on our plant cuttings on the storage level. We'll be sure to see you around later."

* Val nods to them. "No doubt."

{Tina} Yeah...hope to. {smile}

* Ms. Nakamura nods to them, and they head out through the sliding doors of the waiting room to head further into the depths of the station.

* Tau and Muon meanwhile whiffle around in the cedar chips, a bit.

{Tina} Okay. We have stuff. We know where our stuff should be. We have other stuff. Um. So, what do we do now?

{Val} The wisest move would probably be to locate our quarters. *wl*

{Tina} Very wise. Very prudent. I like this plan. I'm proud to be part of it.

* Well, they -do- have these folders with keycards and documents in them that they could glance at...

* Val is indeed looking at that folder. Funny, that.

* Tina is too, and yes, boys and girls, she *can* detach from Brian long enough to enable it. She looks too.

* Brian glances over Tina's shoulder to see where she's been quartered for the duration.

* The front cover has a spiffy embossed TriOp Corp logo. Inside is a keycard for door clearences, a spiffy ID card with the photo taken of Tina when they got to training with TriOp at Bernal Alpha, a set of maps indicating the basics of the various station levels (including the central elevators in Alpha Quadrant, each level), and it would appear that Tina's managed to luck out! Basic crew quarters along the edge of Executive Gamma Quadrant, the 6th level of the station.

* Val has similar documentation, just with her photo instead of Tina's.

{Brian} Hm. Not a bad location.

* The hamsters, sad to say, do not have spiffy keycards or ID's. Just copies of their vet papers in Tina's folder.

{Tina} Coooool. It's good then, you say?

* Tau decides not to look wounded by this.

{Brian} Basic quarters, but Level 6 is reasonably posh. Should be comfortable enough.

{Tina} Neat. {grin} Not too bad for an intern then.

{Val} Indeed. *checks her own documentation for location*

* Val is really nearby to Tina!

{Val} Looks as though I've received much the same. Convenient.

{Tina} Mm-hmm! {grin}

{Brian} Guess we should see about getting you all settled in, then. *g*

{Tina} Yay! I'm good with that. And would food be an option then? {her stomach abruptly does something possibly seismic} ...um.....yeah. {goes red}

{Brian} That sounds like a pointed suggestion. *wl*

* Tina looks down at her midsection, sheepish. {m} "Um...yes. It's reminding me it hasn't been filled in a month."

{Brian} Mm. What say we get your stuff squared away, then see about getting some food?

{Tina} I say I happy and so on.

{Val} That sounds like an agreeable plan. *small smile*

* The rest of the Dr's in the room have by now exited the waiting area, having things to do instead of stand around watching new employees chat.

{Tina} Oookay. Let us to be doing this thing!

{Tina} ...er. Well, if Brian can show us the way and oh never mind. {blush}

* Brian nods. "Sounds good to me. And I can do that." *wl*

{Tina} Thanks!

* Val smiles a bit and lets the nice security guard lead the way.

* Tina does too. If it's only to admire his butt she doesn't say.

* Val eyerolls a bit but refrains from comment, and follows as Brian leads.

* The way leads out into a nicely, efficently decored hallway, paneled with blueish tiles. The TriOp Cadeuces appears every so often along the walls, and there's LARGE signs in LARGE text pointing the way to the four quadrants as they reach the core. Oh, and there's an occasional "Better Living Through Genetic Enginnerring" poster mounted up by marketing folks.

* Tina blushes reflexively. She can feel it when Seraphim eyeroll. It must be them trying to make up for the four eyes they don't have in vessel.

* A little way outwards of Medical Alpha Quadrant, Brian can find the main suite of elevators.

{Brian} Right, the main elevator suite should take us right where we need to go.

{Tina} Right.

* Brian leads the way to the elevators.

* Tina presses de button for de level.

* Ding! The elevators open, the door itself shaped like the TriOp logo and sliding up and down into the ceiling and floor.

* Brian lets the others move first.

* Tina heads on through.

* Val goes with, and Brian follows them in.

* The elevator doors close. Somewhat repetative but.... appealing psueudo-samba beeping elevator muzak plays as they ascend toward the Executive level.

* Brian waits for the elevator to do its work.

* Tina arches her eyebrows at that. [Tau would but hey, you never know.]

* The elevator ascends, and soon they reach Level 6... and a waiting Fork.

* The psuedo-samba music releivingly stops. The elevator doors open.

* Tina is relieved by lack of samba.

* Brian steps out and holds the door open for the others.

* Tina goes after, beaming at him.

* Brian blushes faintly at the beaming. Val just continues looking wry and exits also.

* The hamsters make no comment. Though there is just a radiated suggestion of sniggering.

* The Crew/Executive Level is quite tastefully appointed. Red and grey carpeting. Red-and-wood-panelled walls. Soffited or recessed lighting fixtures. Tastefully placed video displays. The occasional vending machinne. There's indications of communal dining halls, faux-restaraunts, some minor "shops" that would be corporate-owned.

{Tina} {q} Niiice.

{Brian} *nods* They give us a few luxuries out here. *wg, looks for the best path to quarters and suchlike*

* Executive Gamma Quadrant, Brian would know, is just -thataway-. Where a lot of the smaller residential rooms are, hotel-style.

{Brian} Right, Exec Gamma should be thataway.

{Tina} Oookay....

* The occasional TriOp employee wanders past, nodding at the nice and strong security guard, or taking in the two new attractive women. Not many words of greeting are exchanged, though.

* Tina is confused and thus goes wherever Ian points.

* Brian nods back at those who care to notice them, and continues leading the way to quarters and stuff.

* Quarters are eventually reached. One of the station's Storage+Maintenance folks can be seen moving away from them, pulling a hand-truck after them.

{Brian} Looks like the delivery folks just got through doing their work.

{Tina} So the stuff's there at least? {small grin}

{Brian} Should be. 'Course they probably just piled it all in the center of the room, but oh well. *swg*

* Aaand... here is Tina's room! The door still unopened, but presumably Tina's keycard can handle that...

* Tina does that thing.

* There's a ping, and the door slides open to Tina's room. It's small, spare, has one window, small walk-in closet, small efficency bathroom, bed along one wall, desk along another with integral shelving and terminal... and all of tina's stuff, still packed, piled in the center of the room.

{Brian} *looks wry* Yup. Center of the room.

{Tina} Gosh. I'm so shocked.

* Tina smiles wryly and places le Kyriohamster cage on the desk.

{Tina} Ehn, seen worse and lived in worse at the U of Hawaii.

* Brian hehs a bit. "Ahwell, least I've got off-time so I can help get stuff unpacked." *wg*

* The room is small, but still carpetted, panelled, and well-lit. The bed looks more than big enough for one person, but not big enough for two (unless they're REALLY chummy, hem hem).

* And oh, hey.... is that Saturn out the window in the distance?

* Tina smiles. "Thank you, Brian...and what about Val?" {trails off and she *has* to get a better look}

{Val} Yes, it -would- be nice if I could be taken to my quarters first. *wl*

{Tina} What she says....guh. Man....that's even better than the old Voyager photos out there....

{Brian} Er, right. *looks sheepish at Val* Who gets the rodents?

* Saturn floats outside the window, its rings at -just- enough tilt to be barely seen. Half the planet is in light, the other half is in shadow... the dun is far, far away, and it jsut mgiht dawn on Tina just -how- far away from Earth they are...

* It is, and Tina feels a brief, powerful pang of homesickness...for Champaign, for Paul, for Boopsie... She knuckles at her eyes, briefly. Clearing for focus, of course.

{Tina} {clears her throat a long moment} I....I thought I would, unless someone else has better idea...

{Val} I can keep them occupied for the evening, if needed.

* Brian doesn't say anything for the moment, though he did note Tina's slight mood shift, yes.

{Tina} Maybe so....but...it'd be nice to show you your place first. {small smile, turns back to the others}

{Val} *nods* Indeed. I do need to unpack as well.

{Brian} Right, let's go take care of that, then?

{Tina} That works muchly well.

* Brian nods, and leads the way back out into the corridor and toward Val's pad.

* Val's pad is... two doors down from Tina's pad! Ooo.

{Val} Hm. Convenient.

{Tina} Indeed. For a lot of reasons...

* Val takes her keycard out and uses it to open the door.

* Ping! Val's room... looks pretty much identical to Tina's room. SAve that she has less stuff piled in the center.

* Val nods. "Yes, this should do nicely. Hm. I don't expect it will take me long to unpack; do you need any help?"

{Tina} Not a whole lot, my Stuff is my Stuff and I don't need too much of it immediately.

{Val} Mm. I'll leave you to it, then. You certainly don't need me looking over your shoulders. *wl*

{Tina} Eh, right. {small smile} It shouldn't take too long, really. Most of my crap is computer stuff anyway.

* Val nods, and starts attending to her own personal effects.

{Tina} Take care? {small smile}

{Brian} Right. Well. Let's see about getting you all unpacked and stuff, huh Tina?

{Val} Take care, yes. *small smile*

{Tina} Good. {small grin} See you soonish.

{Tina} And right, Brian.

* Brian nods, and backs out of Val's room so she can continue her business.

* Tina follows after, quietly, taking his hand when they're out.

* Brian looks back at her and gives her hand a gentle squeeze.

* Tina squeezes back, smiling. {q} "How you?"

{Brian} *q* Much better now that you're here. *small smile*

{Tina} {q} Me too. {hugs one-armedly} Food, or unpack, or...other? {blush}

* Brian blushes a bit, hugging back in kind. *q* "Anything... just so I can be with you."

{Tina} {q} Wouldn't mind food. It's been a month since I ate. {small wry grin} Nothing fancy, just...

{Brian} *nodnod* I know plenty of good places. *ss*

{Tina} {q} Yay!

{Brian} *q* Food, then? *smile, handsqueeze*

{Tina} {q} *Yay*!

* Tina squeezes back.

{Brian} Right, anything particular you're hungry for right now?

* Tina bites back two or three comments that come to her mind, and damns the Lilim Package she was created with with a flush. "Umm...Italian?"

{Brian} Hm... well, there's a nice cafeteria-style place called Stromboli's in Exec Alpha.

{Tina} ....I'll take it. I'll take anything that doesn't suck right now, Bri.

{Brian} You got it. *g, gives another handsqueeze and leads the way to cafeterias and such*

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 9 (6 2 1).

* Tina follows after, cheerfully.

* The route Brian takes is somewhat tangled, thanks to some maintenance workers and maint-bots working on one of the circumferencial corridors. They don't acknowledge the two as they walk by. A squat, cylindrical serv-bot trundles along carrying a package atop, secured by gripper-arms, and it swerves around the twosome as well.

* Tina does her own bit of swervies, still trailing after/beside Brian.

* Brian dodges bots with little effort, apparently used to this kind of nuisance.

* Tina copes with. "Still working on stuffage here?"

* Eventually, they reach Executive Alpha Quadrant, which is -noticeably- higher-quality in furnishings than Gamma Quad. There's even chandeliers in the higher-set ceilings (though one might wonder WHY one would have such extravegances on a medium-sized station.)

{Brian} Yeah, they're definitely keeping us busy. I'd just -love- to have one 24-hour period where nothing whatsoever happens. *wg* Ah, here we are, Exec Alpha, home of the humans with money. *swl*

{Tina} Aaand status.

{Tina} Though granted the Gama cabins aren't so bad. Seen worse.

{Brian} *nods* They -are- being fairly nice to us, all things considered. *glances at chandeliers* Not sure if it was necessary to flaunt it so much, but oh well. Right, now where'd they put that restaurant...?

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 9 (4 1 4).

{Tina} That's a biiit much yes. I can see nice touches this far out, to keep people from going nutbar several AUs out from Earth but..

* The 'restaraunt' is... right over that way! Okay, so it's more of an expanded cafeteria-style seating and 'restaraunts' that are more sections of the chow line... but it does -smell- good....

* Tina sniffs lots, and her stomach deems it good with a mighty growl.

{Brian} Is that a yes? *g*

{Tina} ....Yup....Feed me, Seymour. {wink}

{Brian} Right, foodward ho!

{Tina} Food! FOOOOD!

{Brian} *leading the way in* Now now, don't scare the nice staffers. *wink*

* The staffers are trying not to give Tina -too- many stares.... there's a nice place where trays can be picked up, and there's the chow-line, including Stromboli's, and the registers at the end...

* Brian picks up a tray and looks to see what all is up for grabs today.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 13 (6 1 6).

* Spaghetti with meatballs, lasagna, chicken parmesian, strombili (natch), and fe other italian foods.

{Brian} Hmm... chicken parmesan looks good today.

{Tina} ....I have a very hard time making up my mind.

{Tina} My stomach...is in deadlock.

{Brian} Well, you -could- get some of everything. I'm buying. *wg*

{Tina} .....It won't be much an imposition? {sheepish smile}

{Brian} Call it a welcoming gift. *wink*

* Tina blushes. "Ooookaaay..." {w} "Long's I get to return the favor sometimes..." {return wink}

{Brian} If you insist. *wg*

* Tina nodnods, winking more.

* Brian colors a tiny bit, and goes back to the business of getting food.

* Food is obtained! And there's a rather short line at the register. *pause* Okay, so one of the folks waiting is a spindly-legged Exec-bot, but hey.

* Tina blushes a bit more, and goes back to that business as well. Vessel or no vessel, the stomach is a stomach and needs work.

* Brian arches an eyebrow at the bot, but continues along the line.

{Tina} ....wonky. Think someone's done something interesting in food-fetching?

* The bot has its purchase deducted, and wanders off out of the cafeteria towards the Exec Alpha rooms.

{Brian} Must be. Makes me wonder how much lazier some of them are going to get.

{Tina} ....Onna the execs? Yeesh?

{Brian} *shake head* Wouldn't be surprised.

{Tina} Wheee. That bad?

{Brian} *nods wryly* Longer they stay out here, the more detached some of them get.

{Tina} Joooy. {her eyes flicker in a kind of 'would like briefing later' gesture}

* Eventually the twosome reach the front of the line, and the cashier deducts their purchases from Brian's cashcard.

{Brian} Thank you muchly. *looks around* Now... open table, let's see...

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 5 (3 1 1).

* Hm. There's a relatively semiprivate booth over along that one edge. It doesn't get swept that often in the security-cam scan. Most of the other booths are either unoccupied or have solitary diners.

* Brian notes this and angles his head over that way. "Private booth on the edge there?"

{Tina} Oooo...Okay!

* Brian nods and leads the way.

* The booth has nice and comfortable velveteen seats. BEtter than pleather, if harder to clean up.

* Tina follows with, carrying her haul. She was fairly broad in her spectrum of food but also not too heavy, not wanting to have her unused innards to rebell on her at a bad moment.

* Brian lets Tina sit first. "Okay, maybe not -private- but the security cam won't bug us too much." *wg*

{Tina} Enough to have a nice little tete-a-tete? {The wink is with an eye that is slightly serious under the banter}

{Brian} *softer* If we keep it quiet, yeah.

{Tina} {s} Right. {does a bit of calf massage with foot, though not very distractingly, staring into his eyes besottedly, at least to outside observers.} How you been?

{Brian} *s* Tired, lonely. Trying to stay on top of everything. Missing home, missing you.

* Tina flutters her eyes a bit, to cover the brief eyeclosure at that. {s} "Ditto. Wearing on you that badly?" {massage hand}

{Brian} Yeah... so many disturbances going on, made me want to get out of here sometimes. Thank god for the chaplain or I probably would've flipped. *massage hand back*

* Tina winces slightly. {s} "Got here in nick of time then... take the relationship's reciprocal there?" {small smile}

{Brian} *s* Yeah... with all the stuff going on, he says I help keep him objective. *wg*

{Tina} {s} Good...really good. What about the doctor?

{Brian} *sigh* Hard to say... she's been avoiding everyone more lately, and that's just not like her. Hope she hasn't gotten sick or anything. *sigh*

* Tina nods, looking worried, wincing slightly. {q} "Maybe the gardeners can help...they both like plants... I'm too much a computer babe..."

{Brian} Yeah. I hope so. I'd hate for anything bad to happen on my shift. *handsqueeze*

{Tina} I know. I'd hate for that to happen.

* Tina is meanwhile tracing idle patterns in Brian's hand, holding his in both of hers. Though some of them seem rather...coherent for idle patterns.

* Brian pays a little more attention to the patterns.

## R-Type rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 3 6).

* Brian can eventually make out N-A-K-A, a pause, then F-L-W-R. All the time, Tina smiles at him adoringly, the very picture of a girl reunited with her best guy.

* Tina traces a bit more. "N-K-A-M-R-A, R-S-N-T-D."

* Brian smiles back, the picture of a man very happy to be with his beautiful girlfriend again, nodding very faintly.

* Tina squeezes his hand tightly again. {q} "You'll do fine, Brian. 'Cos I have faith in you, and I love you. You know that."

* Brian squeezes back. *q* "Thank you Tina. And I love you so much."

{Tina} {q} You too, sweetie.

{Brian} *glances down at plate* "Hm. Maybe we should put this stuff away before it gets cold." *wg*

{Tina} Yeah, we probably should. And head on back. {small wry grin}

{Brian} *nod* Still got plenty to do, yeah. *wl*

{Tina} Gotcha. {wry smile, starts putting the remainder away}

* Brian does the thing of finishing off food too.

{Tina} Done, honey?

{Brian} Yup.

{Tina} Good. {gets up, holding out her hand to him, her brown eyes bright}

* Brian accepts the offered hand, looking back into her eyes and smiling.

{Tina} {q} Where we going, Pinky?

{Brian} Could go back to your place and do unpacking... or relax at my place for a while if you want.

{Tina} I think I want to do the latter for a bit... {smile}

{Brian} We can do that. *g*

{Tina} I'm good. {hugs} Lead on...

* Brian leads on, out of the cafeteria and toward his section of the crew quarters.

* Tina goes with, leaning on him slightly.

* Brian gives a handsqueeze as they keep walking, eventually reaching a more spartan section of the crew quarters, and shortly after that a door with a "B.SCHEURS" ID plate.

* Tina squeezes hand. "Your pad of luxury?"

{Brian} More or less. *wg, swipes his keycard, and the door opens to reveal quarters more spartan than Tina's; they'd probably be totally spartan but for a few personal effects, some plants, and many pictures of Tina*

* Tina blushes much at the latter. "You weren't making up that."

{Brian} *blush* Nope. *swg*

{Tina} All the jpgs I sent you? {blush}

{Brian} Pretty much, yeah. *blush*

{Tina} Oh.

* Tina hugs tightly.

* Brian hugs back just as tightly. The room door slides shut and pings.

* And Fade, since frankly the camera will probably have no business being in there before too long.

In Nomine 2070