A Night's Passing

* A petite young red-headed woman wanders into the bar, moving with a regular gait. She wears a thick, black coverall outfit without markings. She doesn't blink at all.

* Aria slips in, hair sheared short today, and a lopsided smile on her lips as she trudges her way for water.

* The woman sits on the couch, watching Aria.

* Aria's smile flashes to her a moment, then she fetches a glass of water to splash in her face. "Good evening..."

* The woman gives her a precise nod. Her smile matches Aria's for precisely the same duration that Aria's flsahes her way. "Good evening."

* Tina (as in kawaii hawaiian/ philipina, not as in even more kawaii tigerkid) wanders in from the usual spot.

* Tina waves at people. "Heya, both. Slow night?" She heads for the Keetchen, for that be where the good tea is.

* The woman returns the wave, againkeeping to a close approximation of duration. "Heya. No. It's as long as it should be."

{Tina} Good answer! {pops into the Keetchen}

{Woman} Thank you.

* Aria bows her head to both, watching the woman in mild amusement. "Ah, no complaints for it, then?"

* The woman turns back to Aria, unblinkingly. "None."

{Aria} But neither accolades?

* Woman chews on that silently. "I missed your meaning."

* Tina returns, having the mightiness that is Iced Tea.

* Tina slurps. "How is people?"

{Woman} People seem flourishing and waning both.

{Tina} Depends on the day! And time of too.

* Woman nods. "Yes it does."

{Aria} You have no special joys either, I mean? And rather happily, the frustrations few...

* The woman gives Aria a faint look. "No. I have a very special joy."

{Aria} I suppose I'm not lucky enough to claim it's *me*. {deep sigh}

{Woman} No. Not specifically you.

* Tina grins slightly, listening.

* Aria sighs deeply. "So saddening.. may I know what to sate my curiousity?

{Woman} You may.

{Aria} What, pray tell, is your joy?

{Woman} My time's almost over. So I was able to come here. *she smiles*

* Aria gives Tina a look of amusement shared. "What is your time in, oh please?"

* Tina arches her eyebrows. "What time where?"

{Woman} My time is in this time/space continuum...

{Aria} Oh, of course... how does that allow you here? {grin}

{Tina} Where you going next?

* Tina looks wryly amused at Aria.

{Woman} I'm not sure. You asked what my time was in. Maybe you should be more clear?

{Aria} Your time's almost over, but what time did you mean?

{Woman} My time. My functional time.

{Aria} Most people seem more upset by that, usually.

{Woman} I'm not. I was given whatever leave I wanted.

{Tina} Where are you going after that, then?

{Woman} I won't have anywhere else to go after that.

{Tina} No?

{Aria} But here is such a grand place that it semes worth it?

{Woman} I came here once when I was early in my activation. I wanted to come back.

* Aria laughs. "What was it like, then?"

{Woman} It was like this. Exactly like this. I had another name. I carried another mind.

{Aria} What *is* your name? Now and then, twilight lady?

{Woman} Then I was Idande. She's moved to another. Now I haven't a name. But I like being here.

{Tina} Want another name?

{Aria} And her leaving will make you fade and cease?

{Woman} I should indulge myself today. I could indulge in a name.

* Woman shakes her head to Aria's.

* Tina ponders this deeply.

* Tina ponders this some more. "Isoke'd be a good name!"

{Woman} Does it have a special meaning?

{Aria} Then why is your functional time almost oer, just to know?

{Woman} All things with form eventually break down.

{Tina} Hmm....hmmm... Means "satisfying gift". Issa African name.

* The woman nods. "Thank you for the gift. I shall enjoy it."

* Tina smiles. "Glad for it, then. You deserve something."

{Aria} How long do you seem to ahve? {slight smile}

{Woman} I seem to have as much as I have.

* Aria laughs. "I'm sorry, it's simply.. a bit surprising to have someone so laid back...

{Woman} It is?

{Tina} Well, yeah.

{Woman} Why?

{Aria} Most are so worried about continuing.. want to extend it every moment...

{Woman} I've had a very fulfilling existence. I've known my date of termination since I was activated. I've had ample warning of how much time I had.

{Tina} I'd be panicking. {wry smile}

* Woman nods.

{Aria} I *would* say that.. there might be ways to extend.. if you did worry. If not, then there is no reason to force help, of course...

{Isoke} I see no reason to. Do you?

{Tina} If you think it's time....well...

* Aria smiles faintly. "The only reason would be... if you wished that. And since you don't..."

{Isoke} I don't. I would like to experience something before midnight, however.

{Aria} Too short to find a man... {wink} Have you hears much music?

{Isoke} Almost none at all.

{Tina} We need to fix this then. {small smile}

{Isoke} I would appreciate that.

* Aria moves to touch teh music on, a light, airy tune coming. "And to celebrate, celebrate for you, if we are not to mourn." She looks to Tina, smiling fully now. "The best drinks you know?"

{Tina} Um...well, well, I'm tea-biased, but pina coladas are always something I like a lot....

{Aria} The latter? *She* will have no hangovers. {wink}

{Isoke} No. I wouldn't.

{Tina} Right. {grins a bit and orders one up from the replicator} Heavy on the rum, but lots of other good stuff too. Also iced cappucinos are yummy.

{Isoke} I'd like to try them both...

* Aria goes to lean past and get her own pina colada. "Then what of a little snack.. and tell us the most exciting day you've ever had?"

* Isoke considers. "Idande did many exciting things... but my more exciting day was when I was exploring a dust world."

* Tina grabs them both and takes them over.

* Isoke takes one in each hand. She brings both up, sipping one... then the other...

{Aria} Oh, what was it like... {snatches up a bit of chocolate, wafer, and frozen tart, sliding out three small platters of it}

* Isoke sets them both down, reaching for the foods. "It was nothing but an old civilization, dead except for what they'd built. It had expired."

{Tina} Just went?

* Tina takes one happily, nibbling.

{Isoke} I didn't learn how it went. But I wasn't sent to analyze.

* Isoke eats them, seeming to enjoy in a soft way.

* Ariaturns to the music, swaying gently. "Was it beautiful?"

{Isoke} Yes it was. *she watches Aria, then sways as she eats, drinks and listens, filling her senses* It was beautiful for being finished.

{Aria} {vq} And so will you be?

* Isoke nods. "Then my life will be told. All things should have beginnings and endings."

{Tina} I prefer the bits in the middle, you don't mind my saying so. {tiny smile}

{Isoke} I don't mind. *she finishes all treats at once*

{Aria} Do you know anyone who will know it all?

* Isoke nods. "I will."

{Aria} None in this world? {slight smile, spinning to move arms over her head}

* Isoke rises and begins to mirror Aria's motions, seeming to enjoy that too... "None other than me. But others will know parts of it. It doesn't matter if it's known. Only that it is finished."

{Aria} {q} I'd like to know more. It seems.. I've seen the end of enough people to want to know more of the one I'm seeing off. But there's little time. {offers a hand out to her, one drifting for Tina's direction as well}

* Isoke takes it. "You can know this part. The ending."

{Aria} {q} That's enough, then, Isoke not-Idande. Enough to make it more interesting...

* Isoke smiles for a moment, in approximation of Aria's first. "Thank you."

* Tina takes Aria's hand, if meant.

{Tina} {q} Well....Godspeed, Isoke. It's probably not long now. {tiny grin}

{Isoke} Not long at all.

* Tina nods.

* Aria turns them, raising arm to let Isoke move under... And yup, she seems to be giving to Tina!

* Tina takes!

* Isoke turns, slowly... under the arm...

* Isoke's recovery under is slow, becoming less graceful... slower...

* Tina smiles sadly, watching.

* Aria turns, moving them both closer to Isoke.. herself moving behind to support. {murmer} "And so it comes... Isoke? May I do my best to make that end feel pleasant?"

* Isoke lets herself be supported. "*q* I'd like that. Please."

* Tina helps with.

* Aria reaches out to touch Isoke's thought with her illusion... giving the sensation of something pleasant very much, if undefined. Warm shivers... little heats...

* Isoke's eyes start to lid as her body sags more against Aria. A smile comes to her face...

{Aria} {vvq} Go well, Isoke. We'll remember you.

* Isoke smiles... as her body goes still in Aria's arms.

{Tina} {q} And Godspeed, again.

{Aria} {vvq} And so.. so she goes. We should find a place for her.

* Tina nods, liquid brown eyes rather bright. {q} "Yes. We should. I...don't know of much here where we could lay her body to rest."

{Aria} {vq} I know a few fields. I'd almost say to cremate and put her ashes here, save that.. I'd rather not risk that someone might break the container.

* Tina nods. {q} "I'll help. I....don't think she minds any more what's done with her clay."

{Aria} {vq} Help lift her, then, please?

* Tina nods and does.

* The body is about human weight.

* Tina isn't enormously strong, but she's up to the task.

* Aria wants the help more so that she's showing the body more respect than tossing over shoulder, than *needing* the help. And starts to lead down a hallway a little ways. "Do you know here there are shovels?"

* Tina kind of figures. And shakes her head. "No, I don't know where..."

{Aria} Watch over her, then? I can likely find.

* Tina nods. "I can do that."

* Aria transforms and rolls out! Off for five to ten minutes...

* Tina keeps waiting over Isoke's body, mouthing prayers.

* Isoke's body remains as it was in its last moment... still, but contentedly happy.

* Aria finally returns with two shovels, offering one silently.

* Tina takes it.

{Tina} {q} Well, I Gave her a name. She seemed to like that.

{Aria} {q} She seemed to be happy. And take all that she wanted from us.

* Tina nodnods a bit, mutely indicating an unspoken question on where they should start digging.

* Aria looks about, then uses her shovel to trace out an area before she starts digging.

* Tina goes with, ignoring the fact she may be well onto blistersville.

* Aria works... a long while... moving into the hole.. time passes in the night...

* Tina gets blisters. Will probably have to explain them to boyfriend, associates, and boss, unless she does stuff to them that she doesn't know, no, really, who, me? But she doesn't seem to care, even though they break and sting like hell.

{Aria} {vq} I think.. this seems deep enough. I'm sorry to call you out to do this.

{Tina} {vq} Bullpucky. You didn't make me.

* Tina quirks a corner of her mouth upward.

{Aria} {q} Very well then.. Let's.. put her down. To rest with her story.

* Tina nods silently, taking the body's feet.

* Aria moves out and gets the shoulders, carrying her down... {vq} "Good night, wanderer."

{Tina} {vq} And flights of angels {sudden hysterical snicker, fought down} sing thee to thy rest...

* Aria gives her a faint smile, then starts to bury...

* Tina helps with, using the shovel now to cover.

* Aria pats the ground, then kisses it. {vq} "She died better than many. At least." She gives a faint smile there.

{Tina} {vq} Well, certainly with more dignity. {smiles a bit, though her eyes seem to be wet}

* Aria offers her a handkerchief. {q} "Dignity. Come on, let's away from here. I don't feel qualified to give any gravestone save telling others about her."

* Tina takes it and blots her eyes. "Right, I'm good. And yeah. I'm just bemused I'm weepy when I hardly knew her and she was at peace with things..."

{Aria} {q} She's still gone..

{Tina} {q} Yeah. And I'm not good at being Zen about it.

{Aria} {q} Then there's always a few more daquiries. {faint smile}

{Tina} {q} Yeah, dacquris. Them good. Also stronger stuff.

* Tina winces as she hits a blister. "Owie."

{Aria} {q} And makes your hands stop hurting. {sighs} I'll get the aloe.

* Tina pauses, ponders, then shrugs. {q} "No need." She hums something to herself, causing reality to go a bit jingly.

* Tina then flexes her hands, now blister-free. {q} "That's a bit better."

{Aria} Now *that* is simply unfair. And I'm afraid I do need to move out...

{Tina} Meh. It's also mildly illegal, but I figured if I go and bury someone with somebody, they deserve not to be bsed with. And right. {tiny grin}

{Aria} Illegal? Pah... we're witnesses to covering up a death. {slight smile}

{Tina} Seeee? {small grin}

{Aria} {q} Oh, so well. And good night... {winks, slipping out}

* Tina nods, smiles, and gets rather a lot of dacquris.

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