Facettes of the Complex

* Heather wanders out, back to the bar.

* Robyn steps out as well, hair back in a ponytail. She hums a random, very insipid pop tune, loudly enough to try getting Heather's goat when she sees.

* Heather whistles something as vapid back at her, trying to get Robyn's tune to go all crazy.

* Robyn starts trying to switch between songs, each verse... then gets all twisted with...

* Heather whistles around Robyn, seeing if she'll crack like the walnut she is.

* Robyn tweets, finally...

* Heather pats her head.

* Robyn blinks at her...

{Heather} Hello, Robyn Red.

{Robyn} No, my hair's not red this year... Hello, Heather blonde.

{Heather} Now mine fits with the colour of the bird. What's apropos of yours?

{Robyn} Mocking yours, naturally...

{Heather} So nothing. I see!

{Robyn} Nothing at all,k sorry.

{Heather} That's just fine. *she smiles and heads in*

{Robyn} And how are you, dualer?

{Heather} I'm doing pretty well today, singer. You?

* Narnian walks in from Knight, yawning a bit.

{Robyn} Busy, but happy... Hi Carl!

{Heather} Hi there, Carl. *grin*

* Narnian spores.

{Robyn} Bye Carl! So.. do you have a little time, Heather?

{Heather} I have even a lotta time, Robyn. *grin* What's up?

{Robyn} Just making sure that you aren't passing through. Want a drink, while I quickly put thoughts into order?

{Heather} Sure. *grin*

{Robyn} Whaaat?

{Heather} Oh, I've been away so long I have to say?

{Robyn} Well, I don't get *you* drinks often... {grin} Okay, I'll go get it.

* Robyn heads into the kitch for tea.

* Heather grins. "Thanks, Robyn."

* Robyn comes back with three glasses, in case Narnian despores. "Better. Now... ah.. kind of business proposition.. though it's also kind of partially a 'favor' level in the short term, even if I've got some funding now.

{Heather} Mmhm? *smile* I've been getting so many of those lately...

{Robyn} Business, or favors? {little smile}

* Heather grins. "Yes."

* Robyn laughs a little, getting a plate of mixed cookies from the replicator. "All right.. I've been hitting several things.. rather.. things have been coming up, history repeating itself, so I want to formalize some things that I've been doing, some others have been doing..."

{Heather} This is the tower... bring this in for a landing... *grin*

* Robyn pbtts her. "I'm getting there, for background... The upside is that me and a few others have found several people needing relocations, over the years. Not that much, but significantly enough when we're not actually *looking* for that. So I'm thinking about putting together some more formal structure.. things in place to find worlds that fit a person, connections to get fake identification for them, etcetera. I've got some places from Erin, but the worlds she's looking into deeply right now are all very similar, so I need more possibilities.. for a good portfolio."

* Heather nods. "I see... so I suppose my question to you is, did you want this managed for you or did you just want the list?"

* Narnian slides smoothly out of the sporepile.

{Robyn} I currently have a building that within four months will have all the leases up and handed to me for temporary use for anyone who needs a waystation while things are set up.. one person who's willing to vaguely help. Two people who are very much looking for things to do so probably will be willing to help, and a fourth who I've helped before and am going to approach and see if she wants a life... So, I'd like the list. {slight smile} I'm setting it up.. As far as payment.. {sighs} Well, I can't offer much right now. In the long term, I probably do want to make it.. well, not profitable, but not relying on bank accounts from the old team, asking people to pitch in some when they're established. But right now, all I can really offer is that you'd have people placed in those worlds, probably very willing to write up information for you, give you connections, if Facettes needed...

{Robyn} Or wanted. Or.. you know...

* Robyn offers him his glass of tea, mildly looking nervous..

* Heather smiles. "Well, it sounds like a very worthy endevour. May I make a proposal on it?"

{Robyn} Of course...

{Heather} We could offer it as a work-share program... people involved share what skills they have, and in return, we work together to find them their location and potential jobs based on those skills. Thus giving the possibility of it turning a profit, eventually. For the first year, we'll subsidize you and after that, you'll have the option to opt out and go it alone, or renegotiate the deal.

* Robyn nods to that... "I think that works very well.. And's utterly useful, and does keep it from going to shuffling people who just don't want to bother with life..."

* Heather smiles a touch. "Then..." She raises a glass. "To an arrangement?"

* Robyn smiles more, tapping. "To an arrangement... Thank you very well."

{Heather} Thank you for bringing it to me. *grin*

* Narnian sips gratefully, listening.

{Robyn} And Erin will likely have some things to bring you that are much more immediately profitable, maybe, but she's getting ducks in row...

* Heather nods. "Any preview available?"

{Robyn} Just that she's hitting detailed information about a few worlds hrself, I think, for trade..

* Heather nods. "Sounds interesting... I'll be sure to ask her the next time I see her. Which these days, is once in a blue moon."

{Robyn} I think she's waiting for it to all go into firm knowing. {grin} But right.. there. So what else's been up, and hi again, Narn!

{Heather} Otherwise? Oh, hi Carl! Drink up. Otherwise, I had a very nice birthday yesterday.

{Robyn} You said there were other deals asking.. {grin}

* Heather laughs a bit. "Oh, you want my secret files open, do you? Well, one's a major project that's just about ready."

{Narnian} Hi Robyn, hi Heathre. {grin} How're you two doing? And happy birthday. {wink}

{Heather} Thank you and well. *grin*

{Robyn} What's that one... And very well, making progress on several things. {little smile} Working things up...

{Narnian} Oh, Robyn, Toni and I both checked on things.

{Heather} A 'welcome to the complex' primer.

{Robyn} Oh.. how are they, Carl? And ack.. is it a thousand pages yet?

{Heather} Not *yet*.

{Robyn} How large is it going to be? {grin}

{Heather} We're not sure. But big. And what are you talking about? *grin*

* Narnian whistles. "And.... hm. My report first or second, and who takes the explanation, Robyn?"

{Robyn} I'll take it, since your turn to talk in a moment, and second. Basically.. there's a hell in the 20-whatever universe.. belonging to Lilith. She apparently decided to swear off the business and everyone... not redeemed, but became something not-demons. And the Hell became a not-hell, so now there's a huge space where it used to be, and there's a war going on over who gets that space.

{Heather} Oh... oh, no. I hope it's not spilling over here...

{Robyn} For that, I hand over to the Narnian.

* Heather looks to Narnian.

{Narnian} Not so far, at least. But it's very chaotic there and, well, I haven't been able to find out a bloody thing else. I don't exactly have sources in Hell, and everyone in Heaven is either being fully ineffable or actually doesn't know anything. I've considered getting someone to ask Hellsbourne, but I don't want to owe her.

{Heather} Understood...

{Narnian} And.... that's about the extent of what I have to reveal. {wry grin}

{Heather} So is there any way to give help, or is this wait and see?

{Robyn} I'm very willing, to reiterate, but have *no* clue how.. especially after what they... oh, you weren't here. {small sigh} Update for *you*.

* Cecee walks in, wearing a dark blue robe that goes very nicely with her hair, which is windswept as always. She goes over to the pool and turns it on, smiling to people as she heads to the replicator.

{Heather} Good evening. *she nods to Robyn*

* Robyn gives a slight smile. "Heya..."

{Cecee} Good evening... I hope I'm not interrupting anything....

{Robyn} No, not at all..

* Cecee nods, smiling a little shyly as she gets herself some lemonade, heading back over to the pool.

* Narnian smiles, waving. "Evening."

{Robyn} And basically, Chloe had a rider... A little control to try killing her mother. {small sigh} It's gone now, but she'd been captured and had that rider-control put in her head...

* Heather looks mildly green at that. "*q* Did you... help before she could..."

* Narnian looks at Robyn for a long moment.

{Robyn} It triggered in here... So yes and no. {weak smile}

{Robyn} She got to *try*...

{Narnian} Right. I've lost it. I've become a complete idiot. Clearly, after however old I am, senility is finally setting in.

{Heather} Carl?

* Robyn sighs. "I missed it too... and was trying not to say that point to not make you kick yourself... And someone fell in here covered in horrible burns, after a teleport to the Door, and we didn't wonder how she managed to teleport in that shape...

{Narnian} Right. Not kicking myself more until I get home later, whereupon I will engage in deep and long mental self-flagellation.

{Narnian} And yes Heather?

{Heather} Oh, I was wondering what you were kicking yourself over. Would you like us to hit you lightly?

{Narnian} No, no, that's okay, really.

{Robyn} We could throw you into the water...

* Cecee finishes her lemonade, then dives into the pool.

{Heather} Like she just did?

{Robyn} No, as if we pushed it there..

{Narnian} No, that's *really* okay....

{Robyn} But she's all alone...

{Narnian} But I'm not at *all* dressed for the water.

{Robyn} That's the point.

{Heather} SLow, isn't he?

{Robyn} Yup... That's his natural state.

* Cecee hasn't surfaced, in case anyone cares.

* Robyn smiles mildly at that, then grins back at Narnian.

* Narnian looks between Robyn and Heather slowly.

* Heather would care if there was a mental cry of distress or somesuch... but since there likely isn't, she's assuming that this person is a water-breather and shy, and keeping to herself and stuffs. "Oh, it's adorable."

* Robyn moves over.. pushing Narnian's arm lightly...

* Narnian is pushed more easily than if he were really resisting much!

{Robyn} He's going to be easy, if we want...

{Heather} Do we really?

* Narnian looks between them, pleadingly.

{Robyn} Well, no, I don't.. he'd be too messy, and wouldnt' teach me interesting things.

{Heather} Then I say do it.

{Robyn} *You* can...

{Heather} Oh, no, it wouldn't be the same if -I- did it.

* Cecee continues to swim near the bottom of the pool, moving almost like a dolphin.

{Robyn} Then let's leave him be. And.. good news is that she's settling down a bit too, Carl. {little smile} Everything's very good...

{Narnian} In all seriousness, that's *very* good to hear. {small grin}

{Robyn} And it's why I'm starting to build a resettling shelter.

{Narnian} That explains a good bit of the conversation I heard....

* Robyn bows quickly, grinning. "One tries.. and it's a way to push a lot of things into use. Friends in need of things to do and wanting to help others.."

{Heather} It's how we got started, really.

{Robyn} Terri always said you were drunk...

* Heather bites her lip at that, not bothering to answer for a second. "No, we weren't."

{Robyn} Ah.. damn it, I'm sorry. And she didn't say that, I just made it up.

{Heather} I know. *slight smile* You don't see me storming off, do you?

* Tina wanders in, in coveralls, muttering and wearing a large sheaf of paper on her head for a hat.

{Robyn} I just want you to know that it's *my* bad joke.

* Robyn waves to her, giving a weak smile.

{Narnian} It's probably not going to be in the same universe I am, but if you need any help.... {small grin}

{Tina} Bad jokes are fuuuun. Say, anybody got a handy fireaxe?

{Narnian} No, but we can probably improvise....

{Robyn} There's a fireplace...

{Heather} Evening. *slight smile*

* Serena and Patricia Chow wander in from the North Hall, whistling cheerfully.

{Serena} Eve, cits, whassitch?

{Heather} Hey there, you two...

{Patricia} She says 'hi'.

* Serena baps Patricia. "Bad kitty."

* Cecee continues to swim. Newcomers might not even realize anyone's down there.

{Tina} Damn. So much for thereapeutic programming of a terminal.

{Serena} Hey, Heather! Happy birthday! We gotcha something!"

* Tina goes into exaggerated screaming and whacking mode, sheaf still on her head. No, it doesn't fall off. Good posture, that girl.

* Heather laughs a bit. "Well thank you..."

* Arisa's Door opens, and Arconius steps through in his usual long coat and gemmed hat.

* Serena puts out her hand. "Trish? Package." Patricia obligingly slaps a gift-wrapped box into it, and Serena passes it over.

* Heather accepts, with a little grin. "Wow..." She unwraps...

* Tina plops down on the couch and surls. Though blinks a lot at the opening door and whoever is coming through.

{Robyn} Or you know, there's a *very* firm trash compactor... And hey everyone pouring in. {grin}

* It is a beautifully silver-filligreed, engraved and monogrammed, customized, designer...oil can.

{Patricia} We thought you might, y'know, need this, sooner or later. {wink}

{Tina} Firm trash compactor. Sounds vaguely dirty. This means I need to get more of a life.

* Heather grins wryly. "It's about ten tech levels too late, but thank you. I'll treasure it always."

{Robyn} Or more sleep...

* Heather waves to the newcomer. "Oh, hi there!"

{Tina} Sleep is immaterial. The programming is all. {does this in a monotone drone, then grins brightly}

{Serena} See? I tol'ja it was too outdated. {Patricia} But they said retro was "in" this year...

* Arconius nods. "Evening everyone."

{Heather} I'm sure I can use it for storing my valuable scented oils, though. *grin*

* Tina blinks a lot some more, exercising her lids.

* Arc makes has way over to the replicator and dials up a Coke. Tina has probably noted his similar appearance to someone she knows.

{Serena} Anysitch, it _is_ the thought that counts.

* Tina did, but is trying not to act like a complete goober! She saves her gooberhood for in the elevator on Citidas, singing obscene songs to drown out the incessant pseudo samba muzak. {pause} That was entirely too much exposition.

{Robyn} Does that help at *all* in focusing? {slight grin}

{Heather} It's all right. *grin* Thank you.

* Heather then gets up and stretches. "So how's everyone who wandered in while I was busy?"

{Tina} I am......electronically frustrated. {potentious voice} {still looks at Arc every few seconds} And not very focused.

{Heather} Why are you electronically frustrated? *grin* Do you need a plug in?

{Tina} Because my programs aren't *building* right, the bastaaaaards. I think the computer has something out against me.

{Heather} Are you on a deadline?

{Narnian} The computer *always* has something against you.

{Arc} I am well enough, if always on one assignment or another. *wry smile* (he even -sounds- like that other guy...)

* Heather nods wryly to the Arc-ster. "I know that problem too well... I hope you're relaxing *now*.'

{Tina} . o O ({process lock} squeee)

{Tina} Enough of one that it's pissing me off, yeah. {wry grin}

{Robyn} What's the deadline? {little smile}

* Heather grins a touch. "Would you like any help? I've got a few computer tricks up my sleeve."

{Arc} I'm here, so I've some latitude for the moment. Not always easy to get a break in my line of service. *ss*

{Tina} 'Bout a week. {turns to Heather} Tempted to no end, but are they Supernatural in Origin, she said with all caps? We're really boring about the laws of physics in my neck of the woods. {wry grin}

* Heather grins. "Glad to hear you can have a little latitude. It goes great with steak." She looks over to Tina. "Mmmmaybe they are..."

* Arc hehs, and finds a place to sit down.

* Robyn stiffens jaw to hold in a yawn, then stands up. "And I'm out.. night, all!"

{Heather} Night, Robyn. *slight grin* We'll meet soon to figure out that deal.

{Tina} Night, person I've met!

{Tina} Okay, so if you uses them, be really circumspect about it.

{Tina} Oh, and don't show you exist. Only a few people know the Door exists and it would suck a lot if many more did. Er.

{Robyn} I'll gather everyone to brief, then I'll do.. {little grin} Night!

* Cecee surfaces to wave to Robyn.

{Heather} If it's going to get you into trouble, don't worry about it. *slight grin* I just wanted to offer, since you seemed stressed and you look like you dont' want bags under your eyes.

* Patricia blinks. "Hey, there's someone in the pool."

{Tina} Hey, new luggage is always a good thing! {pause} Tea'd be nice though.

* Robyn waves and steps out.

{Tina} With really cool blue hair. {pause} I used to have hair that color.

* Narnian waves to Robyn!

{Heather} Then if I can offer tea, I will get tea. Back in a moment. With tea.

{Heather} Does anyone else want tea? Since I'm going to get tea. There will be tea.

{Tina} Tea. Tea existing will be a good and mighty thing, for I appreciate tea.

{Cecee} {q} I would like some, thank you.

{Narnian} I would *love* some tea.

{Serena} Mmm, tea.

{Patricia} Tea sounds good to me.

{Heather} There is much tea in this room. *she winks and heads to... the kitchen*

{Tina} Tea!

* Arc sips his own drink, then hrms as a beeping noise comes from his pocket.

* Heather comes back in, carrying a salver of tea. "Everyone who wants it!"

* Cecee pulls herself out of the pool, the water flowing off of her save for that caught in her hair.

{Tina} Tea good!

* Heather holds it out, hoping people only take the tea... not her!

* Arc extracts a PDA from said pocket, opening it and checking it over. (The PDA's cover, incidentally, bears two sigils, one of which is the same sigil on Arisa's Door.)

* Tina takes tea, after a second of blinking more at Arc.

* Narnian duffies. He will politely accept the tea and stay a bit beforeheading to bed.

* Heather grins and sets aside the tray. "I'm glad I can caffinate a programer, then."

* Arc taps a key on the pad, then pauses as he notes he's being blinked at.

* Heather glances that way. "Hm. Corps-man?"

* Cecee accepts the tea with a little smile.

{Tina} This indeed is important to the function of the universe. Caffinating programmers makes the world go around.

{Tina} Guess so!

{Heather} It's like watering plants, really.

{Tina} Yup. So we put out lots of foliage and roots. {pause} Damn, I'm a daisy.

{Heather} As long as you're not pushing them up, all's well.

{Tina} Yeah, but I thought I was always of Kingdom Animalia. How depressing!

{Cecee} {q} But dasies are white, not black... or blue. *tiny grin*

{Tina} I had a bad petal day?

{Arc} There -are- worlds out there with black daisies. Of course they're not all hospitable to human life. *wl*

* Cecee giggles lightly at Tina's.

{Heather} Are those the man-eating, devil daisies?

{Arc} Those are the sort one can find in the Dominion, yes. *wl* Others just produce noxious pollen.

{Heather} You don't use those to woo the unsuspecting, I hope. *grin*

{Arc} Not unless Lady Arisa orders me to. *wl*

* Heather laughs a bit. "Speaking of whom... I need to see the lady soon. I'll make sure to wear a daisy painted black for the occasion."

* Arc chuckles, and makes a note in his PDA. "I'll relay a message."

{Heather} Thanks. And... enjoy your tea everyone. I think my lease on conciousness just expired.

{Tina} Right, night!

{Tina} Devil Daisies!

{Cecee} {q} Goodnight, ma'am.

{Heather} Night all. *grin*

* Heather wanders out.

{Arc} They're a whole new breed of carnivorous plant, yes. *wl*

{Cecee} {q} They sound like something to avoid, then.

{Tina} Dang, they are? I thought you were joking?

{Arc} Just steer clear of Hell, or have a good supply of raw meat. *wl*

* Cecee smiles just a touch, and sips her tea.

{Arc} No, they're real enough in the Dominion. Lady Kallisti is rather fond of them.

{Tina} Hell and me don't get along. It causes spatial indigestion.

{Tina} She is?

{Arc} Yes, but then, she's quite fond of many violent lifeforms.

{Tina} Oh. Hm. Like rugby players?

{Arc} Hm. If they were attractive enough, I suppose. *wl*

{Tina} Er. Yeah?

* Cecee blushes just a little.

{Arc} Lady Kallisti likes... attractive things as well as violent things. *wl*

* Cecee blushes a little more!

{Tina} ...Uh. Riiiiiiiight.

{Tina} ...what about violent attractive things?

{Arc} That would be Lord Derek and Lady Arisa, her children. She adores them. *ss*

{Tina} Okay, so in her case she just gives birth to them. I can see that.

* Cecee giggles a little, still flushed.

{Arc} And of course, well, she is one herself. *his PDA beeps again* Speaking of which...

{Tina} Yuus?

{Cecee} {q} She's calling?

{Arc} Lady Arisa is, actually. I'm to assist the newest cadre of Hell Knights in their training exercises. I suppose I should get to work on that.

* Cecee nods a little. {q} "Goodnight, then..."

{Tina} Whee! Night!

{Arc} Good evening, all. *he gets up, pockets his PDA, and heads back through Arisa's Door*

* Tina watches him go.

{Tina} That was really weird.

{Cecee} {q} Why?

{Tina} Looked a lot like my boyfriend.

* Cecee smiles a little. "Maybe he was a counterpart."

{Tina} Probably! Still way too weird though.

* Cecee nods, then smiles a bit. {q} "Oh, I'm Cecee."\

{Tina} Tina. {small grin} New here?

* Cecee shakes her head. {q} "Just don't come here very often."

{Tina} Ditto. Can't get away often enough.

* Cecee nods. {q} "School keeps me busy." *small smile*

{Tina} Work here. {wry grin}

{Cecee} {q} Much the same thing. *little grin*

In Nomine 2070