Barnights and Sisters Met

* Kim comes in after the usual special effects.

* Tina wanders in, muttering, for a return engagement.

* Kim grins. "Hey, Tina!"

* Tina looks up, and grins a bit. "Long time no see, Kim. How is?"

{Kim} Is good! Is you?

{Tina} I is okay, but could be better. Long day.

{Kim} That's the problem with being so far from the sun. Not only are the days longer, but the years, whoo.

* The floor tile slides out of place, and Candice pulls herself up into the bar.

{Tina} Yeah. Now the winters, they *really* suck. {pause} Though actually I understand Saturn has got short days.

{Kim} How can you *tell*? *grin* Hiya!

{Candice} Hello there. {smile} And long years have their benefits. Especially if you're feeling old.

{Tina} The scientists, they tell me so! And hi, new person!

{Kim} Oh, science. You *believe* in that jazz?

{Tina} Yeah. Sometimes even improv! Nyah!

{Candice} Mm -- science is really dependent on your frame of reference. And I hate to be framed.

{Tina} I prefer it being cubular.

* Kim plays a rimshot on the bar with her hands.

* Tina bows. "Thank you, I'll be here all night."

{Kim} Yay!

{Tina} And all's happy.

{Kim} That's good reason for a drink. Who's with me? {she heads to the replicator}

{Ursala} Oh, I could go for a nice light soda... Kim, wasn't it?

{Kim} That's right, hi Ursala!

* Ursala smiles, slipping out of Wooden with backpack on back and paint-stained jeans and sweatshirt.

* Juliette steps out with Ursala. She's carrying a pack as well, though isn't paint-stained. Her sword hangs on her hip.

* And a mechanoid floats in, following Juliette.

{Tina} Me wants drink. Me wants uh....I think I need to go to the refrigerator for that.

{Kim} Bad news. No tea.

{Ursala} This could be a problem, I surmise?

{Tina} ....No tea?

* Tina looks honestly aghast.

{Juliette} Wherever we go, Ursala, we seem to find trouble.

{Tina} I attract it. No tea?

* Ursala nods sagely at her sister's statement. "A crisis that needs to be resolved, clearly."

{Kim} I could make some, but I'm not Aunt Lisa. I'm not even Aunt Lisa's disciple.

{Juliette} Indeed. *nods*

* The mechanoid whistles an agreeing tone as it bobs.

{Tina} Ice tea?

{Candice} I'd love one, thanks. And hello there. {smile}

{Juliette} Do we leap into battle. *she nods, almost bowing partway to Candice*

{Tina} I'm a Tina!

* Ursala nods to Candice and Tina. "Hey, hello... why yes, you are, clearly." She grins.

{Tina} I'm glad this is obvious.

{Kim} And I'm Kim, but you knew that.

* Kim gets Ursala a soda, and herself and Tina chocolate shakes, waiting for requests from others.

{Candice} I'm a Candice, which I doubt you knew.

* Tina accepts, happily enough. "And no, I didn't. Now I know you are."

* Ursala accepts the soda, and sits. "I'm Ursala, which solves -that- little quandry."

* Juliette takes a seat next to her. "Juliette. Like in the play, which finishes and brings things full circle."

{Candice} Mmm -- which means we need to find a new topic.

{Tina} So, about them Cubs....wait, wrong forum.

{Juliette} Cubs? You raise beasts?

* Ursala chuckles at that, softly, and sips her drink. "I doubt that's what she meant, sis. If I'm guessing things right?" She tilts her head, curiously, at Tina.

{Tina} No, no, sports team.

{Juliette} Oh. *slight smile* I'm sorry. I tend to stick to just one sport.

{Kim} Fencing?

{Juliette} That would be it. It's not like I hide my interests. *small grin*

{Kim} Your belt jewelry *is* a good clue. *grin*

* Ursala hehs. "Nope, she's totally transparent." She winks, and drinks more of her soda.

* Juliette fingers the weapon. "I prefer to call it 'clear'."

{Kim} And *you* are an artist.

{Ursala} That too. *she looks down at her pants* Yup, so I am!

{Tina} I like the paint.

{Ursala} Thank you. It's taken a long time of random spatterings to get it this way.

{Juliette} And when she decorates herself, she spares no time nor effort in doing it.

{Tina} I see this, yes.

{Ursala} Have airbrush and compressor, will travel.

{Tina} Have motherboard, will beat it up.

* Candice smiles a bit more, sipping her iced tea.

{Juliette} And mine's the least poetic of the lot, I'm afraid.

* The mechanoid whistles an arpeggio. Which probably means something in mechanoidiese.

* Juliette rolls her eyes with a slight smile.

{Candice} What's yours, then?

{Juliette} Duelling. I have a sword, and will travel.

{Candice} Ah. Well, I travel. {pause} What do I even say? 'Have travel, will travel?' It doesn't even make sense.

{Kim} Um, hang on a sec. {she mutters something under her breath, looking at the mechanoid} Could you repeat that?

* The mechanoid blinks its optics, and whistles its arpeggio again.

{Juliette} Do you have anything with you? There's bags and sticks...

* Kim grins. "Well of course you do."

{Candice} I have a walking stick and a bundle. Does that count?

{Ursala} The bare essentials, but eminently useful.

{Juliette} Sure. Why not 'have bundle, will travel'?

{Candice} Because it makes it sound like I'm travelling to *Vegas.*

* Candice grins.

* Kim snickers. "Oh, and he says 'have equipment, will rebuild.'"

{Juliette} Oh, is that what he said? Sometimes my guesses are off. And Vegas? Hm... it could add a bit of the exotic to your title.

* Ursala hrmmmms. "Glitter and mystery, where the exotic and mundane cross paths trying to reach each other's place..."

{Kim} What's wrong with traelling to Vegas?

{Candice} Isn't there better kinds of exotic? Say, deepest, darkest Africa?

{Ursala} Well, Deepest darkest africa doesn't have convenient rest rooms or air conditioning.

{Juliette} And all those so many lions...

{Candice} They're both overrated. Mmm -- come on, doesn't the trail call to you? The hunger to be the first to see, to explore, to learn, to strive?

{Tina} I like kitties. I just don't like it when they might have me for lunch.

{Candice} The secret is to be unappetizing. {she looks Tina over} You might have trouble with that.

{Ursala} Eh, Lions. *she shrugs*

{Tina} I know. Too many milkshakes. Dammit.

{Juliette} I've seen quite a bit of the trail already. I'm hoping to take a while at home soon.

{Kim} I like lions. *grin*

* Ursala nods in agreement wish her sis.

{Tina} Just certain kinds of lions, Kim!

{Kim} No, I like 'em all.

{Tina} Okay, just certain kinds with me.

{Candice} Do you like Sea Lions, Kim?

{Kim} Never met one, but I probably would!

{Candice} What about ant lions?

{Kim} Oh, they're great fun.

{Candice} And detroit lions?

{Ursala} I thought we were avoiding sports forums.

{Juliette} It seems inevitable here.

{Kim} They're going to win next season, I just *know* it! *pause* Um, not that I'd bet the farm on that, since anything I know about the future is suspect by definition.

{Candice} Okay, she passes.

{Kim} What do I win?

{Juliette} Approval, I think. Respect. Maybe a touch of acceptance. I doubt anything shiny.

{Candice} Unless you're shooting for shiny. We can do that too.

{Ursala} I could paint something shiny, if I had some glossy paint on me.

{Kim} No, respect and acceptance are *fine*. Shiny's easy to come by.

* Kim gestures and is holding a glowing ball of light. "See?"

* Ursala oooos, appreciatively.

* Juliette applauds lightly.

{Tina} Preeeeetty.

* Kim bows, grinning.

* Candice watches with an interested smile. "Mm. Yes... but transitory."

{Kim} Hmm?

{Juliette} It will eventually go away.

* Candice reaches into her bundle, rooting about.

* Ursala hrms. "And speaking of Transitory, I think it's probably best for us to head out as well... hm?"

* Juliette nods to her, rising. "That's right. It was a nice night." She smiles.

{Kim} Then I hope that continues, both. Pleasant dreams. *slight grin*

* Candice draws out a brass spyglass, which she offers to Kim.

{Candice} Good night then, friends.

* Ursala nods, and leads her sis to Alice's door.

{Tina} Night!

* Juliette walks along with.

* Kim accepts, looking it over.

* It's really very nice.

{Candice} That should help you find interesting things in the distance.

{Kim} Hey, thanks. *slight smile* Interesting things are rarely that far away, but there's always more.

{Candice} Mm -- try it out the next time you

{Candice} You're out and about, and see.

{Kim} Right. *grin*

{Candice} Mm. And I'm hungry. You?

{Kim} A bit. *she grins, drifting to the replicator* What would you like? My treat.

{Candice} Mm -- a roast beef sandwich? French dip?

{Kim} You've got it. Ahem. "Would you like fries with that?"

* Kim grins, dialing.

{Candice} no thanks {smile}

{Tina} Friiies.

{Kim} Is that a request, Tina? *grin*

{Tina} Mmmaybe!

* Kim dials up fries as well, then passes stuff out!

* Tina yays. "Thanks!"

{Kim} Welcome! So how's outer space treating you?

{Tina} It's there and vacuumous. It's out there, I'm in here, and I like it better that way.

{Kim} That's good!

{Tina} I certainly think so.

{Kim} Vacuum sucks.

{Candice} That's the rumor, anyhow.

{Tina} I never did want to test that out.

{Kim} There you go blindly accepting what the scientists say again. *wink*

In Nomine 2070