Suezos and Security Officers

* Colt wanders in from the Clara-Door.

* Tina wanders in from the Really Long Corridor.

* A melon-coloured creature watches her from behind the door...

* Colt glances up...

* Tina proceeds for the replicator, mumbling something about a fudge brownie and tea. She waves at Colt. "Hi!"

{Colt} Hi th--

* Bubbles the suezo *leaps* from behind...

{Tina} ....GAH!


{Tina} AAH--MMMPHH! {comes up for air} I've been slobbered on! By a....I'm really not sure what it is but it's got a big tongue and lots of spit....

* Colt sighs. "*q* I'm sorry. I thought he was left at home..."

* Tina wipes Suezoslobber off her face. "Ngh. No he yours?"

{Colt} Yes... *bad*.

* Tina ponders what to pat on the thing, and gingerly settles for the top of the eyestalk. "Eh, experienced is he? Er, and what's your name? Tina Manoa-Perez here..."

* It mumbles happily...

{Colt} He's a Melon Seuzo... his name's Bubbles... mine's Colt, and do you need a towel now?

{Tina} Nope, just a sleeve. {proves this by using those of her sweatshirt} He's very, uh, affectionate. And pleasure to meet you, Colt.

{Colt} He is... I think it's separation anxiety. *wry smile* You too, Tina. I haven't seen you around before.

{Tina} I haven't been around here much, really. Been here a few times before, but I'm busy elsewhere. {little grin} Separation anxiety you say?

{Colt} I do say...

{Tina} Seperation from whom? {small grin, continues patting Bubbles}

{Colt} Me. *wry smile* For a while.

{Tina} Oh ho, I see. {small grin}

{Colt} A friend got him back, but...

{Tina} I see more. I thought he followed you from home, but apparently this was longer-term?

{Colt} It was... he wanted to, but couldn't. *slight smile*

{Tina} Should I ask more? {small grin, continues patting Bubbles on er, well, the eyestalk for lack of knowing where else to}

{Colt} If you want. *grin*

{Tina} Okay, I wanna.

{Colt} Then ask!

{Tina} Okay. {cough} Why couldn't he and what was all the seperation anxiety about. There.

{Colt} Good. I'm glad you got it out. And if I went over there where Ic ame from again, I *probably* couldn't come back. He was still there.

{Tina} And you couldn't get him until your friend did for you?

{Colt} That's right... she's much better at moving without being seen than I am. She and a few others friends.

{Tina} At least it all apparently worked out, you're back together, all's happy except for a tendency for him to sneak-attack slobber. {grin, and pauses pats long enough to get some ice cream}

{Colt} That's right... though one day I do need to give him a few voice commands...

{Tina} 'Down, boy?'

{Colt} Except he's *too* fast.

{Tina} Slobber before you know it?

* The Knight Door opens, and a certain hunky security guard steps through.

* Colt *nods*.

{Tina} Oh, yeah. That's the worst kind. Put five years off my li----fe...

{pauses, then visibly brightens and waves a great deal at said guard}

{Tina} {blush} Er, sorry, Colt, Significant Other Radar went off. Hi, Brian!

* Brian grins and waves back. "Hey you."

{Colt} All right... hello?

{Tina} Hey you too. {makes patting motions at couch with her free hand, while other is still involved in Suezo-scritching}

{Bubbles} Whrrrr...

{Brian} I'll be right there. {winks and detours to the replicator to dial up some decent coffee}

* Tina beams. "Good boy." She turns back to Colt. "How do you train him, then?" {small grin}

* Rosita wanders in from North and pauses three steps in.

* Colt smiles a little. "Introduce me? And generally with obstacles and reinforcement."

{Tina} Yes, I am petting an eyeball. No, he's not dangerous. Yes, he produces lots of saliva. And hi, person I'm fairly sure I've not met, this is Colt, and I'm Tina, the eyeball is Bubbles, and Coffee Guy is Brian.

{Tina} Positive or negative?

* Brian returns to the couch with a nice strong serving of mint-enhanced java.

* Colt waves to both Rosita and Brian. "Hi there, pleased to meet you." She nods to Tina. "Both."

{Tina} But only stick if he gets *too* out of control?

{Tina} Er, I mean, stick versus carrot.

* Tina ponders the relative positions of herself and Brian, and whether this is conducive to flopping over on him while giving a large bouncing eyeball scritchies.

{Rosita} Uh, right. *pause* Keep the saliva over there, wouldja? I'm Rosita.

{Tina} Don't worry, I got him under control. And pleasure to meet you, Rosita.

* Bubbles looks at Tina as if to say 'oh, do you now?'

* Tina looks back with both eyeballs. "Let me put it this way, do you *want* to deprive yourself of good scritching?"

* Rosita keeps an eye on the larger one as she makes her way to the replicator.

* Bubbles seems to think about that...

* Tina lets the nice eyeball poooonder...

* Tina also elects to happily flump over on Brian should he be in range.

* Bubbles decides to stay there, then.

* Tina continues skritchies, then!

* Brian is indeed in flumping range, and is obliged to put an arm around Tina. "Somebody's got the upper hand here." *g*

* Tina mms, looking quietly blissed out. "Hey, I figured I knew what he liked." {grin}

* Brian hehs, and leans back against Tina.

{Colt} Be careful... he *will* take that as a challenge...

{Tina} Oh, I figured. But hey, enjoy it while I can. {grin} And let me know if the cutesy level over here gets too disgusting.

{Rosita} He's not *too* controllable, hmm?

{Tina} Orneriness is a virtue, sometimes.

{Colt} He *might* trade your scritches for proving he has control here.

{Tina} Then he gets no scritchies. {grin}

{Tina} Plus, hey, he already sneakslobbered me once.

{Colt} Yes, but there are others...

{Tina} But I provide good skritchies!

{Colt} And you and he goad him!

{Tina} I was just stating he liked skritchies.

* The suezo siiiighs...

{Tina} Pathos? {grin}

* Rosita gets some fried chicken, fries, and a drink. "I'd just like to state for the record that I know the big eyeball is in charge in this room and I really hope it doesn't find it necessary to prove its dominance to me.

{Tina} Good. This way you avoid the spit.

* The eyeball swings towards rosita.

* Rosita takes an unconscious step back.

* It mentally chuckles. Oh the power.

* Brian just sips coffee and continues providing lean-space for Tina.

* Tina very happily seems to be leaning on Brian and looking disturbingly content that way. And skritching an eyeball. That's even more disturbing.

* Colt lets out a breath. "Safe."

{Rosita} Really?

* The creature suddenly springs out of Tina's grasp, trying to tackle everyone in the room one at a time...

* Rosita's eyes widen as she dives to one side, bringing her arm up in a warding gesture.

{Tina} Woops.

{Tina} Bad eyeball! No cookie! Bad eyeball

{Tina} !

* Brian dodges as best he can, given that he's got coffee in one hand and the other arm around Tina.

* The suezo bounces off of Rosita's arm... tries to get a lick past Brian's guard... bounces onto Tina and then lands on Colt.

* Tina tries to grab Bubbles, but no dice likely. "BAD eyeball!"

{Colt} ...oof.

* Rosita slowly gets off the floor, mildly drenched with soda.

{Tina} .....well, that was interesting.

{Brian} Interesting fauna they have around here. *wg*

{Tina} The eyeball is a new one.

* Colt pushes a little on her suezo. "*q* He's sometimes more trouble than he's *worth*."

* Rosita looks at the melon suezo, then her dinner, then her jacket, then back at Bubbles.

{Tina} I think someone's in trouuuuublee....

{Colt} Oh dear...

{Brian} You think? *wg*

{Tina} Maybe. Could be a guess. {grin}

* Brian hehs and rubs Tina's shoulders with his free hand.

{Rosita} Look. I said there wasn't any need to prove anything, didn't I? But nooo, you had to make a big deal of things and jump people that didn't mean you any harm... now I'm soaked, sticky, and dinnerless. Are you happy now?

* Tina mmrrrs happily at the rub, and pauses at Rosita's tirade.

* Bubbles looks very happy!

{Rosita} {muttered} Figured.

* Rosita grumbles, going behind the bar to try and dig up a towel.

* Colt crawls out from under the suezo...

* Brian sets his coffee down so he can use both hands for Tina's backrub.

* Tina blinks and quickly starts going happily and not entirely voluntarily boneless at this treatment.

{Brian} Somebody seems happy. *wg*

{Tina} Which of us? Me or the entirely too smug eyeball over there?

{Brian} I dunno. Both? *g, rubrub*

* Rosita comes back around, still grumbling as she dries off.

{Tina} You need a refill on the food?

* Tina manages this while looking entirely blissed out about the vicious invasive backrubs.

{Colt} Are you all right now?

{Rosita} {muttered} I'll survive. {she dials up some more chicken}

* A beeping is heard from Brian's wristchron.

* Tina blinks and glances over to Brian.

{Colt} What's that?

* Brian looks at it and sighs. "Time for me to go protect our corner of reality for a little while."

{Tina} Oh, fun. Hooray, late shift?

{Brian} Yup. No fun; plenty of places I'd rather be. *swg*

* Colt waves. "Good bye!"

{Tina} Yeah, I know. {wry grin, reaches up to peck him on the cheek} You take care.

{Brian} You too. See you later. *cheekpecks back*

{Tina} Will do. Probably got to go back and look innocent before too long too.

{Brian} Riiight. *wg, gets up, drops his empty coffee mug in the recycler, and heads out, waving*

* Rosita mutters a goodbye, setting up on a barstool.

* Tina waves back. And appreciates his butt leaving because well, if you can't appreciate your SO's rear, whose *can* you? {pause} Don't answer that.

* Colt looks up to Rosita. "Is there anything to help?"

{Tina} Ditto.

{Rosita} Just keep him away from me. I've had enough things slobber on me to last a lifetime, I don't need it eating into the afterlife.

{Colt} Oh, I see. you're a grumpy person. *grin*

{Rosita} That must be it.

* Rosita tears into her chicken with a vengance.

* Colt gives Tina a wry smile.

* Tina grins wryly back. "I have that problem with hamsters."

{Colt} You do?

{Tina} Yeah. Never listen to me. Or if they do, it's only to be annoying.

{Rosita} You should lock them up until they start paying attention.

{Tina} Ever try to lock up a rodent whose main pasttiime is methodically chewing its way through things?

{Rosita} Use bars bigger than its mouth.

{Tina} Doesn't work. Rodents are persistent.

{Rosita} Delaying tactic while you get a new cage.

{Tina} With bigger bars, that it will also chew through.

{Rosita} Hmm. You're right. Too much trouble. Let them escape, make their own way in society.

{Tina} They'll probably take it over.

* Tina urghs and stands up, adjusting her back and neck with several interesting popping noises.

{Rosita} Couldn't be any worse than the rats currently in charge.

{Tina} Lizards.

* Colt wrinkles her nose.

{Colt} I do hate Nagae.

{Tina} Nagae?

{Colt} Nagas. Snakes, sort of lizards?

{Tina} Ugh. Yes, I can see how you would.

* Rosita nods. "Could do without 'em myself."

* Tina mutters something about snakes under her breath. "And that's probably the game for me." {wry grin} "Hope to see you both later."

{Colt} Night!

{Rosita} Bye-bye.

{Tina} Laters all. {grin}

* Tina heads out, after depositing her empty bowl.

* Rosita eats, continuing to keep an eye on the Incarnation of Enthusiasm.

* Colt smiles a touch, patting the creature. "There, see? Behaved."

{Rosita} Yeah, but for how long?

{Colt} Oh, until you goad her again. *wink*

* Rosita considers that. "I'm reasonably sure I did the exact opposite."

{Colt} Strange things can goad creature. *little grin*

{Rosita} Makes sense. Strange creature.

{Colt} He's funny looking to be sure. *grin*

{Rosita} No argument there. I've seen stranger, but never when I could swear I was sober.

* Colt nodnods. She then gets up. "Well, I need to get him back for rest and exercises."

{Rosita} See if you can teach him not to leap at strangers. *slight grin* Night.

{Colt} Tried, unfortunately.

* Colt waves, walking out.

* Rosita waves a bit.

In Nomine 2070