Questions of Lightning

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{Tina} {dismally} Let's face it, I blew it.

{Tau} No, *I* blew it. Get it straight.

* Jean just watches them both, expecting a full, unbiased report.]

* Tina sighs. "There were two empaths in the room. Tau fell out of my pocket when my clothing was shifted to a swimsuit. Apparently they picked up there was more than normal hamster emotions going on there. Kim went with me back in direction of the Door, and when we were alone asked point blank if just Tau was an angel or if I was. I blew my cool roll, Boss. I understand fully if you bar the Door to us from now on."

* Jean just blinks at this.

{Tina} . o O (He blinked. Oh boy.) Given the fact her father seems to be uh, a very powerful Soldier of God or similar, I suppose it's not completely surprising but...

{Jean} Further observation of this individual, and her family, is warranted as circumstances and duties allow. A sudden dissapearance in light of your recent 'outing' would be too noticeable, and carries a high probability of drawing attention from less-charitable bar members.

* Tina nods. {m} "At least she now seems to have a clue that the reason *why* I need to be circumspect is the Diabolicals on station, though I didn't explicitly mention that."

{Jean} Emphasize to this individual the importaince of maintaining your role, and the need for secrecy regarding the station's situation. The detection capabilities of these empaths are also to be investigated further, if possible. Evalution of terran mammal emotion capabilities in the local environs should be examined to determine of other creatures there have similar levels of emotional response to a kyriotate-in-host, and wether it would be advisable to continue bringing a Dominiation along.

* Tina nods, asessing this. "I get the feeling this place isn't uh, normal when it comes to nonhumans, either."

{Jean} So noted.

{Tina} Other than that.... {tiny shrug} Not much, really, other than feeling ashamed and angry at myself for what happened.

{Jean} Such a reaction, though ill-timed, is not unexpected. Recommend much counselling with the Malakite, Ian, to assauge these feelings and to channel them to more useful ventures, as such a current state would be hard to explain to your human and undercover demonic co-workers.

{Tina} I know, Boss, I'll be good. {pause} Try to anyway. {makes face} {pause} Can I ask a dumb question?

{Jean} There are no 'dumb' questions, just ones that are asked when the information is already understood and disemminated.

* Tina nods, looks down, then looks up into the eyes of her Archangel. "Why in the name of all that is holy, sir, do you put up with me as a Servitor of Lightning? I'm a complete mess, I wouldn't know efficiency if it bit me in my formerly green ass, and I can't shove my emotions aside to deal with data as it comes. When I look at the other of your Servitors, I feel very badly out of place. Even Ian, whom I love with all my Heart and being, seems to understand the tenets of Lightning far better than I can. And I don't know why."

* Jean looks down at Tiphareth. Not out of any sense of superiority or dissaproval, but because of the simple fact that she's shorter than him. "Lightining has more tenets than just logic and efficency as understood by celestials and mortals, Tiphareth. 'Leashed Lightining' would be a colliquial, albeit not entirely accurate, rendering of the term in human terms. There is also the spark of inspiration, the crash of thunder and the storm as it impacts upon the environment, triggering the flames of Divine Fire, which in turn engenders and empowers Creation. And in order to do this, every system must have some form of chaotic seed generation, else the system falls into rigid, unyeilding, unchanging statis. This is not a state that would lead us to complete our mission statement of watching over and determing the proper timing of human technical developments."

{Jean} This is your function within the organization of Lightning, Tiphareth. The random seed generator.

-} *Narnian* --- Jean.IN2070 demonstrates he Gets It.

*} Narnian grins.

* Tina doesn't think it's disapproval, given her Boss. She blinks, and then smiles a little bit. "Chaos mathematics, sir?"

* Jean nods, curtly. "Reviewing of several of the basic manuscripts should be illuminating to your situation, Tiphareth."

* Tina nods. "I should refresh my memory, yes." {small smile} "I just wish I were more...something, sir. I don't want to disappoint you."

{Jean} If you were a dissapointment, you would not be in my service, either 'In Service To' or a full servitor. Therefore, that worry is unwarranted. Q.E.D.

{Tina} Got that, sir. {wg} Objectively, I know that is true. However, subjectively I wade around in the morass of my emotions a little bit much. To put it mildly.

{Jean} The aformentioned counselling with Ian should alleviate that, as well as discussions with the servitors of Flowers onboard the station.

{Tina} Right. {small grin}

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*GC* Tina's always been kind of insecure on where she fits in Lightning's organization. {dryly} As if that wasn't obvious.

*GC* Heh heh. Chaos and Freedom, driving the turbines. Makes a good analogy.

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*GC* Tina is just well, chaotic. Comes from being a daughter of Freedom, I suppose.

*GC* Random seed generators, hmm. :)

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{Tina} {dry} For one I have morals when it comes to seeing what I can do with stuff.

{Tina} {m} I'm just not very uh.... {sigh, closes eyes} I'm not very efficient, you know?

{Jean} Lightning appears chaotic in the storm, yet is very efficent and proscribed in its actual physical process. You are 'efficent' in your own way, Tiphareth.

{Tina} So...more elemental in my applications, sir?

* Jean nods, curtly.

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