Hall Talks

* Tina wanders down the hall with Kim, handing over the Gatorade. "I hope you like blue whatever it is."

{Kim} Blue's a better flavor than green, yes. *she grins, taking it* Should've thought before I cast. Of *course* you're going to need the same clothes you came in with.

{Tina} Yuuuup. Otherwise it might {ominous voice} Draw Attention {/ominous voice}. But hey, if you can get them back...

{Kim} More or less. It might not be *exact*, and they'll probably be in better repair... *slight grin*

{Tina} As long as it passes muster. Them were my ratty working with motherboards clothes too.

{Kim} I'll do what I can. {she grins, picking Dent up and placing him on her own shoulder as she finishes her drink}

* Dent goes compliantly, twitching nose.

* Kim winks to him. "Right! Hold still, this shouldn't hurt a bit," she says to Tina.

{Tina} That's what they said about coldsleep!

* Tina holds still anyway.

* Kim grins, casting again. She takes a bit more time this time, but when she's finished, Tina's dressed more or less as before. The clothes show roughly the same amount of wear, but feel about as durable as they would if new.

{Tina} ....CooooOooool.

* Tina feels them. "Now I have tough ratty clothes. I like."

* Kim bows, careful not to upset the hamster. "That felt a bit easier. Wonder if it's because I've worked with those before..."

* Dent squeaks a bit, holding on to the shoulder.

{Kim} And there. That should pass muster. *grin* So tell me something...

{Tina} Hmmmm? {small grin}

* Kim picks up Dent to pet, still grinning a bit. "Are you both angels, or is it just cute and furry here?"

* Tina makes a ngh noise.

* Dent just stiffens.

* Tina's expression goes, for one interesting second, from inquiring, to pure panic, before smoothing back over. "Um!"

{Kim} That would be a yes? *she grins*

* Tina slowly....facepalms.

{Tina} {q} I suck at bullshitting.

* Dent sighs and splats over onto his front in Kim's hand.

{Kim} That's not really a bad trait?

* Kim tickles Dent's ear.

{Dent} {squeaked but coherent} Yipe.

{Tina} It depends on if you're supposed to be undercover. {still looks kind of worried} Man.

{Kim} Yeah, I can understand that. *slight smile* Look, I'm not going to blab. Evidence to the contrary, I *can* keep a secret.

* Tina blinks, and nods, looking relieved. "Got you. I'll hold you to that, you know." {little smile} "I figure anybody who meets God face to face I can trust..."

{Kim} I would *hope* so. *grins a bit* For the record, though... if people notice weird things about you, but a medical scanner shows you as perfectly normal... well, that's going to be some people's first thought, if they're in the know.

{Tina} ....Ah....ha. {wry grin} {gives Dent a LOOK}

* Dent looks innocent. Horribly badly.

* Kim grins, wryly. "So, um, you might not be the best secret agent here, Dent. At least, not in this form. On the *other* hand, a lot of people around here aren't going to *care* if you're wonky." *grin*

{Tina} I figured. {wry look} They seem to get weirder things in their breakfast cereal here.

* Kim giggles and pats Tina's shoulder. "You're a nice weird, though. What is it you're looking for, anyway? Or is it primarily 'aaah, security breach, investigate?'"

{Tina} "Oh, look, a dimensional rift, now we're curious."

{Kim} Sensible. *grin*

{Tina} I think you know um, *why* I'm trying to be covert, though.

{Kim} I've got my suspicions, yes. *slight smile* Hmm... You should get back before someone notices. Talk later?

{Tina} Yup. {wry grin}

* Tina waves a bit.

* Kim gives her a quick hug, then kisses the top of Dent's head before transferring him to Tina. "Not to mention, I should get back. I don't *recall* Kim owing me a sundae, but I'm not going to turn one down."

* Dent squeaks some more, and is handed back, being put into pocket.

{Tina} I can understand that wayyyy too well. Sundaes are all important.

* Kim nods agreeably. "Later!" She flies down the hall, whistling a merry tune.

* Tina blinks, looking very wry after her, then sidles through her Door.

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