Three Kims, a Bright, and a Hamster

* KimberlyWB dashes into the Bar. As it's been a while since she's had camera time, it's worth noticing that she's now about fifteen, with shoulder length brown hair with auburn highlights, and a slender, runner's build. Her legs are her best feature in her youth, as they're really quite long. She seems to know this, wearing a very short miniskirt and tee-shirt. She also ran in at about 200 mph, skidding to a stop in front of the Replicator. "Hm."

* KimberlyWB standing for Kimberly Ward Burns, naturally.

* There's a flash of green under a closet door, then Kim Jenkins flies in, coming to a halt several inches behind KimberlyWB.

{KimberlyWB} Chocolate double fudge, vanilla ripple with chocolate syrup, or a dreamcicle supreme. Ach, the choices of youth.

{Kim} Go with the vanilla ripple. Better contrast in tastes.

{KimberlyWB} Well, that's true -- but in a shake, does it matter? {she looks over her shoulder, tossing her hair a bit to do it in the patented 'Charlie's Angels' fashion.]

{Kim} Ah, shake's different... *grin* Double-fudge! If you're going to do chocolate, do it right.

{KimberlyWB} But there's always the orange dreamcicle to throw everyone's expectations off. You know, distinctiveness.

{Kim} You do *that* without hardly trying, Cous. *grin*

{KimberlyWB} Cous? Do we know each other?

{Kimberly} You're going to give her the speech again, aren't you.

* Kimberly walks in, wearing her usual "Circuit" costume.

{Kim} I've considered taping it! {she grins} Well, I sort of know you, but we haven't met and you're not the you I know anyway. Hi, I'm Kim Jenkins, but not the one that just came in.

{KimberlyWB} Hi Kimberly! {pause} And... hello, other Kim Jenkins. {she pauses for a moment} I know what we all need.

{Kim} What's that?

* KimberlyWB blurs out at speed -- not the rocketing speed of an Ali or the thundrous speed of an Angela, or even the blur of a Beth or Alice, but the speed of a girl who lives in the real world (sort of) who somehow gained the ability to pull 500 MPH at need.

* Kimberly looks at Kim.

* Kim grins, leaning against the bar to wait.

{Kimberly} She's fast.

{Kim} Yes she is. Be glad she's keeping it on this side of the sound barrier... *grin* How's you?

{Kimberly} Pretty darn good. {grins} You?

* KimberlyWB sweeps back in, tapping the other two with enough force to make them both glad for the SoG, though neither'd really be hurt by it. And then relaxes next to the bar. And all three now wear a 'Hello, My Name Is... KIMBERLY' badge over their hearts.

{KimberlyWB} There. That should keep us clear.

{Kim} Yes! No no one will forget who we are.

* Kim doesn't quite giggle.

* Kimberly manages not to either, somehow. "Perfect."

{KimberlyWB} Great. So. I decided on the Double-fudge. What shakes do my Sisters in Kimberdom want?

{Kim} The same, please!

{KimberlyWB} And Kim?

{Kimberly} Double-fudge sounds *perfect.*

{KimberlyWB} Three double-fudge milkshakes coming up!

* KimberlyWB replicates!

{Kim} Yay!

* KimberlyWB passes them out!

* Kim accepts, clinking her glass against the others. "To Kimberly! A fine, fine name indeed."

{KimberlyWB} It's textured and friendly. The perfect icebreaker. Boys swoon over it. Women wish they had it. And to date, no Tropical Storm Kimberly has leveled Florida.

{Kim} Ye--boys swoon over it? Really?

{KimberlyWB} So I've discovered. The Original could elaborate, but... mm. Ask me my name.

{Kim} But I know your... *she shrugs, grinning* What's your name?

* KimberlyWB looks down, then up, coyly. {purred} "Kimberly. And you?"

{Kim} Hmm. You know, I think it's more the way you say it.... *grin*

{KimberlyWB} Yes. But there's no good way to purr Agnes.

{Kim} What about Aggie?

{KimberlyWB} Mm -- that's more of a giggle-moment.

{Kim} True. So we were lucky! *grin*

{KimberlyWB} We were. {she grins} Sorry -- I've only had this hypnotic power over boys for about three months -- I'm still a little drunk with it. Though I have no less than two older sisters on my case over it. {grin}

* Kimberly grins. "It's fun, isn't it?"

{KimberlyWB} It is. {grin}

{Kim} Hmmm.... Let me guess. Sam and Mandy?

{KimberlyWB} Amanda? No -- she kind of rolls her eyes, but that's it. Sam and Marj. Marj's been on my case since we got rescued, though.

{Kim} Ah, of course. Forgot Marjolane used to be a stick.

{KimberlyWB} 'Used to be?' Okay -- you've implied you know me, Amanda and Marj... this is getting weird.

* Kim grins. "I try! Seriously, though, I should know you guys. We're cousins. It's just that I was born and raised in a dream then pulled into the real world fully realized. *innocently* Not that you'd have any experience with that?"

{Kimberly} She loves doing that.

{KimberlyWB} I wasn't 'fully realized.' We were in a pocket for a bunch of years, and this is beginning to get really really creepy.

{KimberlyWB} I can *tell,* AuntieKim. {grin}

* Kim grins a bit. "I'm not *that* creepy..."

{Kimberly} You're way, way, way too cute to manage creepy.

{Kim} Thanks, Kimberly!

{KimberlyWB} So, want to take me through this simply, so I don't have to be creeped at all? {grin}

{Kim} Hmm. I think I'm physically incapable of explaining it in a nonconfusing way. Want to try, Red? *wink*

{Kimberly} Sure. {grin} Notdad and Terri dreamed of the future, and that they had a daughter. They were on Minbar at the time, and the Dreaming there apparently has some weird properties. So next time they dreamed, she was still there, even though she wasn't supposed to be in that one. So they pulled her out and, well, meet Kim.

{KimberlyWB} ...oh... how... *magical.*

{Kim} I like magical more than creepy. *grin* And that's how I know you, though you were older last time I saw you. *wink*

{KimberlyWB} Through a dream... which explains how Marj apparently stopped being a prig.

* Kim giggles. "I think it had more to do with Pete...."

{KimberlyWB} 'Pete?'

{Kimberly} Pete?

{Kim} Iiiii take it she's not dating?

{KimberlyWB} Nuh-uh. Pete who?

{Kim} Pete Matthews, the Chocolate Avenger! *pause* She met him at the Acadely.

{Kimberly} The what?

{KimberlyWB} The... chocolate avenger?

{Kim} No, no, wrong emphasis. The Chocolate Avenger!

{Kim} He fights crime with his incredible chocolate powers.

* Kimberly looks at KimWB.

* KimberlyWB looks at Kimberly.

* Kim grins, sipping her shake.

{Kimberly} Chocolate avenger.

* Kim nodnods.

{KimberlyWB} Incredible chocolate powers.s

* Kim nodnods.

{Kimberly} What incredible chocolate powers does he have, precisely?

{Kim} Well, he's sort of like a fire elemental, but with chocolate.

{KimberlyWB} I can see the appeal for Marj. She's got a thing about chocolate.

{Kimberly} He's a chocolate elemental?

* Kim nodnods, grinning. "Family scuttlebutt is she hunted him relentlessly until he succumbed to her charms."

* Kimberly looks at Kim.

* Kimberly looks at KimWB.

* KimberlyWB looks at Kimberly.

* KimberlyWB looks at Kim.

* Kimberly looks at Kim.

* Kim grins more.

{KimberlyWB} She's enjoying this.

{Kim} Immensely!

{Kimberly} Far too much.

{Kim} *Far* too much?

{KimberlyWB} What can we do to spoil her fun?

{Kimberly} There's a pool, but she can fly.

* Kim nods, lifting up a couple feet to demonstrate.

{Kimberly} So that won't work.

{KimberlyWB} Can she fly with heavy lead weights on her ankles?

{Kim} How heavy?

{KimberlyWB} That depends on how heavy you can lift while flying.

{Kim} Roughly twice my weight.

{Kimberly} That's impressive.

* Kim bows, grinning. "Be more impressive if I weren't small."

{KimberlyWB} Right. Then we'll lash you to a large statue, then throw you in the pool. {pause} Wait, that's bad.

{Kimberly} Yes, it is.

{Kim} I'd have to agree!

{KimberlyWB} Well, poo.

{Kim} Maybe, instead of decreasing my fun, we could work to increase yours?

{KimberlyWB} Like what?

{Kim} Well... There *is* a pool....

* Kimberly looks at KimWB.

{KimberlyWB} So there is!

* Kim grins, flying into the closet.

* Kimberly looks at the closet.

* There's a flash of yellow from under the door.

{KimberlyWB} Hm.

* There's a flash of green from under the door, and she flies back in, wearing a yellow one-piece swimsuit.

* Kimberly applauds.

* Kim bows, going into a slow roll.

{Kimberly} She's showing off....

{KimberlyWB} {q} Green and yellow...

* KimberlyWB gets wide eyed and slightly shaky kneed. "J-Jenkins... you're the daughter of the Narnian, aren't you?"

{Kim} That's me, the show-off. {she grins, then nods to KimberlyWB} How many other Jenkinses would call you cousin? *grin*

{KimberlyWB} {q} I... I d-didn't realize... I'm sorry... um...

{Kim} Hey, nothing to be sorry about. *slight grin* So am I the *only* participant in this pool party?

* KimberlyWB pulls a bit at the lower hem of her skirt... "I... should get home sometime soon..."

* Kim pouts cutely. "Darn."

{Kimberly} Whyyyyyy?

{KimberlyWB} I... just should.

{Kim} So it's not because I make you nervous because I'm related to a really great guy?

{KimberlyWB} Well, no. {pause} I just have trouble relaxing around the daughter of the Messiah.

{Kimberly} The bwah?

* Kim considers that.

* Kim settles to the ground, light as a feather, then facefaults.

{KimberlyWB} Look, I'm embarrassed enough to be dressed so... so... *so* right now. I'd... better just go.

{Kim} {muffled} Please wait?

* Kim hops back up.

{Kimberly} Er, wait, wait, wait. Last I checked, that wasn't him, it's who he works for. Big, beautiful mane, roars really loud if you tick him off....

{KimberlyWB} {vq} You've... seen the Lion?

{Kimberly} {vq} Not in that form. But in a fashion, yes.

{KimberlyWB} {vq} And... and of course the Narnian isn't the Lion -- I didn't mean to imply it. But he bears the Lion's message, and lives his life in all ways in accordance to the Lion's way, and the way of the Emperor Beyond the Sea.

{Kimberly} As well as he can, right, but.... um.... he's human? Fallible?

* Kim sits in mid-air. "'sides, he wouldn't exactly complain about your state of dress. Lion knows *Mom's* done as much in public."

{KimberlyWB} Fallible?

* Kimberly nods to KimWB.

{KimberlyWB} You're ruining my childhood heroes. {slight smile}

{Kimberly} He's a counterpart of Dad. It's like affectionately ragging on a favorite uncle. I'm required. {slight grin}

{Kim} Hey, he's my dad and I love him. *slight grin* He'd also be the first to tell you he's just this guy, you know?

{KimberlyWB} Well, of course *he'd* tell us that. {slight smile}

{Kim} And *I'd* be the first to tell you that I'd *hate* to chase you away when we were doing *so* well at becoming friends 'stead of quote just unquote family.

* Kim grins.

* Tina wanders in, wearing grubby sweats and a UIUC shirt that looks like it's been well loved. Meaning, "worn enough times that it looks like a combine ate it then upchucked it."

{KimberlyWB} Well...

* Tina perks up as she sees the inmates. "Oo. Hey, Kim, Other Kim, and uh..........Yet Other Kim. They decant you, don't you?"

{Kimberly} Hey Tina! Tina, Kim. Kim, Tina.

{Tina} Hi! Tina Manoa-Perez, Not A Kim.

* Kim waves to Tina. "Three Kims, no waiting!" She turns back to KWB. "And besides the pool's *great*. You *have* to try it out."

{Kimberly} We should assimilate her.

{Tina} Why? Because I'm not a Bruce?

{Tina} Pool, I parrot dumbly?

{Kim} Yes. You have to change your name, Tina-I-mean-Kim!

{Tina} I'm New Kim?

{KimberlyWB} May we call you Kim to keep things clear? {she offers a "hello my name is Kimberly" badge to Tina}

* Tina nods and solemly plants it on her chest. "I'm good with that, Kim."

{Kim} And yes, pool! Kim, would you like to turn on the pool?

{Tina} Pool is good. We don't have a pool on Citidas.

{Kimberly} I'll get it! And I'll need to go change, so be right back after.

* Kimberly turns on the pool.

* Tina looks at this. Her almond eyes visibly go into Boggle mode.

{Tina} ....How do you do that, and can I get the plans from somebody?

* Kim grins, nodding to KWB. "Her dad built it, I just admire it."

{Tina} Ooo. Okay. I'll just torment him for the information.

* Tina looks at the pool longingly, then crouches down and tries to lift up a corner of it, to find out if it's really that flat.

* Underneath, that is.

{KimberlyWB} Dad built that? {pause} He's so *cool!*

* Kimberly heads back in, wearing a not *particularly* skimpy blue bikini.

{Kim} He is. *grin* So see, you *have* to try it out! *wink*

* Tina is trying to peer underneath to see just *what* Tristan did with this whole spatial thing.

{Tina} {absently} A roll-up pool? That's.....truly wacky.

{KimberlyWB} Dad's innately wacky. It's his thing.

{Tina} I like him already!

* Tina peers up, looking rather dazed.

{Tina} {absently, to Kimberly the redhead} You realize you have no belly button?

* KimberlyWB pauses, looking at Kimberly.

{KimberlyWB} You don't. *Wonky.*

{Tina} It's kind of cool, actually!

* Tina looks down.

{Tina} I don't have a suit.

{KimberlyWB} Me either. So clearly we skinny dip.

* Kim snrks!

{KimberlyWB} What, you don't think we will? {grin}

{Kim} 'sup to you, but guys *do* occasionally come here! *grin*

{KimberlyWB} All the better. {pause} Did Dad put in jacuzzi controls?

* Kim points out the control panel.

{Tina} I'll...probably have to do with sticking my toes in.

{Kim} Hmm. Tina?

{Tina} Yeees?

* Kim eyes her clothes critically. "I say this not to hurt you, but those clothes look like they're on their last legs. Mind if I try something?"

{Tina} Oh, they happily are. And no problem.

{KimberlyWB} Then there's no problem. Avert eyes if you wish. {grin}

{Tina} Allll right.

* KimberlyWB skins down to her altogether, slipping into the water. "Hit the jacuzzi jets!"

* Tina averts eyeses.

* Kim grins, setting her feet back on the ground, cracks her knuckles, and moves closer to Tina, starting to cast slowly. She carefully runs her hands along the shirt and sweatpants, speaking lightly in an ancient tongue, her hands glowing as the material slowly, inexplicably becomes a flattering one-piece swimsuit with the UIUC logo.

* Tina blinks, eyes widening. "Whoa. Now that's....something." {checks herself out, and showing that yes, her figure is in very good shape}

* There is also a highly irate squeak and thud onto the floor next to one of her feet.

* Tina blinks, stiffening, "Oh my god, I forgot about---my hamster...."

* Kim grins, sweating more than a little. "Thanks! Whoo. Should've asked if that was pure cotton or a blend, first." She blinks at the squeek and looks down at the hamster.

{Kimberly} And nope! I don't have a belly button. Comes from being a clone.

* There seems to be a cute widdle fuzzy black and white hamster there. It seems, somehow, to be very annoyed.

{Tina} No need for umbilicals? {rather embarassed, and scoops up the rodent carefully}

{Kim} Oh, cute!

* KimberlyWB relaxes in the jacuzzi, smiling. The bubbles do a decent job of keeping her indecently decent.

* Kim hits the controls, then slips into the water as well. She's not particularly averting her eyes from KWB, but she isn't staring either.

* Tina seems very embarassed, but plops the hamster on her shoulder, then *carefully* slides into the water.

{KimberlyWB} C'mon in, AuntieKim!

{Kimberly} Not the way they did it, nope! {slips into the pool} Actually, clone's probably technically not the right term.

{Tina} What is then?

{Kim} Right. Clones only have one donor.

{Tina} You had more than one?

{Kimberly} My mom and my dad. Mom can't carry a child, so....

{KimberlyWB} Oh -- that's simple. You're a genomatch AP.

{Kim} AP?

{Tina} I gotta hear this.

{KimberlyWB} Artificial Person. Which is a silly label, because with every breath you prove how natural you are and how desperate Tim and Carl are to build a pleasurebot in your image, except Lowell would kill them both, so they have to be cagy.

* Kim blinks, then grins. "Hey, cool. Maybe I'll get a chance to meet them."

{KimberlyWB} You haven't?

{Kim} Not after they joined Star Admiral Morgan's crew and went off to parts unknown. *slight smile*

{KimberlyWB} ...tell me she didn't seduce them into service?

{Tina} Uh, that'

{Kim} Actually, they rescued her. I don't recall the details, but I remember that was why they got the offer. I think they accepted because all the women in the area had been warned about them. *grin*

* Kimberly looks at Tina.

{KimberlyWB} That... makes sense. {pause} Tell me I wasn't an Aunt to little Morganite children, though. Please.

* Tina looks at Kimberly.

{Kim} Not to my knowledge!

{Tina} I feel very scared, for some reason.

* The hamster meanwhile cleans its whiskers, squeaking.

* Kim grins, then offers a hand to the hamster. "And what's your name, little fellow?"

{Tina} Dent. {small grin}

* The hamster squeaks some more, and clambers onto Kim's hand, whiskers twitching.

* Kimberly laughs, trying to pet him very gently.

* Kim grins, holding him. "Hey there, Dent. Sorry about the pocket thing."

* The hamster twitches his whiskers happily, accepting the patting while his little beady eyes look at her. There seems to be a squeak that may be concilatory to Kim.

{Tina} He'll probably understand. {grin, relaxes back in the water with a sigh}

{Kim} Smart little guy. *grin* Longtime companion?

{Tina} Oh yeah. {grin} Him and Harvey. They help keep me sane out in the boonies.

{Kim} Why in the universe would you want to be sane? *wink*

{Tina} Okay, the bad kind of insane.

{Kim} Right. *grin*

{Kimberly} *Very* smart little guy for a hamster. {grin}

{Tina} They happen. {grin}

{Tina} Actually they're my friend Paul's fuzzballs, but he let me take a couple with me to keep me company out here.

{Kim} I think he's smart for some humans. *grin* He's emoting on an *astounding* level for anything with his size brain.

* Tina blinks. "Really? That's pretty wild."

{Tina} How can you tell?

{KimberlyWB} Oo. I should scan him. I'm focusing on bioscience.

* Kim blinks. "Hey, don't be nervous, little guy..." She smiles a bit, answering Tina while still looking at Dent. "I'm empathic with animals. Most hamsters have a very simple set of needs and responses on the emotional level. This guy's far more complex. And I suspect you understand every word I'm saying, don'tcha?"

* The hamster makes a show of cleaning his whiskers.

* Tina giggles a bit.

* Kim smiles, stroking his side lightly. {q} "Sorry I've outted you. I'll keep it quiet." *slight grin*

{KimberlyWB} Ooo -- that I *have* to scan. Kimberly -- hand me my palmcorder, would you?

* The hamster keeps cleaning his whiskers, even *more*.

* Kimberly complies happily, handing KimWB her ScanningThingie(tm)!

* KimberlyWB scans the hamster!

* KimberlyWB frowns slightly.

{Kim} What is it?

{KimberlyWB} Kim... you're the child of the Narnian, so I know you know what you're doing, but you're utterly high. That's a perfectly normal hamster, with perfectly hamsterish brainwave patterns. No real complexity of thought on the conceptual level.

{Kim} Hmm.

{Tina} Hmmmm?

* Kim blinks at a thought, *looks* at the hamster, then looks almost ridiculously innocent. "Yeah. You're probably right, Kimber. I'm just high. Too much chocolate."

* The hamster keeps grooming himself, wherever he currently is.

* Tina blinkies back and forth between the two Kims.

* KimberlyWB nods. "Hey, it's easy to make a mistake."

{Kim} Yup. I'm only ethereal, not celestial. *grin*

{Tina} Bweeeeh?

* The hamster sneezes.

{Kimberly} I was picking up higher emotions too, though....

{Tina} Yeah?

* Kimberly nodnodnods.

{Tina} Wonky.

{Tina} {absently} I like that word. Wonky is good. Wonky is happy.

{Kim} It rolls off the tongue.

{Tina} Wonky explains so many things. So does Flying Butt-Monkeys, but I'm weird that way.

* Kimberly giggles.

* Kim giggles, carefully transferring Dent back to Tina's shoulder.

{Tina} I'm pretty sure about the Flying Butt-Monkeys. {grins and accepts the cargo back}

{Kim} It sounds funny, anyway! *grin*

{Tina} It does!

{KimberlyWB} I'm just so confused I'm going to relax. {grin}

{Tina} Mmmm, confused.....

{Kim} Relax... let confusion wash over you like bubbles.... *grin*

{Tina} Yeah, except I need to go back soon.

{Kim} Awwww... Mind if I walk you back, far as the Door?

{Tina} Hmmm....Prolly, but no further, otherwise people we don't want to get interested will. {wg}

{Kimberly} Not to be letting the bad people know about the Door.

{Kim} Right. *grin*

{Tina} This is indeed a good thing. {pause} And I'm in a swimsuit. This might be problematic.

* Kim giggles. "By me some gatorade as we pass by the replicator, I'll take care of that."

{Tina} That works!

* Tina gets out of the wawa.

{Kimberly} How long will we have to wait for your scintillating presence again, Kim? {grin}

* Kim jumps out, making a quick gesture. The water slides off her like water off a duck's back. "Prolly should go home. Mom worries, even if she'll pretend otherwise and knows I'm in the soggie." *grin*

{Kimberly} Alright, alright. {grin} At least drop by, though? I owe you a sundae.

* Tina grabs a Gatorade.

{Kimberly} Before you head home, I mean.

* Kim grins. "Will do!" She heads out with Tina.

* Tina hands over the Gatorade as they head out.

* Kimberly glances at which Corridor they head down.

{Kimberly} {q} Right. Thirty minutes.

* KimberlyWB nods.

In Nomine 2070