Tales in the Bar

* Ninevah meanders back into the bar, yawning a touch, pocketing her sunglasses.

* RHONDA fades in, wearing black suit and shades.

{Ninevah} Ah... *hah*. You again.

{RHONDA} Are you an alien, miss?

{Ninevah} Yes, as a matter of fact, that's more or less exactly what I am.

{RHONDA} Oh great.. why couldn't you lie?

* Ninevah smiles. "Just to make your life miserable. What's with the question?"

{RHONDA} I felt like it, glasses girl!

{Ninevah} And is there any *point*, four lenses?

{RHONDA} Not really at all, of course.

* Ninevah sighs. "I'm disappointed."

{RHONDA} Well, there is, but it's a cultural joke.

{Ninevah} Which would mean absolutely nothing to an out-of-province girl like me?

{RHONDA} World differences.. if you didn't get the joke, it would take too long to explain. {wink}

{Ninevah} Yes, you *didn't* seem like you could do it...

* Ninevah winks.

{RHONDA} Explain to you? No.. not even I can do that...

{Ninevah} Yes... you just can't raise yourself that high, but I don't blame you...

{RHONDA} Can you even conceive of blame...

{Ninevah} Easily and with great malice.

{RHONDA} I suppose small minds find that close...

{Ninevah} Yes, but I haven't held it against you at all.

{RHONDA} Save for your naturally holding thigns against everyone...

{Ninevah} Only men who deserve it, but that's not *your* business.

{RHONDA} I should *hope* not...

{Ninevah} Yes. Your chaste lifestyle would be disrupted.

{RHONDA} You can't touch me...

{Ninevah} With details?

{RHONDA} With your filthy, lustful hands... I am pure.

{ClarkJ} As the wind-driven snow?

* ClarkJ grins a bit, stepping in.

{RHONDA} And frosty.

{Ninevah} And gives people a sharp headache...

{RHONDA} And like being lic-- no, sorry, that's her.

* Ninevah tosses her hair. "Hello, Cute Carl."

{RHONDA} He's a Clark, not a Carl!

{ClarkJ} What she said. {grins}

* Tina sneaks in, in coverall and ponytail.

{RHONDA} And she's a Thomasina!

* Tina blinks over at RHONDA? "I am? Wow."

* Ninevah lifts eyebrows, then smiles. "Well hello, Cute Clark. And Cute Thomasina..."

{RHONDA} Well, probably not, but if I'd been right, wouldn't that have been cool?

{Tina} Well, sure! Ya gotta dream. My name starts with a T anyway. {grin}

{RHONDA} There! I was close...

{Ninevah} T? Is that what we call you?

{Tina} T-naaah!

* Tina grins.

{RHONDA} She'd pity you, foo'.

{Ninevah} T-nah. Nyah, T-nah. *grin* Nin-nah-vah.

{Tina} And um...um.....{ponders deeply} I'd have to be six feet tall, black, and wear lots and lots of chains.

{Tina} Nah nah nah nahnahnahnahnah, hey hey hey, Gooood byyyye!

{RHONDA} Platform shoes, facepaint, and.. well, honestly, do those chains *look* expensive?

{Tina} Oh, and male. I wouldn't know, would *you* want to bite one of them to test for purity?

{RHONDA} He'd pity me...

{Ninevah} You people make no sense at all.

{Tina} Thank you. {bow} I've worked many years to get to that point.

* ClarkJ grins more. "And you'd be Ninevah? And hey there RHONDA, and evening miss...."

{Ninevah} That's right, that would be me.

{RHONDA} I'm just natural. Yay me!

{ClarkJ} Good to meet you. {small grin}

{Tina} Tina. Tina Manoa-Perez, but 'Yo" works.

* Tina grins.

{RHONDA} Manoa.. hmm. Good, that's new!

{Ninevah} And you. And why 'yo'?

{Tina} I thought so. I'm Hawaiian. Well, half-Hawaiian, half-Philipino.

{Tina} Because if you're bored, it's one syllable.

{RHONDA} You're yo.. she's you.. he's hey.

{Ninevah} I don't think I'd *ever* be *that* bored.

{Tina} Oh, good. I prefer being addressed by proper name anyway.

{RHONDA} Okay.. Tina. Tiina. There, how's that?

{Tina} Tina is perfectly good!

{RHONDA} But.. well, okay...

{Ninevah} Yo?

{Tina} Yo!

* Tina wanders for the replicator and orders a very tall chocolate shake treading that strange area between drink and ice cream.

{RHONDA} Ma? Mmm. Decadent...

{Tina} What, having ten teeth? {wink}

{RHONDA} Having something so thick and good...

* Ninevah licks her lips...

{Tina} And bad for me! Yay!

{Ninevah} Someone... else could use something bad for her.

{Tina} Like.....who?

{RHONDA} Poisoooon...

{Ninevah} Like meeee.

{Tina} Are you perhaps making a suggestion? {blinks dewily with big brown eyes}

{Ninevah} Maaaaybe...

{Tina} I feel so....compelled....

{Ninevah} You're going to feeed me...

{Tina} {zombie} I am going to feed...Ninevah....

* Tina gets up robotically.

{ClarkJ} Oh no. She has made her into a zombie with her evil zombie making power. What shall we do. We must fear for our safety and our cellular brain stems.

{RHONDA} Or we slap her!

* ClarkJ walks out of the kitchen with tea.

* Tina zombies over to the replicator.... "Biiig shake....for Ninevah...."

{Ninevah} I'm so good...

* Tina orders up a big shake, for Ninevah. In a particularly reprehensible shade of purple.

* Tina pauses.

{RHONDA} Oh, good going...

{Tina} {brightly} "Whups, that's a wash!" {She throws it in the recycler}

* Ninevah makes a face...

* Tina reasserts zombie mode, replicating up another chocolate shake.

{Ninevah} Much... better now.

{ClarkJ} Would.... anyone like some tea? It's a nice reddish brown.

* Tina zombies over with the shake to Ninevah. The second she hands it over, she goes brightly. "Tea! Yes! Mighty tea! I like it that color."

* Ninevah accepts it with a peck on the cheek.

{RHONDA} No thank you, not unless it's purple...

* Tina grins sheepishly, and then looks pleadingly at Clark. Cutely.

* ClarkJ hands Tina a tea glass. Then calmly puts down the tray. *Then* wobbles.

* Tina blinks. "Is you okay?"

{Ninevah} Oh, I've seen this. It's standard.

{Tina} Oh, okay, as long as it's not a coronary.

{RHONDA} He does that.. just pat him on the back, show kindness, and don't laugh.

{Tina} Oh, I can do that handily.

{RHONDA} Then all should be fine with him...

{ClarkJ} It's all right, I tend to do that a bit around attractive members of the fairer sex. Pay me no mind. {small grin}

{Ninevah} None at all...

{RHONDA} Continue as you were...

{Tina} Okay. Wow. I'm of the fairer sex? Could have fooled me.

{ClarkJ} From *my* point of view, yes....

{Tina} Oh, cooool.

{RHONDA} Remember, you aren't really T..

{Tina} Thank god. I couldn't do a mohawk well.

{Ninevah} What *is* this mohawk thing you keep blathering about? *grin*

* RHONDA fades into Mr. T!

{ClarkJ} That's disturbing, RHONDA.

* Ninevah circles RHONDA.

{Ninevah} Interesting. She's found her *perfect* hairdo.

{Tina} I know, isn't it.

{RHONDA} Ah know! Ah think this whole thing is *silly*. I pity the foo' who asked what it was like!

* RHONDA growls down at Ninevah...

* Ninevah waves up at RHONDA. "Isn't she just precious?"

{Tina} She so cuuuuute!

* RHONDA steps over Ninevah.. mapping to her!

* Ninevah spins...

* RHONDA makes grunting noises from her!

{Ninevah} How sweet. Monkey see, monkey try to do...

* RHONDA gives her a beer gut...

* Ninevah pats at it. "I know my life's intense... but there's no reason to let yourself go to seed."

{Tina} When's it due!

* ClarkJ coughs.

* RHONDA fades from around her. "Isn't she desperate?"

{Ninevah} I'm not the one who's playing at being a second-rate political cartoonist. *grin*

{RHONDA} Ah, now that has nothing to do with politics...

{Ninevah} Hence second rate. *grin*

{RHONDA} The material was weak...

{Ninevah} But the writer, well, she was weaker.

{RHONDA} I'll let the humor of that stand for itself to our watchers...

{Tina} Beer bellies? Hmm.

{RHONDA} We passed that one already!

{Ninevah} I think it 'passed' from you in *quite* another way.

{RHONDA} It slid out with your intelligence...

* Tina giggles, inanely.

{RHONDA} Aaaaah!! It's spreading!

* RHONDA jumps for Tina. "Hold on.. hold on..."

* ClarkJ does the best he can to look vapid.

* Ninevah shakes her head...

{Tina} {chews invisible gum, looking vapid} What's that?

{RHONDA} Clark, you've got to help her!!

* Gabrielle slips in, wearing a long sleeved silk blouse and caftan pants that manage to be loose, yet look painted on her. Silk is like that. Hers and Kevin's crest is airbrushed onto one shoulder, the other having her rank in the Thirteenth Legion.

{ClarkJ} But.... but what can I do?

{ClarkJ} And evening ma'am....

* Tina drops the vapid air long enought to wave. "Hi!"

* Ninevah gives Gabrielle a half-regal wave.

{RHONDA} Run! Run, before it's too late!!

* Gabrielle bows slightly, grinning. "Too late for what, Lady Windslight?"

{RHONDA} Their intelligence is going...

{Tina} {bimbo voice} Before our brains are, like, slurped out and y'know. Eaten. Or something. {chews invisible gum again}

{Gabrielle} Ahh -- that I can do naught about. I have a toddler and two teenagers. Mine own pate emptied a year back.

{Ninevah} I'm afraid, you see, that she's gone around the bend and she's seeing danger in absolutely *everything*.

{RHONDA} Ah well.. At least the children feed well..

{Tina} I've heard kids can do that.

{Ninevah} And can we show our ahem lowered intelligences and ask your name? *grin*

{Gabrielle} I am Gabrielle O'Shea, and honored to meet you all. {smile} And each of you?

* Ninevah smiles. "Ninevah Andrews, a pleasure."

{Tina} Tina Manoa-Perez! I'm not a Hawaiian, but I play one on the TV. Actually, no, I don't.

{RHONDA} You know me! And I like Lady Windslight anyway. {grin} How are things?

{ClarkJ} Clark Jenkins. {small grin}

{Gabrielle} I do as well, RHONDA of the Windslight Clan. I'm most well, the goo is finally not coughing any longer, and my two oldest have taken to cavemaking.

{Ninevah} Cavemaking?

{Tina} Cavemaking, she says, curiously?

{Gabrielle} Well, yes. Gana fires a missile into a hill, and then Matthew shapes the hole she makes into a cave, to form a fortress. They say it's more fun than making treehouses.

{Ninevah} And the mountain hasn't got much say in it at all, the poor thing.

{Tina} Your kids have very interesting way of spending free time. {grin}

* RHONDA giggles. "And he probably does just to do. Glad it goes easily with them!""

* ClarkJ nods slowly.

{Gabrielle} So far. Though we have injunctions to keep them on our property.

{Tina} Why's that?

{Ninevah} So they don't go to someone else's property?

{RHONDA} Well, at least there's plenty...

{Gabrielle} Mm. And one day, thanks to my kin, our bequethed lands on two worlds will be absolutely flat, with nothing growing. {pause} It's something *like* pride I feel when I say that....

{Tina} Ohh dear.

{RHONDA} Have him blow a hole in the ground?

{Kim} Eh. They'll grow out of it. Sorta. Maybe. Assuming I have a clue what the future holds. *Bad* assumption. Forget I said anything. *pause* Hi all!

* Kim drifts in from a broom closet.

{RHONDA} Yeah, but she is a baby factory...

{Gabrielle} I am *not* a baby factory. {pause} I'm a *love* machine. Or so mine Lord Kevin says, though he says he'd rather I not say it. And somewhere, he just coughed out half a mouthful of soda and blushed.

* Kim giggles, heading to the replicator.

* ClarkJ waves to Kim. "Evening." {grin}

{Tina} Hi Kim! {pauses} {academic} We'll just leave my boyfriend's opinions out of this, at risk for embarassing too many people.

{Ninevah} Good evening, floater...

{Kim} Tina? Why would your boyfriend have an opinion on whether Gabrielle is a baby factory or a love machine?

* Kim beams innocently.

* ClarkJ looks at Kim.

* Tina beams innocently back. "I didn't mean about her, I meant about *me*."

{Gabrielle} I don't believe I even know her boyfriend. {sly smile}

{RHONDA} I don't believe we should be having any more. It's crowded enough in here!

{Ninevah} I hope you don't have any *here* and *now*.

{RHONDA} Plop.. plop...

{Tina} Fizz fizz!

{Tina} I certainly know my boyfriend! And that's all I'm saying on that subject. {grin, wink}

* Kim grins at Clark, pauses, *grins* and hugs him. "Hey, big guy!"

* ClarkJ blinks. Twice. Then returns the hug. "Um, hi...."

{Tina} Oh, don't worry, she does that to people.

{Kim} Kim. *she grins* No, you don't know me, but don't worry about it.

{Ninevah} I take it they know one another...

{RHONDA} Nah, of course they don't!

* Ninevah steps over to RHONDA. "Truce, while we're surrounded by this?"

{RHONDA} I think it's safest for us both...

{Tina} I'll just sit here and be confued. I like it like that.

{Ninevah} Good, we have three people with a plan...

{Kim} You do it *so* well, Tina!

{RHONDA} Back to back...

{Ninevah} So, all, what *has* transpired lately in your lives? *smile*

{Tina} Um. Work. The joys of being a computer intern!

{ClarkJ} Um.... right. Good to meet you.

* ClarkJ grins a bit.

{RHONDA} The joys of being a computer!

{Ninevah} That's a joy?

* Tina blinks funnily at RHONDA. "You are"

{RHONDA} Aren't you? And singing and playing with lots of people.. fooling with new games a lot, contributing programmer on some others.

* Kim kisses his cheek. "To sumarize, I'm from a dream of the future and we have similar tastes in fathers, making you my half-brother one universe removed sorta-kinda." *grin*

* Tina pokes herself. "Nope." {pokes RHONDA}

* Ninevah glances over at Kim, then at RHONDA. "So basically, absolutely no one here exists."

* RHONDA's body is passed through. "Not even you, NinNin?"

{Kim} Hey! I exist, I do!

* Lara wanders through, heading for the kitchen with her head in a book, muttering something about "the perfect root beer float" and "mad! they thought me mad!", totally lost in her own little world. Pay her no mind.

{Ninevah} To that woman, *none* of us exist. And well, you just admitted that you were a fiction.

{RHONDA} You're avoiding questions!

* Tina stares, fascinated. "You're a hologram?"

{RHONDA} I am.. Hi not-hologram. {smiles}

{Tina} Hi, hologram! I'm kind of a meaty person myself.

{RHONDA} I know.. I'm really sorry...

{Kim} So? In a place like this, where you can find a fairy-tale land behind random doors, where Robin Hood *does* rob from the rich and buy drinks for the poor, where the rabbit hole can be found if you just keep looking... how does being a fiction make me any less real? *grin*

* ClarkJ nods slowly.

{Gabrielle} O

{Ninevah} Of course I am, RHONDA. That's how I do things. And Yes, Kim. *grin* It oes.

{Gabrielle} I'm not sure *I* exist...

{Ninevah} You don't. Now just accept it and move on. *grin*

{RHONDA} Aha.. hiding!

* Kim hmphs, crosses her arms and pouts cutely for three seconds before completely ignoring Ninevah and grinning to Gabrielle. "You exist. 'course you exist. How's Derek? Besides depressingly two instead of fifteen?"

* Ninevah rolls her eyes and turns to Tina. "So anyway."

{Gabrielle} He's wonderful, and two and staying that way until three, thank you. Two beansprouts was plenty. {grin}

{Tina} I'm not sorry!

{Ninevah} Not... sorry?

{Tina} That was to RHONDA, sorry.

{RHONDA} Not even at all of that flesh and hair?

{Tina} About being a meaty-type person.

* Ninevah nods.

{Tina} I'm very fond of it!

{Tina} {to Ninevah} Anyway!

{RHONDA} Whyyy?

{Kim} Yeah, well. Darn it, by the time he's cute enough to sigh over again, I'll be an old maid.

{Ninevah} Yes, anyway, since she's playing games that aren't fun. *smile*

{RHONDA} Which of us?

{Ninevah} Oh not either of you. *wink*

* Gabrielle smirks.

* Tina sticks out her tongue! Cutely.

{RHONDA} Not even if we pleaseded?

{Ninevah} I'm afraid not... and I'll be right back.

* Ninevah heads into the lady's room.

{RHONDA} We made her a little sickly. Oops!

{Kim} That'll show her who exists.

* Lara emerges from the Kitchen, happily drinking her root beer-related concoction. "Is someone existing out here? There ought to be a rule against that."

{Gabrielle} mm -- there likely is.

{Kim} But we're rebels.

{RHONDA} I'll just not exist and be happy.

* Lara quirks an eyebrow. "There is? A little sign hidden somewhere reading 'Absolutely no existing in the bar'?" Then she nods to Kim. "Rebelling against non-existance? Sounds like a plan."

{Tina} Potential existing!

* Kim grins. "I did it pretty well, I think! Hi, Kim Jenkins. Not the redhead."

{Gabrielle} I think we could tell that. Though you should get a convenient nickname.

{Tina} I like Kim, Other Kim, and Not Kim.

{Lara} Emergency Backup Kim?

{RHONDA} I like "Soulless duplicate here to steal our lives and sanity for bird-cage shreddings!!!".

* Lara peers over at RHONDA. "You think she's a Pod?"

{RHONDA} Not really, but it would liven up.

{Gabrielle} "Salmon."

{Tina} Why birdcage shreddings?

{Kim} Why Salmon?

{RHONDA} It was something to rip apart into...

* Ninevah returns. "Oh? Are there any pieces left?"

{Lara} Mmmmm. Salmon.

{RHONDA} Not yet.. she seems to have done deeply.

{Ninevah} Deep fish. Well, it's a good first try.

{RHONDA} They're very wise.

{Ninevah} Now why are fish being invoked?

* Lara points at Kim. "She is now the girl of fish. It'll help to identify her out of the pool of other people with her name."

{Ninevah} I see... I see.. does she... have gills yet? Should we help her out there? She needs to be able to settle into her nickname.

* Tina makes fish faces.

{RHONDA} Maybe we can story her some...

* Ninevah leans over to Tina, making one back. "So are you a member of the fishes too?"

{Tina} No, I'm not much of a fin type person. See, the extreme lack of finnage.

* Lara peers over at RHONDA. "That would be a neat trick."

{Gabrielle} Salmon because Trout was taken.

* Kim looks thoughtful, then nods, and speaks profoundly. "You... are all weirdos."

{Tina} Yes! I've raised my weirdness from a little weirdness.

{Lara} ...'Trout' was taken?

{RHONDA} You never know what might work!

{Ninevah} Who the goddess took that one? And why?

{Kim} Trout isn't taken. It's more sort of forced on one.

{Lara} For shame. Although there are worse ones. 'Guppy' springs to mind.

* Tina nods and smiles. "I see." She obviously doesn't.

{Tina} Promiscuous, horny, pops out lots of babies and eats them? {pause} That was really bad.

{Ninevah} Or maybe 'Pufferfish' would be worse *and* suggestive at once.

{Kim} It was, Tina. You need a drink.

{RHONDA} Something to relax...

{Ninevah} Maybe some pufferfish venom...

{RHONDA} That seems.. too much!

{Tina} Drinks are good. I go forth to get tea.

* Tina heads for the Tea!

{RHONDA} That's not quite right...

{Ninevah} It *would* relax her...

* Kim watches to see where Tina goes for tea.

* Tina goes for....the KITCHEN!

* Lara watches Tina seek the Tea, then peers over at Ninevah. "Depends on what kind of tea," she notes helpfully.

* Kim doesn't try to stop her, then. "Get me some?" she calls pleadingly.

* Ninevah peers back. "Well, what *would* you recommend for deep relaxation?"

{RHONDA} Not here.. it wouldn't do anything here!

* Tina comes back out, apparently having heard Kim for she bears two glasses. "I got some!"

* Lara peeeeeers at Ninevah. Then answers, "Well, maybe a herbal tea. Or a brisk shot of some hard beverage. But certainly not sweet tea. That'd just make you bouncy and ferret-like."

{Kim} Yay!

{RHONDA} She already is.. they *all* already are..

{Tina} Nothin' wrong with ferret like.

{Ninevah} It's not for me. And I'm *not* feeling bouncy, thanks.

* Kim bounces over to Tina. As she's flying, that makes for pretty impressive bounces.

{Lara} Why is it that the people who're already bouncy go for the sweet tea drinks? Or maybe that's /why/ they're bouncy.

* Tina follows Kim's bouncing with exaggerated head movements.

{Ninevah} It's probably the excess of sugar, combined with the general lack of good sense. And hi again, Lara. *grin*

{Tina} Good sense? It generally happens to other people.

{Kim} Can I get another glass to pour on her?

{Tina} I don't *wanna* get up...

{RHONDA} But you must.. for all our goodness.

{Kim} Oh well. Be a waste of good tea, anyway.

* Lara nods to Ninevah, grinning. "Hey, Nin. Long time, no see. The universe hasn't inflicted /too/ many bouncy people on you, I hope?"

* Ninevah chuckles at something, then turns attention back to Lara. "Good goddess, no, lately everyone's been in the 'stare' category."

{RHONDA} How *terrible*...

{Ninevah} Oh it is... *she clutches her heart* It is... you get a tiny thing wrong with you and they import men to stare at you.

{Tina} What's wrong? I can't see anything wrong, except I can see why men like to stare at you.

* Ninevah flutters eyelashes. "Why *thank* you. And sadly, it's not the nice sort of staring, but the 'search you till you're naked'... oops, that's still the nice sort of staring. The 'search you till they know you inside and out... professionally'."

{RHONDA} But it could be an excuse for the other...

{Kim} It depends on the profession....

{Ninevah} This man was allll science. Or magic, depending on how you look at it...

* Tina starts humming "Weird Science."

{Ninevah} I don't quite know that song...

* Lara raises both her eyebrows. "Someone brought a man over to play doctor with you? That sounds a bit strange."

{Ninevah} Yes, it's rather shocking, isn't it? *grin* Still, apparantly,

*mother* knows best when it comes to her handsome magical doctors...

{Kim} Wow. Now I'm jealous.

{Tina} Ooo, kinky! How much doctor?

* Lara starts chuckling. "Oh, dear. Your /mother/ is invited people to play doctor with you? That just can't be right."

{RHONDA} What a mommie...

{Ninevah} How much? *grin*

* Ninevah smiles at Lara, winking. "sounds almost like a bad movie, doesn't it?"

* Lara smirks. "The worst kind, all right. I hope it all worked out okay in the end?"

{Ninevah} More or less. *slight smile* Everyone got stared at, no one was

*seriously* hurt, and I got a new pair of sunglasses.

{RHONDA} The one you've been holding onto?

* Lara nods approvingly. "It's all good as long as everyone escapes with only minor injuries."

* Ninevah slides them out of her pocket. "No, I tend not to worry at them... that bends the frames." She considers. "Well, not everyone got out of it with minor injuries... I think we scared at least ten people out of their wits."

{Tina} You counted?

* Tina grins a little wryly.

{Kim} Did they have 'em to begin with?

{Ninevah} Not really. That's more of a ballpark so I don't have to interrupt me talking about sunglass care to figure out dry statistics.

{RHONDA} Were *you* one?

{Ninevah} I... kept my cool the whole time. *pause* I was unconcious most of the time.

{Kim} That helps. I guess.

{Tina} It would, indeedy.

{Kim} And explains why your mother and the doctor-players were scared out of their wits!

* Lara chuckles. "Well, being unconsious is better than panicking."

{Ninevah} It has a *lot* to recommend it for keeping your cool.

{RHONDA} And why you got the gift!

{Kim} Amazing how these things come together.

{Ninevah} The sunglasses? Hm. Maybe I *did* get them for 'best behaved patient'...

{Kim} Or 'Cutest Unconscious Person'?

{Tina} Do they have Amazing Powers?

{Ninevah} Or prettiest vulnerable dams--wait, that one's a bit disturbing.

* Ninevah nods sagely to Tina. "When the sun is out? They make it... darker."

{RHONDA} For *everyone*? Whoah.

{Kim} Amazing!

* Tina GASPS. "WOW!"

{Ninevah} No, that's even more amazing. Just for *me*.

* Lara snickers. "They make you run into things more? Ah... they're sunglasses of entertainment, then."

{Ninevah} Oh yes... yes, that's why I've had my nose reinforced as a ram prow.

{Tina} We need to wear sunglasses to be cool now.

{Ninevah} Yes. Follow me.

{RHONDA} She's the *ginchiest*.

* Lara nods, pulling out a pair of sunglasses and putting them on. "We have no choice but to obey Ninevah's fashion choices."

{Ninevah} That's right. Now, about those shoes.

* Lara sniffs. "Hey, what's wrong with my shoes?"

* RHONDA hikes up her robes, showing bare wriggling feet. "None here!"

{Ninevah} Well... you need to show solidarity with me there too...

{RHONDA} I wouldn't have them anyway...

{Ninevah} You'd love them... really...

* Lara laughs. "Solidarity, hunh? We'll all be assimilated by Nin's fashion sense?"

{RHONDA} My feet would go through...

{Kim} I'm a sandal sort of person.

{Ninevah} Well come on, gather under one cobbler's banner...

{RHONDA} Maybe if you switched to theirs...

{Ninevah} Hmmm. Well, they'd have to agree on a shoe lingua franca, since I'm not going to wear odd...

{RHONDA} I'd go for barefoot, still...

{Lara} Whatever happened to individualism in shoes, Nin? You don't want all these people walking for miles in your shoes, do you?

{Ninevah} As a matter of fact...

{RHONDA} They'd squish your feet...

{Ninevah} Well, I suppose I can allow a *little* of this individuality thing of which you speak.

* Lara smirks. "We're awed by your generosity..."

{Ninevah} Oh, you should see what I was going to make you do with your hair...

{Tina} Purple! With spikes! {pause} Did that once.

{Ninevah} But let's see it again. *Just* for fun.

{RHONDA} Clogs?

* Tina has meanwhile pulled on a pair of mirror rames too.

* Frames, whatever. My head hurts, man.

{Tina} No, they might comment about my abruptly purple hair at work. I have to you know, {drops voice} blend in.

* Lara shakeshakes her head. "Now you're mocking my hair..." Then she peers over at Tina. "You... have a real job? I didn't think people who came here had real jobs."

{RHONDA} I'm sure some do...

{Tina} Sort of a real job. I'm an intern.

{Ninevah} I'm not mocking at your hair. *grin* And hey, I *do* have a real job...

* Lara shudders. "Interning... yech. Oh? You have a real job too, Nin? Like what?"

{Ninevah} Like bartending evenings. Hmph.

{Tina} Does "I did it to be with my boyfriend" help at all, or just make it more sickening?


{Tina} How vague.

* Ninevah sticks her finger in her throat for a moment.

* Tina thhbbts back.

{Tina} I have not yet started to induce to puke.

* Lara oos at Nin. "Bartending where?" then peers over at Tina. "You're suffering a repressive job to be with the one you love? How... ah... hm."

{Tina} Hey, I *like* computer programming.

{RHONDA} And well she should...

{Tina} Yeah. I just prove I have good taste.

* Ninevah wrinkles nose at Tina, then grins at Lara. "Oh, back home... where there's plenty of interesting people to talk to and lots of fun to be had..."

{RHONDA} Unlike *here*?

{Kim} Then you come here to slum?

* Lara snifs. "You'd think that industry would be more tolerant of good hair," she notes to Tina, then peers at Nin. "Unli-- she got it."

* Tina starts humming Human League's "Don't You Want Me" under her breath, especially the cocktail bar bit.

{Tina} It used to be blue.

{Ninevah} Unlike here, where every moment's sheer torture and I have to strive to keep my eyes open.

{Tina} And short.

{Tina} I've also tried spiky silver, streaks, sparklies, and tried normalcy just to alarm everybody that knew and met me.

* Lara aaahs. "Artsy."

* Kim considers Tina.

{Ninevah} Rebellious. You were a teenager then, right?

{Kim} I can see you in spiky silver.

{Tina} Nah, I just like doing stuff with my hair.

{Tina} It's there, why not?

{Tina} Pretty much, yeah!

* Tina yays and nods at Kim.

{RHONDA} Shave it...

{Ninevah} May we... play?

* Lara starts humming o/~ Gimme a head with hair - long, beautiful ha-air... o/~

{Tina} Nah. That's not too fun.

{Tina} Shaving I mean.

* Lara just snickers.

{Tina} Though it *would* make people look weirdly at me.

{Lara} And it would let you draw on your scalp with magic markers.

{Tina} Hmmmmlike what?

{Ninevah} Draw? No. I see... paintrollers.

{Tina} What, like on TV, those really old commercials about sprayon hair?

{RHONDA} Chia!

* Lara considers. "A little sign reading 'If you can read this... stop staring at my HEAD!'."

{Tina} Oooo.

{Kim} Or you could have an eagle tatoo!

{Lara} Or a 'Your Ad Here'.

{Ninevah} Or 'birds, go away'.

{Tina} Or paint a target on top of it, to help them along. {pause} Maybe they'll miss that way.

{Kim} Or hit more often.

{Tina} Well, it might influence it *some* way. I could write it up.

{Lara} Way to sacrifice your body for science.

* Tina squieaks.

{RHONDA} She is.. so good.

{Kim} Oooh. Good hamster imitation!

{Ninevah} Yes. of course afterwards, we'll have to cut it up to see what works. And what doesn't.

{Tina} No you don't! I like it intact.

{Lara} You're still stuck on that whole doctor thing, aren't you.

{Tina} She is!

{Ninevah} Could *You* get over it very quickly?

{Lara} Well, maybe not. But I wouldn't be tempted to share and enjoy.

{RHONDA} She wants us all to suffer...

{Ninevah} That's the difference between you and me. *smile*

{Kim} Man... They've had some effect on you. *grin* Who are they?

{Ninevah} Which they, exactly?

{Lara} The medical personnel about which you are so obsessed.

{RHONDA} The hot, steamy mage-scientist...

{Tina} And his....stethoscope....

{RHONDA} And his hungry gazes.. wanting to know...

{Ninevah} Oh, him. *sigh* He only has eyes for his work...

{Lara} Tch. Some people just have no sense of fun, hunh?

{Ninevah} No, drat that Carl...

{Kim} . o O (click. Click. Click. Ding!)

* Kim starts giggling.

{Tina} Okay, I'm lost, but hey, this is normal.

* Lara nods at Tina. "So am I. Root beer?"

{Tina} Beer.

{Tina} Still workin' on the tea though.

{Lara} Real beer, then?

{Kim} Root beer, yay!

{Tina} Beeer. Roooot beeer.

{Ninevah} Root beer here!

* Lara starts chuckling. "For you, Nin... sure. Maybe a good root beer is what you need to help you forget your medical troubles. Anyone else?"

* Kim grins at Ninevah. "Man. And here I was getting jealous."

* Ninevah grins. "You're good people, Lars."

{Ninevah} Hm?

{Kim} Instead, Mom should... You're playing doctor with my Dad. *wink*

* Lara comments, "Oh, that's just not right. Have you no shame, Nin?" as she ambles for the Kitchen.

{Tina} ....Kinky!!!

{Ninevah} I think it's pretty clear I have none! *she sighs* Well, I knew he was married, but I didn't know he'd dottered.

{Kim} Oh, yeah. Twice! He's sonned, too.

{RHONDA} rh You can't predict such.. perfidy. Imagine, cheating that way...

{Ninevah} In my defense, we did nothing.

{RHONDA} You expect us to believe that?

* Lara emerges from the Kitchen after a moment with a big ol' glass of root beer for Ninevah. "In our defense, we don't believe you."

{Kim} No, I believe her. I know Dad. *grin*

{Ninevah} Then what do you believe? Make it saucy.

{RHONDA} I believe I can fly.. I believe I can touch the sky.. I believe you showed him your insides...

{Tina} Mmm, love that pancreas!

* Lara offers the root beer to Nin, and smirks. "Oh, dear. Never ask me to make is saucy unless you mean it."

{Ninevah} I *mean* it.

{Lara} You meanly mean it?

{Ninevah} I honestly mean it. I need the entertainment.

{Lara} But there are children present!

{RHONDA} Where...?

* Tina looks around.

{Ninevah} Oh, yes, Kim cover your ears.

{Tina} I'm not sure if her ears are *that* unsullied...

{RHONDA} But it's about her parents!

{Tina} Oh.

{Lara} But I suppose if Nin really /needs/ to be entertained... then there's no choice.

{Ninevah} Never is when *I* want something.

{RHONDA} Do it.. for her.

* Lara nods, and must have come up with a real doozy, because right when she's about to launch into her tale of sauce is when she gets spored. The universe must be acting to protect Kim from hearing such things about her Da.

{Tina} Awww.

{Ninevah} Amazing, their timing.

* Gabrielle despores.\

* RHONDA golf-claps. "I'm impresed.."

{Ninevah} I'm depressed. *sigh* Hello again. *wry smile*

{Tina} They must work on shifts!

{RHONDA} She's depressed for you..

{Gabrielle} Hello again -- and can I get you something for that depression?

{Ninevah} Oh, it'll pass eventually. *grin* Can I get you anything for that sporing?

{Gabrielle} Mmm -- some ale would be most welcome. {slight smile}

* Ninevah gets up, stretching. "Ale, strong ale... "

{RHONDA} You *could* try a raunchy story....

{Tina} Mmm! raunch.

{Ninevah} *Someone* else, thank you.

* Ninevah replicates ale and a beer for herself, bringing both back.

* Tina duffies, as well, her willingness to listen to the player to leave @2 is not too high. She'll probably sneak out later.

*** Signoff: Tina (Leaving) at Fri Jun 8 11:59 PM PDT.

{RHONDA} Well, it isn't *me*. I did enough.

{Gabrielle} A raunchy story? Hmmmmm....

* Ninevah sets down the drinks. "We're so easy to entertain..."

{RHONDA} We know what we want.

{Gabrielle} Well, there once was a Prince of Comfries, whose codpiece was down to his kne-- no, perhaps not that one.

{RHONDA} She's lost...

{Ninevah} I'm afraid so...

{RHONDA} That's okay, we can laugh and mock.

{Gabrielle} I am not...

{Gabrielle} Now Lady Windslight, you would not mock me. {pause} I have prisms, after all.

{RHONDA} I turned into a large black man with a mohawk earlier. Do I *care* about my form? {wink}

* Ninevah sighs. "She's so unfun to tease..."

{Gabrielle} Don't let her fool you, Ninevah -- she *wants* me to use a prism on her. She uses them for-- well, a Lady shouldn't tell.

* Ninevah coughs.

* Gabrielle winks back to RHONDA.

{RHONDA} Jewelry, of course! {innocent smile}

{Gabrielle} Whatever did you *think* we meant? {innocent smile}

{Ninevah} I thought you meant she used them for... ah... how's the ale?

* RHONDA giggles. "I don't do that!"

{Ninevah} What *do* you do?

{RHONDA} Nothing at all, besides read stories and watch pictures and movies and laugh...

{Gabrielle} Quite excellent, and more to the point wet!

{Gabrielle} And a wonderous good laugh it is.

{Ninevah} Ah, let's laugh then... laugh at RHONDa...

{RHONDA} Oh please...

{Gabrielle} That sounds like it should be a song....

{Ninevah} Laugh laugh at RHONDA... the musical.

{RHONDA} And the RHONDA laughts with you...

{Gabrielle} Mmm... I should drop by more often. Well, when my brother's sitting with the children but Kevin is off doing Kevinly things. {slight smile}

{Ninevah} Laugh... and the RHONDA... laughs with you... for that... is what she'll do...

{Ninevah} Oh, that would be lovely. *smile*

{RHONDA} And should drag Matthew more.. he needs to relax more. {grin}

{Gabrielle} He does at that. {she smiles slightly} He mentions you from time to time. I think he likes the way you shock him sometimes.

{RHONDA} But he has that happen a lot. {wink} And Ninevah obviously likes you!

{Gabrielle} Well, I am so likably. {grin}

{Ninevah} I do... you are...

{RHONDA} She adores you.. wants to be just like you...

{Ninevah} Of course... who could aspire to more?

{RHONDA} Not I.. not us?

{Gabrielle} And yet, I am so unworthy.

{RHONDA} No.. *no*, Gabrielle... we cannot believe such false words...

* Ninevah shakes her head firmly.

{Gabrielle} Oh, then fine. Bow down! {she summons a crystal mace, to use as a scepter, her crystal armor forming over her hand and arm as she does so.

* RHONDA bows down to her knees... "Thank you!"

{Ninevah} Wait... wait, I already have a goddess... mea culpa.

{RHONDA} Oh, I wouldn't bow down to a *goddess*.

{Gabrielle} Mm -- prior claims. Understood.

{Gabrielle} And, now I must withdraw and sleep.

{Ninevah} What *do* you bow down to? And goodnight. *grin*

{Gabrielle} Good night. {smile}

{RHONDA} Ah.. my mother! Seeya, have fun!

* Gabrielle withdraws with all appropriate motions.

{RHONDA} No one but her.

{Ninevah} No one else.

{RHONDA} Everyone else, I'd think of boring down to Heather and feel like laughing.

{Ninevah} Really, the only person I bow down to is the one who says 'get up, silly'.

{RHONDA} That's your goddess?

{Ninevah} Mmhm. Great goddess really... believes in whimsy.

{RHONDA} Whimsy.. and worship?

{Ninevah} The two 'w's. *grin*

{RHONDA} But why do you *worship*?

{Ninevah} Because she's the best of the lot. *grin*

{RHONDA} But you don't have to any!

* Ninevah smiles a touch. "*q* I don't have to, no. If I had to, she'd beat my head and box my ears, probably. But I want to."

{RHONDA} I just don't understand whys. {grin}

{Ninevah} Because I love her, RHONDA.

* RHONDA smiles there. "I guess that makes sense, or close enough..."

{Ninevah} Good, because I don't feel like debating faith with anyone for any length of time. That's more my mother's thing... she was going to be a priestess.

* RHONDA laughs. "Sorry, didn't mean debate so much as curious!"

{Ninevah} Oh, that's quite fine... I just can't really get into the debate, because honestly... worship of her to me is whim. It's just been a whim I've had for a long while.

{RHONDA} Think it'll ever move on? {grin}

{Ninevah} Never. *grin* She's much too fascinating.

{RHONDA} A very long whim. {grin}

{Ninevah} Beautiful how that works out..

{RHONDA} Congratulations...

{Ninevah} And to you, you faithless heathen. *wink*

{RHONDA} It's not my fault all the goddesses I know are friends!

* Ninevah laughs a bit. "*q* And in what way would you say mine isn't?"

{RHONDA} I don't know enough to say!

{Ninevah} Well, then... hard cheese.

{RHONDA} Bottlecap messiah.

{Ninevah} Not at all. *grin*

{RHONDA} Good night, happy worshipper. {wink}

{Ninevah} Night, heathen child!

* RHONDA laughs, fading.

* Ninevah blows a raspberry and walks out.

In Nomine 2070