Speedsters, Brights, and Talks about Tea

* Carole wanders out, meandering as she goes.

* Graham slips in from Escher, trying to brush off a good deal of dirt that's come to cover him, muttering.

* Carole blurs behind Graham...

* Graham pauses a few moments.. "Have a wet towel?"

* Blur--blur...

* A wet towel is draped over his shoulders.

* Graham starts wiping the dust from him, sighing. "Thanks.. better."

{Carole} Been through the desert on a pony with no name?

{Graham} Rain then dust storm. Problems of shifting weather and moving fast... heya.

{Carole} Hi! Got to watch out for those... can't vibrate fast enough to throw it off?

{Graham} Sure I can.. but I'm trying not to do too much of that, still.

{Carole} Oh, poo, you'll never learn better until you try more. *grins and hugs him from behind* WHere've you been?

{Graham} Catching up on classes, a lot.. small random jobs. {pauses, then leans back a little and puts hand on her arm} You?

* Carole unhugs, zipping around to in front of him. "Oh you know... same as I always have..."

{Graham} Destroying works of art and national monuments in your depraved quest to ensure misery? Oh.. wait, wrong girl..

* Carole adopts an innocent saint-girl look.

{Graham} Maybe...

* Carole grabs his hand and starts to tug to the chairs..

* Graham tugs away, for replicator...

* Carole tugs back... for chairs...

{Graham} You don't want a drink?

{Carole} Wanna drink... getta drink... wanna chair...

{Graham} You go find chair.. I'll find drinks?

* Carole tugs twice... "Wanna... win... the point... too..."

{Graham} More than you want a rich.. cool drink?

* Carole blinks at him with a cute, innocent, 'torn' look on her face...

{Graham} Banana.. cold ice cream.. swirled?

* Carole's mouth falls open...

* Graham tugs fast...

* Carole 'falls' into the chair!

* Graham hurriedly gets a banana smoothie and a strawberry smoothie, offering her the first. 'Hope this is enough fro you..."

* Carole holds out her hands. "Gimme!"

* Graham places the drink there. "That's not the most *nice* asking..."

* Carole snatches it to herself. "I know." She grins at him as she sips.

{Graham} Someone's gotten pushy... {slight smile}

{Carole} *Gotten*? *she grins as she sips more* What do you mean gotten? I"ve always been this rude and pushy.

{Marigold} But we love her anyway.

* Marigold lowers the ladder and climbs down, wearing a skintight yellow bodysuit with a red miniskirt that passes as a costume.

* Carole pouts over her drink. "Will you love me *lots*, though?"

{Graham} Yes, but I've forgotten.. sorry! Hey Mari.. longer time. {slight smile}

{Carole} So. *grin*

{Marigold} Far too, Graham. *grin* How do? {she ruffles Carole's hair on the way to the replicator}

* Carole sticks out her tongue at Marigold as she passes.

{Graham} Pretty well, though glad I'm about at point to take summer off.. worked and studied last.

* Carole grins. "How close're you to being a lettered man?"

{Marigold} Oh, good. *grin* Breaks are wonderful things. I should take two or three.

{Graham} About another semester, maybe two.. {small smile} I took more electives than you're *supposed* to.

* Marigold gets herself a half dozen burgers, fries to match, and a diet dew.

{Carole} You're just too interested in things...

{Graham} Or too unmotivated...

{Marigold} Putting off real life as long as possible?

{Carole} Or too unmotivated... lazy...

* Marigold takes a seat.

{Graham} How many breaks have you been on, Mari? And yeah.. that's what it feels like. I make enough to keep me in food, home, and clothes as-is, so just.. don't have the impetus...

* Carole gives a little, possibly sad, smile there.

{Marigold} Breaks? Who gets breaks?

{Graham} Oh, is that why you should take them? {smirk}

{Marigold} Well, you know, we're shorthanded since our most powerful member ran off... Not that I'm trying to lay any guilt trips, of course. *winks to Carole*

* Carole gives a slightly wry smile. "What? Yeoman left? When?"

{Marigold} He ran out of arrows.

{Graham} That's what happens when you run out of things at a signing...

{Carole} I told him to stop picking off the autograph hounds...

{Marigold} But if he signed, he would have lost that air of mystique...

{Graham} And grumpiness?

{Carole} *That's* one reason to drop out. Don't have to deal with him.

{Marigold} Oh, he's a pussycat.

{Graham} I've only talked a little to him.. how bad *is* he?

* Carole draws her finger across her throat in a 'zzst'.

{Marigold} He's not *bad*, just... dedicated.

* Carole pretends to be strangling herself.

{Graham} More'n Carole...

{Marigold} And feels everyone else should be just as dedicated.

* Carole glares at Graham over her self-strangulation.

{Graham} Oh, *there's* a problem..

* Carole *nods*.

{Marigold} It works for him. Care, stop killing yourself.

{Graham} Or anybody else...

{Carole} Can't... not till someoen apologizes...

{Graham} Apologize then.. Carole?

{Carole} Me? Why me?

{Graham} You said someone..

{Carole} But I'm not someone!

{Graham} A right someone...

* Carole blurs, beating on him weakly with her fists...

* Graham concentrates, and Carole's feet start to shake...

* Carole grins and beats in time with her 'happy feet'.

* Marigold watches the speedsters squabble.

* Graham starts to guide the vibrations to tend apart.. moving Carole into a split...

* Carole blinks as she does the splits...

{Graham} Oops.. how'd that happen? Marigold? Did you?

{Marigold} Yes, I've developed telekinesis since we last saw each other.

{Carole} Meanies.

{Graham} Wow. It's amazing what metal can do...

* Carole beats on Graham's knees.

{Graham} Apologize and you get up...

{Carole} I'm sorry you're mean!

{Graham} Good enough. {half-smile, offering hand}

* Carole takes it...

* Graham boosts her up!

* Carole leaps up and hugs him!

* Graham seems.. just a little uncomfortable there... "Now go thank Marigold too for stopping the, um, telekinesis..."

* Carole turns to Marigold. "Meanie!"

* Graham smiles a touch, sipping his drink in faint relief!

* Carole then turns her back, miming a snit.

{Marigold} I know, I'm horrible... Wait, I forgot. The telekinesis thing was a dream.

{Graham} It was?

{Marigold} Yeah, never actually developed it. Must've been someone else.

{Graham} Well, maybe Carole faked...

{Carole} I *never* fake.

* Marigold coughs.

{Graham} Ah.. right...

{Carole} I mean...

{Marigold} Graham! New topic, quick!

{Graham} More smoothies?

{Carole} I could use one!

{Marigold} Please!

{Graham} Flavor, gold?

{Marigold} Strawberry?

* Graham grabs one and one, not bothering with his own again. "There. Fill your mouth, no more bad words, Carole.."

{Carole} N'more, promised, promise, promise.

{Graham} Thaaanks..

* Carole grins a touch. "Besides, wouldn't want to drive you off so soon. Missed you."

{Graham} {q} You too.. Ah, both of you. {tiny grin}

* Marigold grins a bit and just salutes with her drink.

{Graham} Even if one of you needs vacation madly...

{Carole} Want me to force her?

{Graham} Can you?

{Carole} Bet I *can*.

{Graham} She's heavy...

{Carole} I have ways to move her.

{Marigold} Nope, can't. Not unless you or Graham want to fill in for me. *grin*

{Graham} How do they work?

{Carole} I show her the glimpse of something she can't possibly refuse.

{Marigold} What's that?

{Graham} Dessert?

{Carole} Cooould be...

{Marigold} I can get my own....

{Graham} Unless it were something very rare...

{Carole} Like... a desser that can't be found here?

* Marigold looks at Carole, then the replicator, then back at Carole.

{Carole} Because you don't know what to ask fooor!

{Graham} Something you know better than her?

* Carole smiles innocently.

{Marigold} Temptress.

{Carole} Who found you that club? *Grin* Of course I'm a temptress.

{Graham} Which cluuub? {slight smile}

* Carole bats her eyelashes innocently, looking at Marigold.

{Marigold} Mmmm... A dance club that caters to supers. Great place. *slight grin*

{Graham} Aha! Elitist. Siiigh. {grin}

{Carole} Um, you *are* a super.

{Graham} For the common man.

* Carole facepalms.

{Graham} M'here to serve you for discrimination.

* Marigold grins to Graham. "Maybe it is, but I like it, and not *just* because I met my boyfriend there."

{Carole} And I can't even plead that I taste terrible...

{Graham} Ohhh... then nevermind, I won't sue, for your behalf. {grin}

* Tina wanders inside, wearing a utilitarian coverall that she still manages to look cute in.

{Tina} Food. Food happy. Food good. Food...hi, people not food!

{Marigold} I'm decidedly not edible, this is true. *grin* Hi there.

{Tina} Heya. {small grin, wanders for the replicator} And no, I don't make a practice of cannibalism, so you're safe. Tina, you?

{Carole} Hey there, and thanks!

{Marigold} Marigold, and even if you did, I'm not edible! *grin*

{Graham} I am, but you'd be grossed... {slight smile}

{Tina} Howso and howso? {grins, dials up chocolates and a cup of hot tea, which she sniffs suspiciously}

* Graham moves to Marigold and taps her head with knuckles...

{Carole} I am, sigh... sadly, I'm such a treat...

{Tina} You are? Man, I *so* am not gonna touch that. {sniffs tea again} This smells kind of um, off.

* Marigold sounds solid! "Because I've got an atomic weight just shy of 197. Your hand okay, Graham?"

{Graham} See? And sure, I hit harder stuff...

{Graham} My forehead, for instance.

{Tina} Atomic weight of... {pauses, does a quick calculation} Um, well!

{brightly} That's very interesting!

* Carole blurs, rapping on his forehead, then returns to seat.

{Marigold} Oh, cool. Usually when I say that, I get blank looks. *grin*

* Graham winces. "See? She broke a knuckle..."


{Tina} She.... {brightly and blatantly states the ridiculously obvious} And *she* moved very fast! {pause} And is now yelling dramatically.\

{Marigold} Let me see it, Care...

* Tina sighs and dumps the tea.

* Carole grins at Tina. "That's right. Both of them are my stock in trades." She brings the hand over to Marigold.

{Tina} Okay, so obviously this is more of the happy fun complete denial of physics you guys so go into. Women made of gold and women on speed. Whotta combnation.

* Marigold kisses a knuckel. "There, all better. Now stop hitting your friends."

{Carole} Thank you. Promise. *grins at Tina* Well, it helps to be a 'speed' - 'ster'. Hence the speed. Kind of baked right in.

{Tina} Mmmm, and great with chees!

{Marigold} Hey, I *totally* follow the laws of physics. I can't help it if the scientists can't figure out why I'm alive!

{Graham} Teach you to be careful... {slight smile} And poor me not anything special.

* Carole growls at Graham.

{Graham} Except for dinner...

{Tina} Oh, hey, they need a few headaches.

{Tina} Hey, you said you'd be gross to eat!

{Graham} But she's threatening...

{Tina} Hey, stop that, he's likely fattening and bad for your arteries.

{Graham} Yeah, I.. well, no...

{Marigold} I don't know... He looks pretty lean....

{Tina} It's deceptive.

{Carole} Mmmm...

{Graham} No.. I think I'm lean...

{Tina} You do?

{Graham} Even if it kills me, yeah.

{Tina} It's a terrible thing to be munched.

{Marigold} This is a morbid subject. Let's move on to dessert.

{Tina} Dessert. A great and mighty thing. Anybody wanna truffle?

{Graham} We're not sure.. we're trying to predict Marigold.

{Carole} We are?

{Marigold} No, we've moved on from that.

{Carole} We have?

* Marigold nodnods.

{Tina} Darn.

{Graham} She just wants to escape...

{Tina} From what, I ask? {ponders the replicator again, deeply}

{Graham} Her friend!

{Tina} That's a strange thing to wish to escape, but hey.

{Carole} I'm a strange thing!

{Graham} Friends always get that way...

{Tina} So am I! We're all strange here. Well, I'm less strange.

{Graham} I'm normal, remember?

{Marigold} Well, it's not like I can outrun her, so I have to outthink her.

{Carole} Yes. Which one day she might. *grin*

{Graham} Again...

{Marigold} For the ninety-second time!

{Tina} You kept count?

{Carole} In her *mind*, which doesn't work that *well* for this!

{Graham} How can we know which one?

{Tina} I'm so confused now. Say, anybody got any idea where decent tea is to be had? Something's a bit whiff with this stuff.

{Marigold} There's usually some iced tea through that door in the fridge...

{Carole} 'fraid not, sorry. *grin*

* Tina blinks. "You mean, well....oh hell, how did I miss that? Thanks, Marigold."

{Graham} You just didn't know where.

{Tina} No, indeed I did not, but I am enlightened now. I usually do hot, but iced is just fine.

* Tina grins and slides on through the kitchen door.

{Carole} She's silly. I like that.

{Marigold} She fits in with this crowd...

{Graham} She likes truffles...

{Carole} What more do you need?

{Marigold} Dessert!

* Tina comes back through with a tall glass of tea, maker not quite known to her. "Lots of tea. Does somebody make a living at making the stuff?" {grin}

{Carole} Mr Lipton, I think...

{Tina} UGGH.

* Tina sips.

* Tina pauses.

* Tina sips again.

{Graham} Not lipton?

{Tina} ...Whoever made this, definitely wasn't Lipton. And I am very happy about this.

{Carole} What? What's wrong with Sir Lipton?

{Tina} It's....powdered.

{Tina} Tea bags are managable, but there's other brands that taste better. I've found this out by trial and error and many late nights studying.

{Carole} I guess I just don't have the same sense of discrimination...

{Graham} Oh, a lot of people do this, here...

{Tina} You kind of develop it after a bit when you drink as much as I do. {wry grin} It was either that or get such a caffeine buzz that I'd end up taking a letter opener to people before finals.

{Carole} I guess I'm just unsophisticated there. *grin*

{Graham} I figure.. when it's hot, it doesn't mater *what*. {slight smile}

{Carole} Unless you're drinking hot motoroil. I draw the line there.

{Tina} ....Um. No. That gives me an upset tummy.

{Marigold} It's all right, but it has to be *just* the right temperature.

* Tina sips more tea happily.

{Tina} I personally go for smoothies when hot. And gyros for comfort food.

{Carole} Hey, are you two part of a smoothy club?

{Marigold} Mmm, gyros...

{Graham} Try it.. you'll *love* it. And want more..

* Marigold gets up and heads over to the replicator.

{Tina} Yes, we likely are! It'll be better than Cats.

* Marigold dials up three gyros, four tacos, and a chocolate shake, retaking her seat.

{Carole} And thank you Miss Consumption! *pause* None for me?

* Tina looks at Marigold. "I like your concept of food. You get a lot of it."

{Graham} You didn't ask, now did'ja...

* Marigold hands her one of the gyros and two of the tacos without comment.

* Tina blinks. "Thank you!"

* Marigold handed to Carole, sorry!

{Carole} Please please pelase thanks!!!

* Carole hugs Marigold.

* Tina then giggles instead.

* Marigold grins and returns the hug. "Thanks, Tina! It takes a lot to fuel me."

{Graham} You're giving?

{Carole} She gives... waiters biiiig tips.

{Graham} Her smiles, you mean?

{Tina} Wacky metabolism?

{Carole} That and money.

{Tina} Money, I said ignorantly? Unless you mean that pretty hair is.... whoa.

{Marigold} Natural. *grin* I make more with endorsements than haircuts, though, really.

{Carole} Since she's a star. *grin, fades a bit*

{Tina} Still, being able to pawn your hair for moola'd be useful....

{pause, looks over at Carole} Hmm?

{Carole} Hm? *grin*

{Graham} Wanting more endorsements, Carole-Anne?

* Carole grins a bit, waving her hand "Had to give *that* up."

* Tina looks sympathetic. "Whyso?"

{Carole} Oh you know. It was old news.

{Graham} {q} Laying lower?

* Carole glances to Graham and nods.

{Tina} You still seem to miss it, however.

{Carole} Hey... part of growing up is learning what you can and can't change, right?

{Graham} Shouldn't have to there..

{Carole} *q* Yeah, I know...

{Tina} Heh. Yeah...don't I know that bit.

* Tina smiles a little bit at Carole.

{Marigold} hops up--which causes a few tables to shake a bit--and heads back over to the replicator, dials up a hot fudge sundae, and delivers it to Carole, giving her a small smile.

* Carole takes it. "Mmmmm. This is the kind of conditioning I like."

{Graham} But it melts...

{Tina} Sundae. Sundae happy. I still have truffles!

{Marigold} Mmm, truffles...

* Marigold retakes her seat with a grin.

{Carole} Yeah. but there will be *other* sundaes.

{Tina} I enjoy the ones I have.

* Carole grins a bit and eats hers, slowly for her.

{Tina} This is seriously good tea, thank you velly much.

{Graham} For the future, then? {slight smile}

{Carole} Hmm? Future sundaes?

{Graham} Mm-hm...

{Carole} Guess that makes up for it, don't it?

{Graham} For now... {grin}

* Carole gives him a tiny smile.

* Graham's grin fades to about the same. "Maybe more sometime."

{Carole} Hope so... and... kind of sleepy now... can I see you all later? Soon? Really soon?

* Tina smiles a bit. "I sure hope so. I don't get over here much but I do try some nights."

{Graham} Sure.. take care?

{Carole} You bet... and you bet... you going to come visit sometime, Graham?

{Marigold} You've got it, Care. And... think I'll go with you far as the base. Night all!

{Carole} Night, Mari *slight grin*

{Graham} Probably.. seeya, ladies..

{Tina} Night, you too, was good to meet you.

* Carole blurs.

{Graham} Y..yeah.. Good to meet you. I think I need to run too.. seeya, Tina.

{Tina} Seeya all.

* Tina smiles a very little bit.

{Graham} Sorry to, ah, run out.. realized the hour. {faint smile}

{Tina} Is okay. {small grin} Happens.

* Graham half-smiles and hurries out on something!

* Tina watches them all go, waiting a couple minutes.

{Tina} {m} I hate it when I miss all the subtexts going on.

{Tina} {soft, squeaked voice from her pocket} You're telling me?

{Tina} {m} Aw, shaddap.

* Tina looks wry, pats her pocket, and heads on out.

In Nomine 2070